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business Spazzo Mediterranean Grill cover

Spazzo Mediterranean Grill

10655 Ne 4th St
Bellevue, WA 98004

This business has been closed

Ph: 4254548255


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Customer Feedback

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vitalipro (customer) on CitySearch
I went there yesterday just to discover that there menu completely changed. They don't serve tapas anymore and they don't serve creme-brule with different flavors and they used to do. Now it is just a regular Italian restaurant but very overpriced.
ccw9 (customer) on CitySearch
I heard they got new management, new chefs, etc...so thought we'd give it a try. Went there last night. Service was great. Very attentive and helpful. Food on the other hand was disappointing. Calamari appetizer arrived within minutes (not sure how they did it that fast) but was overcooked and very rubbery. Lobster linguine dish at $24 had about 6-8 small bite-size pieces of lobster drowned in sauce, and about 4-5 small pieces of shell. Salad was basically iceburg lettuce with a splash of dressing. I can do better at home on a bad night. Also, a little short on wine by the glass. We won't be going back.
bunalex (customer) on CitySearch
After a bit of a hiatus, I took friends to eat at Spazzo's recently and was sorely disappointed. The prices have soared but the selection has dwindled. I did not see any tapas on the menu nor any of the combo plates I used to love. I was embarrassed to have brought my friends to such a high priced but under-average place. By the way, a screeching child sitting right next to us made dinner a total nightmare. Maybe small children should be seater in a diffrent section so as not to ruin other diners' evening
imprudentcoma (customer) on CitySearch
Great service, improved food, same good atmosphere. Refined and simplified menu, should try again for folks who may have moved on. Wine bar adds new flare and the gnocchi in pork sauce is to die for. May be a little overpriced - nice alternative to overcrowded TapHouse Grill.
sarahp02359 (customer) on CitySearch
went here and the waiter asked us "are you sure you want to eat here" because he thought we couldn't afford it! im sure waiters themselves dont make that much money which makes snobby waiters look stupid. and also heard that the appetizers are bland and tasteless from friends that have been here.
spankmehard (customer) on CitySearch
This once great spot for Mediterranean turned into something much less. The environment has a relaxed feeling with dimmed lighting and a taste of class. It is not romantic - because of high noise and no music - but the feeling is fine for a group of friends. The bar is a nice waiting spot for the long waits - if you didn't make a reservation. The staff was pleasant in seating my group and giving much information about the menu selections. Unfortunetly, the great Mediterranean that was once here has been substituted with below average Italian. The mouth watering tapas are gone, and Spazzo is left offering an injured menu with higher prices. Calamari=rubbery. Spazzo Pizza=Frozen Pizza Quality. Asiago Cheese=timid. The one good thing that this restaurant had going in the past is now gone. I have no reason to return.
ziaforever (customer) on CitySearch
Spazzo is quite romantic; it's just that it can be a bit loud. The cuisine is more haute than strictly Italian and the wine selection is excellent. The view is nice, but sitting at the counter by the kitchen is a great way to watch the chefs in action and get to know the staff for bites of cheese and other 'considerations'. If you're energized by people, this restaurant is a generator. Just get reservations.
jcc52 (customer) on CitySearch
The food has gotten so poor since they phased out the mediterranean menu that I don't even want to risk it for happy hour. The views are great but there is Daniel's nearby.
ladyjaypee (customer) on CitySearch
We went to Spazzo several months ago, expecting the Mediterranean menu we LOVED, not realizing they'd switched to Italian. It was really disappointing; mediocre food with high prices. At least the high prices with the old menu were justified with the flavors. We've never been back and don't plan to.
Contributor (customer) on CitySearch
The Scene
The Italian menu and a beautiful wine bar displaying 175 selections are new, but sophisticated diners have been enjoying the panoramic ninth-floor views for years. Rough-hewn beams, wrought-iron lamps and forest-green walls create a comfortably upscale scene. In the dining room, groups of friends quietly chat over a bottle of wine, while in the bar, a slightly more boisterous crowd kicks back after work. Excellent servers rarely miss a beat.

The Food
Seafood stands out, with seared ahi tuna that nearly melts in the mouth. A kicky sweet pepper sauce complements the amazingly tender jumbo prawns. Flavorful, meaty crab cakes arrive laced with a light caper remoulade. Pastas, such as overly-sweet pumpkin-filled ravioli, are only slightly better than average. Save room for the decadent cannoli, rich chocolate custard piped into crisp shells and drizzled with berry sauce.