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business U-haul Moving & Storage cover

U-haul Moving & Storage

24091 Hawthorne Blvd
Torrance, CA 90505

This business has been closed

Ph: 3103784666


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Also in Torrance

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Contributor (customer) on CitySearch
Do-it-yourself moving trucks, trailers, equipment and packing supplies for one-way and in-town moves. Storage is also available.
Just Moved (customer) on Yahoo
Everything was great until they they charged me a $25 pad folding charge. I rented the moving pads for $10, asked them what do I do when I'm all done, they said put it in the bed. I did exactly that, infact I only used half of the pads and the rest were in a pile. They said there was a sticker on the truck that says to fold the pads... I talked to the manager about it and he was very wishy washy. First he said they were really busy and they had to make special time to fold it, then I told him I only used half of them, the rest were folded, so charge me half, then he said that their rule, then too late we already charged you...
u-haul_cust (customer) on Yahoo
The u-haul on PCH is the best.. never had a problem with them whatsoever!!... i've rented from them at least a dozen times..good cust service, friendly people,good trucks. The customer service reps. are very helpful in everything you might need to get moving!..
a Yahoo! Local User (customer) on Yahoo
Not U-haul Again - GO PENSKE: At the 110 and 405 (across from the Goodyear blimp. Like new trucks and equip and cheaper than U-haul. No idiot lights blinking on the dash, or half dead trucks. Ever seen a Penske dead on the side of the freeway ? me either, but plenty of U-hauls.
LarryH (customer) on Yahoo
used them many times: Always have trucks, never had an issue. I think I have rented 5 times