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Summit At Point Loma

3920 Leland St
San Diego, CA 92106

This business has been closed

Ph: 6192231390


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jamesw64 (customer) on CitySearch
Can't say enough about how bad this place has become. Was great when I moved in but then the place was sold. The new people must be trying to drive us all out. Where to begin? Well first they ripped out all the beautiful foliage and cut down trees. The noise was horrific. Now it looks barren and ugly with no privacy for the ground floor apartments. Then the pool tables were next to go, followed by the business room, the TV room furniture, the sauna, the outdoor barbeque furniture. The gym was closed for a while, we were told for renovation. We were told there would be new state of the art equipment, but when it was re-opened due to complaints it was the same old stuff just moved about because the took away the pool tables and knocked down a wall. In december they said we would have the new stuff before the end of the month. We didn't, Now they say we will have it by the end of january. I'll believe it when I see it. They are renovating apartments as they become empty. If you like living in a construction site, this is the place for you. Often the noise continues after hours, twice until after 7pm, and frequently on saturdays. The pool and spa were closed last month "until further notice". They don't appear to be doing anything but I suppose it saves them the expense of cleaning and heating it.. All the amenities I rented this place for are gone. To add insult to injury we have received notices that our rents will increase at the end of our leases. $40 per month plus $100 if you do not sign a new lease and chose to go month to month. This place went from being delightful to disaster in a few short months. Will be glad to leave when my lease expires
Summitsucks (customer) on CitySearch
Place went to hell when new management took over. They will tell you what you want to hear to get you in or sign a new lease. Construction outside my window for eight months was great. And, still waiting for my deposit three weeks later. Boooooo Summit
The Grizz (customer) on CitySearch
They like to lie about everything. Still waiting for deposit the said the cut when I turned in my keys on 31st. They said they have over nighted it twice but two weeks later, no check. They must use the same mail company as the construction company cause its taking 10 times as long to arrive, just like construction that took 10 months but was supposed to be 1 or 2. Lies, lies, lies.
Booooo Summit (customer) on CitySearch
just want your money. don't care about residents. Lie to get you in and then yer screwed.
ScottyP (customer) on CitySearch
Cant find a worse place to rent. Would be great but the new management is the worst ever.
TeresaMC (customer) on CitySearch
I have a friend who is living there and the balcony door does not lock. Problems have happened in the unit that was not their fault but they had to pay for repairs to be done. When they signed their lease they were told they could have their dog that is under 25 pounds. After they moved in they had to re-home their dog because (it was to big). They found a dog that was 4 pounds fully grown and had to get rid of that one because of the management and the staff. The walls are so thin they get to listen to the neighbors when they have sex. Since moving there they have been through hell with this place. Children cannot walk home from school, enter the gate and goto their apartment without a write up from the office. They have a pool however any noise coming from a child at the pool is sure to get the tenant in trouble. You cannot let your child out of the apartment unless you escort them. This place is full of crap. Once you sign your lease you are committed to H*&^ for 6 to 12 months. Look elsewhere there are some great places in SD that will not put you though so much crap. Heed the warnings in this listing. This place is so bad I will not even go visit my friend because I am afraid they will be punished for having company that has children. The other tenants must be miserable since all they do is complain about everything there. Good luck with you housing search and it is highly recommended that you do not look here for a place to live.
elviswiggle (customer) on CitySearch
The location and amenities are nice. That being said, the current owner alienated many good tenants by performing unnecessary changes that greatly disrupted the quality of life for the tenants. To her credit she did make some good improvements, but she could've saved a lot of money by not making the unnecessary changes she made. I think her motivation was to upgrade and then flip the apartment complex for a quick profit without conern for the tenants' welfare. The market took a downturn, and I think she's waiting for the right time to sell. In the meantime, she appears to have instructed the property management to lower the standards by allowing more pets and people to reside in each apartment and to allow people to move in whose behavior wouldn't otherwise be tolerated. The management seems slow and reluctant to enforce their own polices, one being quiet time betweem 10 PM and 8 AM daily. There is one group of tenants I'm aware of that have consistently violated the quite time policy during the last year, have been complained about many times, have at times been drunk and belligerent to neighboring tenants, and have no respect and consideration for anyone around them. They have not yet been evicted, which lowers the quality of life of nearby tenants. There is no security patrol on the premises after hours to ensure tenants abide by the noise policies, to ensure people are not parking in reserved parking places, to help prevent car breakins in the parking garages, and to keep trespassers off the premises. Overall the quality of life would be greatly improved if the management was more assertive in enforcing its own policies, if a security patrol was onsite after hours to help ensure order, and if the owner would have an interest in the welfare of the tenants and consider the property as a long-term investment with quality tenants and not just an opportunity to flip an apartment complex to realize a quick profit. I don't consider her a long-term apartment property owner; she's just another property flipper and the lowering of the tenant quality of life reflects this.