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Neilson Timber Specialists

2817 West End Ave, Unit # 126-283
Nashville, TN 37203

This business has been closed

Ph: 6159472295


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jessdean1017 (customer) on CitySearch
I had a tree fall, damaging power lines, and needed immediate help. Within one hour of calling Neilson, he called and made it a point to get to my house as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the power company didn't have the same urgency so Tinsley stayed at my house for the entire six hours it took the power company to cut the power lines, and remove the tree. They were incredibly nice and friendly guys and very professional. I am using them again to do some landscaping. I am truly impressed and would recommend them to anyone.
bryantsmb (customer) on CitySearch
I took bids for a major job and selected Neison who was also the lowest bidder. They went beyond the call of duty - super job. As for the 2 negative "reviews", I'll call them "suspicious" and let it go. Contrary to their criticisms, an arborist was on hand and they returned all calls promptly. We'll be using them to plant trees in the fall. .
jeremymorgan (customer) on CitySearch
These guys did an absolutely first rate job on my trees and landscaping. We tried to sell our house last year, but were unable due to the back yard being in such poor shape. No buyer would touch it. Neilson came in last month, and in a matter of hours, had my yard looking like a magazine cover! Once I listed my house, I had an offer the next day, and a full contract within 10 days. In today's market even! The crew truly worked their magic. They took the appearance of the yard personally, as if it was their own. Everyone was friendly, knowledgable, and even gave me tips on how to keep the yard looking great. I have to say, I am sad to see the old house go, but I will definitely hire them at my next property!
Bailey4 (customer) on CitySearch
Hey; this company is great. We just had them back for a fallen tree. It was carefully removed, the stump dug-out, and the guys replaced it with a new tree that really looks good. I would recommend them to anyone. They know what they are doing, understand safety, are very careful, and as a bonus, are really pleasant to work with.
lerile2 (customer) on CitySearch
Through, Courteous, personable, and professional--very refreshing to have such great service. I would definitely recommend them and use their services again.
martinsandler (customer) on CitySearch
I was delighted to use Nielson Timber Specialists. I found them to be courtious and on time with their scheduled estimate of the work to be done and in their tree trimming . We live in a fairly cofined yard and they did a fabulous job of trimming the trees without damaging any of the surrounding shrubs .Overall I was very pleased with the work that was done , and look forward to using their services when I have a need for them in the future . My overall reccomendation is very high ,you will be very satisfied .
jst10 (customer) on CitySearch
Neilson came out and gave me a quote for removing three trees in the backyard...but then refused to ever do any of the work. I tried numerous times to talk with someone but they never returned any phone calls and never followed through on their bid. I'm not sure why they got the ratings from others that they have as they were most unprofessional and unhelpful. Working in the service industry I was dismayed at this response and would never recommend this service to anyone.
nashvillenerd (customer) on CitySearch
I recently used Tinsley (owner) and his crew for cleaning out some small trees (roughly 30) in my back yard. They also climbed up a tree and cut down some dead limbs directly over our house that were falling on the roof periodically. They were very thorough and gave me a very reasonable rate. I have highly recommended them to my family in town, friends, and neighbors. Their work has definitely added resale value to my home and I am very thankful.
hackford31 (customer) on CitySearch
The guys at Neilson Timber Specialist are a very curtious and professional group of individuals. They were helpful through out the whole process, from the first time they stepped foot on my property to the time they left. They are very informative when it comes to tree work and landscaping. They completed the job in less time than first estimated, and they left my place looking better than before. Highly recomended, I will use them again.
liao (customer) on CitySearch
I did a little digging and found out that no one on that crew is a certified arborist. The company is a member of ISA which consists of a monthley bill, no real knowledge is needed. As the last post stated they were very friendly on the phone. Their website says they are all fire men. they should go back to that. Call a certified arborist.
attny (customer) on CitySearch
These guys were pros and not like the guys I hired last year. I am having them back to do some more work on the front yard trees - need 2 small oak trees shaped up top. Most of the others I called did not return my calls for several days - one guy did not call me back for a week! Neilson called me back in a couple of hours. I would recommend them to my mother.
egnegn (customer) on CitySearch
Great job. Have used them several times. They are prompt, reliable, neat, and know their stuff. Climbers used all their safety equipment and took great care not to damage surrounding plants and trees. Would recommend without reservation.
Contributor (customer) on CitySearch
Since 2005, insured contractors offer free estimates for tree and shrub removal, installation and pruning; 24-hour emergency service available.