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business Renaissance Aveda Spa & Salon cover

Renaissance Aveda Spa & Salon

1717 Champa St
Denver, CO 80202

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Ph: 3033080524


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ebscott (customer) on CitySearch
I have never been to a spa before; such a pleasure and such relaxation. It was truly a marvelous experience.
courtneyrose (customer) on CitySearch
Wonderful experience while traveling to Denver! Escaped the city by enjoying the calmness of variety of treatments I experienced. With the use of Aveda products, I was revived and ready to hit the town looking beautiful!
Denise_Robert (customer) on CitySearch
Renaissance Spa located just off the lobby of the Hotel Monaco is an upscale, sophisticated, urban spa experience. Because it is an Aveda Spa, you are assured to high quality services and products. And, because of the location, the excitement of the city makes it a special occasion to schedule spa services for a Friday afternoon, enjoy complimentary wine in the hotel lobby and then dinner at Panzano.
mariayb (customer) on CitySearch
This was a treat I had promised my daughter long ago, and we couldn't have been more delighted. The "facials" that we received were from head to toe and truly an indulgence I would recommend to anyone. Rick and Julia are wonderful aestheticians.
car73 (customer) on CitySearch
I visit spas in every city I travel to, I am a certified spa junkie!!! I can say with all honesty that the Renaissance spa is the ABSOLUTE BEST in Denver!! I have returned again and again and each experience has been better than the last! The facials include head to toe massage, the hair stylists are very talented and unpretentious, the massages are the perfect blend of calming and "get in there and hurt me", and the pedicure I received was the best I've ever had anywhere. In fact, EVERY treatment I have had has been amazing, and the service is top notch...friendliest staff I have ever encountered (which goes along way when you are deciding where to spend your $$$) I highly recommend it!!
rezajun (customer) on CitySearch
This was my first time ever for a facial and massage and I would definitely recommend this place. The atmosphere was very nice and the staff were great. I definitely recommend the facial. It was very relaxing. A bit pricy but it was worth it.
audball1 (customer) on CitySearch
I visit lots of spas and although the Renaissance is small it is quite charming. I have had great services and the staff is all very friendly. Christine, Jennifer and Kim are my favorites but the front desk is always helpfull and easy to book with.
natcookie67 (customer) on CitySearch
Based on the reputation of the spa, we booked a surprise beauty day for our girlfriends 40th birthday. While the services were great (except for a chatty massage therapist) this is NO spa. There is not a private area to relax. While waiting for your appointment, you are sitting on uncomfortable furniture in the hallway watching guests getting pedicures and walk between appointments as well as listen to the idle chatter of the non-busy practitioners. The "locker" room is basically a 3 ft by 5 ft closet with some lockers in it. There is only one shower and one bathroom for every guest of the "spa" to use. The final negative was the $14 valet tab at the end of the day - if you are dropping big bucks for a spa day - seems they could give you a pass on the cost of parking.
irishaugustine (customer) on CitySearch
I love going to renaissance. The facials are terrific, the pedicures make you feel like a queen, and the brow shaping and lash tinting are top notch. The only problem I have ever encountered came when I booked my husband a massage. They used the room that they do the body elixers in which has spray nozzles above the table. While the body elixers are great, using the room for a regular massage was a bit strange and sterile feeling plus the nozzles leak. My husband didn't know what the room was for and didn't notice the water nozzles at first so when he was face down he thought the therapist was sweating when the droplets hit his back. It was very uncomfortable for him.
pinkflower303 (customer) on CitySearch
My husband recently purchased an "all day" spa pass for me so that I can enjoy a wonderful day for myself. He spent close to $ 500 including tip! To me, this is a lot of money to not get the top customer service!!! The moment I stepped I received a nasty attitude from the receptionist and the rest of the staff lacked the cheerful enthusiasm you want in a spa! Nice way to start out my relaxing day???? The spa is average, very small and the atmosphere lacked the relaxation $500 should buy. Spend your money at a different spa where they appreciate you, adore you, and where you feel your husband's hard earned money was well spent!! I would NOT recommend this spa!!!
funnthesun54 (customer) on CitySearch
I recently recieved a Total Body Elixir which is basically a high-pressure water massage. I had never heard of it before but the receptionist I talked to highly recommended it, so i decided to try it out. I was a little unsure about the treatment at first, but the massage therapist, Bill, made me feel very comfortable and welcome. I must say this is one of the best treatments I've had at a spa in a long time. The hoses are guided smoothly over your body and really work your muscles. From the moment the water first touched me, I was gone to the rest of the world. This really was a great way to spend an hour to really get out all my tension. The only complaint I would have is the parking, there really should be a designated parking area for the spa. Other than that it was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone.
Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
This place was great. The spa was the best part. I really enjoyed everthing about the place. The came to me right away when i needed them. The massage was really good.
Contributor (customer) on CitySearch
In Short
Behind Hotel Monaco's entryway and brightly lit bath and beauty shop lies a dim, stone corridor and the heart of Renaissance Aveda. A therapist guides visitors to a small changing room where the guests don white robes and slippers. The burble of fountains and quiet conversation lulls, while customers wait on soft couches for their sessions. The rooms are equipped with magnifiers and machines for deep-cleansing facials and lotions and essential oils for body work.
Kimberly M. (customer) on Judys Book
If you want to be pampered, go to the Renaissance Spa! It is located inside the Hotel Monaco in downtown Denver. When you walk in, you are immediately taken away by the wonderful, fresh smell of Aveda products. For your treatments, you are whisked away into a room which is dim with soft music playin...
Rebecca M. (customer) on Judys Book
I've had a variety of treatments at the Renaissance. I usually don't have trouble getting an appointment without much notice, but if I'm booking multiple treatments for one visit, it can result in a bit of a wait.However, I've never been disappointed by an experience there. Everyone I have dea...
S C. (customer) on Judys Book
I'm not sure about the Brazilian but the basic bikini wax at the RAS in Hotel Monaco is pretty darn good. Kathy, I believe that is her name - dark hair, did a great, clean job. The guy, Rick, was okay but not as efficient - used a lot of strips, but not painful as some can be. Getting an appointment...