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business Tri-county Flea Market cover

Tri-county Flea Market

3041 Hempstead Tpke
Levittown, NY 11756

This business has been closed

Ph: 5165794500


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Also in Levittown

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Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
This indoor flea market is open four days a week all year long. they have a huge jewelry department upstairs on the second floor with at le...
Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
These vendors upstairs were lets say not born on long island, or this country. Quality is good but not near the Mint stuff from Fortunoffs, ...
Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
I have been shopping at the Tri-County Flea Market for years. Great place to shop for gifts, jewelry and clothing. The shops are always fill...
Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
Having bunch of stores in one building. ANything you need they will have it. Its a fun day of browsing and looking around. The prices are g...
Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
This is my one stop shop for shopping at holiday time. I can get everything i need here and pay no tax!! Not to mention, if you see somethin...
Maddy J. (customer) on Judys Book
The Tri County Flea Market has been around forever. Whether you need socks, sneakers or a pickle they really have it all. Yep – even pickles. Check out the pickle stall near one of the back door entrances. They even have pickled tomatoes. The vendor near the concession stand in the back who sel...
Arlene V. (customer) on Judys Book
Whenever I'm in search of a gift, I go to the Tri County flea market. They have such a great selection that I know I can always find something nice here - whether it be jewelry, makeup, clothing, etc, it's all here. Great prices to be had on everything as well. Great quality merchandise as well....
carol n. (customer) on Judys Book
Tri County is open all year (call for hours) and contains many stalls with clothing ,jewelry, gifts, perfume, makeup, collectibles, hair goods- almost everything you could want is represented here! It is a fun place to explore with your family particularly around the holidays. You will find many ...
norma g. (customer) on Judys Book
Tri county flea market has a diversity of vendorsranging from jewelry, handbags, socks, makeup,clothes, beauty products. It is a four floor building with alot of. You can also find lots of antiques, collectibles, memorabilia, primitives, advertising items, new merchandise, sportswear, housewar...