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Swank Hair Salon

304 W 11th St, Unit # B
New York, NY 10014

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Ph: 2127418909


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dufive (customer) on CitySearch
Hair stylist are like relationships, you get burned once and have a hard time trusting again. Until that one day when you have so much confidence that you say no matter what, my hair will not dictate my life (that and the fact that you're married now and no longer use your hair as a selling point). So you find the best of the best sit in their chair and hope for something that doesnt make you cry. 45 minutes later...you have the most beautiful hair cut ever! Why? Because SHORTY is pure talent...he listens to exactly what you dont want and reassures you that what you do want will be beautiful (with his minor modifications). Then he cuts and shapes and cuts and looks and shapes and looks and looks and cuts and looks and then like magic you have a Perfect SHORTY Hair Cut...looks great the first day, week one looks as if he personally comes and styles your hair every day, week two you're still getting compliments...by week 6 you hate to get it cut because it still looks that good.
tradbird (customer) on CitySearch
I love going to Swank. Shorty gives good hair and he's charming and funny. You get a good haircut and you get to laugh. He does my hair and my husband's hair, so he can work it for the girls and guys.
appt (customer) on CitySearch
After moving to New York i found Swank here on citysearch.The salon was very cute and made me feel very welcome everyone there was so friendly.My stylist was Sharon,she was from London so i could not wait to see my new LONDON CHIC hair do.I had cut and color. She listened to what i had to say then gave me her professional opinion.i was very excited with what she had done and showed me how to manage my new hair do at home.I felt very at home in the salon and cant wait to see all the girls on my next visit.I highly recommend Swank hair salon especially Sharon.
jenniferfrieman (customer) on CitySearch
I love this place! It is hidden away and hard to find, but this tiny salon is the best find in the city. The women who work here are so sweet and do such a great job! I have been getting my hair colored for 15 years, and this is the first time I have had somebody get it right and actually listen to what I wanted! Tania's great!!!
herrenna (customer) on CitySearch
You must go here! The Service, IMPECCABLE. The stylist, BRILLIANT. Overall a wonderful place to go to get your hair done. Tania is unbelievably talented. MUST! MUST! MAKE AN APPOINTMENT!
skandel (customer) on CitySearch
Tania is awesome! My last haircut was at Garren Salon where I paid about $130. I paid a bit less than half that, and Tania did as just as a good job! I'm definitely going back!
elise71 (customer) on CitySearch
Ive been seeing Kasha (Swank's owner) for years and she's the greatest. Great cut and the best color work Ive ever had -- it's what keeps me coming back. A good deal for color work.
newsgirl (customer) on CitySearch
rocks.... does a great job and will fit you in even if she is crazy busy.... - and affordable at that - so nice to not have to avoid the snobbiness of a big salon in the city.... This place is so cute and all the people that work there are adorable.. and Tania specializes in weddings also which I learned on my last visit.....
cmurphy (customer) on CitySearch
Someone stopped me at the market and asked me where I got my hair cut - a month after Kasha cut it and about an hour after I'd rolled out of bed and run my fingers through my hair before running out to shop for brunch. That's one kickin' haircut!
alttms (customer) on CitySearch
My friend and I went to swank for updos and were thrilled with the results. Tanyia is fantastic...a real artist. You can see in her eyes how excited she gets just thinking about the possibilities. Small, friendly and intimate vible. I will definitely go back.
julieyhsu (customer) on CitySearch
Tania is really awesome - very talented, very flexible, no attitude, and works with you. She did my hair for my wedding and it turned out fabulous, even though we had to improvise the day of the wedding because I changed my mind. Ever since, I've been getting my hair cut at Swank and I recommend it to everyone!!!! They really do an amazing job. The vibe is very cozy, intimate, casual, no attitude.
smurfette (customer) on CitySearch
I've been going there for over a year now and NEVER had a bad experience ... besides the great atmosphere, fun banter, and great cuts -- they color your hair EXACTLY, if not better than, how you request ... everyone comes out of there gorgeous and feeling great! and TANIA simply ROCKS!
mhudak718 (customer) on CitySearch
Not only is Tania the cutest ever, she does amazing things with your hair! After several disasterous hair trials for my wedding I went to Tania after reading citysearch. Not only did she give me the most perfect, non-fussy up-do, she also did my color and makeup and my entire bridal party's hair and makeup. And she was so sweet and calming the whole time. You have to try her!
krainer (customer) on CitySearch
Amazing cut! Amazing attitude, Amazing salon. If you walk too quickly past the White Horse tavern you might miss this place, so SLOW DOWN and get the best haircut & color you've had in years. Just who are these down-to-earth people masquerading as the best stylists in town, with their super-reasonable prices and talent that sends you walking away feeling like a million bucks? Super Heroines! Super salon!
laura10014 (customer) on CitySearch
I was so happy to discover this gem of a place right in my own neighborhood! Since I hate to wait more than a day, it's great that they are able to fit me in (usually) within 48 hours. It's perfect (and affordable) for those "big night" blow outs as well. My stylist, Julianna, has exceeded my dreams each time I see her - my hair has never looked so good! Thank you, thank you, thank you - SWANK & Julianna!!!
esi (customer) on CitySearch
I have been going to Swank for years and have seen both Kasha and Tania. I keep waiting for them to get it wrong. It seems impossible that each time I leave I have an expert, updated, people-stop-you-on-the-street type cut and color. I can often wait months in between sessions without looking overgrown -- I have no idea how they manage that! It is Steel Magnolias in the West Village -- in the good way.
catonia (customer) on CitySearch
Two thumps up!! Julianna is an amazing hair stylist! I've always been thrilled with the cuts she gives me. After finding here I will not have anyone else in New York cut my hair. She listens to what I would like to try out for my hair and also gives me suggestions with what she thinks would work as well. I have recommended her to all of my friends and co-workers and they are all very happy clients with her as well. And the best part is that you can't beat the reasonable prices for her services. Almost unheard of in New York. The salon SWANK and Julianna are both gems that you need to seek out.
lanalily (customer) on CitySearch
I never write these reviews but I just had to join in on the Julianna plug. Julianna, from Swank, did my hair and makeup for my wedding... She was incredibly great and so well priced(she won't cheat you just b/c you are a bride)! I searched and searched all over the city for someone w/ talent to do my hair who would charge less than 1 million dollars... and then I found Julianna. She came to my hotel room and did it all. She knew and did exactly what I wanted. No cheesy updos! She is creative and extremely accomodating. Julianna is exactly the kind of person you want to hang w/ a couple of hours before your wedding!
lammot (customer) on CitySearch
I am VERY picky about my cut and highlights and have NEVER been disappointed when I left the salon. I have been going to Julianna since I moved to NYC two years ago and I wouldn't go to anyone else. She is amazing - she listens to what you want and also provides great advice if you aren't sure. I would recommend Julianna to anyone who wants to be sure they get a great haircut and color everytime!
bigeyedfish (customer) on CitySearch
I can't say enough good things about Swank and Tania in particular. After over a decade of going to a barber for a buzz cut, I tried a "stylist" and I will never go back...not only do I get a great hair cut, but a great experience. The entire staff is friendly, chatty, and funny. Tania gives you exactly what you want and is always there with a suggestion...I can't say enough good things...
jillpeg (customer) on CitySearch
i was very excited to visit swank after reading the reviews. and i was thoroughly impressed with the work Tania did! she listened and understood what i wanted without misinterpreting anything. she is intelligent, inquisitive and talented and i would recommend her to anyone who is interested in good work and a laid back atmosphere! finally i have found a salon that seems consistent and entertaining!
mitikis (customer) on CitySearch
About a yr ago I went to get a haircut from Julianne and she did a great job. I returned to get another haircut and took pictures of what I wanted. I understand that taking pictures of the desired style does not mean my hair will turn out exactly the same. She cut away and said it was going to be great but when she was done I almost cried!! My hair was nothing like the picture...not even close. I am not sure if she was having a bad day or what but I will never go back to her again. Oh, I also mentioned to her if she cut the back a little different and she acted as if I had offended her. Get on the chair at your own risk.
pavlina1 (customer) on CitySearch
Julianna recently cut and highlit my hair. I am really happy with how it looks (I feel very Gisele, although I am not a model) and I keep getting compliments on it. Julianna is serious about her work - she chatted with another stylist to get a second opinion about what colours would work on my hair - and communicative about her plans - she explained her choices to me. Going to Swank was overall an excellent experience and I will do it again!
jen157 (customer) on CitySearch
I have curly hair and have always gone to expensive salons and hated what they've done. I went to Tania at Swank and it was amazing I had no idea my hair could look that good!! And on top of that she is such a doll! I would highly recommend her and this cute place.
bumpindude (customer) on CitySearch
Went to Jules after she transformed my girlfriend and I couldn't be happier. I too look swank! No more barber for me. She gives great men's haircuts.
remigs01 (customer) on CitySearch
After calling a bunch of places and finding out their rip-off prices for brides, I called Swank based on a friends referral. Julianna is a extremely talented artist! She is awesome! She did my hair and makeup for my wedding and did an incredible job! I was so happy to find her!!! Her talent and capability is evident as soon as you first meet her. She is very experienced and knowledgeable. Julianna listens and is sensitive to what you want and very flexible. She has wonderful ideas and works with you and your hair to find the perfect look. Julianna is very talented, skilled, very nice and cool, responsible...she's awesome!
BrooklynTBone (customer) on CitySearch
I had a last minute disaster -- my regular stylist, with whom I had discussed my wedding and who had assured me I'd be able to see her two weeks before the event, was missing. No one was picking up the phone at the salon for a week. Were they closed? Down to the wire, I went to Citysearch in a panic, looking for a reasonable value, a dependable stylist, and a cut and color just a few days before I had to fly off to San Francisco. I got an appointment with Jules for the day before my flight, and I got it late in the evening, when she should've been going home. She was excellent. She was sympathetic, she was communicative, she listened to what I wanted, and she gave me a gorgeous head of hair. I can't wait to show her the photos when I go back.
alissas (customer) on CitySearch
I recently entrusted Tania @ Swank to cut off my long hair and add some fun color (for the first time ever!) and she did an amazing job! She gave me exactly what I wanted. She is a talented stylist/colorist who is up on all the trends and truly an artist when it comes to doing hair. Her personality is bubbly and sweet and she is a joy to be around! Tania has lots of great, original ideas to help you choose a look that is perfect for you. She is one of the best stylists I have ever been to and I would recommend her in a heartbeat!
bearmansk (customer) on CitySearch
I had my color done by Jules and am going back next time I need a cut. This place is totally welcoming, unpretentious but still funky, and a really nice place to spend a couple hours and walk out with fabulous style.
alithek (customer) on CitySearch
Don't pass 11th Street without going to Swank! I have been going to Tania for over a year now. Even three months after I have a cut, my ends still look great. The environment is homey and the staff is friendly. Whenever I leave this salon I feel like a million bucks. And at $60, a great cut doesn't have to empty your wallet.
rutht (customer) on CitySearch
i've been going to jules aka julianna for my color /cut for about a year and my hair has never looked better. she has great recommendations and is really talented. the prices are reasonable and the staff is friendly. a great find from citysearch!
smiling_dog (customer) on CitySearch
Ill start with the bottom line: Juliana is a genius. I read rave reviews in Citysearch and was obviously skeptical (who writes them? the stylists mom? her BFF?) but I have to say it: I got a top notch job and I feel amazing, and I enjoyed every second at this place. Juliana is a brilliant, brilliant stylist. I had a bad DYI accident, and not only she fixed it, she made me look much better than before (pre-catastrophe days). I only hope that this place does not become a posh, $800-a-cut joint Thank you Juliana. You rock.
drdpsy (customer) on CitySearch
The salon is incredible! No attitude, laid back atmosphere, great decor (but not ridiculously trendy). The staff and owner are so talented and friendly and to top it all off...the prices are reasonable. The place is so great that my brother, his boyfriend, my mom , and my best friend all go now!
jenniapeter (customer) on CitySearch
After numerous attempts to find a decent and affordable stylist, I finally hit the jackpot! Tania is bubbly, entertaining and a fantastic hairstylist to say the least. She listened to what I wanted, gave me opinions and followed through with a beautiful cut and color. This time I won't leave serching for someone to fix me! I will certainly be back!
jmsast (customer) on CitySearch
I am one of those girls who likes to believe she is not fussy and not too girly, despite my huge collection of make-up and product. Kasha at Swank totally gets this. Judging from the people I've seen leaving her chair, she seems to get everyone--corporate types leave looking like corporate types with lovely hair, hipsters leave looking kick-ass, everyone in between leaves looking great too. She doesn't push too much or try to sell you $50 products or agree to highlight your already over-processed hair just to make a buck and she pays close attention to trends so that you always look up to date. She's great!
teekaynyc (customer) on CitySearch
I followed Sharon when she left the salon where I had been a customer for more then a decade. She is a wonderfully talented hairdresser, and a pleasure to be around. I'm grateful she stayed in my neighborhood, but I'd follow her to New Jersey if necessary.
kraff (customer) on CitySearch
I went to see Jules on the recommendation of several of my good friends and am so glad that I did. She took the time to hear my concerns and unlike so many stylists, actually took them to heart. She put me at ease and we had a great time. (She's a very good conversationalist.) My colour and cut are perfect - my hair looks better than it ever has. I will definitely be going back to see Jules at Swank.
shanak (customer) on CitySearch
I followed Shorty to Swank salon after the first time he cut my hair. It was the best hair cut I had ever had, and still loved it weeks later. Swank salon is very cute, funky, and down to earth with great prices, and flexable appointment times, but it is Shorty that makes it truely worth the trip!
misssmileygal (customer) on CitySearch
As a new Manhattan resident, I wandered past Swank one night and popped my head in to enquire about an appointment. The delightful Harry and Marcus, who were just about to head home, insisted they would stay back so that Harry could transform me....and transform me he did. I left the Salon not only with a very flattering and stylish haircut, but a great welcome from this cute and cosy little Village salon. Harry took the time to find out what I wanted, and made the whole experience fun and engaging. Thanks Harry for a beautiful haircut!!!! x Angela
rkw219 (customer) on CitySearch
I absolutely love this place. Not only did Harry give me the best haircut and blow-dry I've ever had, but he also offered me coffee and used spenda and coffeemate, which I use at home that almost no place ever also has! Very exciting for me. Plus he was a total sweeheart, the place itself was adorable, and on top of it all, the whole thing was extremely affordable. I say this is the place to go!!!
likesalt (customer) on CitySearch
Marcos gave me an amazing haircut, edgy and hip, but still classy, easy to style, and versitile. i was so pleased when i left and am still please a week later.
ebs4185 (customer) on CitySearch
Marcos was wonderful and attentive. He paid attention to what I wanted and delievered an awesome cut. He was fun to chat to, also. Loved it. I'll be back.
wills1111 (customer) on CitySearch
Love Swank and have gone there several times. Most recently got a fantastic haircut from the charming and talented Marcos.
ycm (customer) on CitySearch
I'm very, very picky with my hair but I've found the best kept secret in New York. Harry Reillo knows about color, he gives great haircuts and he is the sweetest person. He really makes you feel like a movie star after he's done your hair! And the prices are very reasonable.
thenewyorker84 (customer) on CitySearch
I'm always afraid that a stylist is going to go crazy with my long hair and cut off way more than I wanted, but Marcos listened to what I asked for and gave me a great cut. My friends keep on telling me I have "movie star hair." The salon is very small and homey and everyone that worked there was very friendly. I'll definitely go back.
amelia32181 (customer) on CitySearch
Marcos gave me a great haircut! It had been months since I had gotten my hair cut and he totally reshaped my hair (and didn't even chastize me for cutting my own bangs). He was so friendly and made me feel so glamorous. I highly recommend this salon!!
kosice37 (customer) on CitySearch
Who said that best is yet to come? Well it did, Marcos and Harry are back! It is relaxing to be pampered by Marcos, while enjoying coffee and great hospitality in this incredibly warm and friendly place. Yet again people are stopping me on the streets complimenting on my hair. Honestly, nobody can mix the color as good as Marcos and Harry.
baciodellavita (customer) on CitySearch
I woke up this morning having a really bad hair day. It had been two months since my last haircut and I didn't have a stylist to go to. I heard about Swank on the elevator in my office building so I walked over (on my lunch hour) to check it out and I AM SO GLAD THAT I DID. Marcos greeted me at the door and he was able to accommodate me on the spot. Marcos is very friendly, I was very comfortable in his chair and he transformed my hair from a boring bob into a hip new look. Everyone who works in the salon is friendly and upbeat. The price was reasonable and the service was great! Definitely check this place out. I know I will be returning.
riganewyorker (customer) on CitySearch
Sharon is a true gem! She brings her British charm and excellent skill set to make my hair cuts fab! Love the color jobs that she does as well. I highly recommend her!
mrsdiaz (customer) on CitySearch
i love love love my haircut....of course. Marcos is a fabulous hair dresser and he knew exactly what do. although the salon was small( hello its New York city!!!) Its great atmosphere and friendly staff make up for it. i highly recommend going to swank and getting a wonderful haircut by Marcos.
lauraoneill (customer) on CitySearch
"Swank" was my first New York haircut and my first haircut in 4 months, so I was desperate to a trim but nervous at the thought of trusting all my length with a new stylist. Marcos did an amazing job, my hair is now shiny, soft, healthy and I barely had to lose any of my length! Marcos gave me some great at home tips that didn't require expensive salon products. I'm so happy with my hair and to have found my New York hairdresser first try! Thanks Marcos!
scoobiedoo (customer) on CitySearch
If you're looking for a drastic change or just to maintain your current locks, Marcos is the guy to see! When I had really short hair he encouraged me to grow it. Years later when I wanted it short again, he gave me an amazing cut. And Marcos is the only stylist I would think of going to when I got married. If you want to find a stylist you can trust you have to make an appointment with Marcos.
cc74 (customer) on CitySearch
Have been seeing Marcos for about 12 years now. Have yet to walk out with bad cut or color. Can give you a trendy look without making you look like a fashion victim, always making sure that it suits your face and your needs. Highly reccomend him.
jlavin473 (customer) on CitySearch
I've been going to see Harry for a total of 6 years now (including the time he was away from NYC obviously) and he is by far the best cutter, stylist and colorist I have had. With most places your hair looks good when you leave but then you have trouble styling yourself at home or worse, it looks bad within two weeks...but Harry really knows how to cut and you end up loving it even more 2 weeks from your cut as he learns how your hair grows and thus what to do when he cuts... Plus he is just the funniest and nicest guy around! He's great with guy's hair (like mine) and women's (like all my friends that go there!!). Check him out...or his partner Marcos!! You won't regret it!
sarah325nyc (customer) on CitySearch
There are two amazing things about Swank. First of all, Marcos did a beautiful job on my cut and color and for a reasonable price. He listened to what I wanted and gave his own expert advice and I ended up looking amazing. (which is a contrast to many other places i've been, where they pretend to listen but then do whatever they feel like) But, maybe even more importantly, Swank is a very chill place. I've been to so many obnoxious, pretentious salons where the stylists ignore you and chat with each other, but at Swank everyone is totally welcoming and friendly and you get the feeling that it's just one big happy family. The only bad thing about it is that it's kind of small but that made it even more fun -- I had a great experience and have already gotten compliments on my hair, so I will definitely be going back!
tnowak (customer) on CitySearch
Marcos is a rare find. He charges a mid-level price, but actually provides a unique consultation with every visit, and he's got the skills to back it all up. He takes the time required to give you what you want, period. The first time I went, he scoped out the situation and we talked for 10 minutes about what we could do. This was such a refreshing and surprising change from typical mid-range stylists that deliver the same generic cut, and then shoo you out the door. He listened, and then most importantly, suggested. He had a vision for my hair, and it matched perfectly with my personality and what I wanted but was unable to articulate! A great, great mens cut, and he provides a very high level of individualized attention. I believe Marcos puts a great deal of pride in his work, and got the sense that he has no interest in giving generic cuts. He wants to deliver a unique style that matches who you are. This is so rare to find for $45!!!
urbansailor (customer) on CitySearch
An unpretentious salon and a very welcoming environment! I called with only one day's notice and it was very easy to get an appointment. Marcos was my stylist and he was talented as well as a genuinely cool guy with lots of hair knowledge and many good styling/product tips. My hair was short already but really needed some styling and Marcos did an amazing job. I also saw them do some major transformations on some others while I was waiting....So for minor changes or for a whole new look I would recommend this place to anyone!
dloud (customer) on CitySearch
Swank is a hidden gem- a small salon, tucked away on a charming street in the Village with reasonable prices and a very talented staff. Marcos has cut my hair several times now and it has looked great every time. I have long hair and his layered cuts grow in really well, they don't lose their shape and are still easy to style a few months on. His work is far better than stylists at other salons that I have been too that are in the same price range. And he's a really nice guy and very charming to talk to and they have huge stacks of all the dumb celebrity weeklies around to keep you entertained if you are going to be there awhile. It's a very casual place but with really excellent service.
ezp343 (customer) on CitySearch
Finally, a place in the city that delivers more than it pretends to! Harry is a master stylist. I go in and don't even have to worry about communicating what I want because I trust him implicitly. He makes my hair look hot! From what I can tell, he makes everyone look hot! If you don't want to look hot, I wouldn't bother.
ms_nicole (customer) on CitySearch
Swank was perfect. I called on a Saturday morning, and got an appointment that afternoon. The atmosphere was fun and lively, everyone seemed to be best friends. Swanky was a throwback salon to what the west village used to be. My cut was with Marcos, who gave me one of the best haircut (and blowout) I have ever had. I have never left a salon this pleased; my cut was inexpensive, and looked perfect.
r1977 (customer) on CitySearch
Marcos at Swank is wonderful! He knew how to cut and dry my hair very well. I have naturally thick and unruly curls, and Marcos is adept at cutting and styling my hair to make it manageable and soft--both straight and curly. HIghly recommend him. The salon is not uber-chic, but the cut and style was first-class, and very reasonable ($70 for a cut and blow-dry). I have lived in NY for 10 mos and finally, I've found my hair stylist.
cpape (customer) on CitySearch
One great thing about Swank is that Tania, Kasha and Sharon cut AND color. In an era of specialists, these ladies do it all. On the downside, Tania has stopped accepting Saturday appointments because of her boyfriend, which is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Their prices have definitely gone up. I prefer Snip n Sip.
oliviarose (customer) on CitySearch
i came to swank on referral from a friend...had the best time. sharon was so sweet and pleasant to talk to. but more importantly she was a fantastic stylist! i love it when people listen to what you ask for...she made me feel so comfortable and i loved my hair. it's really nice to leave feeling great, and i did!
canariona (customer) on CitySearch
I am wary of most stylists as I have thin curly hair than is not easy to cut or style. (I have had some really bad experiences!) All I ask is that the stylist does what I ask them to do and not cut too much off! A friend suggested Tania. I went to see her for a haircut and explained about my crazy hair, carefully detailing what I wanted, and SHE DID EXACTLY WHAT I ASKED! AMAZING! She was fun and bubbly and we had a great conversation as well. I highly recommend her.
laertes0420 (customer) on CitySearch
I've been to Swank three times and have received excellent cuts from Marcos. Swank is a down-to-earth and unpretentious salon where the folks are friendly and the cuts are very good. Marcos is a very cool guy who really puts thought into the haircut and is fun to talk to as well. Very recommended.
alexisuws (customer) on CitySearch
I am extremely picky about my hair and learned about Swank from someone on the subway. I had the best time with Marcos and I haven't had this good of a hair cut since 2002. I have sent all of my co-workers and friends to Marcos who are now devotees like myself.
appoint (customer) on CitySearch
It was so nice to leave a salon and not want to rush home to fix my hair.I was recommended to swank from a friend who raved about this cute salon,Sharon was the stylist she recommended and she is the best she also has this cute British accent.My hair has been fabulous since and so easy for me to manage,she has given me the confidence to maybe try something new on my next visit cant wait.
rubyzane (customer) on CitySearch
Had a great experience at Swank. Found it through reviews at City Search & didn't know what to expect. Was given Sharon as my stylist (for an apptment the day after I called). She was fabulous! Got probably the best cut in my life & I've been to the best of NY and LA stylists. Took alot of time which meant a lot. Definitely not rushed & was obvious she wanted to please. Plus I just really liked her. I am thrilled. Teeny tiny place w/ not too much room to move but that didn't matter at all. I know that I will stick with Sharon & can't wait to see her again (altho my cut is growing out so beautifully I don't need to rush). Definitely more affordable than other good salons but still costs a chunk with cut and highlights. But that's just NY unfortunately. Saw the other stylists cuts also and they were just as fab. HIGHLY RECOMMEND A ++++++++++++++
andrea44 (customer) on CitySearch
I love this salon the staff is very friendly and are fabulous with hair from coloring to cutting. I have never recieved a bad haircut or color at Swank. I highly recomend this salon!
prgv (customer) on CitySearch
Marcos is the best!!! Very picky about haircuts...found him randomly, no we're stuck on him. Knows what he's talking about, and knows hair!!!! GO
lavisa29 (customer) on CitySearch
MARCOS IS THE MAN! I went to the Swank Hair Salon on Wed, Dec 5th and had Marcos cut my hair. I had read all the wonderful reviews about him and decided to try him out and I am so so glad I did. I brought him a picture of what I wanted and he said "I love it". Right then I knew he understood my vision and would give me the cut that I wanted. I have long hair and wanted to keep my length but just have it fall better. Often hair stylists cut my hair much shorter than what I describe and I spend months waiting for my hair to grow out. What I like about Marcos is that he took the time to understand what I wanted and didn't rush me or "half as@" listen to me. I left there feeling like a diva and two days later - of walking in the snow, dancing and sleeping on my hair, it still looks looks hot. Thanks Marcos for understanding my Victoria Secret flowy hair look! -Lisa
mcqueeny (customer) on CitySearch
Marcos was recommended to me by a friend after I received a bad haircut at a very expensive salon. Within one hour, he was able to repair my cut, give me the haircut of my life and a blow-out to match! He was a great listener and gave me exactly what I asked for. I will go back again and again.
machiz (customer) on CitySearch
I went to Swank with my hair all grown out and frankly it looked kinda terrible. Marcos completely transformed me and gave me the best haircut of my life, no joke. The last place i went to was Frederic Fekkai and the haircut I got there didn't even come close. I would recommend Swank and Marcos to anyone looking for an amazing cut at a decent price, who doesn't require the pretensions of those other Salons.
kkstein (customer) on CitySearch
Marcos is honest and doesn't just tell you what you want to hear; the prices are very fair, and the service is friendly. Most important, the cuts are great. The place is very no frills, and not at all "Swank," but that makes it a nice relaxing getaway from really shi-shi salons where you pay in part for the decor and the ambiance. I don't plan to go anywhere else because the people and the prices and the cuts and color are all great!
davecg (customer) on CitySearch
Marcos has been cutting my hair for over 10 years, and I am psyched that both he and Harry are now back in NYC at Swank. Marcos is terrific. As a man, I like the fact that his cuts grow in nicely and last for a couple of months without looking unkempt. But even more importantly, my wife loves how my hair looks. As for Swank, I had no idea what to expect when I heard the name, but the salon is cozy, comfortable and very welcoming.
waiblinges (customer) on CitySearch
I had read some of the reviews on line and liked the sound of this salon my old hairdresser was about to retire so i was looking for a new sylist.I was seen by Sharon she was great she seemed to know exactly what i needed without me trying to explain with great diffiucalty.I loved what she did with my hair we did color and cut and i feel a million dollars.It still looks great now a few weeks later i am amazed i am a new woman.SHARON is wonderfull ................
selsawy (customer) on CitySearch
my first visit today was quite memorable. marcos was great, he listened to what i was looking for, did exactly what i wanted. i loved the highlights and the cut. very friendly atmosphere, harry washed my hair and made me laugh, his sense of humor comes so naturally, you have to pay attention or you might miss the joke. will definitely go back.
debramd77 (customer) on CitySearch
I just have to say that this is my favorite salon. This is the first place EVER where after I get my hair cut and styled by Sharon,,I don't have to run home to redo my hair with my own productsand styling tools. Sharon is so sweet and friendly. She has a good sense of what looks good but definatly listens to what you want and need. Everyone there makes you feel comfortable. The conversation in the salon is great. You walk out feeling great!!! I definatly recommend this salon. I'm so grateful that I found this salon.
kclement (customer) on CitySearch
I have dark hair and I've been looking for someone to give me light highlights without looking striped and cheap. A friend recommended Tania. Not only did she listen, but she gave me more than what I was looking for. My hair looks modern, edgy and hot! I have had this color for weeks and it hasn't faded. I am still getting compliments. I will continue to go to Tania for color and look forward to experiencing a cut with her!
kesar (customer) on CitySearch
Great neighborhood salon! Marcos was terrific and very friendly. The atmosphere was really relaxed.
martapiatk (customer) on CitySearch
I was satisfied with what Marcos did with my hair. He cut it, colored it and gave some highlights. I needed easy to manage hair and the cut allowed me just that. The salon is little expensive for me ($75 cut, $75 color, $125 highlights - I have short hair), but I think it was worth it.
Joanne07 (customer) on CitySearch
I have been to Marcos at Swank twice, and the first visit was awesome. Unfortunately, the second (and last) visit was not as successful. Marcos did give me a lengthy consultation about what I wanted. However, during the wash I expressed some concern to him that the color would end up too light. Then, during the most painful wash of my life, and after obviously speaking about me in a foreign language to a colleague, Marcos accused me of thinking he was "playing" as a stylist and did not know what he was doing. After the wash, I was taken to the chair for what I thought would be a cut and blowdry. When I sat down I looked at the color (of course). Marcos then said that I would not be able to see the color as my hair was wet, "duh". He again accused me of thinking he was "playing" as a stylist. I said that I was sure it would be good, but that it takes time to develop a relationship with a hairdresser. Marcos then dried the top of my hair and I was, for want of a better word, dismissed from the chair without the cut that I had booked in for as there as "no time" and there had been a mistake with the booking (not likely). After an attempt to overcharge me for the highlights (presumably to make up for the tip which they knew would not be forthcoming), I left the salon with dripping hair and no cut, with the whole salon staring at me and Marcos making loud comments that he did not want me as a customer. The experience can only be described as horrible and embarrassing. I will say that the color was, in fact, excellent, and exactly what I was after. Unfortunately I did not get the chance to say this. In summary, if you are after a great cut and color for a good price, and are happy to leave the stylist to do their thing, Marcos will be for you. If, like me, you are a little nervous when trying new things and need a little reassurance along the way, and don't have time for prima donna acts by hairdressers, I'd probably give him a miss.
ilovesoup (customer) on CitySearch
I have tried 3 different salons during my year of living in NYC, and they all disappointed me. The stylists didn't listen to what I wanted, and I was never impressed with the result. I tried Swank after reading the amazing reviews, and I have to say, it is an amazing place to get a haircut. Sharon is incredible; the haircut she gave me is the best one I've ever had in my life. She totally understood exactly what I needed and knew how to give me an easy, beautiful shape. I love my new haircut. The salon is very relaxed, and I love the vibe that so strongly contrasts that of other salons that are snooty or seem to be trying too hard to be hip. I strongly recommend Sharon.
davidkral (customer) on CitySearch
Thank All of you who emailed me regarding him. Yes, we found him at 22 Str. between 6 and 7 Ave, 3rd floor. They are called Chelsea 22.
SarahBNYC (customer) on CitySearch
Now that Marcos and Harry are gone, I can't recommend Swank. Plus, they seem to be keeping it a secret as to where they went. Well here it is! They own a fabulous salon called Chelsea 22 on 22nd street. The phone number is 212.929.0816. The salon is a beautiful airy space with fabulous service. Enjoy!
anneMarie69 (customer) on CitySearch
Sank is jus the best! Between, Kasha, Tania, and Sharon you can't go wrong. I ALWAYS get exactly what I want from cut AND color. They take their time and really listen to what I want. I would Never go anywhere else with my hair. On a side note I do NOT miss Marco and Harry who seemed to have attitudes more than listening skills. Small salon with personal attention and haridressers who listen. What more could you ask for!!
danidanger (customer) on CitySearch
Swank is great-- the atmosphere is friendly and laid-back and the stylist Alx works scissor magic. Alx cut my hair for the second time this weekend and I couldn't be happier. I've never received so many compliments on my hair before! The cut she gave me is funky and fun, yet easy to maintain. I'm officially addicted and can't imagine letting anyone else cut my hair now!!
Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
Swank is located in the West Village -- I've gotten my hair cut there for years and they did my hair and make up for my wedding. It's a cute little place for locals (we lived around the corner.) Nothing fancy and it's very small. If you're looking to be pampered in a large, extravagent beauty salon -- this is not the place. If you're looking for a good cut and style at reasonable prices by very nice people -- then this is the place for you. The salon is small and crowded -- but the service and people make up for it!!
wes345 (customer) on CitySearch
Swank used to have really competitive pricing but their prices have shot up several times over the last year. The used to have 5 or 6 stylists / stations and they're down to three and I wonder if they are trying to make up for it by charging a lot more. My haircut and color were fine but nothing special, not worth what they charged me. I'm feel badly that they aren't doing well but I don't want to be the one making up for their lost business.
lex (customer) on CitySearch
I have been a loyal customer of Swank for many years. The prices are consistently affordable and i'm always completely satisfide with my cut ,color and service. The salon's atmosphere is upbeat and they always make me feel welcome. I highly recommend Swank
Contributor (customer) on CitySearch
A West Village team of stylists provides male and female clients with haircuts, coloring and more at mid-range prices.
Cindy K. (customer) on Judys Book
Swank is located in the West Village -- I've gotten my hair cut there for years and they did my hair and make up for my wedding. It's a cute little place for locals (we lived around the corner.) Nothing fancy and it's very small. If you're looking to be pampered in a large, extravagent beauty sal...