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business United Artists Broadway Faire cover

United Artists Broadway Faire

3297 W Shaw Ave
Fresno, CA 93711

This business has been closed

Ph: 5592216471


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Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
Here is a great place to watch your movies if you don't want to stand in line and pay more for your movies. The matinee price is 50 cents c...
Trina C. (customer) on Judys Book
This is a great movie theatre. The selection of movies and movie times are great. The movie theatre is clean (no sticky floors) and the atmosphere is very nice. The aisles are roomy so you have alot of room to walk. The snack bar is also great. The staff is very friendly and kind. The prices ...
Elizabeth G. (customer) on Judys Book
UA is the only theatre i will go to! No joke...I wont go to Edwards or Manchester because they are always just too busy. At UA, there seems to never be a lot of people. In a way i like it because i hate crowds, but in another way i wonder why more people dont come here. Great area great theatres, gr...
josh m. (customer) on Judys Book
What can I say... avoid the long lines and packed theathers of Edward's and just go to Broadway Faire. The lack of people never ceases to amaze me, and always makes me happy. There are other reasons to go, like student discount, which lowers the price a bit, but of course it's still too much for a...
Patricia B. (customer) on Judys Book
Limited lines, delicious popcorn, more than one screen showing the latest movies, comfortable atmosphere, always clean... Broadway Faire is my main choice for movie going. Living on the NorthWest side of town, it is a convenient alternative to Edwards, which is nice, but far to busy and a much furt...