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business Soccer Plaza Indoor Soccer cover

Soccer Plaza Indoor Soccer

1415 S Alexander Ave, Unit # A
Duncanville, TX 75137

This business has been closed

Ph: 9727095691


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Also in Duncanville

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soccermamma (customer) on CitySearch
No real birth certificate checks are in place, players who are 12 are playing U10 and then players who don't even belong to the team are stepping in when ever other teams are short. Not a good place to play if you want fair games. Lack of call backs when you leave a message and the schedules are NEVER posted on the internet. They need to look really hard into their system of schedules, games, communication, id card system and verification of ages............ This will end up the last place that teams want to go to if they keep it up.
CSMobileUser (customer) on CitySearch
Not a good place at all, field is ugly, its not organize at all, players that dont even play on teams are filling when teams are short, the nets around are falling apart, theres lights that dont even work'. This the worst place i hav ever been, i dont know why the city doesnt close them, uuuggghhhh
Tweety10 (customer) on CitySearch
I went to soccer plaza and when i walked in, it was a world of difference.... there was a bar and grill with 2 big projector screens, the netting was new , the floors were clean, the restrooms were actually working, the staff was more knowledgeable and friendly congratulations to the management... I love the new website