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Spirit Salon & Day Spa

2567 N Campbell Ave
Tucson, AZ 85719

This business has been closed

Ph: 5208811050


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cj289hp (customer) on CitySearch
Tried new salon. Made mistake, assumed stylist understood what I wanted. Bleach highlights, then dye all red. She started alternating, red, bleach, my natural black. I interupted, asked what are you doing. She stopped, then only did the red. All color washed out 7 days. Same day I complained. Management said they would correct, free of charge. Still couldn't understand what I wanted. I thought it was simple. Don't bleach first, red won't show. Plus, when red fades, redye red the highlighted hair with any red, acheive correct look. They wouldn't pay for correction, only repair of bleach showing (redo-red), lasted > week. Management said ..."we'll get it right next time" and cover the charge. I made the appt. Day before, found out they wouldn't pay for what I originally wanted. Waste of money. For the same look I could have paid $4 a box of Walgreen's color.
jkron (customer) on CitySearch
I made a big mistake of going to a "certain" salon, and they totally messed up my hair. I called Spirit Salon and Stephanie made time to get me in. She fixed my hair and made some suggestions that would look good. I would highly recommend this salon. I am a LOYAL CUSTOMER now. Thanks!
dalewinnie (customer) on CitySearch
I was given choices and prices to suit my budget or wildest dreams. Went from long to short hair with a stylst who took me and his work seriously. I've sampled most of the menu and I recommend pedicure, french manicure, and of course massage with Monika.
dotc (customer) on CitySearch
I found this place and had no idea that I could do so much in one location. I had a massage, facial, manicure and pedicure, and also got my highlights redone. They even threw in a spa lunch since I was there all day. I could barely drive home, I was so relaxed.
tucsonscarlett (customer) on CitySearch
I went in today for my first brazilian wax, and wasn't happy with the fact that a lot of hair wasn't removed. So, I was told by the receptionist to come in later today at a specific time. I did, hoping to put the experience behind me. Instead, after waiting 40 minutes, I was told by the manager/receptionist that no one could help me. When I asked to please be reimbursed for the expense of the bad service (with no mention of my time wasted and the trauma of having to go somewhere else to complete the job) and she told me 'no way'. This woman was so hostile to me that I told her I was shocked that she'd treat a visitor to her salon in this way. She argued with me in front of staff & customers...and refused to acknowledge that I should be compensated or at least treated respectfully by the salon. This place is just so unprofessional and trash-y. I'd heard this, and thought I'd see for myself anyway...but was so shocked by today's events that I thought I should alert everyone. Unless you want to be brought to tears in public...I'd avoid Spirit.
moreno2007 (customer) on CitySearch
I had a 1 hour massage with DOLLY today at Spirit Salon & Day Spa and it was great. I felt so relaxed. The font desk was even able to fit me in for a facial with KYLYN and even got me lunch from Blue Willow well I was waiting for my facial. I love this place.....
cmgordon (customer) on CitySearch
I went to Spirit for the first time today, and had the greatest time. I had my hair done with Wendi, who did a BEAUTIFUL job with my highlights and cut, and then Kylyn waxed and colored my eyebrows. I had such a great time, and everyone there was so nice to me from the moment I walked in. I would recommend Spirit to everyone. I love knowing that I have somewhere to go that can make me look and feel this fantastic!!!
chiquito59 (customer) on CitySearch
If any one knows extensions I do..I have traveled all over the place with my job including New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, Florida, ect. and had hair extensions done. I have paid lots and lots and nobody has ever made my hair look so natural...I was referred to AUTUMN by one of her clients and would recomend her to everyone who wants HAIR EXTENSIONS....She has a very unique and artistic style...My hair was short and she added 8 in. in lenght. It gave me so much volume and the colored matched perfect!!!!!!!Thank you AUTUMN for making me feel beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sahara1019 (customer) on CitySearch
What can I say? You would have to see my hair, done so well by Autumn, as a picture is worth a thousand words. Two years ago I went to Autumn, as I had very thin hair, to thin to wear down. I used to have very long thick hair, but many things happened to cause the loss of my hair. Well, I got extensions, and I would tell anyone to go to Autumn. Not only did I look good, but the very well placed extensions caused my own hair to grow, and to thicken. Now, I went in to get longer extensions, and everyone comments on my beautiful hair, which looks so full and natural. Not only do I have a long, full head of hair, my own hair continues to grow and thicken. My going to Spirit Salon, and finding Autumn was nothing short of a Godsend. With such attention to detail, w/ an experienced, competent, personable stylist, Spirit salon has a very grateful, loyal customer.
xoxoLHxoxo (customer) on CitySearch
Wow! Spirit is amazing! I went for my first wax at one of those horrible salons where they do your toes and nails....But spirit is AMAZING...especially shannon...she puts you at ease and is really quick! So unintimidating! COMPLETELY recommend! :-)
keeponliving (customer) on CitySearch
I come to Tucson every year and stay at the Arizona Inn they reccomend Spirit Salon and I can see why!I feel like it is a little inter-city very trendy salon!I really like the owners Danette is the best colorist I have ever been to,and believe me I have been around the world.I love Bumble & Bumble products and the fact that they go to New york to train and Fred Segal and others on the west coast.She`s got it covered! The salon is very friendly (The staff always remembers me) and I am a visitor,and also very professional.They have even sent me products if they were out when I was there.I can`t say enough I am surprised to find such a hot spot in a smaller town,but it`s here and Tucson is lucky........
cwhyde (customer) on CitySearch
I love this spa. Best in Tucson!!!! I have a ton of hair that gives me fits all the time. It is thick and naturally curly. Danette the owner does my hair and she does such a beautiful job. I have other stylists that will do my hair when she is booked and they all send me out of there with the most amazing hair. I get so many compliments on it I just love them. The other part of Spirit is the medical side Medi Morphosis which has medical grade treatments. You can do hair removal and facial rejuvenation treatments. I also last year did a series of the vela smooth treatment for the legs to get them looking better and oh did that work and it didn't hurt at all. I recommend Spirit and Medi to all my friends and anyone that will listen. This is the best spa in Tucson.
jetofflame (customer) on CitySearch
I am here visiting from MO. for the summer, so I took a leap of faith and went to this spa for my underarm and bikini waxing, hoping it would be a good choice, and it was! Everyone I dealt with was very nice,and Shannon who did my waxing did a great job, and she was fast; I got a Playboy and underarm wax and it only took about 30 mins. I read the other reviews on this website which helped in my decision to go there. Also, they have great prices on their waxing. I looked at Spa One prices and they were much higher. I would definently recommend Spirit Salon and Day Spa and Shannon for a good waxing experience!
golddigger536 (customer) on CitySearch
My friend recommended Autumn when my regular stylist was on vacation. I needed to get a color and cut before my trip to Sweden this summer. Autumn was able to work me in and in between me and another client she was also able to cut my daughters hair also. She kept my length but gave me a new style that I'm very happy with. She also gained two new loyal clients. I was watching Autumn work and even under this stressful condition she remained pleasant and professional.
tucsonmommy (customer) on CitySearch
I have been a client of Spirit Salon since they opened in 2000. I have experienced practically every service at Spirit, and have never been disappointed. I was lucky enough to become a published model in 2005. Even the professional hair & makeup artists in Hollywood were impressed with my cut & color. Autumn is a very talented stylist who has been trained in New York as well as other cities. She is extremely professional, knowledgeable and her work is unsurpassed. The extentions she placed in my hair were undetectable! I highly recommend Spirit Salon & Day Spa to everyone, if you are looking for a new salon, or are new to Tucson. Take advantage of the med spa as well. The pan-g lift is incredible! Huge difference!!!!!!
TK04 (customer) on CitySearch
I scheduled an appointment at Spirit Salon and it was the worst idea ever. Cindy the stylist was so rude and nasty to everyone who came in contact with her. While sitting in the chair she was not only rude to me but to her co-workers as well. I believe she is one person who needs to be knocked down to size. When I mentioned how rude the stylist was the manager was just as rude. After talking to some friends that have gone to this salon I found out that the salon has an issue with keeping staff because of the way they are treated. I guess now they figure they can treat their clients just as rude as they treat their employees. This is one salon I do not see being very successful during the economy crunch. People want to be respected and this is one place you will not get any type of respect.
LoisMarshall (customer) on CitySearch
Spirit has gone down hill in the last 6 months. The owner is cutting corners and it's obvious. The staff seems disgruntled about something. Morale is low and everyone is just going through the motions. My service only lasted 44 minutes.
pause (customer) on CitySearch
I feel so catered to when I go in to Spirit.Not rushed at all.Danette takes the time to show me what would look good and I feel shes honest about what wont. They always have the latest in everything,she just showed me the Lattisse eyelash&eyebrow growing kit.Her and Georgia have never steered me wrong.I like a salon I can trust and is consistant.I bring all my out of town guests here,and they love it!!!
rowe (customer) on CitySearch
I have been going to Shannon for about 6 months for my "Brazilian" wax.... Which is as wonderful as it can be!!! She also gave me my first facial. It was relaxing and made a real difference in my skin. Overall I highly recommend Shanon for both waxing and facials!
Nifty (customer) on CitySearch
Only twice before in my life (I am 68) have I had a haircut like Tonja gives me. She listened attentively to what I wanted, cut my hair before and after color and blowdrying, and took time to make sure it was what I wanted, and it was. She has the instinctive gift of cuting hair like an artist. I look forward to my appointments very much. The staff are also attentive to make sure I am comfortable, have a drink and fruit if i wish. My daughter echos what I have said. I get compliments every day and have given many referrals.
Finally Satisfied (customer) on CitySearch
I came to Tucson to visit my daughter who recently enrolled at the University of Arizona. We live on the east coast and have been loyal customers to an upscale salon there for many years. She was very apprehensive about patronizing a new salon but she has no choice now. Autumn was recommended to her by one of her suite mates at her dorm. I scheduled my appointment with Autumn preceding hers to somehow help with her anxiety... Long story short, we were both very pleased with the end result and we have scheduled another appointment with Autumn in 4 weeks. This gives me an excuse to fly to Tucson once a month to visit my daughter and have our hair done together also. We were very impressed with this young lady and are fortunate to have found her.
Janice Ulrich (customer) on CitySearch
I went to this salon several years ago, it was great. Georgia moved from Gadabout and started it and she brought her technique and customer service with her. Unfortunately Spirit is no longer the spa it was. We send our employees for a spa day for their birthday. Our employee, B, was treated rudely, given a deep tissue massage that left her bruised - even four days later - when she asked for a relaxing massage. Her lunch was a disaster and everyone pointed fingers at the other, finally declaring it to be B's fault. No one wanted to do her shampoo and style, they could be heard arguing in the next room about who HAD to do it. So, her wonderful, relaxing day turned into an ordeal. Georgia called her later to "make it right", but ended up telling B that her spa never receives complaints. Wake up. The employees are dressed poorly and their attitudes are unprofessional. Employees run around with botox injections on their faces on "botox day", which is totally unprofessional. Clients coming out might appear that way, but should it really be botox party day for the staff when they're supposed to be serving real customers? We've just been treated very poorly with no recourse from the owner / manager, so we won't be back and unfortunately we'll be very vocal about that. I can't see how this salon can last with this type of customer service. There are far too many quality spas and quality experiences to be had to spend your time at Spirit.
molliesmith2010 (customer) on CitySearch
The previous review struck me extremely off guard. I just recieved a day of beauty as well at Spirit salon and my experience was amazing. All the girls in the salon were dressed extremely sharp from head to toe. I recieved a massage, facial, mani/pedi, and shampoo/style. My massage was amazing, I bruise quite easily and even after recieving a DEEP TISSUE I had no signs of bruising or irritation what so ever. The facial was my favorite, I felt squeeky clean afterwards. I just about feel asleep while I was recieving my pedicure, which was sublime. Finally my shampoo/style was the icing on the cake. I felt like a million bucks. Not once did I ever see someone running around with "botox injections" on their face...there is no such thing as botox parties. Once a month they do botox injections however it is professional..not a party. Who cares if someone wants botox, leave them alone. I have been a client for over 5 years and have never had a problem. If I did I trust Georgia that she would take care of any negativity. Out of respect for Spirit I felt I had to say something, for some of this information seems false. Also, the review posted on here is second hand...maybe the client who acutally received the service should post her feelings.
Mary Belle (customer) on CitySearch
Really great place, designed with some obvious attention to detail and very relaxing and pleasant to spend time in. Every single employee I encountered was friendly, professional and welcoming. Had several services done and each was executed on time and with a BIG smile. Also, this place has a great location, it's surrounded by neat little restaurants and other types of shops (maybe that's just something I notice 'cause I sure love some food) but, I can't imagine a better place to meet up with a couple girlfriends--get pretty and then go eat somewhere neat. I Can't wait to get back!
destination wedding AZ (customer) on CitySearch
My wedding weekend (Oct. 2009) was the first time I had ever been to Tucson. I planned a destination wedding in Tucson (we live in SC) and our resort (Westin La Paloma) recommended this salon. I brought in pictures of hair and makeup 2 days before my wedding and did a trial run on both, which turned out fabulous! In all of the wedding pictures we've seen, my hair & makeup look wonderful. I learned from the girl that did my hair (Autumn) that this salon does a lot of wedding hair/makeup for models of wedding shows; so they have a lot of experience. Autumn did a wonderful job of taking the picture I gave her and styling her version of the style to work with my hair length/texture. Kylan did my makeup (which was airbrushed) and did an amazing job of choosing the best colors for my skin tone and eye color and doing my makeup just like the pictures I brought in. Not only did these ladies do a great job on my hair & make-up, but the other stylists and make-up artists did a wonderful job on the hair/make-up of my maid of honor, mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother. We all looked great for my big day! If I ever return to Tucson and need hair or makeup services, I will definitely return to Spirit Salon.
heidiwillhite (customer) on CitySearch
I have been going to Spirit Salon for years now and I would never go anywhere else. The staff is very professional and kind to all clients. Kylyn does my eye brows and facials and does an outstanding job everytime.The hair stylists are also some of the best. I really recommend you give this salon a try, you will not be dissapointed.
Rene529 (customer) on CitySearch
Booked a day at Spirit Salon which entailed Massage, wax, cut and color. This was a first time visit and consequently my last. My massage was the first of my appointments which was great. It was relaxing, progressive and flowed. My wax was 2nd which was a rude awakening after my massage but no fault to them I should've booked it first. As I am waiting for my hair I over hear a conversation between the manager/owner about my hair appointment never being booked. The conversation carries on into the hair area and back to the front where the owner/manager says book it with Cindy. As I sit there waiting for 30min. no one comes to address me about my non-existing appointment. As I get up to address the problem I hear someone shout my name so disgruntled I almost hesitated to admit that was me. To make a long story short, Cindy who obviously did not want to do my hair was so rude I blame myself for not getting up and leaving within the first ten min. of our interaction. To make things worse she colored my hair the wrong color and cut my hair shorter on one side then on the other. When I finally complained about my lop sided hair I heard the "owner" says "don't look at me I'm not fixing it". So the manager suggested another stylist to fix it which I agreed and as I sat in the new stylist chair I was getting dirty looks the entire time from Cindy. Visiting from New York I can take rude any given day but this was just unprofessional all the way round. As I sat there I was thinking what did I do to this poor girl but book a couple of appointments. To top it all off as I was changing back into my blouse I could hear arguing over who was getting paid for doing my hair. I couldn't get out of there fast enough. After 5 hours at Spirit Salon I left more stressed than I did walking in not to mention my hair being the wrong color and a haircut comparatively shorter due to the lop sided fix that had to be reconciled. I received no discount, was charged full price and had no intention of giving them one more minute of my time. I would've paid $400.00 with no argument as long as I was out of that hell hole. This pseudo salon is full of what seems to be washed up impostors of the real deal. They all need to continue their education in their line of trade work and management needs to invest in how to run a successful, thriving and customer service friendly business.
Readingmomx4 (customer) on CitySearch
This was my daughter's first experience here and it was absolutely wonderful. Maria did a great job on her hair. We Love It!!
Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
I have visited several salons in the Tucson area...from well known to the hole in the wall settings, yet with out an fraction of doubt Spiri...