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Neptune Oyster

63 Salem St, Unit # 1
Boston, MA 02113

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Ph: 6177423474




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mt01262 (customer) on CitySearch
Neptune Oyster makes my top 10 Boston restaurant list. On our most recent visit, we had their yellowfin tuna appetizer, scallops with pumpkin bread (an unusual, but spectacular, combination) and salmon with avocado salad and crispy duck. All were amazing.
efjp (customer) on CitySearch
Time and time again i give this restaurant the benefit of the doubt and returned, hoping for an enjoyable meal and feeling that my money was well spent. However, i am repeatedly disappointed. The first time I dined at this establishment i had one of the best meals of my life (hence, the reason for my return). It was halibut with an eggplant gratinee - delicious!!! Well, they have not lived up to my expectations since and they continue to get worse and worse. The chef refuses to make any type of modification to the entrees what so ever, he really needs to realize that his dishes may need a few tweaks here and there to be edible. i don't eat meat or cream and personally dont enjoy food soaked in butter or animal fat- so, it would be nice to have those components removed from my plate before spending 30$. The servers are condescending and act as if the chef were god - after dining here i am left with the impression that changing a component of a dish is the equivalent of murdering one's first born child. The chef needs to come down from his high horse and realize that maybe his food isn't that great...
hingham (customer) on CitySearch
Not only is the food better then B&G but also the staff. The selection of oysters is fantastic and the Neptune Burger is out of this world.
buckeyejillie (customer) on CitySearch
The oyster menu is complete with descriptions of each type with local oysters as well as some from as far away as Alaska! The places itself is small, as are most North End spots, but the bar is nice and comfortable, seating about 12-14 people, then there are about 10 tables. Their seafood is fresh and the sunday risotto specials are great. No liquor license, but their wine selection is good with a few beers on tap as well. Service was relaxed, as this place seems to have regulars, so the bartender was enjoying conversation with them. We did not mind, as we stayed there for a few hours enjoying ourselves.
bostonoffice (customer) on CitySearch
excellent oyster selection, fair prices, good service, great seafood dishes, good wine list, expect to wait
topdominator (customer) on CitySearch
great oyster selection, friendly owners, great seafood dishes, nice marble bar
theduke37 (customer) on CitySearch
A fantastic oyster bar in the North End. The seafood is exceptionally fresh and well-selected. The knowledgeable staff will help you select good oysters and wine (the house prosecco is excellent and very reasonable at $7). Additionally, the entrees are also very strong. Of the 8 different entrees I've gotten to try in my three trips there thusfar, none have disappointed and many have been outstanding. It's gotten progressively more crowded, so you might want to try and stop in at an off-peak hour.
redsx44 (customer) on CitySearch
Finally a place that knows how to prepare a lobster roll, with a little hot butter and nothing else! Needless to say it was delicious and I was pleasantly surprised with the tasty fries that accompained it. Another nice surprise were the different fruit bellinis that the bar offered. My only complaint is that the place is tiny, although we were seated right away on a Sunday night.
evinza (customer) on CitySearch
My husband and I met two friends here at their suggestion, and we were so pleasantly surprised at how great it was. Very small, so we had to wait a bit, but the size just adds to the charm. Our waitress was very friendly and helpful and made the experience even more fun. We shared a crab cake appetizer, which was possibly the best crab cake I have ever had. We also shared a huge plate from the raw bar, including some great oysters, all of which was fresh and tasty. Great wine selection as well.
hovb (customer) on CitySearch
Neptune Oyster has a small intimate setting, so you must show up early to get space at a table or at the bar. We sat at the bar, ordered from a vast selection of oysters and chose a perfect wine with the help of the wait staff. We split an app and entree, crap salad and lobster roll in hot butter. Both had generous portions of large delicious pieces of crab and lobster. I cant wait to some back.
donhoatran (customer) on CitySearch
If you're adventurous when it comes to food, this is THE place. My wife and I are always on the lookout for an oyster bar and we finally found this little place. Though it's a tad on the small side and seating is extremely limited, it's worth the trip. The raw oysters were fantastic and there is a wide selection. Our entrees were also great. I had the Vitello Tonnato which was tuna tartare and veal in a sandwich. Excellent. My wife had the carpaccio salad which was also very tasty. I would go again in a heartbeat and tell all my friends about it. Loved it.
ja14 (customer) on CitySearch
My husband and I enjoyed a lovely Sunday afternoon treat at Neptune Oyster. The oysters were fresh, the European ambience was welcoming and co-owner Kelli was friendly. Last night we went to B&G Oyster and Neptune beats it hands down. I would not rush back to B&G but would run to Neptune Oyster!!!!
bowdoin79 (customer) on CitySearch
Went on a busy friday ..waited the obligatory 45+ minutes... Sat at the bar which was nice. We ordered assorted oysters which are always fresh and nicely presented. The PEI and Nova Scotias are always great. We ordered 2 lobsters rolls..one cold ,one hot. The hot lobster roll had dry meat and a dry roll which collapsed as one tries to pick it up...and really did not live up to the hype. The cold was tasteless, very bland , and overdressed with mayo. No sweet lobster flavor at all. The rolls should have been toasted with butter, but were not ,thus making them dry and crumbly. A lobster roll ( esp at these prices) should be a mainstay of a place such as this , but it failed terribly. Other dishes did look great as they went by to other tables .
angeldvlchld (customer) on CitySearch
Decided to come here for lunch because of the osyter window display. The decor was much nicer than I had expected from the outside. The oysters were of average quality and came with two typical sauces. Nothing fancy there. Like many people had said, the lobster roll was not good at all! Even though the roll was a nice buttery bread, the lobsters were too salty and the mayo overpowered the sweet lobster taste. (I had a much better one @ Parish Cafe.) The french fries were very dark, and tasted over-cooked and burned. Although my friend liked the NeptuneBurger, he barely tasted the fried osyters. All in all, I think that the place is over-priced for below average food. Don't waste your time and money here. There are much better seafood restaurants here in Boston than Neptune Oyster!
miacomet (customer) on CitySearch
The food is good when they dont run out of it.. I can't tell you how many times I tried to order the Lobster roll and they never have it. The prices are a bit over the edge on many food items, especially the wine. Certain bottles are marked up 60%.
austindiner1 (customer) on CitySearch
As a southerner who doesn't get lobster all that often, I was skeptical over the concept of sticking a perfectly nice lobster in a sandwich, but I was blown away by the lobster roll here. We went for warm with butter and it was perfect, better than I could have ever expected. They had a fantastic selection of oysters. The wait was less than expected, and the hostess offered to call us at the bar across the street to let us know when our table was available. The dining area's really small, so you end up squished up against other diners when you get your table. The prices are a little high but not outrageous.
sparkles86 (customer) on CitySearch
The wines are overpriced. We went there last Friday night and ordered a 58 dollar bottle. Of course they didn't have it so we asked for something comparable and they brought us a 94 dollar bottle. I ordered scallops they had great flavor but, the portion was tiny for the price. In fact all of the portions at our table of six were tiny we eneded up going for pizze after dinner. The service was terrible and I think the waiter knew it so he added in 20% gratuity for himself. The restaurant was way too hot and crammed. Overall we had a very bad experience and would never go back.
erin8065 (customer) on CitySearch
I have been to Neptune twice now. I gave it a second try because people kept saying it was good. The second time was no better than the first. The service is awful we asked for a substitute for a vegetable and were very rudely told no. The wine is overpriced and if you think about ordering one of the lower priced bottles think again both times we went they were out of the less expensive bottles(not surprised). The food is overpriced and not that tasty. The portions are tiny. I don't reccomend this restaurant at all. It is small over crowded and not worth your money.
tomburns87 (customer) on CitySearch
This restaurant is not worth the money. I brought my wife for dinner on a Saturday. The wine list was outrageous! Some of the bottles were priced 20 dollars more than other restaurants in Boston. The waiter was rude. The portions were tiny, overpriced and not flavorful! The oysters were nothing to write home about. You can get the same oysters at McCormick and Schmick for cheaper. Don't bother with this one!
roguereview (customer) on CitySearch
I am an avid fan of seafood and when I heard about Netune's Oyster, I knew I had to make the time to go. The location is charming though parking in the North End is less than desirable. The ambiance was quite cozy and intimate. They way I like it. I immediately ordered a glass of champagne, and my friend a glass of wine. Both over priced and nothing out of the ordinary. We proceeded to order 1 dz oysters and about 5 other appetizers. I love ordering appetizers as it give me the variety I like and a sneak peek into the flavors of the restaurant. The oysters finally arrived and once again, nothing special and over priced. I let that pass and went on to the appetizers. This is where the disappointment really set in. One after another they came and each one looks strikingly like the other . They even tasted the same. Each one coming on a bed of over dressed salad greens and an aioli sauce. I could have been more content at Chili's! The bland mayonnaisie aioli soaked crab cakes was more fitting for a bovine than date night. Aside from my five salad course, the bartender (our server) could have cared less if we were happy or not. He was too involved in two female friends sitting at the bar. At one point, we receive the wrong order and instead of apologizing, he annoyingly took the plate and gave it to his two women next to us, taking his time to reorder the correct item. I would never recommend this restaurant for anyone. It is not worth the time, the money, the effort, or the palate.
chronicdiner (customer) on CitySearch
Disappointments of the latest reviews may be the result of the departure of the original, highly qualified and attentive, chef and less time spent on scene by the owners (when they're not there service and quality seem to suffer).
vpr80 (customer) on CitySearch
This little oyster bar in the North End is a GREAT find! Very small and quaint, but great food and fantastic service. We went at night, but they had a long wait so instead of standing around they actually let us go and called on the cell phone when the table was ready---I mean serious where else have you seen this? In addition to great service, the food was also fantastic. We sampled a large variety of oysters and they were all perfectly fresh and delicious. Also had the Vitello Tonnato veal and tuna sandwich that was out of this world. In all, this is a great place with awesome food and service, but please note that it is very small (~30ppl), very tight and pretty loud.
Eric Grossman (customer) on CitySearch
The Scene
With seating for only 35 or so, Neptune Oysters packs an impressive amount of drinking and dining action into a limited amount of space. Upon entering, patrons pass a well-stocked raw bar that's guarded by a statue of the restaurant's namesake. With red leather seating, marble tables, and mirrors covered in listings of daily specials, the interior yields a distinctly Old World vibe. Pleasant servers take the sting out of the well-chosen wine list's high prices.

The Food
Besides serving standard raw bar fare (hulking shrimp cocktail, breathtaking shellfish platters), Neptune stays true to its neighborhood by dotting its menu with Italian-tinged seafood preparations (lobster scampi, oyster minestrone). Can't-miss offerings include a meaty Maine lobster roll (served cold with mayo or hot with butter) and savory red snapper with piquant green olives and roasted garlic bulbs. Because dessert isn't served, diners can handle an extra order of Ostervilles or Island Creeks.
w j c. (customer) on Judys Book
Neptune Oyster is located in the heart of the North End amongst countless Italian restaurants. It is the perfect place when you're in the mood for something a little different and very romantic. Neptune Oyster keeps about a dozen different kinds of oysters on ice at all times. They are ready to be ...
kathy e. (customer) on Judys Book
This little gem features an outstanding raw bar. It is such an attractive space that you want to settle in and spend as much time savoring the ambience as well as the excellent food. In addition to oysters from many different areas, the dinner entrees are outstanding. I really enjoyed a braised c...
by jamessteph at Citysearch (customer) on CitySearch
This place has great food and great service. Thank you for a wonderful experience. I recommend it to everyone!
by josephryanallen at Citysearch (customer) on CitySearch
I was in Boston this past week for work and ate at Neptune Oyster one day for lunch. I was pleasantly surprised with the place, it's somewhat small but cozy and the staff was very friendly. A coworker and I sat at the bar and ate. I got a bowl of their Clam Chowder which was amazing and we shared an order of the West Coast Oysters which were really good. For lunch I ordered the Main Lobster Roll, hot with butter, which is the most amazing sandwich I have ever tried, which is why I ate here another two times before I had to leave. I highly recommend coming here and trying the Lobster Roll.
by rtwill at Citysearch (customer) on CitySearch
I have been to hundreds of restaurants in Boston -- this one is by far the best. Quaint atmosphere and fresh food makes this a must stop for any local or tourist in the area. Put your name in early and they will call you on your phone when your table is ready.
by Cisco20 at Citysearch (customer) on CitySearch
I have to admit that I do like the food when when have it but I stopped coming here mainly due to the way overpriced wine list and the lack of food inventory. It does not matter how early you get there at night. they are always out of something. Mainly the Lobster Roll. I mean really... Its not like the restaurant is located in Iowa. The entree prices are a bit over the top as well.
by Bostontransplant at Citysearch (customer) on CitySearch
I was told by a food snob-friend that Neptune Oyster had the best lobster rolls in town. I figured I would try it out since he's so hard to please. The restaurant itself is small and on a nondescript street in the North End. If you didn't know it existed, you would probably walk right past it. Inside, the small restaurant reminds me of a well kept diner so I was unimpressed when we first got there. The waiting list was long so we left our number and had a drink down the street. We returned when they called and got a seat at the "bar" area. We ordered some Wellfleet oysters which were great. We ordered some fried clams which were also great. Then we both had the "hot" lobster roll, which meant that it would be warm lobster meat with melted butter on a roll. It was amazing. The lobster meat was piled on high and there was plenty of claw meat (my favorite). It really was the best lobster roll that I had tasted in the New England area. The french fries were great too! I can't wait to go back and try the cold, traditional lobster roll. The only real negative experience I had was the service. The guy behind the bar wanted to take our order at his leisure (e.g., get our oyster order first then ask us what we wanted for dinner later). I preferred to order everything right away. He seemed unprepared by that. He also made a slightly condescending remark to us, probably guessing we were younger than we were. Other than that weird service, we really enjoyed ourselves.
by Athena Chang at Citysearch (customer) on CitySearch
Fresh and Tasty Oysters and Seafood After consulted Amy Cao, the famous and most friendly food blogger, on where to go in Boston, I have come to the conclusion to try out Neptune Oyster. My first attempt on the Friday night before Valentine's Day failed. I would have to wait 2 hours just to be seated and there was no way I could hold my hunger for that long. Therefore, I decided to come back at noon the next day to give it another try. Luckily I arrived early enough to beat the crowd at 12PM. It just so happened my friend from NYC and his date happened to visit Boston and Neptune at the same time and they went all out to order all the oysters they have on the menu. We ordered some oysters, shrimp cocktail and lobster rolls on our own. Since I don't eat oysters, I could only quote my friends and boyfriend's sayings. They really love the oysters for their flavors and freshness. They dislike the clams because they are too salty and you could taste sand in your mouth. I personally, love the cocktail shrimps because they are huge and super fresh. The best part of the meal though, is their lobster roll made buttery. It costs $25 but it has so much lobster meat, fresh and buttery soaked in a nice bun with a big side of french fries. I feel like in heaven when I bit into the roll. If you are ever in Boston, make sure you check out this tiny but intimate seafood restaurant. The long wait is worth it!
by Alex Rosenzweig at Citysearch (customer) on CitySearch
Neptune Oyster is one of my favorite seafood/raw bar stops in Boston. Often mobbed, Neptune is a small place and takes no reservations so be prepared to take a seat at the bar. The oysters are super fresh and a must for an oyster lover. I also love the lobster roll which is great but not the best I've had for over $20. I find its best to come in the warm weather when you can refresh in the raw bar and take a walk through the North end.
by kathy e. at Judy's Book (customer) on CitySearch
This little gem features an outstanding raw bar. It is such an attractive space that you want to settle in and spend as much time savoring the ambience as well as the excellent food. In addition to ...
by w j c. at Judy's Book (customer) on CitySearch
Neptune Oyster is located in the heart of the North End amongst countless Italian restaurants. It is the perfect place when you're in the mood for something a little different and very romantic. Neptu...