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Renee Kelly's Llc

12401 Johnson Dr
Shawnee Mission, KS 66216

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Ph: 9136314100


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bun221 (customer) on CitySearch
My best friend had her wedding at Renee Kelly's on Saturday. First of all, when we were there on Friday afternoon for the wedding rehersal, the lady was very rude. She kept stressing the fact that the bride did not bring her a wedding program, but she never told her to bring one. On the day of the wedding, the bridesmaids had bouquets that the groom's family made. There were stands for the bouquets at the bottom of a cardboard box and there was some tissue paper on top of them. We were rushed out of the castle because they had another event booked, and the box was left in the bridal suite. I called the castle when we realized what had happened and got the answering machine, so I left a message. In the meantime, two of the groomsmen drove back over there to try to get the box and they were not allowed to enter the castle. The thing to point out here is that they were aware that we left the box there. The next morning, the bride and groom drove over to the castle and inquired about the box. The owned insisted that someone from the wedding must have taken the box. They argued back and forth on this for about ten minutes and when the bride and groom insisted that it was still there, the owner told them they were free to search the trash. After searching through the trash and FINDING three out of four of the bouquet stands, they are approached by the police and forced to leave. The owner had called the police on them!!! This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced and the castle isn't even that great in the first place.
alphastarr (customer) on CitySearch
I have tried Bison for the first time at Renee Kelly's, what a specatular dinner! The Chef had the menu very well designed for the event. The meal consisted of a different wine tasting with each course. Wines were paired wonderfully with each course, and all were highly rated. The atmospher in the Wine Cellar was perfect. I would definetly return for any future event that the Castle has to offer.
jtrickle (customer) on CitySearch
I was so disappointed for my friends. They hosted an event at Renee Kelly's. The food was just ok. The service was horrible and the owner spent the night drinking by the bar. If I had paid as much as they did (hundreds of dollars per hour just to rent the space, plus food, plus wine, plus service - $40.00/hr for just the bartender!!!!!). I would not recommend this place for any event. They even tried to promote their happy hour and lunches- please!!!! I would say NO to Renee!
ksithe (customer) on CitySearch
The owner, Nancy, was difficult and ungrateful. She was too busy drinking and talking to, I suppose, her friends to care what was going on during service. I'm not sure what qualifications she requires of her managers, but, I was disappointed with the entire experience. I will not go back.
pmurphy55 (customer) on CitySearch
I was a guest at a wedding reception 11/28/2008. Everything was absolutely perfect. We had a variety of fantastic o'duerves and mini-cakes served by white gloved, attentive waiters. I recommend the mini-crab cakes, very huge skewered shrimp with a secret sauce or marinade, endive with prosciutto, cream cheese and another taste secret, mini puff pastries, mini prime rib on crust o'duerves, mini cheesecakes, mini chocolate cakes and a variety of other wonderful things. The service could not have been better. There was a jazz quartet that was perfect for the event and an adequate sized dance floor. The building is so unique and especially wonderful for a fall or winter event. The open two story gathering room has hardwood flooring, stone walls and the fireplace was roaring. There is a patio area for spring or summer events. Caenen Castle was certainly a wonderful and unique experience. (I feel I must comment on two negative reviews posted 11/19 by the same person. My guess is that the host was not willing to pay for an adequate number of waiters, bartenders, food offerings and there was no music the event, so the guest at that event did not have a good experience, which is unfortunate). I have been to many events and restaurants in the Kansas City area and other cities throughout the United States. This is one of the best. Enjoy.
nreid (customer) on CitySearch
Absolutely the worst customer service in history! I grew up in the Shawnee Mission area and I shared with my daughter the history of the Caenen Castle. I told her that someday we could have a birthday party there for her...she's been planning it now for 6 months. Several days after leaving a detailed voicemail regarding the date, time and the age and number of people attending, the owner, Nancy, called and left a voicemail that the venue was available after 6pm that evening for our small group of 8-10 girls; she even went as far as saying that she confirmed with the chef. I called back to confirm our reservation and she couldn't remember leaving me the message. She said that the they would not do an event for less than 20 people and would not do a party for anyone under the age of 18. When I reminded her about the confirmation that she had left on my voicemail, she rudely said that to be frank they just wouldn't host our dinner. I doubt they will be in business much longer, which is a shame because it's a beautiful and historical building. I hope the next owners are more successful and mindful of customer service.
Plounger (customer) on CitySearch
Thank you so much for assisting us and coordinating our wedding at Renee Kelly’s. The whole experience was enjoyable. Starting with our first meeting with Britney and Nancy and ending with the servers and bartenders at our reception, everyone we met was very friendly and helpful. It was important to us to be able to easily reach the wedding coordinator and to be able to expect a prompt reply to our questions. As our event coordinator and main contact at Renee Kelly’s, Britney never disappointed us. Our emails and phone calls were always answered quickly and accurately. Not only was she helpful in answering our questions about Renee Kelly’s and the services provided by the venue, she helped in other areas as well. Britney referred us to reputable vendors including the bakery and minister we used and were very happy with. At the beginning of the process we were a little nervous about selecting a menu without tasting everything. We ultimately chose an hors d'oeuvre buffet. Jeff and I both tried everything and it was ALL good! Many of our guests have also commented to us how much they enjoyed the food. The buffet was tended to well and it remained full and available to our guests for an appropriate amount of time. The day of the wedding was as stress free as possible. Britney handled scheduling and coordinating the vendors so we were able to just take care of getting ourselves there. We had many DIY projects in our wedding including all the centerpieces, favors, and ceremony wreath decoration. I was very worried about getting everything there Saturday before the ceremony. I was so grateful they allowed us to bring all of it Friday evening at the time of our rehearsal. For transportation purposes, we had dismantled centerpieces which we needed to build on site. Britney and her staff even did that for us! They built our centerpieces and displayed them perfectly. I know the florist usually delivers completed pieces and you and the staff simply place them in the proper places. They went above and beyond and we appreciate it so much. At the end of the night the servers even helped our families pack everything into their cars. We honestly cannot think of any complaints or suggestions to improve. We are so glad we discovered Renee Kelly’s and made the decision to hold our wedding and reception there. We would recommend it to anyone. It really was our perfect day. Thank you for everything, Jeff & Amy
BBeach (customer) on CitySearch
Everything was great! My parents couldn’t say enough good things about the whole event. The place was decorated beautifully! It was so nice that you took care of that and I didn’t have to worry about getting there ahead of time to decorate. The wait staff was very attentive and helpful. My mother especially liked that someone made it a point to serve her a piece of white cake. The food tasted great and was plentiful! Chuck and I both took the leftovers to work and our coworkers enjoyed them as well. The timing of everything seemed to go well too. I don’t know if I would have changed a thing. One thing to comment on is the flow of traffic around the staircase. And I’m not sure there is any way to alleviate that. I found it difficult to get back to the back hallway sometimes because people were congregated by the memory table or by the food table. Perhaps if the memory table were at the other round table rather than by the bar? Very minor criticisms on a spectacular event. Thank you so much for all your help and coordination!
Guest Review (customer) on CitySearch
We thought the event was a big success and would happily use Renee Kelly's again. The food was so tasty, warm and appealing. The patio and landscaping gave a great setting. Britney, the event coordinator, was available the whole night. The only con: The sound and video system needs to be hooked up so you can use both at the same time. Thanks so much.
KAYAKER (customer) on CitySearch
Britney--You did very well! Your willingness to help was very nice. You kept an eye out to avoid any catastrophes from happening. I didn't think about not having coffee and/or tea offered with the birthday cake to well after the event because I am not a coffee drinker. There were coffee drinkers there, but no one said anything to me. But we had talked about having coffee. You might check with future guests when and if they would like hot beverages served. It would probably be helpful to have the connecting cable on hand for those guests who might want to use a Mac. It worked out for us because my son owned a projector and cable.             Again, we really have nothing but compliments for you and our time at Renee Kelly's. All of our guests have only expressed how much they enjoyed the event and the venue! I appreciate that you asked for feedback. It reflects positively on your thoroughness. Best wishes, A very satified Guest
Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
Absolutely the worst customer service in history! I grew up in the Shawnee Mission area and I shared with my daughter the history of the Cae...