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8969 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069

This business has been closed

Ph: 3102730977


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Also in West Hollywood

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jericsmall (customer) on CitySearch
So I'm reviewing a grocery store...what I'll say is that this Pavilion's in West Hollywood is probably an above average store. It's still got the old-style grocery store feel, instead of the boutiquey thing some stores are attempting these days, but it's well organized, clean, and above all else, staffed with top-notch people. After the strike a few years back, management must've trained them all to look up, and speak to the customers when they get close. Classic good manners really, but lacking in so many stores. So, if you get close, they'll ask if they can help you! And if you're looking for someone to help, they are there nearby instead of running away and hiding like it seems some store staffers do. The various departments including the in-store Panda Express toe the line and act the same way. The only downside is the nearly worthless floral department. I'd suggest they do a better job keeping the parking lot cleaner too. Overall, however, a good place for this midnight shopper.
beulla (customer) on CitySearch
other than the panda express, it's just another over priced super market!!!! And once they finish their remodel, it will be even more expensive.......(ha-ha-ha)
MauiGino (customer) on CitySearch
It would really nice if this store existed at this location or anywhere in west hollywood. But, does save me plenty of money shopping.
Contributor (customer) on CitySearch
In Short
Using $1,200 in savings, Charles Von der Ahe opened a small grocery in downtown Los Angeles in 1906. Now part of the Safeway retail company, Vons can be found throughout California and in parts of Nevada. The full-service deli and bakery is handy for home or office parties, or for those who want a gourmet meal or treat at home. Some locations have added perks including in-store coffee shops, restaurants or ATMs.
hanak (customer) on CitySearch
If everyone knew how to park that lot would have been great, but reality is some people can't. And that's okay, but some people damage other cars and don't have the guts to leave a note. I left my car in there for about 10 mins, and come back to find a HUGE scratch on my car. Two people a couple cars down were arguing because they parked too close to each other. Chaos. Perhaps it's not fair to just judge on the parking lot, well the place is extremely cluttered. For example, you buy produce very close to the cashiers, and it becomes a mess. It feels as though they placed everything without a thought. It's like, "YAY! LET'S JUST SHOVE EVERYTHING WE CAN IN HERE!" And guess what!? Panda Express is no longer. I died a little inside as well. Anyway, that parking lot is hell and I'd rather drive to Ralph's, Trader Joe's, Smart & Final, and Bristol Farms (Oh the wonderful choices) than the new and "improved" Pavilions