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Vivid Hair Salon

1401 N Highland Ave Ne
Atlanta, GA 30306

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Ph: 4046853557


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manda2525 (customer) on CitySearch
I was looking for a great cut and color on my birthday which is also valentines day. I got an appointment that day and really enjoyed my time at the salon. Malia was very professional and personable. She took her time with the highlights and they turned out great! I loved the cut and style and so did my boyfriend on our dinner date that night. It wasnt cheap, but worth every penny.
ami4138676 (customer) on CitySearch
Cyrus always makes me look like a beauty queen. He has been coloring and cutting my hair for years in every different color and style out there, and I always look amazing!! People stop me on the street and ask me who does my hair all the time. He is the best!!
llahey (customer) on CitySearch
I knew my really long dark hair was in desperate need of an overhaul and it had been at least 10 years since I'd worn a shorter style. I was really nervous about making such a drastic change, not to mention so was my husband, so I took my time with research and came across Kayce's write-ups. Somehow reading other people's reviews about her gave me a sense of ease about making my appointment. I got there a few minutes early and Kayce took me right away. We talked about a photo I had which she gave her honest professional opinion that it wouldn't really work for my facial structure. So I listened to her describe something a little different that she assured me would look great. Well, let me tell you, it was an amazing transformation she did. I absolutely love the new style! It's hip, sophisticated, and very hot. My husband loves it and can't keep his eyes off me. Hats off to you Kayce, you definately overly exceeded my expectations. Thanks so much for a great new look!!! Keep up the great work!
MsTausha (customer) on CitySearch
Akilah is the absolute BOMB!! She got my hair back on track really quick! She will give you a consultation, and let you know exactly what she needs to do to get your hair healthy, and she knows exactly what to do to keep it that way. She is awesome with the cuts, and can give you a funky "do" that will have all of your friends making appointments. After Akilah, no one else will touch my hair. If you're in the market for a new stylist, look no further!!!
eetten (customer) on CitySearch
I've been going to Amy at the Cutting Room for several months now, and I couldn't be happier. She takes time to listen to what I want and does a great job on my short hair. The salon, in general, is such a relaxing place. It's very laid back and friendly, and it lacks the pretension and showiness of other nearby salons. (But you still end up with a style that looks like you went to one of the big names in the area!) The people who work at the Cutting Room seem to genuinely like their jobs and each other, which makes going there a pleasant experience overall.
newtocitysearch (customer) on CitySearch
I researched for a new salon for hours on this website. I selected The Cutting Room because it was in the top ten and I couldn't read enough about Samantha! Also, their prices run about what other salons do in the list. Well, Samantha was not available so Mayia cut my hair. I must admit, for this price point I was disappointed in the entrance and atmosphere of this salon. The people seemed nice, but that wasn't as important to me as a good haircut. Save your money! Better yet try visiting a salon first to see if it's a fit for you.
thomaskeith (customer) on CitySearch
I've been going to Donna for nearly 6 years now... and I'll continue going so long as I live in Atlanta. Perfect haircuts every time. Always on schedule. Online booking hasn't failed me yet. I'd go to her even if I was bald just for the conversation. Is there anyone in Atlanta that she doesn't know? I doubt it.
marialasker (customer) on CitySearch
I recently moved to Atlanta from NY. I consider myself to be very Picky and I have only had a few haircuts that I have been Satisfied with. When I went to Cutting Room I was dreading the results. I am happy to say it was one of the best haircuts I have had. I was really happy and I would recomend this salon to any other extreamly picky person out there.
cteamer (customer) on CitySearch
Very professional atmosphere. Akilah is an excellent stylist. She gives each client her undivided attention. She listens to the needs and wants of her clients. She can produce the style that is fitting to your face and personality. I would recommend Akilah and the Cutting Room to anyone!
jdust (customer) on CitySearch
I just love the Cutting Room! My hair looks great with my new highlights and cut...I've enjoyed going to the Cutting Room for the past year not only because of their professionalism and expertise regarding hair, but the stylists are genuine and fun! The prices are very reasonable for the attention and quality you recieve at the Cutting Room.
LIsaTuga (customer) on CitySearch
I love this place... this is my hair dresser and always will be... I highly recommend it
funnyheehee (customer) on CitySearch
I came out looking like a leopard one Saturday. Went in to get my usual highlights and walked out with spots on the left side of my head. My stylist had a really bad cold that day; still, I don't think that's a valid excuse for leopard-izing my hair. I was EXTREMELY disappointed because my previous experiences at The Cutting Room were good. Perhaps I should've returned and asked to have my hair redone free of charge, but I just didn't feel comfortable giving someone a second chance to screw up my hair. Was lucky enough to find a different salon that provides better service for significanly less money.
DDR (customer) on CitySearch
I live in West Texas and was recently visiting my neice in Atlanta. While I was waiting on her to have a haircut, I discovered that the salon offers Reiki treatments. I was so pleased to find out that I could get a treatment while I was there. It is hard to find a Reiki master in my hometown, so I was made comfortable in a calming environment and very comfortable table during my Reiki treatment. I felt great, but the results really showed up later that night when I attended a neighborhood party where much to my surprise, I seemed to be the center of attention. It seemed that everyone at the party was drawn to me like a magnet. What a wonderful night and I attribute this to the treatment that obviously allowed me to exhude joy and balance! The surroundings are so beautiful and I was especially impressed with the river stone wall and the light and unique atmosphere. Thanks, Jennifer, for fitting me into your busy schedule and preparing me for a great night in Atlanta!
PatriceW (customer) on CitySearch
I was feeling the need to update my hairstyle, and add color to my all-too-rapidly graying hair. Liz listened to me as I described my need to keep a professional, polished look, but with a youthful zing. She also heard me when I told her my apprehensions about coloring my hair. She mixed the exact color that compliments my skin tones, eyes and brows. I am thrilled with a hair style that is easy to care for, but looks professional. I feel confident this style will look great if I am wearing a suit, or jeans and a tee shirt. I unequivocally recommend Liz and this salon.
guerns (customer) on CitySearch
First trip to The Cutting Room was in the first few months they opened. They advertised in the Emory student newspaper so I figured they were current on styles and cuts even if I am middle-aged. Ricky was great. Have used two other stylists since and they also have been consistent and friendly with never a wait. Went to another popular salon due to time constraints and realized how much I enjoy the quiet, professional atmosphere of The Cutting Room. I'll remain loyal.
strikeforce81 (customer) on CitySearch
I was in town on business and needed to get a haircut. i decided to try The Cutting Room and booked an online appointment with Ricky. When I arrived at the salon I was greeted and offered something to drink. Ricky was running on time and took me back right away. What a nice guy! First we talked about what I was looking for and then i was given a shampoo and scalp massage. He gave me the best haircut I've ever had. What I like about this salon is that everyone was professional yet the atmosphere is casual. I would suggest this place to anyone looking for a great cut and a friendly place to go.
bmanyeah (customer) on CitySearch
The Cutting Room is my absolute fave!! I have been getting my haircut there for about 4 years now and am always happier. I was actually out of town for a month and had to get a haircut in the city I was in. When I got back, one of the 1st things I did was head down to the cutting room to get my haircut. A couple of days later I saw my mom and she said "you went back to the place you normally go didn't you (she is getting old and doesn't remember names)?" I told her I had and she said "the have always done the best job on your hair, they just know what looks best on you." So, as you can tell...I do love me some Cutting Room!!
kfmitche (customer) on CitySearch
I moved to Atlanta about 3 years ago and have been searching for a stylist since. Every time I would see someone I would end up flying back home to have it fixed shortly there after. I read the reviews of Vivid and decided to give them a shot since they were close by. I saw Ashley. I wasn't able to really convey what I wanted very clearly...but she gave me the best hair cut I've ever had...and it was a drastic change from what I had, not just a trim or anything. I would recommend her to anyone and I'm glad to have finally found someone I trust to cut my hair in Atlanta....it's going to save me a lot on air fare.
molly2552 (customer) on CitySearch
Finally!!! I have found a stylist who knows exactly what to do with curly hair. Thank you Donna Harris! You are the best!
jay098 (customer) on CitySearch
I just found out that Akilah is not here anymore and was disappointed after reading all of her good reviews and wanted to give her a try...but I was informed that she is now at urban Body Studios Salon. I went to her for the first time Friday and boy am I glad I found her..she is awesome just like the reviews said. I got the best color and cut I've had since I moved her from NY...Guys if you want a cute girl and good cut...she is the one!!!
southernhope (customer) on CitySearch
Our family of four (and even other members of our family), all have Cyrus cut their hair. He's great with all lengths & textures of hair....very professional, very careful, and very good at what he does!
spiralbecca (customer) on CitySearch
Online booking was very convienient, staff was friendly and made feel at home. The quality of my haircut was excellent! Samantha Gunn cut and styled my hair and offered great hair care advice. I will definitely go back for my next cut!
hrhart (customer) on CitySearch
I found Kayce and have gone to see her. She is working at B. Bell Salon on Cheshire Bridge. It's a really nice salon and she is trying to locate her old customers. I went to see her today!!
remy04 (customer) on CitySearch
Incredible salon. Ricky and his staff are awesome. After reading the reviews I had to give The Cutting Room a try. Had highlights and a cut. I really really like both. The true test was my husband and friends had nothing but praise and compliments for my new 'do.
akersun (customer) on CitySearch
I have been there several times and the service is always great! Ben is the best. He just "gets "it which as you know ladies is just about impossible to find. He listens to what you want and actually does it! Everyone there is great!
rmhubbard13 (customer) on CitySearch
Great place for a good hair cut. I always book online at work for a lunch break hair cut and get right in. I use anyone that has open appointments and they all do a good job. I've never been disappointed I am really glad I found this place.
thomas_nicoler (customer) on CitySearch
I finaly found a colorist (or so I thought) and when I called to book my next appointment I found out he was no longer there. I have been passed from the owner to one stylist and yet to another. All I want is to find a place to get my hair cut and highlighted where THE STYLISTS will stay...
OSUMel (customer) on CitySearch
I really enjoy the location and the appearance of this salon. It's not overdone and the staff are very friendly. I have been having my hair done by Ritchie, and have been in twice. He has made my hair look just the way I want it, for cut and color, both times. Definitely will go back!
lovenme (customer) on CitySearch
I had my first appointment with Tammy at the Cutting Room this past weekend. You have to understand that Id rather watch an Ishtar marathon than go to the salon on a Saturday. But I got in and out in less than 2 hours and I was relaxing virgin hair! Everyone was extremely friendly and collaborative- making my Saturday salon experience VERY pleasant. Long, short, cut, color, straight or kinky- they do it all. It's real classy at the cutting room- you've gotta go!
jyllibean88 (customer) on CitySearch
What a great place to either pop in for a quick cut or schedule a service. In this comfortable salon operates my stylist of nearly 2 years Akila Bugg. Her smile brightens up a room and her expertise has brought my severely damaged hair healthy again. Through her consultations, treatments and amazing hair cuts, I finally have a feel confident about how my hair looks.
rsj (customer) on CitySearch
I had my hair dyed by a student at another place and it was a great color just not at all on me, I went to Samantha to save my hair, we discussed it and decided that low-lites were the best way to go. I have never been happier with a hair color, I love it. Highly recommend Samantha.
blondie4398 (customer) on CitySearch
My sis came down from ChattTN and has REALLY thin hair too, and honey it was FRIED. Her stylist, Roosevelt, made her look more beautiful than she has ever looked in her life! The color was perfect, he matched her brows beautifully and even did her makeup. Roosevelt gave my sis the STAR treatment and it was much more than just a haircut; it was an experience to be remembered. She was so happy and excited about how she looked, and so was I. I cried in the car because this was the sister I remember. Roosevelt was "FABULOUS", brought out my sis's best features, and he is not only an excellent stylist, he is a very nice person too. I don't know what is wrong with the person who wrote this review, but I think it's definitely out of character for any of the stylists there!
lezebra (customer) on CitySearch
I have ethnic hair that is relaxed. It is sometimes difficult to find skilled stylists who can handle excessively curly hair. Donna gave me the best haircut of my life and followed my instructions regarding products and keeping the hair wet to avoid "shrinkage." Absolutely no attitude from Donna. I'll be a regular.
rmcm (customer) on CitySearch
After 'breaking up' with my long-time stylist over her lack of punctuality (1-1.5 hour waits while I paid a sitter at home), I asked around and was recommended to Debi for her awesome cuts and color. Debi is ALWAYS on time, really listens to what I have to say and I feel so fortunate to have found her!! The staff at the CR seems to be a group of people who all get along and take very good care of their clients.
tmjones12 (customer) on CitySearch
The shop is great in all its particulars, but the reason I go there is Donna Harris. If she left, I would follow. Her haircuts and color are perfect, her memory is astounding, her counsel (hairstyles, restaurants, movies, shopping, vacations) flawless. In 15 years, I've changed residences five times, jobs twice, but hairdressers not once. Whatever else changes, the hair must be right. Donna makes it right.
rebebebe28 (customer) on CitySearch
This salon is awesome. They are always running on time, and are very caring while they are doing your hair. They are always friendly and professional. They always do quality work, and never rush their customers. I love this salon, and wouldn't go anywhere else!
rdebernard (customer) on CitySearch
I got my haircut by one of the girls there and I will never get it cut anywhere else again! They are extremely welcoming and the salon in general is as soothing and relaxing as a spa.
suyin (customer) on CitySearch
I had an appointment with Donna, my regular stylist. But, Donna broke her shoulder and I was re-scheduled with Kaycee.(By the way, Donna is wonderful, too!) I was a little hesitant, but I really needed a haircut! So I gave her a try. She was great. I was very satisfied with the outcome. My hair is sort of short, and she did a fantastic job of doing exactly what I described in the look I was thinking of. Kaycee is very personable, listening to what YOU want, and is a very talented hair stylist. Give her a try. You won't be sorry! I LOVE my new haircut. Thanks, Kaycee!
ellereese (customer) on CitySearch
Transitioning into motherhood was definitely not easy. I was looking for a funky new look that was also appropriate for s new mom. Amy did a wonderful job at listening to my creative demands and then following through with them. She worked with my hair (naturally jet black) and was able to give it a wonderful highlight and clean cut. The cut and awesome color that she gave me was exactly what I had wanted. Thanks Amy!
barclayf (customer) on CitySearch
I have been going to Donna Harris for cut and color for about 5 years and she is the best hair stylist and colorist I have ever been to. She really knows what works for me. I like to change things up and she is always able to find something fresh that works with my hair type. And she is so fun to talk to - not like some of the snobbier places in town.
lizbowles (customer) on CitySearch
All I have to say is I'm sorry I didn't try TCR sooner. TCR has a great staff, with reasonable prices as well as ample parking and always on time. I have been to Samantha twice now and she is great. She cuts hair for you not for her and really listens. She did my single process color last month and I love it. I also have naturally curly hair and she is very comfortable cutting it. I have found my new place...you should give it a try too!
Hermia0801 (customer) on CitySearch
Since moving away from San Francisco...I've been looking for a new place to have a haircut for a long time...the last few places that I've been to really butchered the cut and I was really afraid of getting a haircut in Atlanta since....So, I googled places in Atlanta that had good reviews and The Cutting Room came highly recommended with 92 five stars over 102 reviews....now, of course, there were going to be some bad reviews b/c of all of the cry babies out there...but, this place really impressed me with their stylist knowledge, up front opinions on what would look good and not look good, and their great cuts...anyways, Five stars to Melissa and Robin for taking such good care of my friend and I. And, the complimentary wine helps too..
elle1084 (customer) on CitySearch
I don't usually write reviews online, but having read the others posted before I tried The Cutting Room, I have to say I'd like to tell the truth about this salon. I saw Melissa last week for a hair cut and color, and I absolutely love my hair. Melissa truly understood my wants and needs for my hair, and took into great consideration the fact that I wanted something cute but low maintainence. I can just shower and go (with my two young kids in tow!), and my hair looks great. I was referred to The Cutting Room by a girl friend who had also had a nice experience there, so despite the few negative reviews I read online, I gave it a shot. I'm so glad I did. I'll definitely be seeing Melissa on a regular basis. From the time I spent in the salon (just two hours for a hair cut and highlights!), I would confidently recommend any of the five stylists there. The salon had a great, positive environment, and all the stylists were very friendly to me and each other. Thanks so much to The Cutting Room and Melissa...I'll definitely see you all again!
shannonmcyr (customer) on CitySearch
The entire Cutting Room Staff is so warm, friendly and helpful. My whole family gets their haircut here and we truly enjoy each and every visit. Donna has been coloring and cutting my hair for 8 years and my husband's for 16...she is awesome and always knows which styles fit us best. She also cuts my daughters' hair and gave both of them their very first haircut. Paul's shampoo technique and scalp massages are incredibly relaxing...a must have experience. Jennifer always manages to fit me into Donna's busy schedule and is so friendly when I call or walk through the door. This is an excellent salon!!!
selig (customer) on CitySearch
Debbie is wonderful, and does EXCELLENT work!!!!!! I would highly recommend her to anyone. I have been going to her for approx. 2 years and would NOT consider changing to anyone else.
kates032 (customer) on CitySearch
While other salons make me feel nervous and the results are so-so, I have been more than pleased with the cutting room. Donna is friendly and extremely talented. While I am very protective of my hair, I got highlights for the first time and have received so many compliments. In fact, I have been so happy with the salon that my fiance stopped going to another well known salon down the street and is happier with donna's har cuts.
gigipayne (customer) on CitySearch
I have always had short hair and decided one day to let it grow out to one length which took about 2 years....I went to my regular hair dresser at a very well know salon in Buckhead to add layers to my hair to give it a softer look well needless to say she butchered my hair to where I could not work with it so I had no choice but to go short again so I did my research and The Cutting Room was recommended. I was told Keri is the best with short hair. I made an appointment to see Keri and she knew exactly what to do and I love my hair. Not only is it cute but so easy to take care of...I would highly recommend The Cutting Room....
briellem (customer) on CitySearch
The Cutting Room is perfection!! Amy is fantastic both cutting and coloring and is a pleasure to spend an hour of your day with. She is especially good with curly hair - which is a rare find for sure!! Ricky, the owner, is very friendly and the atmosphere is comfortable and NOT snobby.
vchiang (customer) on CitySearch
I've been going to Jenny Williamson since February. She used to be at another salon, but she is now here. Jenny is an asset to any salon. Each time she cuts my hair, she makes me look and feel fabulous. She works in such an organic way; her hands and scissors flow through my hair to create yet another great cut. Book your appointment online with her!
creep4ward (customer) on CitySearch
I've been going to Samantha for about 6 months now as I have been growing my hair out. She really listens to what I want and somehow makes me look good, even when going through the awkward stages of growth from short to long. I've been consistently impressed. And it's such a relief to find a place intown that doesn't make me feel like a square when I walk through the door and where they don't try to sell me hair products I can't afford.
biggeer (customer) on CitySearch
Does anyone know where the former Cutting Room stylist, Debi , is now working? Thanks for your help!!!
jjtomlinson (customer) on CitySearch
I just had my first haircut by Kevin. I can honestly say it is the best haircut I have ever had. I am really crazy about my hair and very nervous about new stylist. He was such a sweetheart and made me feel so comfotable. Kevin, thanks so much for my new and improved hair style. You are the best.
JBPace (customer) on CitySearch
Ashley is absolutely fantastic. Whether I want my hair to be subtle or bold she always gets it just perfect. She can handle anything I that I decide I want and always gives an honest opinion so that I look my best. I dont know what I would do without her. There is nothing better than getting tons of compliments on my hair each and everytime I see her. Thanks Ashley for all that you do, if you want the best see the best!!! Go to Vivid!!!
lildziner (customer) on CitySearch
I went to Samantha a few months ago and LOVED her work but she's no longer at the Cutting room. Anyone know where she's working now?
joansanamcara (customer) on CitySearch
Dusty- you are amazing! If anyone is frustated with going to salons and having a stylist decide what THEY want for you- this is your solution! Dusty brought my hair back from the brink and made it look the best it has looked in over a year! I couldnt be happier and cant wait for my next appointment! So glad I found this place!
ericculverton (customer) on CitySearch
I've been arond the salon block a few times, and though I get a few decent haircuts, It's either never consistent, or, the price is too high. I dig the salon- inviting and laid back. They offer complimentary drinks. The front desk staff was upbeat and accommodating. I met Sue, who is really hip, down to earth and easy to talk to. i didnt know quite what i wanted, just less "shag", but i didnt want to lose any length. My lack of clear direction was no problem. She had an image in mind and articulated it well- so I said go for it. She used a straight razor for the whole haircut- that was cool. My hair looked really really great. I went back a few weeks later and she did a bang up job. I've booked appointments for my girlfriend and my sister with Sue.
jaredouglas (customer) on CitySearch
Upon entering The Cutting Room, located in the highlands, I was greeted by a friendly front desk person and was immediately checked in and was asked if i needed something to drink. Akilah, the stylist I had booked my appointment with, led me back to her chair and proceeded to give me a short consultation so that we could determine the best haircut for my head and hair type. The other stylists that I saw were engaged with each of their clients, and the quiet hum of conversation and styling filled the air. I am thrilled with the cut i received and have been recommending it to all my friends. The cutting room is a great place with stylists who know their stuff and are refreshingly easy to interact with. Great Salon.
njs88 (customer) on CitySearch
I've been going to Samantha for a while now and I LOVE my hair. The color is beyond gorgeous. My sister loved it so much she flew down from Michigan to have her hair done by Samantha. She's amazing!
smstyles (customer) on CitySearch
Keri has been doing my highlights and cut since I moved to Atlanta in June. She does a great job, and I have always been thrilled with the results. I liked her so much my husband began to go to her as well. I have been pleased with the salon, location, and price. I love the convience of online booking, as well.
sensedata (customer) on CitySearch
I first went to The Cutting Room because I lost my phone and they were the only place I could find with online booking... lol. That was 3 years ago and I haven't gone anywhere else since. I have used 3 different stylists here and everyone of them are a cut above anywhere else I have been (lousy pun intended). Throughout my existence, living with a unruly set of locks, I have grown acoustom to leaving salons feeling pretty let down. The Cutting Room, however, has managed to rid me of this phobia. They are friendly, experienced and listen to what you want and deliver every time. I highly recommend you give them a shot.
tracy brown (customer) on CitySearch
I have been going to Donna for 20 years. She has guided me through the long straight hair of the late 70's through the perms of te 80's and we're back to straight hair. Donna has always been and continues to be sensitive to my needs. I highly recommend Donna as a stylist.
taysha (customer) on CitySearch
Debbie has been doing my hair for the last three years. I have followed her from two previous salons to the Cutting room, and I must say that this is the most amenable spot yet. Debbie is the first stylist to help my formerly damaged and brittle hair to grow into healthy, shiny strands. Debbie has what I like to call a 'magic color wand' that I ask her to wave (about every third appointment) to change my color. She is the best color girl in the business- never once having damaged, mistreated, or mis-colored my locks. (Debbie is a regional color trainer for Redken:) A must see if you are looking for a personable and professional stylist, who knows what she's doing with color and scissors!
rcdaniel (customer) on CitySearch
I always get my hair colored and cut at Vivid and never have a problem. The girl I go to is Ashely and she is GREAT with hair coloring and always gives me the haircut I want. I would recommend her to anybody male of female. My husband gets his haircut here too and is always pleased.
medchick (customer) on CitySearch
My color is awesome. And the cut is very modern without being over the top. Great color, great cut, worth every penny!!!
kddl (customer) on CitySearch
I called "the cutting room" today to book my next appointment and was informed that my stylist/ colorist was no longer there. In "the cutting rooms" defense I have "never" recieved a bad service however it concerns me that there is a lot of turnover in the salon. I have been referred to three different people in just 18 months. When I ask- "what happened to so and so"... I am always told- "it just didn't work out"!
CSMobileUser (customer) on CitySearch
Cyrus gives the most amazing cuts at fantastic prices!
Shal416 (customer) on CitySearch
Amy did such a wonderful job on my short hair. She really studied my face structure, took her time to make sure all the layers matched and fell nicely. The atmosphere was really nice and laid back, and I came out with a drastically different cut....that I love. :-)
jackeduphair (customer) on CitySearch
after specifically telling the stylist that i had had bad experiences in the past, and that he came recommended, he STILL managed to royally f---up my hair. i went from 30-something to 1960-something. think partidge family gone really bad. he toned my color into that similar to a barrel of hay and took what little hair i had left. (think rat-tail, bc that's what my hair looks like in ponytail now). i will be in mourning for another year, which incidently was how long it took me to grow out my super fine hair from the last butcher.can no one cut hair in atlanta?? never going back, runaway!!
emerilk (customer) on CitySearch
I've been seeing Les for about 3 months, although I've been going to The CUtting Room for about a year. Les is wonderful with his cut and color skills. He takes into account what I wanted and offered his own suggestions to build on my ideas. His cuts are very versatile and I can do several different things with my hair depending on the situation and my mood.
cosmofae (customer) on CitySearch
Responding to Biggeer ....Debi is at Lola Ricci Salon in west midtown. wwwlolariccicom or wwwdebiblaircom
elizjfine (customer) on CitySearch
I went to see Debi to correct some color someone else had done. She did a beautiful job! Then, she gave me a fantastic haircut! The price was quite fair considering all the work she did. She is very skillful and knowledgeable in her craft. The salon was very low key and friendly, with a relaxing and unpretentious atmosphere. I highly recommend Debi and The Cutting Room!
annajoy (customer) on CitySearch
I was a first time customer at The Cutting Room and was thoroughly impressed by the stylist I had, Samantha. I went in with an open mind and came out with a new and improved hair style. I will be visiting again and again. Thanks Samantha!
river59 (customer) on CitySearch
I am terribly picky about my hair and was so happy to find Ricky & his staff. Ricky turned me on to Deb, who is the best. She listened to my wants and my fears and gave me the best cut & color! My partner also thinks that Deb is the best at listening to what the customer wants. She is the best!
margaretkelley (customer) on CitySearch
Les has colored and styled my hair for many years and I am constantly stopped and complimented as well as asked who does my hair, what color do they use, always receive many, many compliments. I would follow him anywhere. margaret
Inamoment1 (customer) on CitySearch
If you are looking for a HAIR Update, go see Roosevelt at Vivid Salon! He is amazing! He can bring out your Inner Gorgeous and make you feel Fabulous!
naiko (customer) on CitySearch
The Cutting Room is a fabulous salon!! I highly recommend stylist Debi Snyder. She's great with color & cuts. I like to get creative with my hair & she is always able to accomplish what I want. Kudos to Debi!! The salon itself is a great atmosphere. Everyone is very friendly & it is reasonably priced.
btalnose (customer) on CitySearch
After living in atlanta for a year now I had yet to find an affordable and good place to get my hair done. I went to the cutting room off a whim one day fafter searching through citysearch, went in for a haircut and it was great. Ricky the owner cut my hair and did an amazing job. It is a smaller salon but it is very nice and comfortable, and all of the staff is great. I am used to most hairdressers being cold and just doing my hair in silence but ricky was so pleasent and professional. he made my experence there so nice. I just finished up with highlights today from him and they turned out awesome! he helped me decide what color i really wanted and what would look best on me. this salon is really great and would reccomend it to anyone!!
ashleyelizabeth (customer) on CitySearch
I used to get my hair done by Akilah at Zip n Clip before she moved to the Cutting Room salon. Her service is so wonderful that I followed her to the Cutting Room. I have always wanted to try color in my hair but I have been too afraid to do so until I met Akilah. She did a consultation with me and walked me through every step of the process. When she was done with my hair color I felt like I had a mini-makeover. She told me what products would be best to use with my new hair color, and was not pushy in any way to sell me products. She made my experience wonderful. The other stylists and staff are very welcoming and I look forward to everytime I get my hair done by Akilah. Book your appointment today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mkelley676 (customer) on CitySearch
Surprised at the rating as this salon just does not meet the high standards you set and expect when getting a cut, color, style. Overpriced and was not impressed with management.
xnytowlBonnie (customer) on CitySearch
I have gone to Cyrus for over 3 years, and he is by far the best stylist I have ever used. I drive 40 miles for an appointment with him, and it is worth the time it takes to get there. He has consistenly given me a good cut and color each time. I get nothing but postive feedback from my friends when I have been to see Cyrus. He is friendly and very personable. Bonnie
nugget001 (customer) on CitySearch
Vivid is a great salon - very affordable, friendly, and low key, with a stylish zen like atmosphere. Unfortunately, they have recently had some staff changes. If you're looking for ROOSEVELT - he can now be found at Paragon Salon in the Viewpoint Building on Peachtree in Midtown. The phone number is (404) 881-1451. Good luck Vivid and Roosevelt.
marissmaud (customer) on CitySearch
Ive gotten my hair cut and colored in numerous places over the years and was never particular of who did it, until now. I will never go anywhere other than The Cutting Room. Kayce has done my hair for the past year and has always done a wonderful job. She listens to how I want my hair colored and cut and delivers exactly what I want. The environment in the salon has drastically changed over the past few months, it looks great! Its so trendy and upbeat. And to top it off they even carry my favorite brand Purology now!!!
theology (customer) on CitySearch
Well I have been in atlanta for a long time and never found a good salon with awesome stylist but the search ended today. I found everything i needed in Akilah. From the moment she took me back to her chair i knew then my prayers were answered. She can cut her butt off, my haircut was so goooooood!!! and not only can she cut but has alot of knowledge when it comes to damaged hair from chemical burns, and is very much into hair care. If you want a great fantastic stylist go see Akilah. I will be back every week!!!! Thanks Akilah for taking the time to consult with me about my hair.
manhattanproject (customer) on CitySearch
I was looking for a new salon and discovered The Cutting Room. Amy was very nice and she asked me a lot of questions and was responsive to what I wanted. It is also reasonably priced which is a nice bonus.
ellenk (customer) on CitySearch
If you want a pro that has cut hair for years, you have to see Donna. She does great cuts and color. She listens to what you want. She is the BEST!!!! Actually the whole staff is really great, but Donna is my favorite.....
Paul Miller (customer) on CitySearch
My hair stylist Amber just moved to Vivid from another salon, and I'm happy to follow her here. Great haircuts, fun conversation and she's the kind of good person I try to give my business to. My wife, 8 year old daughter and Mom all love her, too.
sarad7 (customer) on CitySearch
I have never been so thrilled with salon results in my life! I would suggest the cutting room to anyone who wants the "total package" in a salon. Ben Priore is a genius at color, and precise with scissors. Ben listened very closely to what I wanted to achieve with my color and cut, and he made it happen...I have found THE salon, with the perfect atmosphere!
needachange1951 (customer) on CitySearch
I came to the Cutting Room on the recomendation of a friend, They told me I had to see Debi. They warned me that she is very busy and sometimes hard to book with, so to call early. Well, I now know why she has a constant waiting list. Her work was amazing! I went in with hair I colored myself, and she never judged. Instead, she pulled out color swatches and we picked out a combo that brightened my complexion, moisturized my hair, and I swear even made me look taller! Well, the last one is an exageration, but the rest is true. Then she gave me the best haircut I've ever had in my life and sent me home with the correct products to recreate the look at home. I will definately go back and I would definately recommend the Cutting Room and especially Debi to everyone.
minimouse79 (customer) on CitySearch
I recently moved to Atlanta from Miami, so of course I was nervous about finding a good stylist. I went to a few salons around the city, but I wasn?t happy with my hair or my experience at any of them. A co-worker who just got an amazing haircut recommended Brittany at The Cutting Room. I was really excited to see what she could do with my mop. Brittany was amazing, she gave me the best highlights and haircut! Not only was she helpful and professional, she was fun too. She really made me feel comfortable and everyone else there was friendly and fun to be around too. Thank you so much Brittany, I love my hair!
frankcat2001 (customer) on CitySearch
After reading reviews of the Cutting Room on City Search, I decided to give it a try. Amy cut and highlighted my hair and it looks great! At last I've found a stylist who I'll go back to. Amy was very professional and took her time discussing what I wanted before she started. My naturally dark hair looks so natural with highlights, unlike the usually brassy results I got from other salons. The cut is equally as wonderful. I've tried many salons in Atlanta, and this is truly the best. Amy is a rare talent!
ALlady (customer) on CitySearch
I am from a small town in Alabama and my daughter lives in Atlanta and has been a client and friend of Liz's for years. I regularly visit to get my hair cut. Yes...I drive 2 hours for haircuts. When I return to my home town, I always get compliments on the style. Liz has an amazing ability to find a hairstyle that "fits" any given lifestyle. I trust her 100% with my look and she never disappoints. I am so proud to have watched her excel professionally and her new salon is breathtaking. The entire staff is very kind and welcoming and it really is a slice of "small town" in the big city. Thanks to all of you! See you soon.
tjohnson81 (customer) on CitySearch
I have been getting my hair done by Kayce for a couple years now, so when she told me that she was changing salons I was worried. She was the first one to ever dramatically cut my hair or color my hair and as long as I have a say in it that won't be changing. I can give her a very vague description of what I'm looking for and it always turns out GREAT. Now I go to The Cutting Room to see Kayce and I love the place. Every person that I come into contact with at the salon is so personable and nice. I always feel so comfortable there. I love the place and I ALWAYS leave happy and in a good mood.
sherc (customer) on CitySearch
Ritchie has been doing my hair (color and cut) for the past two years and I have been consistently pleased with the results. I have gotten more compliments on my color and cut over the past two years than at any other time- thanks to Ritchie! He always gives me and my hair his undivided attention and gives great, honest personalized advice. Whether I am in the mood for a change or just wanting to freshen things up, I always leave feeling satisfied. I was thrilled when Ritchie joined the Vivid salon team as the location was ideal for me. After my first visit to Vivid, I was even more thrilled. The salon was comfortable, clean, and relaxing. The staff were friendly and focused on their clients. Prices were reasonable and I left feeling like I definitely got my moneys worth. I highly recommend this salon to anyone who is searching for consistently good hair service!
lamatodidio (customer) on CitySearch
After Akilah touches your hair, you will never want to go to anyone else. She is phenomenal! She is very personable and will talk to you until she knows exactly what you want. I have a lot of hair, but it is very fine. Akilah gave me just the right amount of layers to add texture and style to my hair. The Cutting Room may have changed to Vivid Salon, but Akilah has stayed the same.
jenniferwaycross (customer) on CitySearch
I love this salon... I used to go to a "high-fashion" big name but I am sold on Ricky Schwartz at the cutting room for the forseeable future. He listens to me, is fun to talk to, and he is extremely refreshing with his ideas. Last week I saw him for highlights and lolights... I have never had more compliments, my hair is beautiful!
rayrose514 (customer) on CitySearch
I went to Debi and she was awesome! She listened to what I wanted and added her suggestions and we planned out what we wanted to do with my hair. My hair turned out fantastic, I love it, I think this is the best haircut of my life. Everyone was so nice and the online booking system is so convenient. They are in a great location and I will definately be going back!
lostsurfer1 (customer) on CitySearch
The place looks great and has a great location, but the haircuts are too expensive and I never received a good haircut, more often I got a lopsided cut or she would just not cut part of my hair and leave it long. Just make sure you know how much your haircut is going to cost before you go. For the price I would recommend going somewhere else. and don't get melissa for a men's haircut. she's cool but doesn't really do a good job. sorry.
atlgirl30306 (customer) on CitySearch
Came for a cut and color; stylist RUINED my hair. I had a lovely color that I just wanted toned down. The stylist convinced me to go another color route, didn't offer me any swatches to choose from, just began glopping color onto my hair, which she left on for 45 minutes. The color, needless to say, turned out absolutely horrible. Even the stylist was shocked. She offered to fix it 'when she had time' then actually charged me for color. I was in such shock and trying not to cry after what had be done for my hair, I paid and left. This salon only has a reputation online, and I wouldn't be surprised if most negative posts have been deleted. This one may be, but I hope it will remain to serve as a warning to others: do NOT go here. There are better places in Atlanta.
laursithen (customer) on CitySearch
I called multiple salons in Atlanta to help me for my morning wedding. After multiple calls, vivid was the first to respond happily. They were professional and did a fantastic job! They even took pictures while my bridesmaids and I were getting our hair done. They catered to the client, and not the salons EGO. I was beyond impressed and recommend them to anyone, for special events or simply as a great local salon!!
s.ccabrera (customer) on CitySearch
Tried twice but got a very bad haircut both times. The stylist talked about the client that just left. Wont go back
electricglam (customer) on CitySearch
Kevin Michael recently joined the staff at The Cutting Room. The salon, located close to my neighborhood, had free and convenient parking. I was welcomed by a friendly receptionist who was also pleasant on the phone booking my appointment. Next, Kevin Michael greeted me with a glowing smile and established a fun rapport. Hooray! This is one Atlanta salon where snooty attitude is NOT to be found. After a relaxing neck and shoulder massage, Kevin consulted me about my hair cut and began to work. Time passed quickly as we chatted and I saw that my hair was shaping up nicely. After a blow dry and hip style, I had some questions about the salon's Redken products and Kevin showed me how they worked. If you are looking for a skilled, fun, professional stylist, check out Kevin Michael at The Cutting Room. He is my patron saint of good hair!
docdoncal (customer) on CitySearch
There is an awful lot of turnover at this hair salon. Speficically Donna Harris who is wonderful- great stylist, personable- has left. She is now at The Atlanta Hair Studio over on Chesire Bridge Road , next to the Woodfire Grill. I saw her today - she would love to connect with her old clients who she has lost touch with since leaving The Cutting Room.
suziefarrell (customer) on CitySearch
This was my first visit to The Cutting Room and it certainly won't be my last! When I arrived I was greeted as if I were the most important haircut of the day. After a confident council with Ben Priore, a fantastically talented stylist, the disaster sitting on my head (aka my hair) was transformed into an updated, easy to care for hairstyle. His color and highlight recommendations only added to my delight! I left the salon feeling great about my hair and the experience. I recommend The Cutting Room for you people who are tired of overpriced salons and pretentious attitudes.
pusherman (customer) on CitySearch
I have lived in Atlanta for just over 9 years and during that time I have had exactly 1 person cut my hair - DONNA! I do not foresee that changing anytime soon. She's simply the best men's stylist in Atlanta - possibly the world!
atl870 (customer) on CitySearch
I found out that Kayce is at B.Bell Salon. To bad The Cutting Room lost her, because she really is the best!!!!
prettyprettyhair (customer) on CitySearch
Amy has been my stylist for a year and a half. She is very personable and interested in my needs. I have complete confidence in her ablilities and I always feel comfortable about the outcome of Amy's work when I sit down in her chair. She is completely accomodating in her schedule and has wonderful advice when I'm not sure how I want my hair. She is the consumate professional but keeps me entertained with her funny stories. More often than not we run long on time because we laugh so much during my appointment. Make an appointment with her today. You will not regret it!
wmccrac1 (customer) on CitySearch
I've been getting my hair cut at the The Cutting Room for a few months now and have been extremely happy with it. Keri Holland is great and so is everyone else in the salon. I highly reccommend The Cutting Room to everyone in Midtown/Virginia Highlands area.
mamajo13 (customer) on CitySearch
Want great looking hair? Here's your gal! The secret to beautiful hair is a fabulous cut and Donna knows how to cut hair. In addition to her hair cutting expertise, she is a superb colorist. Just last week I was asked if I had ever been a hair model, now how cool a compliment is that? Her product recommendations are always dead on. Donna is a real sweetheart too! She'll work you in in a crisis. As for "The Cutting Room" salon, the personnel is friendly, I've never been made to wait as they schedule appointments efficiently. You'll be reminded of your appointment ahead of time, in case you forget. I highly recommend Donna Harris and "The Cutting Room"!
mathmom (customer) on CitySearch
Be careful of booking at The Cutting Room if you have used a favorite stylist in the past. Their most experienced stylists (Donna, Debi, and Samantha) are no longer there. Donna has re-established herself on Cheshire Bridge (Cutting Room has the phone number) but I don't know where Debi and Samantha are. When Donna's shoulder was broken I had my hair cut by Casey and someone else. Both were very nice but I think they would be more in tune with much younger and very stylish clients. I'm middle-aged and not particularly high style, so I'll be following Donna who has always met my needs.
JamesAustin (customer) on CitySearch
Got a great cut today. Price was suprisingly reasonable. This place has the best value compared to all the places I've been to in The Highlands or Buckhead.
uncdiva (customer) on CitySearch
I went to Donna praying she could correct an absolutely AWFUL, HORRIBLE, TERRIBLE haircut that I received at a another salon. Mission accomplished! My new cut is great and I no longer spend 45 frustrating minutes trying to coax my hair into some kind of style each morning. Thanks to Donna it now takes about 5-10 minutes to do my hair, including a blowdry:) An added bonus is that Donna had a great sense of humor and kept me laughing pretty much the entire time. Though it was my first time meeting her it was like catching up with an old friend. Unlike other Atlanta salons the Cutting Room was not stuffy or "too cool" and the staff were not snotty. I highly recommend this place
swfox (customer) on CitySearch
Donna has cut, styled and colored my hair for 20 years! She is absolutely the best hairstylist I have ever had. She also does my husband, my 18 year old son, and 16 year old daughter. She started the kids off with their very first cuts and has been seeing them ever since. If having satisfied teenage customers isn't a great recommendation, I don't know what is. We have followed her through five different locations. Not only is she great at what she does, she is also a wonderful friend to the whole family. Never a dull moment with Donna, and the whole staff is welcoming and efficient. If you want people to stop you on the street and ask where you got your hair cut, go see Donna!
julie170 (customer) on CitySearch
I was only going to be in Atlanta for one night and didn't know if trying to squeeze in a haircut would be worth it but I am so glad I did. Malia did an excellent job in cutting my short hair. When I travel to the area again, I will certainly go to her again. A very pleasant experience!
esalo (customer) on CitySearch
It was easy to book an appointment online and Malia gave me one the best haircuts I have ever received. Everyone was friendly and made the customer service experience wonderful. You get you pay for!
texstiles (customer) on CitySearch
Does anyone know where Kayce is working now? She gave me the best haircut in Atlanta and I hate the thought of losing her. I don't even know her last name>
Lpl (customer) on CitySearch
I absolutely love the physical space and appreciate even more the inviting energy at Vivid. Salons can often be intimidating and pretentious, but not there Everyone is very friendly and welcoming. They obviously love what they do! Liz has cut my hair for 13 years now...can't say enough good things. You have to see this space!
mrc123 (customer) on CitySearch
I moved to Atlanta a few months ago, and looked at these reviews to decide where to get a haircut, and I am please to say that the positive reviews are right! I got my haircut with Malia and it's a GREAT haircut. I waited 3 weeks to write my review to make sure that my hair looked great a few weeks afterwards, since sometimes you get a cut that looks great immediately after it is blow-dried, but does not look good later. My haircut still looks great. My hair is not easy to cut because I have a lot and it's slightly wavy (very tricky to cut!). Malia took her time cutting it, she did not rush and she followed the general guidelines that I gave her for the cut. I'm very pleased and highly recommend her! The salon itself has a very friendly, laid-back atmosphere.
jitterbug37 (customer) on CitySearch
This was my first visit to The Cutting Room and I am very happy with my experience. Upon arriving I was offered a beverage while I filled out the initial paperwork. When the stylist took me back we discussed what I was looking for and she also gave me some suggestions of her own. We decided what we would do and the service began. While my color was processing, I was given this great back massage with a rolling massager. The color and cut turned out exactly as we discussed and I couldnt be happier. My stylist was Melissa but everyone there seems to be really talented. I am recommending this salon to all my friends.
mld365 (customer) on CitySearch
Just went to the Cutting Room and have to strongly recommend their stylists. Quick, easy, great highlights and cut. Tucked away in Morningside, this salon is a great find!
CarolynRinellla (customer) on CitySearch
My girlfriend told me about Amy Bellotte, so I booked online (that rocks) to see her. First of all, I was amazed... the salon that was there before the cutting room opened used to be kind of 80's looking and totally tacky.. It's very cozy now and has a fun, trendy, comfortable feel, with very easy going staff who are super friendly. And AMY... she ROCKS. she spent lots of time listening to me and talking over different ideas for my color.. then she went to work, and an hour later I looked fabulous. Her prices are very reasonable too... My bill for color and a cut was less than $100
ermiller (customer) on CitySearch
I just moved to Atlanta from Pennsylvania. I used Citysearch to find a hair salon and I had to rely on the reviews that were posted. I'm thankful to everyone who has left a review of The Cutting Room. Donna cut my hair on 3/3/04 and did a wonderful job. The salon is great..very friendly and relaxed environment. I would recommend this salon to anyone! Online booking is definitely a bonus!
Queenmarjie (customer) on CitySearch
Great hairstylist. Loved what she does with my hair. She is confident and skilled in what she does. I enjoyed having her cut and style my hair.
MitraM (customer) on CitySearch
I have been looking for a great hairstylist in the Buckhead/Highlands area since I moved to Atlanta last year....and finally found one! Akilah is great. She actually listens to what you want. She spends a lot of time talking to you before she starts your cut. She is young and trendy.....and gave me the best cut!! I've gotten compliments on my hair from strangers in my apartment building! She rocks!!
AMCMILLON (customer) on CitySearch
I have been going to the Cutting Room now for 2 Months and I have gotten what I wanted every time. GO AND SEE AKILAH if you want your hair done right the 1st time!
kellyconlon (customer) on CitySearch
Keri Holland has done highlights and cut my hair a few times. each time i say "this is the best haircut i've ever had." The service is awesome; everyone is friendly, NOT STUFFY. I highly recommend this salon. You can also book your appointment online.
aseman123 (customer) on CitySearch
I had a bad experience with this salon. Melissa was the one I picked based on the descriptions provided on their website. I only needed a simple hair cut and described to her what I was looking for. She trimmed my hair and it wasn't close to what I was expecting and I was charged $50 for trimming!! During the blowdrying process, she wasn't gentle (I have lot of hair, but still that couldn't be any excuse, remember, I was there only for a simple cut, not even for coloring, etc). I told hair that I like to keep the curls at my hair ends, and she straightened my hair all the way. At the end, I had hairs around my neck which she forgot to clean with the brush. Overall, I felt she didn't put any passion into cutting my hair and just wanted to finish the job! Won't be back there again! (never).
atlgirl3929 (customer) on CitySearch
I had a horrible experience here. I was new to ATL and read all the reviews and decided to give this place a try. A little over 1.5 years ago, a male stylist did my hair at the Cutting Room. He did an amazing job, but the price was $225. That's not unheard of, but it's not well-priced. I didn't complain because my hair looked great and I was happy. I did notice that the other older female stylists just talked to each other and never to the new guy. And the clients they had all seemed to be 40'sish VaHi moms wanting the same cut. IMO, it's not a sign of a good salon to keep churning out the same blunt cuts over and over. About 6 months later, I called to make another appt. I was informed that my stylist was no longer there, but they had a great new stylist. The new girl seemed unprofessional and nervous. She also seemed to be excluded by the "regular" stylists. I informed the new stylist I was trying to get my hair back to the natural blonde. She said I'd have to bleach my hair, and instead suggested we try a light brown to tone and prevent brassy tones. I agreed. She applied the color and left it on for well over 30 minutes. As she removed the color, my hair was an ugly, dull, flat dark brown. DARK BROWN!!! I was absolutely horrified. She was clearly also shocked and attempted to cover up ruining my hair by suggesting I could come in and get highlights. She trimmed my hair in a sloppy manner, quickly (probably could see I was about to cry), and with little precision. Here's the kicker...not only did I not get an apology, but I was charged FULL PRICE for them ruining my hair! I was so in shock, I handed over my credit card on the verge of tears. The cashier looked apathetic when I said it was a lot darker than I had wanted. I would NOT recommend this place at -ALL-. EVER. DO NOT GO HERE. Poor service, constant turnover, and clearly no quality control. It's nothing but generic cuts and color. Try Ginger at Liberty Hair...she does a fantastic job.
rb211c (customer) on CitySearch
i felt totally at home at this salon... didnt feel like I was underdressed, no attitude, etc... it was a great experience.. i've found a wonderful hairdresser named Ricky-- he rocks. finally someone who listens! the prices rock.... my cut was $26!
nancyrlee (customer) on CitySearch
I just got a great haircut from Ben. He asked the right questions and then got down to business. I have very thick hair which he tamed with the perfect amount of layers. He didn't rush through the blow out like most tend to do with thick hair. It seems that his price is a bit higher than the other stylists, but it is worth it!
tmorri2 (customer) on CitySearch
So, I was having a terrible day before I went to get my haircut that The Cutting Room. As soon as I walked in the door here, my day got better. Ricky, the owner, offered me something to drink and talked with me while I waited for my appointment time. The environment was pleasant and everyone seemed to really care about their clients? needs. I was looking for a new place, and I was a little nervous since it had been over 4 months since my last cut (too long!). I couldn?t be happier with the results! Louis, my stylist, listened to me and helped me decide what kind of style would work best for me. I came away with a modern cut that works well with my lifestyle, and I LOVE IT. He also taught me about how to better care for my hair. Ricky and his staff made me feel important and I left with a smile on my face and a great haircut (without breaking the bank).
kn (customer) on CitySearch
Sue is wonderful. She is easy and fun to talk to and she really listened to what I wanted along with giving her own professional input. She truly is an artist and I feel fantastic. The end result was a perfect cut and beautiful color. I can, without a date say this was my best cut/color to date.
trainerforyou (customer) on CitySearch
'Cause I sure do! I heard about The Cutting Room from a friend and I thought I would give them a try. Sure glad I did! I told the front desk guy, who was incredibly friendly, that I wanted the best they had. He said all the stylist were incredibly talented and that they all had amazing abilities. I told him the time I wanted, and he said Melissa had time to work on me. They were very accomodating to get me in same day, and I was impressed with the salon. It's cozy and the art work is amazing! When I arrived, I was greeted warmly, offered a drink, and before I could even sit down, Melissa greeted me and took me back for my haircut. melissa was wonderful! She is attentive, funny, and knows her stuff. She listened very carefully to my instructions and expectations for my hair, and when we were done, I had an amazing cut that I am very proud of. When I was checking out, I was informed that they have the option to book your appointment on line. I do everything on line, so this is perfect for me. All in all, I would highly reccomend The Cutting Room, and will be telling all my friends about it as well.
doctorparetta (customer) on CitySearch
I cut my own hair for years because I ended up looking like Frankenstein in my last experience at a salon. I decided to put my faith in Melissa last year and I've been going to her ever since. She is the first good hairstylist I've been to. I highly recommend her!
betsycorn (customer) on CitySearch
Recently, I decided to find a hair stylist here in the ATL, so I looked on CitySearch, and guess what, I found Donna! Donna gave me a wonderful consulation then an excellent haircut. Later, I came back for my color and was equally pleased. She's awesome. I would definitely recommend her to others.
jejenkins (customer) on CitySearch
I'm new to Atlanta and chose the Cutting Room because it was close to my house - what a lucky choice! Debi does an amazing job, and I'm constantly receiving compliments on my cut. My husband also goes there and is very happy.
sexylilnikki (customer) on CitySearch
I love this place. Its so laid back and not stuck up like most hair salons. For short hair I would recommend Jenny and other types I would recommend either Donna, Tammy, or Ricky.
SIW (customer) on CitySearch
I have really enjoyed my visits to Vivid. The new location is beautiful. I really like the personalities of the stylists. The young lady I go to is Ashley. She colors and cuts my hair. I work with the local goverment and deal with people all day. I have never had as many comments on my hair as I have now. I sent my sister to see her and she loves her hair too. Ashley is the only one I will go to from now on. Thanks Vivid!!
anise (customer) on CitySearch
I love my hair! thanks to Donna Harris with the Cutting Room. She has been cutting and coloring my hair for many years. I travel a great deal and constantly have other people compliment me on my hair cut or ask who does my hair. Donna is the best!
jenniferfs (customer) on CitySearch
I am new to the Atlanta area- I HAD sholder lenth hair and went in to the Cutting Room, b/c of the high rating and saw Tammy- she gave me the cutist, sassy, funky cut. I get commpliments all the time everywhere i go. Thanks Tammy- I'll never have long hair again.
jujubee_3 (customer) on CitySearch
Thanks for my fab hair cut and color, Sue. Fantastic job - I'm so happy with it. I've been searching for a stylist for YEARS - please do not leave town ever. ;)
lgm55 (customer) on CitySearch
Samantha is a gem! She's been my stylist for almost 3 years and I wouldn't DREAM of letting anyone else touch my hair!
laurel622 (customer) on CitySearch
I have incredibly difficult hair to cut, but nobody but Donna Harris knows this...she keeps all my weird cowlicks, bizarre curl patterns, and shocking thin patches disguised with her cutting genius. So everyone else thinks my hair is absolutely fabulous...I wouldn't have anyone else come near my hair with scissors! And Paul...what can I say? He is a master scalp masseur, and goes easy on me when I admit my penchant for using cheap shampoo. Very low-pressure and genuinely friendly. These people are true professionals, working with what's naturally (and financially...) there to help you realize your hair's possibilities and potential. Keep it up, guys!
lelliott1 (customer) on CitySearch
I had a great experience with Ricky. He was very friendly and gave me a great cut! I am very picky with my hair (it is very long and thick) so I am glad to have a found a new stylist. I will definitely choose him in the future!
tharding (customer) on CitySearch
After several bad experiences since moving to Atlanta, I was extremely excited to discover The Cutting Room and Dusty. The salon has great energy and a neighborhood feel. Dusty was a total professional, really listening to my concerns and I got one of the best haircuts and highlights I have had in a long time. Dusty didnt make me feel rushed, and I am looking forward to my next visit and will be telling my friends about my positive experience.
joharrow (customer) on CitySearch
could get this kind of result at any place. The city search rated this place so high and I was expecting a much more professional experrience. The stylist acted as though she was listening then did what she wanted. I tried another stylist next time with plain results. I wont go back.
vahiguy (customer) on CitySearch
If you haven't found a place to get your hair done yet, you should give the cutting room a chance. I have been going for about a year now, and i've never been disappointed with the outcome. They have great service, great people and the best styles in town! Ricky always does a great job!!
phishemp (customer) on CitySearch
I've had Kevin cut my hair for over a year now, and he always does a great job. I highly recommend him for anyone looking for a new stylist.
Ryan Sims (customer) on CitySearch
The fire engine red door helps Vivid stick out from the storefront landscape of Morningside. The urban loft style space gives off an industrial vibe with exposed brick walls, old hardwood floors, and lean-to mirrors in front of the stylist?s stations. Sidle up to the color bar (customers are able to watch stylists whip up concoctions from hundreds of bottled tints) and hell, go ahead and order a glass of gratis red or Stella while you?re at it. Offering the standard salon menu of services such as facial waxing, dyes, cuts, styles, and up-do?s, the Redken pros also employ 2 stylists specializing in wedding day ?dos as well as a make up artist.
Contributor (customer) on CitySearch
Friendly salon with expert stylists offers color, updos and haircuts with shampoo and style.
IMHO (customer) on CitySearch
Amber has been styling my hair for over a year now. She's the best, because I always have the perfect style, she listens to what I want and offers great suggestions, and she's fun to talk to! After yesterday, I understand why she's now at Vivid. It's such a beautiful salon with a fun and relaxing atmosphere. The staff is super friendly, too!!! Definitely give Amber a call if you are looking for a hair stylist. She will not steer you wrong.
celder (customer) on CitySearch
this salon has great atmosphere and nice people. I have been going to amber for years at another salon and came with her to vivid. amber gives flattering cuts and smooth color-I recommend the salon and the stylist!
Hogan79 (customer) on CitySearch
Amber Glazner recently joined the team at Vivid Hair Salon, and I am thrilled! Amber is an incredible stylist with loads of experience. I have been going to Amber for a little over two years and am pleased that she is now at Vivid. She is professional, friendly, and confident. Amber understands the science of hair and will make sure that you are pleased with your cut or color.
Elizabeth Fairleigh (customer) on CitySearch
I recently had my hair cut by Ashley - about 4 inches - A big change for me and I love it!! Also has a Keratin protein treatment done by Ashley - She was great -and told me about a new treatment that does not require you to wait 3 days before washing it out - I am a happy girl and will definitely go back to Vivid.
piebird (customer) on CitySearch
You are a new salon and I have not been to you. Something seems very wrong a you are saying that you have all these reviews yet you have only been in the neighborhood for a few months. I noticed that most of the reviews that you are claiming are for another salon. It is called the Cutting Room. I did go there. Why do you claim their reviews? This seems like a bad idea. How could anyone that is brand new have all these reviews under another salon? Did you buy these reviews?
HughHeffrey (customer) on CitySearch
Vance (known to some as Ethan from his days at Van Michael in Buckhead) totally transformed my hair. A beach blonde for far too long, he picked out an amazing darker color and gave me a new cut to finish it off. I've never received more compliments and will attest to his brilliance any day of the week! You won't find a more fun, friendly, and talented colorist / stylist in the city!
andierb (customer) on CitySearch
Vance has recently moved over to Vivid from Van Michael in Buckhead. He was wonderful when I was looking for a new style. He really listened when I explained that I wanted to go much shorter. I felt very comfortable cutting off a bunch of length in his capable hands. I ended up with a great cut and I've kept this style ever since. Go see him - you won't be disappointed!
LisaLisaLisa (customer) on CitySearch
There are many talented, highly trained stylists at Vivid. My favorite, Ashley, completely transformed my hair. She is amazing with color, color correction and cuts. She managed to make my very dark brown hair a shade of blonde that no one else has been able to achieve in 5 years, including stylists in NY. Any one who desires an excellent head of hair from a beautiful and talented stylist should experience Ashley Wallace. She has had much training and is certified in many areas of her trade. There are many satisified customers who can tesitfy to her expertise and lovely personality. **ASHLEY CAN NOW BE FOUND AT "SALON O," LOCATED AT THE CORNER OF BRIARCLIFF AND LaVISTA ROAD, IN THE BRIARVISTA SHPPING CENTER.*** FOR AN APPOINTMENT, call Ashley at 910.995.7048. Tell her Lisa referred you. YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!
malcorn1 (customer) on CitySearch
I just had my hair cut and colored by Ritchie. He did a fantastic job. I am a natural redhead, but my color has dulled out a bit. Ritchie suggested we brighten it up and it is sooo rich and vibrant now! The cut was also great and I love the way he styled it! I also really love the layout of the salon. Very open and bright. Michael