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Robert Markley Salon Spa

5350 E Broadway Blvd, Unit # 160
Tucson, AZ 85711

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Ph: 5207471388


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casepulveda (customer) on CitySearch
Robert Markley has done it again. After a small hiatus living in Chicago, he has opened the beautiful Robert Markley salon on Broadway. His touch is calming, confident and full of expertise. I found my stress melting away as I listened to his melodic suggestions on what I should do with my new cut--I knew I was in the hands of a complete professional. He is so approachable, and yet, so fancy. Handsome and dressed subtly in Prada and Armani, you think that maybe he doesn't belong in Tucson. But I'm sure glad he's here! Walking out of the salon into the dead heat of Tucson, I feel less stress and more confidence. I can't wait to come back! Thank you, Robert!!!
SharonBorgman (customer) on CitySearch
I just received a massage at Robert Markley Salon Spa. It was amazing! One of the best I've ever had! Alyssa, the massage therapist, is truly gifted! Thank-you! Can't wait for my next one!
lolo13 (customer) on CitySearch
It feels like this Salon/Spa came was plugged into Tucson directly from SoHo in New York or Bond Street in London. Tucson is incredibly lucky to have Robert Markley at our disposal. Walking in through the doors of the Spa, you immediately feel relaxed, soothed and pampered. All is beautifully decorated and of incredibly good taste as if Jonathan Addler himself had created the space. The most beautiful smells of Aveda products are always present. You are always warmly greated by the Robert Markley staff and offered tea, coffee, any bevareage as if you were a close friend coming for a visit. The incredibly pleasant Martin will always put a smile on your face. Thai will then give you the most incredible scalp massage with Aveda essential oils as she prepares you for your cut/color. It is all a very luxurious experience and a very reasonable price (way more inexpensive than most places intown). I have had fortune of having my hair and color with Robert Markley himself and I'm always impressed with his incredible talent. Needless to say, I am treated like a celebrity and walk out looking like one. I just keep my fingers crossed that he continues to stay in Tucson before the editors of Vogue or W find out he's here and they come and take him from us :)
Dramaden (customer) on CitySearch
I was in love with Markely's Salon when they were in their previous hip 4th Avenue location. And my love for them grows every time I visit them in their wonderful new facility. The place is immaculate. The service is impeccable. They are my favorite salon in town and I recommend them highly.
Jane1977 (customer) on CitySearch
I have very damaged hair and I called Robert Markley because I had heard good things about them and thought they might be able to help me. I specified exactly what I wanted and made it clear that I was not messing around with what I wanted because I have yet to find anyone in Tucson who can actually do hair at least in the FAIR grading area. They assured me that a certain young hispanic guy was just the one for me. Well let's see, he gave me a "massage" and was so rough he practically ripped my already damaged hair out by the roots, he seemed unsure of himself and kept asking me if everything was alright. He then cut my hair and didn't rinse it out, which should be standard since you don't want itchy little hairs on your back and bed for days on end. I had to walk this guy through the entire appointment because he seemed unable to take command and do the haircut himself. Then when he walked me up and down the stairs and didn't wait for me, which I found incredibly rude. Then I walked down by myself and couldn't find him! He had disappeared! I FELT RUSHED the entire time and on edge, it was one of the worst experiences I have ever had. Then he used a curling iron on my EXTREMELY damaged hair, which should not have even been used if he had done other things CORRECTLY, like not rush me out of the dryer after ten frickin minutes!!! Then he finished and by the time I he was done I looked like a Houston Lady of The Nite with HUGE hair! It was awful!!!! And if that wasn't enough, they tried to charge me almost $30 over what they had quoted me! I will NEVER go to Robert Markley again and I am completely discouraged with this city's Stylists. Do I have to fly to California to get a decent haircut?
Kate34 (customer) on CitySearch
I have very thick hair and Dario knew excatly how to handle it! The prices very very reasonable and it was the cleanest, most elegant salon in Tucson that I have been to. I highly recommend Dario, he is very talented!
SharonBorgman (customer) on CitySearch
I just received a massage at Robert Markley Salon Spa. It was amazing! One of the best I've ever had! Alyssa, the massage therapist, has a special gift. Can't wait for my next one.
SomeKindOfJohnson (customer) on CitySearch
Robert was recommended by a good friend and I trust her implicitly! From the moment I walked in, I was impressed with the layout. I was greeted immediately and taken on a tour of the facility. The salon is really very lovely. And everyone was incredibly nice! I got my hair cut with Robert and he was sweet, funny and I can honestly say that this is probably one of the best and most flattering cuts I've ever received! Thanks so much, Robert! It was a great experience and I'll definitely be back!
deborahc (customer) on CitySearch
Robert Markley and Co. know color chemistry. I am always relieved and grateful to expect perfection when I leave. The attention to detail in all categories keeps me coming back.
dogladie (customer) on CitySearch
My daughter gave me a gift certificate for my birthday for a 1 hour facial. WOW it was amazing! Ginger knows how to give a facial with the works!! I will be going back. Thank you!
by ziggywit at Citysearch (customer) on CitySearch
After many bad haircuts at various "high end" salons around Tucson I have finally found the best salon I have ever been to. Katie B is amazing. She turned my very flat drab uneven hair into the most flattering and bouncy haircut I have ever had. Thank you Katie!
by azmoe at Citysearch (customer) on CitySearch
....and the ugly duckling walked out a SWAN!!! Tucson, AZ.....get here ANY way you can!!!!!!! If I had known that it would take me 46 years and 3,000 miles to find Robert Markley Salon...I would have done it ALOT sooner America!!!! I left Dario, Colourist Exdrodiniare, not 4 hours ago and already I'm ready to post myself on FB as the "me" I've always wanted to be but never imagined could be possible. The entire salon and staff deserve all the rave reviews that brought me there today....every single person and aspect from entrance to exit to here at home where my love takes photos and neighbors are almost as excited as I....I give my new hairstyle and first sense of postivie self-image in my life to a kind and geniune man named Dario.....and to his lovely employer, Robert Markley (genius extrodiare), whose acquaintance I was so fortunate and delighted to make (and cry even more with delight!) and so look forward to seeing both over and over again......Robert Markley Salon Spa.....'the gift that just keeps giving"...give it to YOURSELF!!!! maureen Tucson, AZ.
by natinaz at Citysearch (customer) on CitySearch
I had been going to Gadabout for years, but have not been happy with their service lately. When I saw Robert Markley had a one day coupon on-line for a facial I bought it. After checking out their website I decided to get my hair cut and colored there as well. What a great place. Jane at the front desk was great. She was very welcoming and even gave me a tour of the salon. This was only the second time I had a facial so I was a little nervous. Ginger was just a sweethart and made me feel so comfortable. I loved the facial. Dario did my hair and I have to say I really love it! Try this salon. You won't be disapointed.