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business Old Sow N Sews Custom Sewing cover

Old Sow N Sews Custom Sewing

1808 East Jackson Street
Muncie, IN 47305-2745

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Ph: 7657471934




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About Us

In the "Rigger Hut" I do all sorts of sewn product design, projects from Job Shop sewing to everyday repairs and modifications to existing products. But we specialize in Heavy Duty sewing and repairs.

Customer Feedback

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getout2shop (customer) on CitySearch
This is one of those shops one feels good about recommending. Not only is it inside one of my other favorite shops (Army Navy Surplus) but it is so capable that It is a bit hard to rate all the things they could do VS. what I have had done to date. Simply when I have any Heavy Duty sewing needs; this is the shop I take it to. They have done snap straps for my four wheeler, safety harness for my tree stand, pull tube repair on the outer shell, sail cover repair, several Rifle and Shotgun Slings, two shoulder holsters and a leg drop one too. Heck one is a three way holster that goes from a hip holster, to a shoulder holster, to an inside the pants holster; and all I have to do is change out the rigging in two easy moves. I have had my coveralls and bib overalls snaps replaced, Metal Prong Buttons replaced, and Leg Zippers overhauled. Then I had a pup who chewed trough a zipper and edge on my rifle case, and had them replace it. They have made me a complete duty belt for security work, and and an EMT Pouch for my volunteer service. They even made me a badge wallet, and neck / belt clip to weal a badge on. The deer stand seat cover went bad after several years and I had them recover it for me. I tore some serious holes in the seat and knee of my hunting overalls and they recovered them in Cordura Nylon that is both water-proof coated and water-repellent treated on the outside and that gave me extra durable areas that would stand up to the demands of my use. I took my children's book bag in to have the should straps and zippers repaired and that saved me a bundle on replacing them. My wife takes my patches in to have them sewn on our Leather vests, and she had her Chaps hemmed and waist taken in, while I had to had mine taken out. Thee is just so much more; and I have seen them working on horse blankets, harness, and belting for a lot of folks from a lot of trades...especially carpenters. The most telling is that I and mine keep going back.
getout2shop2 (customer) on CitySearch
This is an old time surplus place that has this "sewing shop" inside it. This is not just the kind of alterations shop you might find at the cleaners mind you; it is a custom made to order and repair shop for the heavy duty things in our lives. They made me a shoulder holster, that converted to an ankle holster and back, with a double mag pouch so I could carry; one in, and two backup. They also repaired my zipper on a tent, and replaced one in my leather coat. I have some old but still usable insulated bibs and the zipper went bad and needed replacing....no problem. The same bibs had need of replacing a metal studded button...no problem. The same bibs had some holes and torn away pocket....no problem the guy fixed them all as I was asking questions about what else they may sew. Did a Great job, Fast, and more then Competitive, this is the place other shops need to compare to; my brother and I both love this place as one of our new best places to come just to get our sewing or for some of our serious surplus needs to be filed. Highly recommend this place to anyone needing sewing and Army Surplus.
GKnows (customer) on CitySearch
I don't know if it is just me or if I just didn't have a really great expectation at first, but as I have been finding need for sewing, I have begun taking my stuff to Chappy J at the Sow N Sews place inside the Army Navy Surplus and it seems to me I have not found anything he couldn’t do for me so far. He has saved me a bundle not having to replace things for busted buckles, straps that came loose, or just making something for me from scratch. I can watch it being made or go down the street and have some breakfast, lunch or supper. So yes, I like it well enough and am still going back for more. If you have zippers in your life going bad? This is the place to take them for repair or replacement.