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Studio K Salon

4711 Hope Valley Rd, Unit # 4C
Durham, NC 27707

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Ph: 9194894711


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heathersbb (customer) on CitySearch
i tripped upon this salon via the internet. i had had it with bad color, yellowing blondes in my slighty grey hair. no one could ever figure out how to blend my dark roots with my highlights i was getting to blend my grey better. this place figured out something to do within about 1minute flat and the end result is exactly what i had been asking other salons to do for about a year and a half! they know their stuff. very friendly staff. goes to prove high dollar appearing salons don't necessarily produce high dollar end results, and obviously one doesnt have to spend excessive amounts of money to get an outstanding and wonderful end result. their prices are very reasonable, and belive me i have paid twice the amount they charged and still walked out unhappy from other salons. i am thrilled beyond measure.
jaesther (customer) on CitySearch
I have had many hair experiences in the triangle area. None were quite as pleasant as this salon. Excellent recommendation Citysearch! I now have a favorite place to go to get my hair cut! I'll certainly be sending my Wife! This is exactly what we've been looking for!
latully (customer) on CitySearch
I found this salon on citysearch. The first cut I received was OK. It was a bit rushed. I also found the ambiance to be a bit dated. However, I found the owner to be very knowledgeable and went above and beyond to correct my cut and educate me as well.
amears (customer) on CitySearch
I was bored so I decided to discover Citysearch website. After poking through what Citysearch is about, I went to my favorite salon, and read the reviews about Studio K. I have been going to this salon for over 5 years, since the Owner, Karen took it over. I have seen it evolve from then to now, as well as her designers. I was disappointed to read some of the reviews were shallow enough to indicate the atmosphere or 'interior design' was less than hoped for. Who goes to a salon for the hyped techno ultra modern style, pays through the nose, but walks out with a miserable haircut? What is the point? This salon has insurmountable knowledge about hair, professional, edgy, trendy cuts, has the highest quality of color, and I know why. The owner has PASSION about hair and has dedicated her time to being a national artist as well as eduator in order to bring BACK to her salon the most up to date knowledge as well as expertise. I also know she closes the salon for hours each month to educate her designers the same way she is educated in cuts, color and techniques. I know, because I was a model for them. There are brands of color out there that are LESS than average, and this salon owns the best. INTEGRITY counts more than any new age techno ambience. It appears their money goes into their education, not to impress those that know no better. Just thought I'd ad my 2 cents worth. I suggest going to a salon that cares about your HAIR, and your COLOR. This place is established and offers quality. You can go to a restaurant and they may have awesome high dollar atmosphere/ambiance, but if they offer terrible food...well.....? Friendly. Concerned, professional, eduated, customer satisfaction....quality results. That is what one should be looking for. Thanks, Angela.
glittertoy (customer) on CitySearch
after looking around citysearch and reading reviews i decided this was the salon to make my appointment at. i moved to durham (from chicago) this summer and have been to a few salons so far but not happy with my results. so i called and made an appointment and got a time and date that worked for me. when i arrived i met christine (who would be my stylist) and she was totally with it and on the same page as me. i am pregnant and my hair has NO life right now and she knew exactly what to do. in the end i felt she listened to my hair complaints, corrected the problem and gave me a really low maintenance fun hair cut that i was in search of. my head looks healthy and full of life! i am even going back for some color to get the dull out and cannot wait to see the results. in the past i have paid up to $85 for a shampoo, cut and blowdry and at salon k my cut was only $32-$34 (?) which is so great! i would recommend this salon to anyone who wants a good damn haircut/style! they just do hair! no nails or spa treatments: HAIR! and they are really good at it.
proudmama1321 (customer) on CitySearch
I recently got my hair cut, and colored and the hair stylist was rude, obnoxious, and they didn't see fit to work at such a "high class" salon I had heard about from friends. I was waiting for a stylist to open up, not that they were doing anything except standing around, being giggly, when there was at least 3 other customers in the waiting area. That is not business like, and I don't appreciate having to sit, while the hairstylists recollected their thoughts. After I got my hair colored, it wasn't the color I asked for, and the cut was jagged and I went out and immediately went to another salon where i was offered much better service. I wouldn't recommend this salon to anyone. The prices were too damn high for the amount you get. DONT GO!!!
cook123 (customer) on CitySearch
i have come to studio k for years. the atmosphere, haircuts, and services are forever consistent. i appreciate the down-to-earth people as much as i appreciate their warm sense of understanding and wanting to please the customer. i was thankful when i tripped upon this place and had been searching for someone that knew how to cut hair the way i was used to from my home town prior to moving here. after endless searching, this was the place that was the home run. if you are looking for a great haircut, and atmosphere where you don't have to 'put on airs' this is the place for you. very willing to please.
annhoover (customer) on CitySearch
Sadly, anyone who has recommended this salon might not know what it feels like to walk home with a great haircut. My friends and I tried Studio K because it came highly recommended on this website. After a brief consultation with my new stylist, I felt assurred that she would do a great job. She promised to communicate everything to me and ironically mentioned that she would never cut off more than I had asked. Unfortunately, my experience ended with the woman causing irreversible damage to my hair. After claiming that she had to even out my top layer, I watched her chop more than 3 inches off the top of my head! While she may have told me what she was doing, there was never any mention of how much she was going to cut. Three inches was much more than the 1/2 inch trim we had agreed to. The layers turned out so short, I could barely pull my hair behind my ears or back into a pony tail. She did the same thing to my friend who laughed that she had given her a mullet. Hair is hard to fix once it is cut. I saw no reason to tell her of my disatisfaction and give her a second shot at destroying more of my hair. Consequently, both my friend and I had to find another salon to fix our hair so that we no longer looked like we were stuck in the 80's.
candybuttons (customer) on CitySearch
When I moved back to NC from California, I was really worried about finding a stylist who would measure up to the great cuts I got out there. When I read the reviews, especially all the people who said they did great razor cuts, I was psyched, and called for an appointment right away! When I arrived, I was a little concerned because the salon looked dirty and dated. But there were so many great reviews! So I sat down and started talking with the stylist. I showed her a picture of a cute, edgy, razored bob, and we talked about the length, how my hair is really thick, so it needs to be thinned considerably. She got to work, and it looked like things were going fine. By the time she finished, though, I had a very blunt bob that hadn't been thinned at all. It looked as dated as the inside of the salon! They were closing, too, so she hurried me over to the register to pay. I know they guarantee 100% satisfaction (or at least that's what their responses to bad reviews say) but I had tears in my eyes as I signed the credit card receipt. (Not to mention the fact that my hair looked nothing like the picture.) I'm fairly certain that my dissatisfaction was obvious, if the stylist had cared to pay any attention to me. But I hoped that the cut itself would be good, and that I would be able to go home and style it more to my liking. No such luck. I'm not saying this is a necessarily bad salon. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who will love it, but it did not meet my needs. If you like conservative styles, you will love this salon. If you are looking for something different, this is not the place for you.
indiindi (customer) on CitySearch
This salon truly knows the meaning of 'razor cuts' and 'shattered edges' of hair. No one really looks for a salon that only cuts with scissors and this salon has it ALL. Knowing and reading of their high ratings, and stopping countless people at the mall and at church, I always heard the name of this salon when I asked where they were getting their hair cut. I had HAD it with salons that only know straight scissors or point cutting,or make 'justifications' of how a razor doesn't work on hair, etc., for an excuse for stylistss that merely dont know how to cut with a razor. There is somethng MAGICAL about a good razor cut. Some people dont understand that 'jagged edges' is a razor cut that is intentional to give the softer edges. Most people ONLY WANT jagged edges any more. That is the trend. So anyway, needless to say, this IS the place to go. Excellent communication skills and excellent cuts. This salon stays ON TOP of what is out there, and how to do it. I do recommend an appointment otherwise is can be diffficult to get in at times. They are skilled, professional, and specialize in hair. If you want a boring dull cut, this is not the place to go. If you want today's looks, and easy maintenance of hair.....this IS the place to go.
kat150 (customer) on CitySearch
I recently moved to the triangle area from Philadelphia, where I had a WONDERFUL stylist. I am a multi-tonal blonde, and my hair color can be very tricky. I wanted to find a great salon in the triangle area, which I figured shouldn't be too difficult because of all the growth in this area recently, but so far I have been incredibly wrong. My attempt with Studio K was my second attempt, and it was a disaster. When I called for an appointment, I specifically asked who was great with blondes and coloring, and they said "all of our stylists are very good" and so I mistakedly trusted her and made an appointment with a "Master Stylist". I did get an appointment rather quickly, which should have clued me in that this stylist was not very popular. I was at the salon for 5 (YES 5) hours because the first time she colored my hair it was disgusting. She had to ask every single stylist in the salon what she should do throughout the entire process. For a "master stylist", she was totally clueless. Now this is not to say the rest of the staff are not good - they all seemed to know what they were talking about when they had to explain to her what to do, over and over again. I also think that the owner is probably very good, because she has gotten many positive reviews. After the stylist "fixed" my hair, she totally overcharged me, which I thought I would have gotten a discount for her messing up, but I guess that is definitely not the case. Won't be coming back anytime soon....Can someone PLEASE tell me where the heck I can find a great COLORIST AND STYLIST in this area????!!!!!!
acrawley1 (customer) on CitySearch
I went to this salon based on recommendation from co-workers. (with lovely cuts and color, I might add) Actually, i find these designers accomodating, helpful, willing to 'work with' the client, and also, very generous with their knowledge, and offering to help. I am thrilled to find a place where they don't shove you out the door and insist you will 'love' your hair when you already know that it's not what you wanted. I have been to three other 'top recommended' salons in the raleigh - chapel hill area and this one had the most helpful staff, the best solution to what my hair trauma was doing, and also, they worked with me. i too questioned their habit of asking other stylkists their opinions about what to do color wise (see the next review dated 1/30/07). Apparently this is the behavior of the salon. They certainly do ask and receive feedback from each other when it comes to color challenges and formulating, but i found out from the owner, Karen, that it is common practice and they are encouraged to do that so there is clarity and look at it from all angles how to achieve the end results....for each of them. There are salons where I've seen stylists take the 'bull-by-the- horns' so-to-speak, and I've seen them totally botch up my hair. So, I find myself comfortable with their technique of asking or bouncing back and forth with each other as far as color formulations go. my advise is to not judge this incorrectly. I just asked, and found out that it was their 'salon behavior' to do that, and it was something they've all come accustomed to doing on purpose. Can never be too sure, that's for sure. Absolutely this is the best salon for what I was looking for. I highly recommend it.
cjones123 (customer) on CitySearch
Not only do I highly respect the owner, Karen at this salon, but I also know that she is a person that would not alow any questionable quality for any customer whatsoever. At least this place has care and concern for their customers. There a true genuine character in this salon, which is not something you can easily say of many hair salons. Down to earth people, with a true pleasing spirit. A rarety. I would advise finding a designer in this salon that you really like. There is a oneness in this place so if you don't click with one designer or her personality, you can change without any guilt to another one the next time you come. There isn't that possessiveness that you can oftentimes find in a salon not so unified. Not only have I had steady, consistent great experiences here, but I also appreciate their sincerity, and knowledge. There is much education that goes on here to keep up with what is coming in the industry. Check it out for yourself. I have been to some salons that have 'attitude' that chases me out before I've barely even sat down. There are other salons where they are so 'out there' that you are almst frightened to have one of them do your hair. That is not the spirit of this place. I have even had a designer from a salon (not studio K) where the designer told ME what I had to have done and what I was going to have, no matter what I thought, instsed of me telling him what I wanted, and that was the only time I set foot in that place. We all have been to these types of places before. This place has an even professional atmosphere. This place is warm, clean, and welcoming.
nadimya (customer) on CitySearch
I moved here from a city in Europe and was trying to find a stylish Salon in the area. Because of the ranking I picked Salon K to get a haircut and blond highlights. My stylist was attentive and friendly but the highlights turned out to be yellowish and dull. I suspect it is because of the used color (Keune), which is not very well known and does not compare to excellent blond colors of L'oreal and Aveda I had before. The cut was highly disappointing. The stylist used a fast, almost sloppy technique to make layers, which I can only imagine working well with men and kids. Well, it did not work with my hair. The layers were uneven, did not blend in and were very short and bulky on one side. (TG: hair grows again! ) Some reviewers complained about the interior and I agree (especially the back room made me feel claustrophobic)! An elegant, stylish or whatever interior tells a customer something about the self-concept and identity of the salon. Thus, the interior of Salon K matches with my overall impression, that it does not cater to a more young, fashionable crowd. If you are looking for a Salon, with a stylish, urban image and service this Salon is probably not the right choice.
zpiliafas (customer) on CitySearch
Fortunately I found this salon in August before the negative reviews or I would have never tried it. I moved from Michigan and was considering flying back to get my haircut by my stylists:) I discovered Salon K and read of their tremendous skill in razor cuts. I can confidently say--that I would NEVER go back to my 5 year stylist in Michigan now. I may be stuck in North Carolina bec Salon K is so good. The decor is not chic or upscale--but it is clean and friendly. The prices are great! I was paying 60 dollars a haircut--which is ridiculous--i believe Salon K is in the low 30's. I would tell my best friend to go--this is the place for a quality, affordable haircut.
Beemer (customer) on CitySearch
Overall this is a keeper. Great salon, great people, and great haircuts!
martybrock (customer) on CitySearch
Had excellent service, excellent communication, and the stylists there are very down to earth. This place knows hair, and REALLY knows hair color. This was a wonderful experience and very friendly as well. I'll be back! FYI they have a two week guarantee for any dissatisfaction. That is by FAR more than most salons allow. I was thrilled! Seems customer satisfaction is VERY important to this salon.
kwilliams (customer) on CitySearch
About 3 weeks ago Karen at Take 5 Performed the Grund "Straight Effects" on my hair, Similar services that didn't even seem very effective are performed where I live in new york for over $800. Karen's prices were great, my hair is straight like i have always dreamed, and it is even softer, and healthier than it felt before! I'm looking forward to going back to get my roots re-done in a few more months.
terri_toscani (customer) on CitySearch
I went to Take 5 w/my hubby to get his hair cut. While there I talked with Karen about how sad I have been with my hair. Curly, frizzy, over-processed...I just wanted to cry. Karen told me about hair straightening (by Grund). They told me it would be soft, silky and straight (AND MANAGEABLE!!! IMAGINE THAT!) I took a leap of faith with Brenda who is the best hair dresser ever to touch my hair, had it straightened, and I'm thrilled with the results. So thrilled that I had mine done on 4/9, and brought my daughter (12 years old) on 4/14 to have the same process done. I have bounce, shine, softness, and FANTASTIC high/low lights and a great cut to boot! The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and I will (forever) keep the straight hair. Thanks to Brenda and Karen. You've made me feel pretty again! Terri T.
vsummers (customer) on CitySearch
I frequently have people stop and ask me where I get my hair done. I've started carrying around Take 5 Hair Company business cards to make it easier to tell them that Karen does my hair--and has done so for nearly 10 years. I wouldn't think of letting anyone else cut or color my hair! She knows how to select the most flattering looks for her clients. I'm never afraid to try something new because I know I'll walk out of her place looking like a knock-out.
ashtonmcleod (customer) on CitySearch
After years of baking my hair with a straight iron, I decided to try permanent hair straightening; I found a local salon that performed the Japanese Straight Perm, which sounded like the best option. Although this process did a decent job of straightening my hair it was frying it just as much as the straight iron. A friend told me about her Salon, StudioKSalon, which performs a new reconditioning straight perm. I met with Karen and made my appointment for the Grund Straight Effects. After an exciting day with Karen, my hair was straight and baby Soft, I couldnt believe my hair could feel this young again, we finished the day with a few highlights and a cute razor cut. Karen also helped me realize what colors and styles look amazing on me. In conclusion, one day at StudioKSalon honestly gave my whole look a boost!! Thanks StudioK!
violinist (customer) on CitySearch
This salon has excellent hair designers. All of them are well trained and have a great team concept. Not only did I get a great haircut, but their knowledge about color is a PLUS. As a team, they are kept up to date on the latest in cuts and coloring. You never get a "routine" or boring cut.
gardener (customer) on CitySearch
I love the color! Everyone has said to me that's the best color and cut ever. And it makes me look younger. Fits the shape of my face and my style. Easy to take care of. Wow, first rate!
aaj20 (customer) on CitySearch
New to the triangle, I tried this salon out due to its high rating I had to go in the evening, however, and my stylist was too busy chatting and planning a birthday party with another staff member. The color she gave me didn't even cover my roots as we had planned, so I left looking like I needed another haircut right away. I've heard the specialty stuff they do - like straightening - is really good, but for just a cut and color, go somwhere else.
sandraevans (customer) on CitySearch
I have been going to Take 5 since 2002 and have been consistently pleased. Karen, owner and awesome stylist, listens to the client's preferences before making recommendations regarding hair color and style. You cannot go wrong trying this salon!
griffey (customer) on CitySearch
Having lived in the Triangle for the past 5 years, I experienced many a so-so cut before stumbling onto Karen. I can't say enough about her expertise. Not only does she know what she's doing (I have crazy stick-straight hair) but she's one of the few stylists that actually LISTENS to what I want done before cutting away. Plus she has a great attitude. I get my hair cut approximately every 3 weeks and wouldn't dream of going anywhere else. My girlfriend loves my haircut and other people always tell me how great it looks (it really does!)! If this is not your salon now, it should be.
janisc__ (customer) on CitySearch
I recently got my hair colored and cut at the Studio K Salon. It was one of the BEST experiences I ever had. My stylist talked with me for 15 minutes asking what I thought might work for me then she made HER suggestions. I agreed to "go for it" and have have been so thrilled with the results. The people that I work with could hardly believe what they saw and wanted to know WHO did my hair. I've never had my hair cut with a razor before and you can tell that the stylist really KNEW what she was doing. The atmosphere there was so fun and upbeat too! Thank you Studio K Salon....I can't wait for my next appt! :)
robertmh (customer) on CitySearch
Being a guy who grew up using just a regular old barbershop, one of my most difficult challenges was to find a salon where I felt comfortable and could also just get a consistently good haircut. This place offers the perfect combination of true professionalism, fun and genuine friendliness. Brenda has taken care of me for over five years now (the rest of the staff are spectaular as well) and I would never consider going anywhere else.
jsliou13 (customer) on CitySearch
A great place for a hair cut. Convenient evening hours and they will call you with a reminder the day before. I always get my hair cut by Celia and I highly recommend her for a good men's cut.
plubb (customer) on CitySearch
Being from out of town and in need of help with the hair! It was great to find a salon with such quality and friendliness. The staff was very skillfully trained and able to give me the new/freshened look I was in the mood for. They helped me prepare for the business meeting I was in town for and make a good impression with my new look! THANK YOU! I would recommend you to anyone in need of a great salon!
theonewhoknows (customer) on CitySearch
I highly recommend Gloria. She givers a great man's hair cut.
robinstaskey (customer) on CitySearch
Everytime I visit Raleigh I make it a point to schedule an appointment with Karen Stevenson to create a new and updated look for me. She is the only stylist that has ever been able to know exactly how my type of hair needs to be cut and designed and I always leave thrilled with the results. Karen's knowledge and technique of haircoloring has always been an added bonus to my hair style.
cmariska (customer) on CitySearch
I moved to Durham recently looking for a great place for a men's haircut and I found it! Studio K is as dependable and stylish as a Swiss timepiece.
anmala (customer) on CitySearch
I went to Studio K for the first time last summer and had Gloria cut my hair off for Locks of Love. I'm such a wimp when it comes to getting haircuts and this was a major one! She was wonderful! Making sure, every step of the way, of what she was doing, how much was coming off, how I wanted it styled afterwards - she definitely calmed my nerves and made me very comfortable. I know that I can ask questions, get her opinion, and trust her every time I'm there. Studio K has my complete confidence and sets my "haircut mishap phobia" mind at ease!!
nbeyes (customer) on CitySearch
Unlike one of the other emailers, I recently moved to Charlotte from Durham. Brenda has been doing my hair and a great job of it for several years. Once I was setteled into Charlotte, I decided on the spur of the moment to have my hair highlighted here in Charlotte! BIG MISTAKE!!! I immediately called Brenda, and she assured me that she would take care of it the next week. The moral of this story is, I still drive to Durham to have Brenda do anything necessary for my hair, color, or cut! I would(and have)highly recommend Brenda to do anyone;s hair! The entire staff at Take 5 is wonderful. They are always so friendly and want to get to you know you personally as well! Thanks again Brenda. You are the greatest
john4889 (customer) on CitySearch
Great place to go for men's cuts. Celia always does a great job. Casual yet very professional atmosphere!!
up2 (customer) on CitySearch
There is nothing pretenious about Studio 5. It is a well kept secret. If you want great service, a staff very open to listening to you and what you want in regards to your hair and beauty needs, you will not be disappointed in Studio 5. Everyone is friendly, relaxed and makes you feel good about your choices; I always leave there feeling better than when I went in. Simply a great salon staffed, run and owned by nice friendly people, not hiding behind gimmicks or decor. A great service for a very fair price, you cann't beat it!
salongirl78 (customer) on CitySearch
annlees (customer) on CitySearch
I am a very picky person and was very lucky to find Brenda at Studio K Salon, WoodCroft Shopping Center when I moved here from the Washington, DC area. in August. The shop is convenient, very clean and friendly. Brenda styled my hair just the way I asked and each time I make an appointment she is always on time and very cheerful. The first time I went in the shop to make an appointment the receptionist listened very carefully to the request for the type of stylist I wanted and thoughtfully recommended Brenda. I am lucky to be so close to Studio K Salon (formerly Take 5 Hair).
thedelikelly (customer) on CitySearch
I moved to Durham late last year from Charlotte and as all of you out there can agree with me once you have a hair dresser that you love it's hard to change! I found out about Studio K from my neighbor who highly recommended this salon, my hair was a mess because I had waited so long, MY stylist Gloria took her time in listening to what I wanted color wise but with my hair being so out of control I wasen't sure of the style I wanted, she came up with a style I would have never had picked for myself and I LOVE IT!!!! If you just moved here and are looking for a great place to go or you want a change go to Studio K you won't regret it!!!
klm4 (customer) on CitySearch
Take 5 always provides quality and quick cuts at a great value! They are not only professional, but also helpful. My hair always looks wonderful after I visit!
mary919 (customer) on CitySearch
I picked the Studio K Salon based on the rating and customer comments, what a disappointment it turned out to be! The cutting is aweful and hairdresser barely communicated with me. I would consider the minimal level of communication as a sign of courtesey. My major disppointment of course is the hair being cut, which is the ugliest one I've ever expereienced. Wouldn't recommend to anyone.
zipa (customer) on CitySearch
Connie was excellent. I was very pleased with the final product (hair cut and color).
chammer (customer) on CitySearch
Unbelievably great atmosphere. Awesome haircuts, Friendly, very knowledgable, very professional hair salon. I was impressed. They all know hair color inside and out and helped me out of a mess that was created by another salon. Best razor cut I've ever had in my life! This is an excellent salon. During the time I was there, I watched the end of a thermal straightening one designer was doing that looked absolutely beautiful and they were giving a consultation on hair extensions that was really impressive to hear about. No wonder this place has an excellent rating. I never heard of Grund before, before but the shampoo and products are awesome!
canderson1 (customer) on CitySearch
I am new to the area and visited Studio K Salon. This salon has the best atmosphere! It is honest, quality interested, and runs very smoothly. These stylists obviously care about their customer, their boss, Karen, and each other. I was thrilled to spend a few hours there. I changed my whole hair style. I was able to watch them in action for a while, and was impressed by their interactions with clientelle. Very in depth, and different than most salons. The color they use is Kuene. I never heard of this brand before, but the crispness of the color, the brilliance, no fadage, oh my GOSH I was thrilled. Since I've had my hair done here at this salon, I have told numbers of people where I got my hair done because everybody is asking me all the time! Excellent salon!
joekidd (customer) on CitySearch
With the experience Karen has had with men's grooming, I cannot say enough.
annweller (customer) on CitySearch
I recently moved to Chapel Hill from the West Coast. I had a very bad first experience with a different hair salon. As a result, I desperately needed color correction from what that salon had done. I contacted this salon begging for an appointment because I heard so many things about Studio K Salon (sadly, AFTER I had my bad experience with a different salon). WOW. They REALLY know their STUFF!! Not only did they completely correct the WRECK of a hair color problem, they are very decent and reasonable about their pricing. This salon definately cares about hair, the integrity of hair, as well as their OWN integrity. Refreshingly, it was very obvious they KNOW what they are doing.This salon is a HUGE keeper. (I see other people think the same thing given this citysearch website reviews!) Keep up the good work STUDIO K!
jdod77 (customer) on CitySearch
Anyone who is looking for a quality salon with great designers need look no more...Everyone here seems to listen to what you want and really try to please! I have tried other places and always come back to Studio K...You won"t be sorry!
bec1082 (customer) on CitySearch
I first found Studio K here on Citysearch, and all the rave reviews are so true... I'm in Durham for school, and it's going to be so hard to leave Brenda once I graduate! I've gotten several haircuts from her and I've been very happy with every single one. I highly recommend Studio K!!
jdavisral (customer) on CitySearch
This salon impresses me with their consistency. I have been to a few of the designers. There is an excellent awareness of customer satisfaction as well. I was impressed by the communication and care, as well as the education on how to style my new haircut. This is a great place for a great haircut and excellent color. The personality of this place is wonderful. Great bunch of stylists!
lorishaw (customer) on CitySearch
Karen is extremely wonderful. She has terrific insight and advice on how to make me look great! Not only does she do a terrific job on my hair, she gives advice on makeup and colors. She truly is amazing. The staff is very warm and welcoming, as well.
davidw1 (customer) on CitySearch
Excellent men's cuts! This place knows how to do a man's haircut exceptionally well. I tried other salons, trying to stay away from a barber shop and wanting a little more progressive hairstyle. This place does an excellent job!
red2003 (customer) on CitySearch
the hairstylists are the best at doing hair. they really know what they are doing! i highly recommend each and every one of them to do my hair. from coloring hair to hi-liting hair and cutting, they are the best. the most professional stylists i've ever been to.
bettytbull (customer) on CitySearch
This is the first salon I have gone to that really wants (and does) do what the customer wants. No one does anything until they have talked to the customer at length to make sure they understand exactly what to do. The people are all great! Karen is awesome and really understands people.
sbartlett1 (customer) on CitySearch
I have never felt more comfortable with a designer. This salon listens to their clients. Their communication skills are wonderful. I was really HEARD and got the haircut I wanted, and the style I wanted as well. I had my daughter's texture perm done at the same time and it turned out wonderful. This is a great place to go. Very skilled designers, and great overall knowledge. I highly recommend.
debbie1davis (customer) on CitySearch
This salon is down to earth, not putting on any fake atmosphere. This is a 'get real' hair salon where the styles are exellent, and the razor cutting is worth going for. Excellent training in this salon.
jennahc (customer) on CitySearch
I have lived in the area for a year and a half, and never found any salon worth re-visiting. This time, I did a major search on the internet, and found this salon. After reading the in depth web site information, I decided to give it a try. This salon definately offers something more than just a hair cut. I was completely surprised by the amount of consultation and understanding I was given. They definately know color correction (from a previous home job), and I was amazed, and thrilled about the end result. This is a wonderful salon, and great bunch of designers.
saraiii (customer) on CitySearch
I've recently moved back to NC from the Chicago area -- and didn't know where to go around here for a "special do" that I needed for a NYC wedding I'd been invited to. I'd noticed the Studio K Salon when I was shopping at Woodcroft, and thought I'd give it a try. Celia did my hair -- and she did a TERRIFIC job! She gave me exactly what I wanted -- my hair, but a little jazzier for a special occasion. She gave me the cut, the volume -- and the pizazz for the event I was going to attend (and yet, I still recognized myself -- only I looked MUCH better!). I highly recommend Studio K -- she (and they) are super. Not only that, the salon is reasonably-priced. Thanks, Studio K!
stickers (customer) on CitySearch
I went to have my hair colored after moving here from nyc. There had been awesome reviews on citysearch, so I tried to disregard the rather unappealing interior. Unfortunately, the service was not much better. The woman who colored my hair had NO idea what she was doing. I had blond highlights, and wanted a single process. I was concerned about my hair turning red from the dye, as is what happens when you try to dye my hair from blonde/brown to a brown. Her response was to hold the coloring sample swatch of hair up to mine and told me since it matched, it would be fine. When she was done, my hair was exactly what I had been concerned about, brown with red. I would not recommend getting color at this salon.
bodaniel (customer) on CitySearch
This salon is more than knowledgable about their cutting as well as color. Their communication is excellent and well skilled. There is a wonderful continuity and flow between all the stylists and they seem to have an atmosphere as cheery as they are. I was impressed by the friendly attitude, as well as the attentiveness to my comfort, wanting a drink,or coffee, and understanding what I was going to be able to expect from my color service as well as my cut. I highly recommend this salon.
garnergrl (customer) on CitySearch
I was nervous about coloring my hair, but Karen and Gloria were able to figure out exactly what I needed even though I had no idea what to ask for. I'm happy with the color and have a cute razor cut, as well. This was such a change from the Raleigh salons I've been to which are all about a trendy atmosphere and high prices, but can't seem to deliver a good cut for my type of hair. I will definitely return to Studio K.
jennjenn11 (customer) on CitySearch
This salon has the most friendly atmosphere with a staff that is more than willing to please the customer, not put on an attitude. Their excellent knowledge with razor cuts made sense when I found out they are all extremely educated because they are one of the top Grund Salons in the whole United States! They are very cooperative with customer communication and with each other, and it is very evident. This salon truly DELIVERS and you can be yourself....!! Excellent experience. It's a keeper.
choudhrya (customer) on CitySearch
I went to Studio K for the first time last week. I got full highlights done by Christine. She did a wonderful job. I was very please with the outcome. Everyone loved my hair. Christine you did a SUPER JOB!! thanks for helping me look sexy!!
justincabc (customer) on CitySearch
I have searched all over the area for a salon. I do not like going into a mall salon, nor a barber shop. This salon is an outstanding find! I felt totally comfortable because MANY MEN have found this gold mine! Studio K was featured in Modern Salon magazine which is evidently a industry magazine. They have it posted in their front room. They really know how to style men's hair, suggest great shapes and styles, and are a real fun group of people! I am very picky about my hair. I know a GREAT CUT when I see one. THis place turns them out like CRAZY! Don't make the mistake of not making an appointment. this place is really rockin' on Saturday so make an appointment unless you are cool about waiting. My wife comes at the same time now! SERIOUSLY...this place is IT!
koko1 (customer) on CitySearch
I have been trying out different salons to try to find one that I could stick with. I went to CitySearch.com and was surfing through what people were saying about different stylist at various salons. I decided to give this one a try. I had brought in a photo of a style that I liked and Brenda was the stylist. She listened to my concerns and I was not disappointed. This is probably the best hair cut that I have had. I have received alot of complements of this style. Thanks Brenda.
catfish21 (customer) on CitySearch
I have struggled like CRAZY to find a salon that knew edgy, awesome, excellent texture cuts and knew how to color my hair without it turning out looking BRASSY. I am SOOOOooo excited about this place! Their color experts are unbelievable with knowledge and I was in love with the employees. This place has it going on! I am so thrilled to find a place that KNOWS what they are doing! Warm, cozy, and more than excellent service.
samhoney (customer) on CitySearch
I enjoyed my recent visit. They JUST were doing their finishing touches to their remodeling. It looks fantastic! I was impressed by the skills, the overall feel of the salon, and they seem to really have a knowledge of their trade. I was able to observe for a short while, and I was impressed by everybody's consistency. I spent quite a while with my designer and she took interest in all my concerns, challenges, and gave great recommendations. I would highly recommend this salon. They offer a different 'twist' than the ho-hum of a boring salon.
beccam (customer) on CitySearch
One of the best salons around! The designers know what they are doing and communiciate very well to the customer. They really want you to look your best, and work with you to achive that result! I know my cut and color has never looked better! Thanks Studio K !!
rgantt (customer) on CitySearch
I decided to write a review after receiving YET another compliment on the cut and color I received from Studio K -- and at 10 weeks since my last visit, I'm way overdue for another. I've lost track of how long I've been going there, but in all that time I've never had a bad experience. I'm surprised by the previous entry. "Oscard02" complains about "stepping back in time where old women get their hair set weekly." What? "Mature" women can't patronize the best hair salon in the Triangle? I'm not shopping for a place based on who sits in the chair next to me -- I want a high-quality look and I get it at Studio K.
jessi321 (customer) on CitySearch
I have asked a few people around the area where they get their hair cut when it looks awesome that is how I found this place. They definately know what they are doing when it comes to texture cuts and knowing how to give you what you are looking for. I was thrilled with the kindness of the designers and everyone seems to love them. I already have recommended them to many friends and co-workers. I am sure they do "standard" haircuts as well but I was thrilled to find a place that understands what I wanted. By the way, they are the only salon that truly gave me the rich 'red' that I was looking for too! Now I FINALLY have what I've been wanting! Try this place!
gwills (customer) on CitySearch
I have been to many places that claim that they are 'it' or 'the' place...yet I have yet to see any place that listens and is as concerned as this place. There is a strong feel of DECENT stylists. They aren't out for the short term...this place knows how to build consistent, caring relationships. I came extremely frustrated from a different salon that frankly, I was terrified of going back to, because of how torn up my hair color was, and these gals were on top of it! VERY busy place if you go on a Saturday....I was blown away with all the hair flying at one time....everyone seems honest, friendly, genuine (that's a BIG one in my book!) They are knowledgeable professional, not putting on 'airs' about who they are....this is the kind of place that you WANT to go to. It seems REAL to step in this place..not fake. The salon also has a very strong sense of intelligence when it comes to the health of hair, put me immediately on a regimen that I had never done, and already I feel the difference!!! Friendly, helpful, feel welcome the minute you walk in the door....again, a change from what I've been to in the past. Now about the haircut. The time Christine took with me to understand what I was looking for instantly let me know she cares about how I'll look my best. I absolutely got RAVE reviews right from the moment I went home. Now, to have your teenage daughter tell you look awesome is a great compliment! I will admit, I changed just about everything about my hair, but this was all for the positive! Let them consult with you...if you have an open mind, these stylists will help you with your concerns! Definitely a keeper.
ja_girl (customer) on CitySearch
The staff was friendly but I was disappointed with my cut after giving a very specific description of what I wanted. The stylist informed me that my hair is unhealthy and asked if I wanted more cut off. When I said no she said she understood but then did what she wanted anyways. I specifically asked her not to cut any off the front and asked her to put layers in the back only. The hair in front is now so short that I look like I'm growing out bangs, and there are layers all over my head. It is not a bad looking haircut but an extremely high maintenence style and definitely not what I asked for. I was initially reassured by the reviews because the manager always asks bad reviewers back, but I didn't know what to say when she was finished because there is no way to fix it except to let it grow and start over again.
richardberg (customer) on CitySearch
By all accounts this is a great salon for men & women to find their style. If you walk in with the intent of starting a professional relationship with the stylists, you'll find them very competent. (especially with scalp massages...mm) If you walk in and just ask them to make it shorter, they'll do that too. I've had both experiences. You can't expect them to concoct a fabulously trendy look if you don't ask. This is probably obvious to some, but as a guy who spent most of his life going to regular barber shops, it's worth repeating. Now if Karen could just put my hairline & body back to where they were at age 18, I'd be all set ;)
jaw123 (customer) on CitySearch
I have been going to this salon for over 10 years. The current owner of Studio K has been the owner for over 7 years now. She has turned this entire salon, that already had a GREAT name, into a salon with an OUTSTANDING name. There are quality designers, excellent attitudes, the guests are always thrilled to be there. I have never had a bad experience at this salon. There is genuine sincerity, true communication skills, true SKILLS, and it is a warm, welcoming place to be. Sometimes I will admit it is TOO busy, but then if you go during their slightly slower times, such as monday during the mid-day, you will not be overwhelmed...go on a Thurs, Fri or Saturday and this place is ROCKIN'! Great cuts for men and women. My wife has gone to this salon for the same amount of years as I have, and I we've always left thrilled. The welcoming feel starts at the front desk, and continues right through your re-booking at the end of your appointment for the next time. Which, by the way, I truly recommend, because they do get busy! Men feel comfortable here, as well as women. Don't see many young children, but that can be a good thing :). I highly recommend Studio K Salon. Well established, well maintained, clean, busy, and outstanding cuts. Can't go wrong with any of that! I failed to mention my wife gets color and highlights as well and LOVES them. YOU GO!!! Studio K SALON! We LOVE you!
buster213 (customer) on CitySearch
What a surprise!!! Having lived in New York and Palm Beach, Florida I was used to the best. As I entered Salon K I didn't expect much. Wow, was I wrong. At the salons I frequent everyone has a particular specialty...Not here. Connie did it all...color, cut and eye brow wax. Connie's knowledge about the products she used and the companies that produced them was extensive. She is a gifted colorist as well as a talented cutter. Connie puts her heart into her work...She really cares and aims to create a look that suits each client. My color is the best it has been in years...I look forward to my next visit to Salon K and Connie...Thank you.
bbwilliams (customer) on CitySearch
So, I go to numerous hair salons and never get anyone to really listen to what it is I have to say. This is the first salon that truly DID listen. I realize that these reviews are what people read...i myself read them prior to coming to this salon. The people that didn't have a good experience, I wonder about their motive with writing a bad review or cutting this salon? The designers are great, down to earth, experienced professionals with no 'drama' and are very evident of a strong team and no back stabbing going on. That in itself is a huge perk for a salon these days. I was treated with care, understanding, had an excellent experience, and talked to a number of 'regulars' while there, and found they all adore this salon for what they produce as well as who they are. QUALITY is what these designers offer. Satisfaction is truly evident in their communication. They are not presumptuous. Want a TRUE hair salon without the fake? Try this salon! Excellent experience with cut and color, and it was fairly well a corrective process for the color and the cut....(thanks to my last experience somewhere else!) GOOD LUCK STUDIO K! YOUR AWESOME!
goddard (customer) on CitySearch
I have been going to Studio K for three years. Most of that time Melissa has been styling my hair. Melissa is one of the best stylist I have had work on my hair. I moved here from NJ and was a hair color model there so I know a good stylist when I find one! Melissa does two great things offers expert advice and LISTENS. I've only had one problem and it wasn't Melissa it was my inability to work with the cut to get the look I wanted. Melissa listened and offered a suggestion that fixed the problem. She is also one of the most friendly people in the salon. She remembers details about your personal life and you feel like you are visiting a friend when you go in. The hair color and highlights are wonderul too. Not to bright or bold, which is great for me. My husband used to go to the mall for his haircuts and I've always said you get what you pay for. I convinced him to try Melissa (he was afraid it was a ladies salon) and now he is also a loyal Melissa customer. Thank you Karen for having such a great staff and nice place to visit.
lucky_1 (customer) on CitySearch
One Fri pm, my daughter decided to change her hair from brown to blonde. 1st she tried putting color on top of the brown. She quickly discovered you can't cover color with color. She then tried to strip the color out and color it again. Her hair turned orange. Sat am, she headed to Man-Trap and asked for help. They made her sign a waiver, bleached her hair twice, colored it twice, put highlights on it, charged her $200, & sent her home with FLUORESCENT HAIR. She was devastated. They said there was nothing else anyone could do for at least 2 weeks & her hair still wouldn't hold color. My daughter spent the rest of the weekend & the Mon holiday hidden in her apt. watching horror movies & pigging out, because she was so depressed! I found the highly rated Studio K Salon @ citysearch on the web & decided to contact the owner, Karen. I thought she might respond to me on Tue, so when Karen wrote back Sat pm & told me there were several options depending on the condition of my daughter's hair & scalp, I almost fell over! Now that's dedication! She tried not to get my hopes up too much, but she did say that she hadn't seen anything her designers couldn't fix! My daughter was skeptical since she'd been told that she'd have to live with the disaster. I took Tues off & went to Durham. When I arrived at her apartment she promptly pulled her hair up & put on a cap! At Studio K, everyone already knew our names & greeted us with a warm,friendly welcome. Brenda & several other color experts immediately started discussing the options. Brenda intuitively knew exactly what to do! It was amazing! She worked on my daughter?s hair for 4 hours. She was very meticulous as she worked the proteins and conditioners back into my daughter's hair. It was a work of heART! The result was astounding! I had my beautiful daughter back! She was able to stand outside in the sunlight & see how natural and healthy her hair looked! I think we should give Brenda a purple robe w/stars and call her MERLIN!
ljenni (customer) on CitySearch
I searched for a salon on this site. I called Studio K Salon after reading their reviews and ratings. I want you to know that this salon is exactly what I was looking for. I had in the past had my hair straightened in New York. I had never had a Grund thermal straightener before, so called to ask some questions. The designer that talked to me was Gloria, and she was extremely helpful. I booked my appointment for my straightener, and right away it was more than obvious these girls do this procedure often. They are efficient, timely, and knew what they were doing. I was thrilled and set to ease right away, which was something I really needed. The atmosphere in this salon is very real. Down to earth, helpful, kind, considerate, and a wonderful and refreshing sense of each designer getting along with the other. First try is a winner. I will continue to go here, and have recommended it to everyone I see. I can't tell you how awesome my hair feels. There really IS a straightener that truly makes your hair feel better than when you walked in, just like I was reassured! I also had my color touched up the same day, which IS possible with their straightener. Great place. Great designers! I met the owner, Karen. Extremely pleasant and personable. Their manager made sure everything was going smoothly. I felt well taken care of. Highly recommended salon!
gin58 (customer) on CitySearch
There is no "perfect" hair. My hair in particular has been a real challenge for everyone that has tried to resolve it's color issues. I can assure you this "team" and they are a team, will work together to try to find an answer to color challenges. Feel confident that whoever you get as a stylist will ask for input from the other colorists if they are not sure how to get the results that you are looking for (that's not saying they don't know their stuff, it says they don't act before considering all the options available). The fact that they are encouraged to help each other is a real plus in my book. Karen is a wonderful guide to the team. If you don't get what you want, they strive to make you a happy camper before you leave. Go here, you won't be sorry.
jessicawells (customer) on CitySearch
Trees33 (customer) on CitySearch
I went to Studio K salon after couple of bad experiences in other salons in Chapel Hill. My hairstylist was Mandy first time in Studio K salon. I told her the bad experiences I had in another places. She listened to me and acknowledged my frustration. She corrected my terrible hair cut and layers and gave me a wonderful style easy to handle. My next appointment with her was for the hair color and told her what I had in mind and she both listened and match the picture example that I brought in. She is very sweet person and great personality and wonderful stylist. Thank you again.
consumer08 (customer) on CitySearch
I read many of the reviews on this site and decided to give the salon a try regardless of the negatives. My hairstylist moved away and I figured I would try a place closer to home. I got an appointment the day I called and wasn't asked exactly what services I wanted and I had just said a "haircut", but I actually needed some color too. When I got to the salon I was in a bit of shock. I have been used to going to trendy salons with a completely different atmosphere, but I've also had haircuts in modest salons - so I think I'm pretty open to trusting stylists in different settings. I was still really put back by the decor. Faux brick wallpaper and brown PVC lattice didn't leave me feeling like the salon was cutting edge. The bathroom is in the break room and I knocked down a couple of mops on the back of the door trying to find the light in the dark. Some books in the waiting area were a bit old, one had Linda Evans from the Dynasty time as a style suggestion. I almost left out of fear of what might happen with my hair. My stylist was very nice, but my "consultation" was done standing up even though I asked to sit. By that point I was really apprehensive about getting a cut or color there so I just asked for a little trim. I did get exactly what I asked for, a little trim. I had come in with a trendier cut and left with a more blunt one, but I just was too worried that the stylist couldn't deliver on what I really wanted and I didn't want to even try color. It is very possible the stylists there are completely capable of doing up to date trendy styles, it's just a new person walking in there would not expect that from a salon that looks like that. The stylist I had didn't give me any sense that she would be able to do that either, but I didn't even ask because I was so skittish about the whole place. The salon owner can say the salon is clean and it is, but a first impression is important. I think people have to try it and see how they like it.
jennaeasley (customer) on CitySearch
This salon offers consistent, awesome, up to date, classic and/or trendy cuts. There is obviously tremendous education that goes on with these designers, their owner is a national artist for a very trendy razor company. They keep up to date with these razor piecy cuts and I love them!! Each designer that I have seen so far ( I have seen three) seem to have their own 'tweeks' and 'twists' to their cuts. It is best to find one or two designers that are your favorite. I read comments about needing to look 'trendy' with the interior, yet, trendy with an interior has nothing to do with the quality of cuts. Mostly, I feel welcome and not iced out with the atmosphere, and it is ALWAYS friendly, kind and welcoming. Oftentimes these 'trendy' looking salons have a very bad vibe to them or wars within their designers. I find this the most comfortable salon vs. others I've tried locally and I ALWAYS get a fantastic cut!
spopar (customer) on CitySearch
I can't say enough good things about Karen and her staff...but I'll try! The products are fantastic, the styling is out of this world, and the hair coloring is the best I have received anywhere. I love Karen so much that I have given her to my sister from Boston as a gift when she visits. My sister is so impressed that she has me make an appointment for her every time she is in town! Totally awesome!!!!
Staceyabc (customer) on CitySearch
I finally found a salon where I am comfortable! This salon has atmosphere, class, dignity, the people are VERY consistent! I have come to Studio K for probably 4 years now, and they don't have ANY turnover in their staff, there is no 'better than' airs, there is no 'attitude', there is just friendly, courteous, kind, not overbearing, experienced, quality consistent work coming out of this place each and every time. I've been around long enough to watch guests come in and out and observed their work, as well as their mannerisms and I have never felt so comfortable in a salon. THEY KNOW their STUFF! By the way, never heard of their Grund shampoo before my first visit (years ago), but I'll tell you, that is the best shampoo and product's I've EVER tried and I still use them!
JHobbs1 (customer) on CitySearch
Studio K is just the best in service and style. The hairstylists are all well experienced -- I especially like Connie because she's so wonderful. I make appointments with her because she is so very customer focused and she will take the time to make sure you are satisfied. She's also a very nice person and enjoyable to talk to. Ask her about Pebbles. The atmosphere at Studio K is friendly and relaxed and comfortable. Do yourself a favor and check it out.
teresaenge (customer) on CitySearch
I get my hair colored at Studio K by Christine. She does a fantastic job whether it is just a Color Express (awesome- quick and inexpensive way to get roots colored) or highlights. It is easy to get an appointment and I love my color every time. Christine also cuts my hair just the way I want it. I think my hair looks the best it ever has!
joanmorris (customer) on CitySearch
I love Studio K and my hairdresser, Connie. She is so good with customers and really cares about your experience there. My hair has never looked better since she's taken care of it. She gives me the best perms and coloring. I won't trust anybody but Connie to do my hair. She goes out of her way to make you feel like a princess ! She has an outgoing, sincere, friendly personality and will spend the time to make sure you've had a great day at the hair salon.
Mona001 (customer) on CitySearch
I went to get my highlights there and they look awesome. There was a slight mix up when I went and the manager was extremely helpful in correcting the problem. They are very commited to satisfying their customers. I highly recommend this salon to everyone!
gbpacker (customer) on CitySearch
Just moved to town and thought I would try it out for a dude's haricut give the positive reviews. When i sat down, was asked how short I wanted my haricut. Before I could answer, i was told that the stylist didn't have time to go over my haricut again because she had another customer waiting (we are currently in the middle of a tropical storm... no one is on the road). Kind of miffed by the service. Figured that they would be attentive to a job well done. Hair cut is all right, nothing special. Price is not too bad ($20/cut) but I guess you get what you pay for.
deborahdetatched (customer) on CitySearch
There was a slight confusion when I went for my appointment. Not sure if I heard wrong or not when I made my appointment on the phone, but I did show up at a time when the stylist I was booked with was unable to do my hair. I will admit tho, that these people are very accomodating, kind, and wanted to make sure my experience was well taken care of and I was going to be satisfied. The manager went out of her way to accomodate, and I witnessed in my two and a half hour complete re-color, and foils, and cut, dry and style the interactions in this salon. I was impressed. They are consistent, get along wonderfully, and they are very decent as hair dressers. The atmosphere is very kind, seems there is no regular hair salon 'drama' which was a tremendous relief. I felt that I was listened to, very empathatically, and that all my concerns were addressed. I fell in love with the color as well as the haircut, and I completely changed everything! This is a great salon. Very impressed. Will be back for sure. By the way, be careful about another salon that has a citiysearch site that seems to have numerous reviews from the same time frame over and over again. They pay their people to make comments..... my friend went there and was very dissatisfied.
MKerr007 (customer) on CitySearch
I have very fine & thin hair and needed someone to tell me the best thing to do for body. Connie did just that, she gave me some great suggestions on how my hair should be cut and how color would also give my hair body. ( I LOVE MY HAIR NOW!). Every stylists there seems very professional and cares about their clients. Thank you Connie for doing a great job!
awenner (customer) on CitySearch
I moved to Durham from Boston in June of 2005. I was searching the web for a hairdresser. I ran acrosss Studio K's website and called and made an appointment. I was given to Celia. It was one of the best things that has happened to me. Celia gave my hair a new color and I love it. I see her every four weeks and she has become like family to me. I look forward to my visits each month. So many times in KY and MA I would get bad highlights, color balances and haircuts. With Celia it is easy and everything has been great. The salon is a great place with helpful receptionists, like Nicole and Winnie. I can grab dinner before my appointment and I feel safe to walk out to my car after dark. I would recommend this salon to anyone! Autumn Wenner (Durham)
Roxie92902 (customer) on CitySearch
I'm a haircutphobe but I didn't always used to be until when I lost my favorite stylist in NY to retirement. Since then, I never found anyone I was comfortable with. Adding to that a move to Durham from NY a little over a year ago and I soon found my reflection in the mirror as best as can be described a black mop. I read the reviews here about Studio K and made an appt with Sarah. Although she is young, she listened to me, gave me her ideas and did two things no stylist since my fave has ever done-- she cut to a specific point and asked me how I liked it- and then after she cut a tiny bit more because I asked her to, she listened to what I had told her in the beginning. I told her that I often ask for more and more hair to be cut off until I regret it. She told me "no more", with a smile and she was right on the money! Speaking of money- the cut was reasonable, very reasonable- but you can also find webcoupons on their website-- and the atmosphere is comfortable and far from stuffy! I highly recommend this salon to haircutphobes and non haircutphobes alike! Oh yea- men would like this salon, too!
morphball (customer) on CitySearch
I first went several months ago after reading mostly good reviews; the service was fast, and the stylist was very, very nice. (Who shall go unnamed, as I do not want them to get in trouble.) The haircut I always get is very basic- kind of a buzz-cut with some style in the front, nothing too unusual. The haircut was very quick, and they seemed methodical, but upon going home, I immediately noticed many missed strands everywhere, mainly around the ears and front. I don't like to whine, so I just did the touch-up work myself- problem solved. I figured the stylist was in a rush that night, so did not discount the whole salon at that point. (Even though I felt the scheduler was a little rude on the phone, especially when I asked to reschedule. I'm a pretty forgiving fellow.) Made another appointment yesterday, got the same stylist. Again, very nice, very methodical, but I am at work now and still seeing a bunch of long, errant hairs everywhere, and this is even after trying to touch up this morning! I think the stylist knows what they're doing, but may have a problem with their eyesight, it's the only thing I can think of. I think I'd be better off going elsewhere, I don't think I should have to do this self-service thing for $20. Not recommended.
Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
friendly service. Not snooty. haircuts affordable ( $30 for long hair), and professional. they work with you on the look you want. Appointments are easy to make. I recommend Christine.
PWEAR (customer) on CitySearch
I recently turned 50 and was looking for a "new look". Mandy at Studio K gave me that new look. She is a good listener, works well with her co-workers, and strives to get it right! I have had so many complements on my "new look". From "whoever cut your hair really knows how to cut hair" to "now that's Sasha!". Thanks Mandy and Studio K.
NC79 (customer) on CitySearch
First time visit at this salon. I had my hair colored, cut, and styled. I was not impressed with the hair cut at all. The way the layers were done, my hair now flips at my shoulders and does not lay flat. This salon has received high ratings, which is why I decided to try it out. However, I was not impressed. I mentioned to my stylist that I flat iron my hair. She let me know that they charge extra for flat ironing and instead put wax in my hair. I haven't been charged extra at other salons for flat ironing after a hair cut, so just be aware. The cut and color was $100. I would have rather paid more and gone else where and gotten a better haircut. This salon is probably acceptable for a kids cut, but if you want a hairstyle, I would recommend going to a different salon. My stylist was Melanie. I will not be returning to this salon.
nancyjay77 (customer) on CitySearch
I have been going to Studio K since before Karen bought it (more than 10 years). Always have gone to Brenda except twice, when she was not available. Others were disasters, corrected by Karen quite nicely. However, Brenda left about 6 months ago...she did not notify me, and when I called and found out she was gone, I was brushed off. I will not return.
amandamilton (customer) on CitySearch
After an amazing experience and tremendous satisfaction at Studio K I immediately came home determined to offer my opinion on this venue. It is unfortunate that one can place anything they desire on the world wide web to cause harm to businesses, or people, but honestly, it happens all the time. I can't see this place not bending over backwards to gain customer satisfaction. I heard them mentioning how important satisfaction was! This place is AMAZING. The stylists are very kind, considerate, the atmosphere is extremely friendly, these stylists know their color and their cuts! Offering up to date cut suggestions and style, I was thrilled to look fresh not like 10 years ago. My stylist had extra time and kindly offered suggestions to 'gain my eyes back' as she said...because my hair truly was washed out from my lack of maintenance I admittedly created myself. It seemed every client in this overly busy and very upbeat place was pleased, pleasant, and very satisfied with their services. I will say going on a Saturday as I did, it was very busy but that just reassured me of their great reputation. I actually came to this place because I love my employees color and cut, and then asked another gal at the mall and she too comes to this salon. Great Service, great stylists, great work! I will recommend this salon to anyone.
manhattan10013 (customer) on CitySearch
I went here almost a year ago (March 2008) for the Grund straightening treatment, which I had had done at another salon a year before and absolutely loved it. Studio K did something TERRIBLY wrong- because my hair broke off at the root immediately after they put one chemical on it. They realized what was happening and stopped the treatment, tried to rinse out whatever chemical they had put on me- but it was too late! Here we are a year later and my hair still looks horrible. They are chunks of it missing from the breakage. Let me re-iterate that I had had this treatment performed correctly at another salon before- so it had to be something that Studio K did wrong. I regret ever stepping foot in that place and will til my hair finally grows back! The owner was very nice about it and sorry- but nothing can undo the damage that was done. I just had to write to protect anyone else from having this experience!
slyfox3729 (customer) on CitySearch
I was new to this salon in Feb '09. Melanie was recommended to me by a friend who loved her hair. I was greeted by the receptionist who was very friendly. I was then greeted again by my stylist, Melanie. She was incredibly friendly and welcoming. I had color and a cut done and wanted something so specific I took in a picture with me. Melanie tried very hard to understand each detail about my hair. She explained to me each step of the process so I felt very comfortable and confident with the color. When it came to the cut she explained to me the details that are so very often left out. I was AMAZED by what she was able to do. Not only was I impressed with the customer service of ALL of the employees but also with the skills needed to get the job done. She was able to execute everything that I wanted. I have never left a salon feeling so refreshed and excited. I would recommend this salon to anyone!! Thanks Melanie!
netsirk77 (customer) on CitySearch
I had my hair done here recently, and I am the "afraid of change" kind of girl, who likes her hair just ever so slightly trimmed, but while working with Sarah we decided it was time for a new me. I was put at complete ease. She had a new vision for my hair, which desperately needed it! I was resistant at first, but she was confident in what she had suggested and so we did it! The cut and color were fabulous! This girl really knows her stuff, so you can be assured you will get the best possible outcome! I will continue to go to Studio K, and you can bet I will be asking for SARAH!
nkp (customer) on CitySearch
My daughter is attending school in durham. We researched a salon online for Prom based upon reviews. We got "Bea" who was supposedly an expert in updo's. She was the worst! We described a simple look that we wanted and she kept trying to talk us into her way (which we highly suspect is the only way she knew how to do it). We asked for her to trim the bangs and she did it with a blunt razor that turned them totally frizzy and lopsided. it truly is a disaster. I emailed pictures of the updo and frizzy, lopsided bangs to our home stylist and she said that we should report her to the salon and ask for our money back. She said it was disgraceful and one of the worst jobs she's ever seen. They also did a bait and switch on price. They quoted us $35-50 and charged me $55. I had to make a hair cut appt at home and pay $35 for her old stylist to try and fix the mess. FOR ANY ONE READING THIS, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU GO TO A DIFFERENT SALON. There is no way that this is the "best salon" in durham as they advertise.
Contributor (customer) on CitySearch
Specialized razor cuts, free consultations, color services, straightening, special-occasion hair styles and facial waxing.
Beasleymom (customer) on CitySearch
I found I lost my regular hairdresser and thought I had found a place with great reviews. I had a big reunion to go to and loved my last highlighting, but asked this time to go more blonde as it had dulled. After three hours in the salon, my hair still wasn't blonde. At the checkout, a lady said " Oh, you'll need three visits to do that. I was also given one price by the hairdresser and another at the checkout to put me in a position to not be able to afford the tip. The website falsely advertises SAVE 50% off. The reality is you can use only 25% at one time. To make it worse when I spoke to the manager the response was..well we don't have a computer here to see. THEY ARE NOT CUSTOMER FOCUSED. I also had to have my hair redone with a second visit..saying it was a matter of using foils not color change or anything else. They must cut corners by stocking one item and using it for everyone.
barbac (customer) on CitySearch
I came into the studio with dry, thin, brittle hair in two huge knots. She patiently and gently spent hours removing them. She then made some brilliant suggestions on color and style. What first appeared like a day of gloom (expecting to leave with the knots, and most of my hair cut off) turned into a happy experience with the best possible color and style. I have become an instant loyal customer and supportor.
Angelaa123 (customer) on CitySearch
I am thrilled to write a review for this salon. I have been going for over five years now, and always have been satisfied with my hair! I have never seen stylists that actually care the way these girls care and I personally prefer stylists that know what they are doing. Have had experiences in my life where I was scared to sit in the stylists chair. Here, I am always comfortable and know what I am getting is always quality. Vote for this salon!
Snippitysnip (customer) on CitySearch
So this salon is worth my drive to Durham area. I heard about this salon and wanted to see for myself. I happened to have a appointment with Mandy. I really didn't know who to ask for. The receptionist told me they were all wonderful hair stylists. I agree! This place is BUSY! Wow....and Mandy not only takes plenty of time to talk to me, to consult, to understand my hair, she had awesome suggestions for something new! I am sold. Great salon. It is worth the drive and I will come again and again!
BTurner121 (customer) on CitySearch
My stylist is Christine and she is fantastic! Wow, she is SO GOOD WITH COLOR and amazing with all the desiginers and helping. I think this is a winner salon! GO CITYSEARCH - GO STUDIO K SALON I know you will win!
dannisss (customer) on CitySearch
I have just voted for Studio K to be best of Citysearch for the Raleigh/Durham area. This salon deserves it! The great people, great hair, and OUTSTANDING COLOR KNOWLEDGE this salon has is unbelievable! I TRULY put these people to the test and I thought for sure I would have to eventually cut my hair off.....but NOT SO MUCH! I had a great time there, great atmosphere, they actually made sure my hair maintained it's protein and did a protein treatment, as well as a deep moisture treatment prior to my color correction and my hair feels AMAZING and I thought I was going to have to suffer! Not with these girls! What a GREAT salon! You DESERVE TO WIN STUDIO K!
Karl E (customer) on CitySearch
I have been a cusomer since they opened the doors. Recently I have my hair done by Melanie. Her knowledge, customer service and skillset has brought me compliments on my hair. She is patient and has excellent styling ideas. The whole crew of stylists are exceptional and always willing to pitch in to assist the others if there is a question or if the customer needs a little professional advice on whether a certain style is better than another. I have been to other salons in the area with little success. Studio K gets two thumbs up from me. Thank you, Studio Kay for your service to the community and to myself.
kspirate (customer) on CitySearch
I was a new customer to this salon and from the moment I walked in it was like I was a part of the family. The receptionist, Andrea, greeted me and got me something to drink while I waited. My stylist also greeted me warmly and made some very clever suggestions on what to do with my hair. She analyzed my hair, my lifestyle and my maintinence routine. I loved it!!! My hair has never been so good!!! Thank you Studio K Salon!
abcaccountant (customer) on CitySearch
this is the first time i have come to this salon. I find it better than most. I felt welcome, listened to, the attitude of my designer, connie was outstanding and helpful, the manager and front desk people are extremely helpful. i feel this salon has great substance and what they say is true, they do consult with you and help decide the best haircut and products. i am very pleased!
SJennings (customer) on CitySearch
This salon ROCKS! I love the designers, their attitudes, and the atmosphere here! No fake necessity, they all know what they are talking about! Love this salon!
janjansmitty (customer) on CitySearch
What I like best about this salon is it is not fake. Some salons and their atmospheres create an uneasiness with me. I feel I am either in a place I need to run from the chair before the person pulls out the scissors out of fear, and some I feel like I am being TOLD what is going to happen to my hair rather than paying for a service. I really appreciate the ladies at this salon consult, talk back and forth with me, and then cut when we are totally settled. Same with color. I am very comfortable here, with great friendly atmosphere, excellent and experienced stylists, and true customer satisfaction in mind. This salon is how I personally believe most salons SHOULD be. Great job in having a functioning salon with talent!
EmilyBobo (customer) on CitySearch
Established, consistent, stable, knowledgeable, experienced, there are just some of the words that come to mind with Studio K Salon. They have been around for over 10 years, excellent designers, quality products, and truly do care about your hair health. There are many salon experience I've seen and been a part of in my life where my hair ended up being fried, died, etc., and this is thankfully a salon that heals hair more than anything! Their products ARE amazing, and DO what they say they'll do....by the way, these stylists are awesome in transitioning someone from colored hair to their natural grey! Excellent Job Studio K!,
Mary Calcutt (customer) on CitySearch
These ladies are wonderful hair stylists. They take the time to listen to what you want and actually do it. Really, how many times have you said "I only want a trim. or I want natural looking highlights.", only to come away looking like a gazing ball or that your 5 year colored your hair with their finger paints? I will not go any where other than Studio K Salon. Call me picky but I like my hair as most women do, but if you don't go see these ladies. They are all great. Karen has done an awesome job giving us a SAFE place for our hair . needs. Check them out.
Mary Michael (customer) on CitySearch
I have naturally curly hair and I have had a hard time finding someone who can cut it so that it maintains its natural style. Connie was highly recommened so I tried her. She did an awesome job. I have been back to see her and will continue to do so, even if it is an hour drive one way. The owner, Karen, is very professional and offers a great place to relax among her friendly staff.
bbfitz (customer) on CitySearch
This salon is always busy! I have been coming now for over 8 years, and never have I had to worry about the end result of my hair. I have a very unusual red tone that I love to have in my hair,get compliments ALL THE TIME and people ask me when ever I go out where I get my color and cut done. I am thrilled with this salon and I always feel like I have been well taken care of. Great staff, great people, excellent work ! Have had many different variations of my hair style and each one has been a HIT!
rellim (customer) on CitySearch
This was the best salon experience that I have ever had. I recently moved to the Durham area from Maryland and had trouble finding a salon in the area. I saw all the great reviews for Stuido K on CitySearch and decided to give it a try and I have never been happier with my hair color and cut! THANK YOU
Sarahsmile (customer) on CitySearch
I have always preferred supporting our small business owners rather than any chain. Let's face it, small businesses is what makes our country! This salon is best known for it's quality work, friendly staff, and great hair. Not a bunch of hype that means nothing. This is a TRUE hair salon in it's actual meaning. They care about hair, only do hair (except eyebrow waxing, etc) and KNOW hair. Going to a salon that offers only hype would scare me. I prefer to go where I know they know hair.
abb333 (customer) on CitySearch
This hair salon is excellent for men and women! My husband and I have been coming to Studio K for the past 7 years! The consistency is ALWAYS there, the designers always friendly, very knowledgable, and I have never walked out dissatisfied, nor has my husband. This place cares about your hair, and cares about the product they send out the door (my hair style!). I am thrilled to vote for this salon and they truly ARE the best in this area!
jwimbler (customer) on CitySearch
When I first came to Studio K Salon, my hair was a mess. I needed color help, damage help, and a new haircut to replace the hack job i had gotten at another salon. Thanks to Melissa, I get daily compliments on my hair. She has completely turned my hair around! I LOVE the color and the cut and my hair is healthier than it has ever been!