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Papa Cristos C & K Importing

2771 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90006

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Ph: 3237372970


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CUgirl (customer) on CitySearch
Everytime I dine at Papa Cristos, I always leave completely satisfied with my meal, the service, and the exceptional value. The food is to die for while the prices are extremely reasonable. Everyone needs to try this place!!!
annbanan (customer) on CitySearch
I've lived and traveled in Greece and nothing compares to the food at Papa Cristos! Its a TRUE Greek restaurant with outstanding food and passionate employees.
stufthippo (customer) on CitySearch
it's the best greek restaurant youve ever been in!!!! great food, great service.......it's just the greatest!
hbriggs (customer) on CitySearch
This place delicious, authentic, and inexpensive. You line up and order at the counter and they bring the food to you at your table. I highly recommend checking out the market that they have in the store when you are done eating--they have tons of stuff. Oh, and don't forget the tasty baklava that you can buy, they have a bunch of different kinds.
so_adorable (customer) on CitySearch
When my family first moved to Los Angeles in the 70's, this was the only place in town to get pita bread - and authentic Mediterranean foods. It's done nothing but expand and improve over time. The restaurant has grown, and the prepared deli foods are simply amazing. I can never pass up their lamb gyros and tzatziki. Every time i make a field trip to this place at Pico & Normandie I stock up on feta, olives, their home-made taramasalata, and Papa Cristo frozen spanakopitas & tiropitas also should not be missed!
devilishxangel (customer) on CitySearch
Papa Cristo's has a Thursday night event that includes tons of good food, good wine and belly dancing! It's a great place to go for a group dinner and the prices are reasonable. The setting for Thursday nights is cafeteria style. Secret: I realized that a group of 6 is served the same amount of food as a party of 2 all for the same price per head. You do the math. =)
bette1stl (customer) on CitySearch
This restaurant never ceases to amaze. In a city that leaves one yearning for the roasted lamb smell of chicago's greektown, papa cristo's is the only greek in LA worth eating (save Sofi, which is tasty but pricey). The place itself is absolutely charming, as is papa cristo, from the checkered tablecloths to their touting of the shop's olive oil as a necessary cure-all. Anyone there is willing to help, and they all stand by the dishes, eager to make suggestions, reccommendations, or help in any way. And you *literally* can't find better prices. You'll find 3 gigantic lamb chops for $10.99 (includes pita, greek salad, and potatoes). The chicken is wonderful, too, and two of my personal faves are the saganaki (fried cheese with lemon) and the baklava. We were happy enough to wander in for the first time 3 years ago on a thursday night, and got to participate in family night (where for $18 one can feast upon two entrees, wine, a barrage of sides and appetizers, as well as dessert, followed by belly dancing). Every trip back has been a pleasure, and everyone I've brought has fallen in love with the place.
lwmango (customer) on CitySearch
Amazingly fresh and flavorful Greek food served in large portions for low prices. Choose anything on Papa's menu and you'll be rewarded with a hearty and tasty meal. The spanokipita (spinach and feta pie) has a light and flaky crust and savory filling, the chicken kebob sandwich (marinated chicken in a pita with tzatziki sauce) features flavorful chicken and includes a side of the best Greek salad I've tried in LA, and for dessert be sure to print off the free coupon from Papa Cristo's Web site for a piece of free baklava. The restaurant is also a deli, so you can pick up Greek coffee, olives, or ingredients for your own Mediterranean dinner. The only drawback to Papa Cristo's is its hours: it closes early on weeknights (at 7) and even earlier on the weekends (before 5).
lavalamp (customer) on CitySearch
There's simply nothing better than this charming, inviting and obscenely tasty Greek eatery. The gyros are so good, the only thing stopping me from eating them on a daily basis is the heart attack I would inevitably have by day 3. The sizzling feta and tomato appetizer has made its way into my dreams. Literally. Like I dreamt about feta. Papa Cristo himself is roughly two-foot-one and every bit as apple-cheeked and merry as the pictures foretell, making the rounds with sincere bonhomie and sharing his irresistible joy with all comers. If this all sounds like a storybook, well, I'm afraid it is. Nobody doesn't have fun at Papa Cristos. And the best part? A full meal can be had for pocket change.
amandakjones (customer) on CitySearch
The food came in enormous portions, and each item was delicious (especially the warm, lightly grilled pita, the souvlaki, the green beans with tomato and onion, and the BAKLAVA), and it was VERY inexpensive!! But, perhaps the most winning aspect of this place was it's incredibly friendly service. From the counter staff to the bus boys, everyone was attentive and genuinely warm and friendly and concerned with our enjoyment of our meal. This is an "order at the counter and grab your own table" place, but the service was the best I've experienced in a long time!!
kp (customer) on CitySearch
Papa Cristo's serves a full menu of great traditional Greek food at incredible prices. A full dinner plate of perfectly cooked rack of lamb (about 12 pieces), Greek salad, Greek potatoes, fresh made pita and tzatziki sauce was only $9.99. All other dinner plates including lamb chops, grilled chicken, grilled fish (whole tilapia), gyro (beef and lamb), souvlaki (kebab), leg of lamb are between $7.99 and $9.99. They also have fantastic warm and cold appetizers and side dishes. The staff was very friendly and you can shop the Greek market when you finish your meal including the impressive bakery if you still have room for dessert.
gigimakka (customer) on CitySearch
How much more authentic can it get? This friendly little store & restaurant is where the Greek community stops for a quick bite after services at the nearby Greek cathedral. Lamb chops to die for are only one of the many tempting dishes on the menu. If you are not familiar with Greek food, the store is a good place to sample delicacies like tarama (fish roe salad), feta cheese and dry salami to see if they might be to your liking.
amyg (customer) on CitySearch
So yummy. Truly a treat. Get the sizzling feta drizzled in olive oil. To die for!
emmanuelnet (customer) on CitySearch
the food is truly authentic and the prices are the best in the city
pinochet (customer) on CitySearch
This place rocks! Everything on the menu is tasty. The kebabs are surprisingly tender, whether you choose the chicken, lamb, kefta, or filet mignon, and the pitas are fluffy and delicious. Also, don't pass up the baguettes from the bakery, which are made fresh hourly. If you like the salad dressing (made with olive oil instead of hydrogenated oils), you can pick up some in the deli. You can't go wrong with this place! It's da bomb!
chinadoll53 (customer) on CitySearch
The food is truly heavenly, the family that runs it is great, and the selection of groceries is incredible. Definitely worth going to!
stacy23 (customer) on CitySearch
This place may not be much to look at and the neighborhood may not be all that great, but this little hole in the wall Greek restaurant is something you have to try to believe! The food is amazing, the staff are like family, you actually feel like you're in someone's Greek home! :) I would recommend you go on a Thursday! Make sure you bring bills for the bellydancer! :)
lord_butticus (customer) on CitySearch
Papa Cristos is probably the best budget dining experience that you will find in LA. "The Rack" as they call it is the best around and a steal at $9.95, complete with salad, potatoes, bread and dressings. The meat is delicious, cooked to perfection. A very decent bottle of Greek wine--$10.00. Papa Cristo was not working when my wife and I dined. But Cousin Mark gave us the royal treatment, offering us wines to taste, and by spending time with us when our food arrived to make sure everything was perfect. My wife and I live on the Westside and avoid restaurants as most are corporately managed and run by unhappy actors. There are a couple of Greek eateries on the Westside but they are a mediocre lot at best. If you have not been to Papa Cristos you must go!!!!
devinskye (customer) on CitySearch
Papa Cristos is one of my favorite places to go for a weekend meal. It is a bit off the beaten path, but well worth the trip. My only recomendation is get there early on a Sunday. As soon as the Greek Orthodox church lets out across the street the place is packed.
bigdaddyzack (customer) on CitySearch
What a place! What a value! This is the absolute, hands-down best Greek restaurant in all of LA - if not all of SoCal. Imagine a place where the food, the price and the treatment are all excellent. Some places cover one or two of those points - but its rare to find all three. I love to order the Hummus plate. It is a dish I've tried at many places. As simple as the ingredients are, Hummus is a specialty that takes a talent to mix up right. At Papa Cristo's - perfect! Service? Excellent. I often see Papa Cristo himself, greeting people and charming the kids. The rest of the staff must be family because that's the feeling I get when I'm there - like I just walked into my family's kitchen at the start of a reunion or something - special. Great place in all regards.
nattboy (customer) on CitySearch
Oh, if only I had discovered Papa Cristo's years ago! I grew up in Los Angeles yet, never went there until last week. I love this place!!! Their pita bread is out of this world - fresh, fresh, fresh. The taste of their beef kebab is still dancing on my tongue, or is it the tzatziki sauce? Even their oh-so-simple salad is good--must be the dressing. Regardless, don't leave without getting some Baklava to go. The Baklava is made by Greek gods--perfectly flaky, perfectly sweet, perfect, perfect, perfect!
whattheeffcelena (customer) on CitySearch
Papa cristo's is one of those wonders that we stumbled upon a year/year and a half ago and have been devout regulars of since. hands down the best gyro - i do chicken, my boyfriend does lamb - and we both agree. the pita bread is very fresh, the hummus is authentic, the counter service is friendly and efficient. i love this place and come here once a week or so!!! TRY IT! you won't be sorry.... out of this world. i'm a lifer.
slhslh (customer) on CitySearch
I ordered the gyro plate and it was entirely too much food for one person but very tastey. We had a group of 9 people for lunch and the service was quick and parking was easy. Next time I want to try to Greek sausage sandwich or the kabob. This is a great place to go with a group.
noelio (customer) on CitySearch
I've had mixed experiences with this restaurant. Let me explain. Positive: I held my staff dinner here and my experiences on the phone with the owner were fantastic. He seemed to really care about us. I felt the prices were quite reasonable. The lamb chops were fantastic--the best I've ever had. The chicken was also very tasty. I highly recommend both of these dishes. Negative: Our waiter was a surly old fellow. When I arrived (first), I felt like the invisible man standing at the doorway to the dining room waiting and hoping someone would approach me. The aforementioned gentleman saw me, but ignored me. Finally, I had to approach him and say, "Can I get some help?" His response was indicative of someone bothering him. Also, be aware that the restaurant's interior is similar to a high school's dining commons. We're talking folding tables and hard chairs.
zamboni071 (customer) on CitySearch
This place is not located in the Best part of town... but it's definitely worth checking out this little Mediterranean Oasis! The food is made fresh to order and they only use the highest quality ingredients.
gvasquez (customer) on CitySearch
I have been here many times with co-workers and family. You have to be here to belive it! The food is Fresh and Tasty. The desserts are also great. I would recommed you take your time to come here to eat and to place your order because its always a full house. But its wortht he time to wait for your food.
pwali (customer) on CitySearch
I just ate at Papa Cristo's and the service was SO fantastic and outstanding. And the food was even better!! Make sure to try the falafel!! I'm definitely going back!! Thank you Papa!!
cl_foodie (customer) on CitySearch
The food here is good, although the ambience isn't much to speak about. You go to the counter and order and then they will bring the food to you at these picnic style tables. I got the lamb which was very good.
mskillz (customer) on CitySearch
Portions are hefty, even the appetizers, most of which make a fine meal alone or paired with salad. Fantastically flaky phyllo pastries are stuffed with spinach, cheese or meat. Fried saganaki cheese is shot through with saltiness and served with pita. There's also a stunning array of sweets, such as baklava, cookies, custard baked in phyllo cups and creamy Greek yogurt with honey.
capata (customer) on CitySearch
Anyone who says Papa Cristos isn't the best Greek restaurant in toen has never been there! Besides the truly delicious and inexpensive food, there is a fabulous deli to browse for various Greek and Middle Eastern treats. The family style dinners on Thursday night are the most fun you'll enjoy out to dinner with your friends or kids -- or both!
wizlaw (customer) on CitySearch
This place is located in a little scuzzy area of Korea Town.. But very good FREE parking in the lot. Everything was reasonable and very tasty. I had the Gyro plate which was huge. The Baklava was out of this world. The best thing about the dishes is that everything is cheap and made healthfully. Greek food is inherently very rich and greasy. Somehow, Papa gets it done right.
burbankqt (customer) on CitySearch
This is an amazing Greek place with simplicity: not expensive, great food, and down-home ambience! Papa Cristo is there everyday and so helpful, along with other family members who work there. We went there to taste the food and it was so good, we are having them cater our wedding reception...and the prices are so reasonable!! I highly recommend this place...you won't be disappointed. AND...it's in downtown but has its own parking lot which makes it even better!
changj2000 (customer) on CitySearch
Don't bother reading another review, you are wasting time. If you are in the mood for really good food, just go. Don't forget to try their desert too.
reepicheep (customer) on CitySearch
I drove a few times by, and always wanted to go. So last night we went and let me tell you, it was great. There is a family friendly atmosphere, the food is great....I had some Gyro's and the lamb, was the best I ever tasted. They have also a grocerie store, where you can get pastry like Baklava and much more. If your from LA you have to go, stop going to those Junkfood corners and get some authentic Greek food, it's healthier and cheaper too.
pmbroadway (customer) on CitySearch
I can't say in words how much I love this place. The food is amazing (especially the lamb chops) and their wine is SO good. Chrys, the owner, is the nicest guy and treats everyone like they're a celebrity. They treat you like family there! Thursday nights are great b/c they have a banquet style dinner and th place gets packed! Make a reservation. They have wine tasting, appetizers, entrees, belly dancing and dessert. I also use this restaurant for big catering orders at my work, and everyone raves about the food. They give you large portions and a lot of variety. I just love this place, and the people.
tandt (customer) on CitySearch
Friends recommended this restaurant, so my boyfriend & I drove to Papa Cristo's today. What a GREAT place! Many years ago I was lucky enough to spend a few months in Greece, and walking into Papa Cristo's I felt like I was back in an authentic Greek Taverna. The special of the day was moussaka, I had the vegetarian, FABULOUS, best I've ever had. We tried 3 appetizers and 2 main dishes, all excellent. Papa Cristo's isn't just the best Greek restaurant in L.A., it could be the best in the world!
duckduckgoose (customer) on CitySearch
The prices at this surprising little shop/restaurant in the embrace of a primarily Mexican neighborhood (I've driven past many times and never noticed the Greek grub) are quite welcoming, especially in this city. In the grocery section, there is a generous selection of oils and saturated sweets. The actual meals we had were also pretty reasonable and hearty, although except for the falafels, not exceptional. Just good cooking. The falafels, on the other hand, were perfect. Slightly crisp on the outside, tender and texturous on the inside, with lots of flavor. Delicious.
intlfoods (customer) on CitySearch
I must agree with Zagat's rating this time (which I seldom do). By far, this joint serves up the most delicious Greek food and does it all with authenticity! We travel far for this and have not regret one bit and have came back repeatedly since. The dining area's very simple and the service is very unconventional in a good way. You wait in line and order/pay for the the food, tell them if you want to dine indoor or outdoor and the servers will bring the food to you with the given number placed on your table, it's that easy and simple. Now the food: I had the usual spicy Beef Kebab plate, they were so succulently juicy that the words "never enough" utters through my mind everytime I eat them, also worth mentioning is the awesome and perfectly marinated roasted Greek Potatoes that came along with the plate, and the 'oh so soft' and fresh Greek pita breads. My girlfriend had the Falafel sandwich and confessed it to be the best of the best, and we share the Greek salad and Tzatziki. The menu is endless and you can customize your own plate while ordering. I will definitely order the Octapodakia (Octopus) when I return here again. There is also a small market section where we usually pick up some really nice canned wrapped Grape Leaves on the go and the baked goods (cookies) are just way too good to pass up. I was in for a big surprise and was actually STUNNED when I discovered that they also stock my favorite soda ORANGINA in their little cooler, which is very very hard to find anywhere and luckily where I live, I can fill my fridge with a dozen or two every month from a market nearby that sells them. They also carry many other variety of foreign sodas too where it is more popular in the mediterranean: like Orangina, for this, Papa Cristo's has truly brought back the real and authentic Greek in L.A.. Opaah!!!
alisonkramer (customer) on CitySearch
All the reviews of this place probably say the same thing - and they are ALL right on. Affordable, timely, and authentic - this family owned and operate institution is definitely the best greek food around. It reminds me of those hole-in-the wall NYC joints that serve up greasy gyros with tangy tzatziki for under 5 bucks. Excpect some crowds, but know that its worth the wait. Dine in or take out - be sure not to miss the crispy baklavah oozing with honey and spices.
m_raven415 (customer) on CitySearch
I live up a little bit on Normandie and could not believe that it took me this long to try this place out. I'm so glad that I finally did. When you come in you will see a small Greek market where you can get some wine and other Greek products. To order your food, you have to come to the counter and whether you decide to eat there or take out they will give you a number to take to your table. I had a lamb gyro and a sausage gyro, both are delicous. I have never had Greek this good. I will definitely come back for this. Something to look out for is that on Thursday they have "My Big Fat Greek Dinner" which you have to make reservation for and it is around $18 per person.
lachic25 (customer) on CitySearch
This awesome deli/restaurant isn't hard to spot on the corner of Pico & Normandie. The workers are so friendly you can't help but smile! Their food portions are huge...definitely will have enough leftovers for a later meal. I've tried their tasty & flavorful gyro plate which go really well with their roasted potatoes and dill sauce. Their pitas are fresh and warm and taste great w/their yummy hummos. You definitely have to try Papa Cristos if you enjoy great Greek food!
aimeenl (customer) on CitySearch
Wow! I just came across this listing as I was looking for the phone number of my neighborhood falafel joint and I saw the ad for the "Big Fat Greek Dinner" which sounded absolutely fantastic. So... I immediately called to make reservations and I spoke with the NICEST guy. He was so friendly and took the time to explain the whole evening to me. I really can't explain how sweet, laid-back, and conversational he was. He asked if there would be any vegetarian needs to be attended to and he told me that the time that the evening ends depends on how much wine has been had! Awwww! I just loved this guy. I'll let you know how the dinner goes but, judging by the people, I'm sure it's going to be a wonderful evening. You should make your reservations too!
maryberry1029 (customer) on CitySearch
We absolutely adore Greek food; as we formerly lived in Greece and Turkey. Unfortunately, this place was completely subpar. We went there this past Friday and had takeout before the restaurant closed. Everything we received was utterly horrendous. Nothing tasted fresh. Most Greek dishes are full of flavorful olive oil. Every dish tasted as if nothing was cooked woth olive oil...but rather vegetable oil. The Greek salad was made with regular lettuce nothing like traditional Greek salads that have romaine lettuce. In addition, we received all leftover pieces of meat rather than what one normally would receive, fresh slices of good cuts. They recommended getting baklivar from the bakery which to our dismay was a disaster; it was very apparent it was extremly old and had been sitting for days. This was the worst Greek experience we have ever had. We spent over 100 dollars in food and were sorely disappointed. Never again will we eat there. We have lived in New York City, San Francisco, Greece, and Turkey and we have never seen the likes of a restaurant such as this that calls itself a Greek restaurant. Diner beware!
food101critic (customer) on CitySearch
I have been coming to Papa Cristos and C & K for as long as I can remember. The food is authentic, wholesome and is a true taste of Greece. As I have traveled to nearly every region of Greece and most islands, I can honestly say this is the best thing because its the REAL thing. My favorite is the lamb souvlaki and lamb chops, of course, with Papa Cristo's famous Greek seasoning. Oh, and the home recipe (His mother's) Greek-style potatos that come with the dinner meals. While waiting for your delicious entre, I usually spend some time in the market (C & K importing) to gather up some imported goodies to take home. If you like Greek food or want to try it... come to Papa Cristo's for a picnic style lunch or dinner- it truly is special. All i can say is...I cannot wait to go back!
greekg (customer) on CitySearch
It's a beautiful day in LA at lunch hour and where do I find myself along with 7 of my colleagues??.. At my favorite Greek Restaurant in LA - PAPA CRISTO'S! There was a long line as we saw our watches were ticking to get back to our downtown office... a friendly man with a Greek accent greeted us and asked us if we needed a table... he sat us immediately and said "don't worry I'll take care of you - you look like you're in a hurry"... He took our order, our drinks were on the table within minutes and shortly there after a plate of delicious appetizers was sitting in front of us, followed by my favorite gyro sandwich and all the other fantastic food my colleagues ordered. I highly recommend PAPA CRISTO'S whether it be at lunch or dinner -- YOU WILL GET THE BEST GREEK FOOD EVER! OPA - PAPA CRISTOS - Thank you for bringing Athens to LA!
irishmcgurry (customer) on CitySearch
Best Greek everything is home made and fresh. I have been to Greece many times and this is the best greek food I have in L.A. truly delicious. The owner and staff couldn't be more helpful. The great news is they cater parties too and we all know tis the season!!!.
manuella (customer) on CitySearch
I've been going to Papa Cristo's for years - ever since i can remember. The food is always delicious. The souvlaki is great and they have the best Gyros in town! They also have a wonderful Tzatziki sauce - very authentic. The service is always good and the people are very friendly. They also have a market (C& K Imports) where you can buy products from Greece and other countries. I highly recommend this restaurant to all my friends.
ortensia (customer) on CitySearch
Moving to Los Angeles from the East Coast I have found it difficult to find really good food (except for Mexican) however here it is. I love this place. It is similar to the Italian deli/family style restaurants back east. Amazing Spanakopita and Souvlaki, ohh and the baklava. Best Bread I have had since I have been here and an amazing selection on Ouzo and Raki for brave. GO!
caligari (customer) on CitySearch
Low key casual atmosphere. Great Greek food with fresh tasting ingredients. A top lunch spot if you are in the area.
nvelis (customer) on CitySearch
This is the food I grew up on. The meats are amazing and the dips and sauces are authentic. Everything from gyros to grilled squid is on the menu and all with the authentic Greek flavors. Papa Cristos is fun for a group and appropriate for a family.
FAIR1 (customer) on CitySearch
This place needs to expand and be more service oriented like a true restaurant although they have counter order and carry-out too. I have no doubt it could be much more successful. The food is great and far from mediocre--Hey, if I could I'd eat there several times a week. Price is well worth the tasty food (meaning you'll mainly get cheap-to-moderate BARGAINS in taste). Note store items swing low and high, and the emphasis is on food in a no-frills dining hall sprinkled with object d'art, with a tiny patio area thrown into the mix. You may dress casual to upscale (not necessary so guess it depends on what you're celebrating) It's all about the food so you'll not want to enjoy it alone.
Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
Papa Cristo rules a tight ship in this deli/supermarket. And does an excellent job with a big smile. Order your food in the deli and take it with you or sit down at one of the many tables, help yourself to as many free olives and peppers as you like. The lamb chops are absolutely amazing, served with pita bread, sauces, Greek salad and roasted potatoes. Their desserts are truly amazing... I love the baklava with custard. Their deli section has great bread (freshly baked on the premises), cheeses, olive oil and more than I can possibly describe here. Worth to try out. You will return... like I do.
Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
The ambiance was relaxing and not too busy. I loved the service and they had a good selection of meals in more than adequate portions. The price was very reasonable. I would eat there again.
Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
This place is absolutely amazing. The gyros are the best in town, and you get enough for two meals. It is also a fun, family environment with a fantastic musician, Petros, playing on the weekends. Great place to take out of town people.
Contributor (customer) on CitySearch
In Short
Part deli, part restaurant, Papa Cristo's is a cornucopia of Greek and Mediterranean edibles. Order food to go, dine in the casual cafe section or browse the olives, wines, pastas, pastries, meats and cheeses for delicacies to prepare at home. Dinner plates are basic meat-and-potatoes dishes with a Greek twist. Rotisserie chicken or loukanika (sausage) is sided by roasted potatoes, dill-flecked tzatziki and hot pita bread. Subtract the spuds, rearrange the ingredients and you'll have a pita sandwich. Portions are hefty, even the appetizers, and the flaky phyllo pastries are stuffed with spinach, cheese or meat. There's also an array of sweets, such as baklava, cookies, custard baked in phyllo cups and creamy Greek yogurt with honey.
robschris (customer) on CitySearch
This place is so so so good. The food is amazing. Trying the baklava and the Greek salad. They also do catering. I CAN’T WAIT TO GO BACK!