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Ocean Design Aquarium Inc

6500 W Irving Park Rd, Unit # 2
Chicago, IL 60634

This business has been closed

Ph: 7737369838




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nate_dl (customer) on CitySearch
Purchased a light from them for a good price. I went home very happy. The light was in good condition, and the owner said it will work for sure. The next morning I fired up the lights. They worked for maybe one hour. The ballasts burned out!!!!! Got on the phone with them and was said, "I don't know why it happened.... click!!!" Went to the store and no refund was given. Was accused of having damaged electricity in my house. They have never been to my house, how can they even say it was my house?!?!? First class rip off. This was my favorite store until I was ripped off, 7 day warranty (yeah right). I'd suggest you be careful with what you buy from them as their warranty is easily broken. Buyers beware as the fish refund is also fishy. Yeah fish have warranty, but not all the credit is given. Only 75% is refunded back. Reason is because the owner has to go through the work of bagging the fish for you. It takes ONE MINUTE to do that!!!
twistidd (customer) on CitySearch
Ocean Design Aquarium is in the Dunning Square mall. It has the best selection of freshwater and saltwater fish I have seen. The saltwater fish are so healthy, unlike those I have seen at other places like Coral Reef in Norridge. They always have employees walking around feeding the fish or moving tanks, they are always available to answer questions. The owner is very knowledgable, he can get you anything you want special-ordered. Overall, the best place to go to for any pet or pet supply (no dog or cat stuff though).
gkdragon (customer) on CitySearch
Small friendly staff, amazing selection of fish, corals, and aquatic plants all in excellent condition.
Albert927 (customer) on CitySearch
I bought a beautiful Southern Painted turtle from them. After having the turtle for 2 days I realized that the shell was soft in one small spot. I took the turtle to a very reputable vet who informed me that this turtle was under weight, malnourished, and clearly neglected. I paid over $100 in medication for the turtle. Upon calling Ocean Design, a very rude female manager told me I could bring the turtle back and get a store credit. I then spoke with the owner who told me that he usually just gives turtles fish medicine. My vet cringed at the thought of sick turtles not being given the proper treatment. Long story short- my turtle was so sick that she eventually died, even with a great deal of treatment. The owner did write me a check for $100, but it is not about the money. This turtle was mistreated and the staff was not very knowledgable and rude. I have reported them too the ASPCA and other agencies to follow.
UMISOUT (customer) on CitySearch
I have been to this place several times and this one blonde manager, Aimee, is very rude to customers and does things with an attitude. Not ALL of the staff is like that, though. The only exception is this very friendly long haired brunette usually at the front desk. MOST are very knowledgeable except a few who don't know what their saying. The fish are always healthy and a you always get a great fish shopping expierence, except for when Aimee works there. Which is the reason that I will NEVER go back to this store when she is working there. Also, the prices on the fish, way OVERPRICED and the warranty on fish is ONLY 24 hours.
Pondscape (customer) on CitySearch
I am writing this as a middle ground opinion because of what I have seen written so far. I've heard no end of people in Dunning Square Mall complain about (I thought her name was Jamie?) the blond haired rude girl who has a major attitude problem and I know she looks into your eyes as if she wants to kill you and responds to kindness with contempt. The more kindness you give her, the meaner she seems to get. But really, folks... we're not in third grade and theres a rotten apple in every batch of good apples. You should not let someone like her keep you from shopping at Ocean Design. You're allowing her to control you through intimidation. She is so self righteous she likely does not even realize she even has an attitude problem and she likely sees all of us as condescending and indignant. Don't let her problem become yours! Continue to repay her contempt with kindness. Smile. Be polite and enjoy yourself! Don't let her ruin the experience for you! Its an awesome store with great products! In fact, Tony has such a thing for customer satisfaction and quality that he prefers to buy from private breeders -- such as myself -- to get the best deals at the best prices. Whenever you see a sudden price drop, you can tell its because one of his private breeders gave him a damn reasonable deal (be it myself or the many others he deals with) and he has passed that deal on to you. The whole salers are the people who are ridiculous with the inflated prices! You have no CLUE how badly Tony gets SCREWED! Not to mention -- rent (among other things) is not cheap and this is not the best economy right now! So please, people. Be a little understanding. Tony is a very reasonable guy and if you would bring these concerns to HIM DIRECTLY then he would be able to explain these things to you -- and do his best to work with you towards improving your shopping experience with him! Whenever I want to buy something and things don't seem quite up to par, I talk to him. He works it out with me. I'm happy. He's happy. Everyone is happy. As far as there being as 24 hour warranty -- I didn't even know that. Seeing as live stock lives or dies by natures design -- having not been manufactured by man -- I've never heard of ANY pet store EVER giving anyone any sort of warranty on fish! Personally, I think its damned nice of him to do so! Also -- when it comes to reptiles: KEVIN is the reptile guy over there and he is very competent and knows his stuff! He is the reptile expert over there in charge of the reptile section so please -- when it comes to the reptiles, ask Kevin. In closing -- no business is perfect and we are all doing our best as both business owners and customers. So please try to be open minded and if in doubt about anything -- ask! If an employee gives you any flack, tell Tony! Regardless of what happens -- please do not let the fact that not everyone or everything is perfect, keep you from an amazing fresh water aquatic experience! Or a salt water experience, for that matter! (sorry, i'm a fresh water guy so i'm a little bias hehe). Lets all just do the best we can. Its all we can do, right?
Constantine (customer) on CitySearch
I went to inquire about a new aquarium set up. I did extensive research on exactly what I wanted. The staff member who helped me asked me a bunch of questions about what I wanted to do, and how much time i wanted to put into the project. Upon answering, he pointed me to exactly the setup I went there for. I asked him about competing setups and he said he could order any of them, but thought that one brand was better than the rest. He was correct, they carried the best brand (I did my homework). This told me they weren't just selling what they could make the most money on, rather, what was the best product. Their tanks were crystal clear and the fish looked healthier than any other store I have been in. The live plant selection was fantastic and all looked really healthy. Overall I was very impressed with the store, the staff, and the whole experience.
Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
They actually do have many fish here that look just like Nemo the clownfish. Their speciality is tropical fish. They have a great selection ...
Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
My only problem with this place is that they seem to quarentine alot of their tanks. This could be a positive though since they aren't will...
Guest G. (customer) on Judys Book
They are knowledgable and friendly. They have a good variety of fish and if you don't see what you want they could order it for you.
Robert L. (customer) on Judys Book
They have an amazing selection of tropical fish for sale. There are many tanks and all the equipment you would ever need also available. They have a limited amount of freshwater fish available. They also have small birds and reptiles for purchase. They are not the friendliest bunch at this store. I ...
Pat B. (customer) on Judys Book
Located inside an unassuming strip mall is a great looking pet store that specializes in fish. They mostly have the fancy salt water variety (for a pretty fancy price!) but they also sell the good old fashioned goldfish too. I picked up a couple wonderful little fish pals here recently. They sell...
Julie M. (customer) on Judys Book
This fish store is located at 6500 W. Irving Park Rd.They a huge assortment of fresh water and salt water fish.I buy all my fish here.All their fish look extremely healthy and very well cared for.They also carry plenty of fish food and supplies.The staff is highly knowledgeable and friendly.A great ...