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Pilates Room

1752 Kettner Blvd
San Diego, CA 92101

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Ph: 6192300889


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morenocuentas (customer) on CitySearch
I have taken pilates classes before and quite enjoy them. I decided to try the "buy 1 class get the 2nd free" from the Pilates Room. I consider myself to be in relatively good shape and try to work out or play tennis at least 3 times a week. I showed up for the first class and knew immediately that I was not going to like the class. Firstly, the teacher, Katia, had overbooked the class so people that had reserved a spot were told they could not participate. Secondly, Katia made a point of immediately telling me that she could 'not believe' I played tennis because it appeared that "I had no abs" whatsoever. When I attempted to do the 'downward dog' position on the reformer machine, she told me I looked like "a camel." I left that class near tears and knew that I would never be back, even though I would have received the 2nd class for free. Maybe the other teachers are ok, but Katia will make you feel very bad about yourself.
eastcoastchick (customer) on CitySearch
I was looking to try something different from my usual routine of elliptical machines, spinning and circuit training at the gym that seemed to have my physique in a standstill. My perfectly toned hairstylist casually told me she stayed in shape with pilates and credited her long lean muscles to Katia at the Pilates Room whom she met with in a class of 6 only once a week. I was amazed at the results and had to check it out. That was May of 2006 and I have been devoted to the Pilates Room and Katia?s expertise ever since. The classes are small enough for the trainers? personal attention to each individuals form and ability: adjusting the springs and weights, correcting arching backs and preventing possible muscle aches and injuries due to incorrect form, lack of endured strength or fatigued muscles. In the more than two years I have been attending class with Katia, I have never once known her to have a bad day?if she did we never noticed. She is always upbeat, motivating, and pushing you to ?not cheat yourself? from a less than completely satisfying workout. Katia is always inventing new classes, researching better ways to burn off the weekends' toll on your body and has the best ever expanding collection of music?with beats paired to match each routine. I used to teach swimming, so I really appreciate the time and effort Katia takes to prepare for each class choreographing every move. She is knowledgeable, charming and living proof that pilates can do wonders for your body!
katiapilates (customer) on CitySearch
Monocuentas review is not fair, she is a competitor. I always respect and take a good care of any human being who crosses my way, not only clients, any person I meet on my journey I treat with respect and care, even if they attack me I will always look and treat them with compassion. I would never call anybody names, I love what I do and anybody who walks in to my door. My goal is to help people around me to be as passionate about life and improve their health Maybe that is the secret for our success, I'm sorry if i step in anybody toes I wish you well, but Shame on you for trying to put a fellow down this way.
Maren Dougherty (customer) on CitySearch
In Short
Inside the bright orange walls of this downtown pilates studio, young professionals in sports bras and stretch pants work up a sweat. Six-person classes with reformer machines are offered for all levels, for both general workouts and specialized toning classes for abs and glutes. Private lessons are available by appointment.