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business Top Flight Gymnastics cover

Top Flight Gymnastics

5127 Mowry Ave
Fremont, CA 94538

This business has been closed

Ph: 5107963547


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Also in Fremont

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KLBM (customer) on CitySearch
Got my purse stolen here while attending a kid's birthday party. The thief was a pro -- knew how to get by the desk, where the personal items were kept (down a hallway in the back), and went to town with my credit cards as soon as he walked out the door. Both Top Flight employees there at the time saw him, said later they were suspicious, but did not stop him. No one ever called me afterward to express sympathy or regret, and when I called them to make sure they realized they were targeted by a criminal who knew their layout, the manager said, "Oh yeah, we know, and he'll probably be back. We had a meeting and put up a sign." They just didn't seem to give a crap that something bad happened to a customer at their place of business. I had to replace all of the locks on my house and cars, at the cost of a couple thousand dollars, and they just shrugged it off and said they expect it to happen again. Doesn't make me feel safe. Won't be back.
Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
Great location, great instructors, great parents in the stands, fun environment, classes are very flexible, and opportunities for kids to ju...