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Morimoto Restaurant

723 Chestnut St, Unit # A
Philadelphia, PA 19106

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Ph: 2154139070


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syrene (customer) on CitySearch
What an incredible experience! I am very picky about my restaurants and this one exceeded my expectations. The decor is fablous, the service impeccable and the tasting menu was fresh and creative. It was like getting 8 tiny presents for dinner. Can't recommend enough!
bdzomba (customer) on CitySearch
Do not pay attention to the whiners on this site who said bad things about this place. EVERYTHING was perfect. We even got a signed menu by Morimoto. We had the $100 fixed price, saki and martinis. FAB FAB FAB!!! For those who complain - get a life. For the 2 of use, the cost was $350 including the tip. Definately worth it!
casam (customer) on CitySearch
I live in NJ and get my sushi fix sometimes once a week at the only place for sushi in S.J. . I consider myself very discriminating because I dont eat sushi or raw fish anywhere else in the Philadlephia area. The place in S.J. is that great - Im always impressed and never dissapointed after 7 years. Tonight was my first time at Morimoto. I ate at the sushi bar. Atmoshphere - Cool Service - Friendly and Attentive Tofu in Miso soup - Outstanding Fish selection - Superior Real Wasabi - I like the other stuff better Ginger - A little sour and not as fragrant yet good $50 chef sushi selection: Portion - good Nigiri - very fresh fish as expected. Rice unflavorful and and dry. Total Sushi Experience - Average. Tokyo cheese cake desert - crazy good. Will I return? Not for sushi. I didnt go there for good tofu and cheesecake. Oh I forgot ! Tanned Legs on Hot Blonde beside me at the bar - to die for
marisadz (customer) on CitySearch
Eating at Morimoto is always a wonderful experience - especially when you order the omikase. It can't get any better. The service is always polite and attentive, the drinks are delicious, and the ambience is unique. The restuarant is large and airy but still manages to be intimate enough for a party of 2. It's a great place to celebrate something special.
cristinamv (customer) on CitySearch
I've been wanting to visit Morimoto for quite a while and finally went last night. It was five of us celebrating my sisters birthday and we were all very pleased. Seating was prompt (with reservations) and the service was the best I've had in the city. I definitely recommend the Omakase! We ordered the $120 Omakase and it was sooo good! The lobster was perfect and the kobe beef was exquisite! I have nothing bad to say about this place, I totally recommend it. Oh and the Chocolate Wasabi martini for dessert is a perfect choice. And if you think you're gonna spend $50, go ahead and double it cause it's easy to spend a lot in there!
ericmbloggie (customer) on CitySearch
See the full review at --- ericmlevy dot com The miso soup at most Japanese restaurants tastes and looks like it comes from the same wholesale distributor. Little cubes of rehydrated tofu and pieces of scallion float in a too-salty broth. It?s an acceptable precursor to a meal, but it?s standard, and as I found out today, sub-par. Morimoto taught me that miso soup is actually much better than that. I ordered food that I?d get at any other sushi place to offer a comparison between average and Morimoto. The ?Yellowtail and Scallion Roll? and ?Boston Mackerel Sushi? came out first. I was off to a good start. The yellowtail was finely minced and there was just the right amount of scallion to boost the flavor. It melted in my mouth. The mackerel was fresh and oceanic with a good texture. It wasn?t too big a bite, which is important in comparison of the giant sized fish slabs on snowballs of rice served at lesser sushi joints. The white pickled ginger tasted fresher and seemed like a natural product compared to the normal pink stuff. Everything looked beautiful on the dark wooden platter. My miso soup arrived next, in an oversized white bowl, with a heavy shallow metal spoon. The broth was salted, sure, but this is a far cry from the packets you get at Trader Joe?s. This soup has a full, balanced flavor, accented with hits of thinly sliced scallion. But what really makes this dish are the big chunks of fresh silken tofu floating in the soup. I?ve never had tofu like this before. It?s totally different from the blocks of tofu from the store. Wikipedia explains, ?its texture can be described as similar to that of very fine custard.? From now on the reconstituted tofu blocks won?t cut it? bring on the fresh silken stuff.
axlenorman (customer) on CitySearch
My girlfriend and I went there Saturday night at her request. She'd seen reviews and we'd tried to find it (with no planning) years ago with no luck. We thought this would be a great use of a gift card and it was. There's no overhanging sign. It's a relatively narrow restaurant and the street facing lighted name doesn't give any warning if you don't know it's there. The decor and atmosphere put us immediately at ease, and we were immediately seated (having a reservation) although the table light is a bit phallic. Our waitress was a joy and her recommendations were spot on, except for the "Mushi Steamed Soup" which, while different and good, wasn't up to the standards of the decor and the rest of the meal. We'd go back again if only for the Calamari Tempura Salad or just the calamari - the lighter tempura batter and perfect cooking would have allowed it to melt in the mouth if the stomach didn't yell to get in on the action. The Sea Bass was very good but as nothing compared to the Seafood Toban Yaku with lots of crab, shrimp, scallops, mussells, and baby bok choy, all in a lemon butter sauce. My girlfriend kept dunking her sea bass in the sauce and we both probably could have wiped out a loaf of Italian bread sopping it up. We were also served by several others of the wait staff who were very polite and, dare I say it, happy. The only negative I would point to is the hard ceiling that keeps the sound rolling when the place is full. I'm sure we'll go back, once the budget has healed.
fureal16 (customer) on CitySearch
I am usually not into Stephen Starr's restaurants - I mean, the food is usually okay, but I usually find the music, decor, and service to be somewhat pretentious. Morimoto is definitely the exception to my feelings about Starr's restaurants. I mean, the decor and music is true to that of Starr's places, but I can not stress how much I loved the service. We arrived before our reservation, so we headed upstairs to the lounge which was cozy and the servers were all VERY nice. When our table was ready, someone came and got us and brought us downstairs. Our server was awesome! The food was sooo good. I can't wait to go back. Worth the price - best sushi/japanese food in the city.
jossfan23 (customer) on CitySearch
I had the mid-level tasting menu and had the server pair drinks. My partner had an appetizer and the sea bass. His food was so amazing (and my food kept coming) - so he ordered a second entree. It was that good! Expensive but worth every hundred dollar bill!!!!
rxm78 (customer) on CitySearch
My husband and I went to Morimoto just recently and had an amazing experience. We ordered the $120 chef's menu and fell in love at first dish! We had 8 courses including dessert. The pacing was perfect. We never felt rushed or overstuffed. That's not to say we didn't get our money's worth. Each course had it's own unique quality and our waiter told us that you will never get the same menu twice. Great sake drinks and martinis. Wonderful atmosphere. From the hostess that seated us to our server John to one of the managers that came over to our table after dinner, you couldn't ask for a more hospitable staff. I can't think of any part of our dinner that would be a con. At first glance the menu could be a little overwhelming. Overall, GO! GO! GO!
mab_nyc_00 (customer) on CitySearch
I didn't think this place was that special. I don't quite understand why it got so many great reviews. I thought this would be really good because, ( i hate to admit) of the name behind it, but it was just your average sushi joint at above areage prices. I was expecting a nobu-like experience, but it just didnt stand up. Yeah the atomosphear was cool but for me it comes down to the food. I could care less about the other stuff.
Trinarose (customer) on CitySearch
I had dinner here with a friend last night and everything was perfect. The service, the sushi, the drinks. I would say if you want sushi and you are in Philly this is the only place to go. The hosts were warm and welcoming and the server, Jean was informative and unintrusive. The sushi was fresh and the rice was cooked perfectly. There is also an extensive sake list which included Chef Morimoto's own signature sakes. I can't wait to go back.
Phillynewbie (customer) on CitySearch
After being at another Steven Star restaurant, Buddakan my expectations were high going into Morimoto. It was just one restaurant I had always wanted to try. The prices were high on the menu so our group of four decided that after ordering at least a couple of appetizers and entrees to share we might as well go with the recommended chef menu for $80 per person. The chef's menu can go up to $120 depending on the quality of the ingredients used. The chef's menu is where the chef picks out his best dishes of the night over several courses. I have to say that all of the courses were very disappointing! There was not one course that I absolutely loved considering the money we were spending on the meal and all of the dishes were seafood bases (yes I know it is a sushi place) but something vegetarian would have been good for a change of pace. Also some of the dishes did have a fishy taste to them. I like fish when its fresh. Our last course consisted of sushi the tuna was very good but there was some scary fish on there that no one of our group wanted to try and the one person who did said it had a fishy taste. The dessert was good but not outstanding. When you are paying that kind of money for a meal you expect outstanding. The service was excellent though. Once we were finished with a course we had no idea how they knew and someone would just appear with the next. Also if you're going to a place for atmosphere only this is it. The atmosphere was very chic with lighting that changed different colors every few minutes in shades of red and blue. The bathroom was pretty unique too, they had very interesting hand dryers that came from nowhere, literally a hole in the wall. Overall Morimoto had good service, and atmosphere, but the food was just not up to par with the prices.
sdornewass (customer) on CitySearch
meal was only average. I had a sea bass whole fish meal and my partner had the $120 chef choice. although she liked the variety of her courses she was not overly impressed with the meal. My choice was mediocre at best. I could have gotten the whole fish at many restaurants for a fraction of what I paid at morimotos and been just as satified. As far as service, this is the second time visiting Marimotos and I would have to say that I see a decline in the service. I felt as if we were being "up serviced" at every oportunity. I dont know if my waiter lacked the nuances of an upscale server or not but he came accross as more of a salesmen than a server. Our experience was alright but the price was over the top. For what we paid we should have been wowed. I frequent many local restaurants and spend appropriatly at each one. Morimotos was a bit of a let down.
JonL45 (customer) on CitySearch
I have a hard time believing Morimoto himself actually came up with the dishes this place serves. Every sauce is over sweetened and is simply lacking in flavor. The sushi is good however it is not worth $6 a piece. The ishy yaki buri bop is basically a $30 bowl of fried rice, $45 if you want a few ounces of fake "Kobe" beef in it. For the amount of money they charge, this place is too noisy, too cramped, and the level of service is not there. A wet table, a cracked water glass and the lunch truck (break-apart) chopsticks is unacceptable for this price. If you are drawn to "hip" (neon lamps and phallic candles) ambiance and have a disposable income, you may like this place. Otherwise it's not worth it. I've had enough of this Stephen Starr nonsense.
claredin (customer) on CitySearch
I've eaten here over a dozen times and I still love it as much as the first. If you're going to dine here, get the omakase and be sure to get the $120 because the $80 one will just get you the pedestrian stuff you see on the menu. I was here last night and the place was packed (on a wednesday!). If I didn't make my reservation for 8:15 I would've had to make it for 9:30 as all the spots were booked. I love the toro tuna tartare, the yellowtail carpaccio, the oysters, the kampachi salad, the 8 spice lobster, the kobe beef sirloin, the sushi, and even my apricot pound cake. Yeah, can you tell this is what I had last night? Awesome awesome!!! Five stars all the way.
tbear1923 (customer) on CitySearch
I loved the place. Have watched IRON CHEF for the past several years and just had to go for dinner. The food was excellent- the enviroment just as spectacular. Would definately go again. A bit overpriced but great for a special date. Was astonished by the knowledge of our server of each dish and its unusual ingredients!
gradyenglish (customer) on CitySearch
The food was excellent!! The decor is unique and fun, but it was a little loud (maybe some sound baffles would do the interior well). I was a little disappointed with the service that I got; first one of the items I ordered was not placed and next they charged someone else's desert on our menu.
Clove (customer) on CitySearch
3 of us had the omakase at $100 each. There was not one course (out of 7) that was not remakable. It was worth the 4 week wait. The wait staff was very good. Well schooled in the dishes and the flavers that made them great. Great advice on food and drink. Not an every day place but one worth going back to over and over again
jtessler (customer) on CitySearch
Morimoto is a jewel beyond compare. New York City resident foodies like myself having become weary of our berg's accomplished but entirely trumped-up and attitude-swathed eateries, have found that Philadelphia offers an astounding respectable alternative. Well worth the 90+ miles drive and lovely stayover in a great city.
porkee (customer) on CitySearch
my friend and i flew all the way from atlanta, GA to NY and rode a smelly bus from NY to Philly and let me tell you, it was worth every bit of it. ive been a great fan of morimoto and he made me a bigger fan when he came over and asked us how we were doing. the service was super friendly. the iron chef, himself, was super welcoming and the food was super good. the steak was cooked perfectly, medium rare, with a crispy exterior and a juicy, pink interior...great steak!... the dessert (rice cake)---VERY DIFFERENT!! great place to try !!
cody24 (customer) on CitySearch
Great atmosphere, very modern feel. The sushi is incredible, with the best uni I have eaten in the US. Prices are a liittle high, but the novelty of the dishes are worth it.
cjelepis (customer) on CitySearch
Indeed, Morimoto is the type of swank joint that you would expect out of any Star restaurant. And the service is truly outstanding. Unfortunately, that's where the compliments end. The sushi out Morimoto is nothing short of disappointing (You'd never know that from the prices, though). The sushi that we got on our tasting menu was not good. Although there were some interesting and relatively rare selections, the sushi had that "fishy" taste and smell that alerts you to less-than-fresh options. Furthermore, the $10 Miso was horrible. Frankly, your money would be better spent going to a decent sushi place, where you'll get more sushi for cheaper.
caroleeskis (customer) on CitySearch
This restaurant is very chic, but our dinner was just OK and I think it was overpriced. I would not recommend it over Gengi and some of the other better sushi restaurants in the city.
panzalu (customer) on CitySearch
Went to morimoto last night and tried the seasonal truffle menu. It was amazing! there were courses from the sushi bar (my favorite was the kobe short rib with truffles) and also from the hot kitchen...each course was creative and the meal really builds and crescendos with a fantastic dessert. Well worth the seasonal splurge. I think it is being offered thru new year's eve. A must have for truffle enthusiasts and morimoto fans
maylevine (customer) on CitySearch
I loved the look of this place, but left with empty pockets and a semi-emply stomach. I think I would go here to hang out and have a drink again, but would go some place a little less expensive to eat sushi.
may_queen (customer) on CitySearch
My husband, father-in-law, brother-in-law and I ate at Morimoto's 2 days ago. I rarely order a pre-dinner drink but decided to try one seeing that this restaurant has quite a following. I had a Shiso-juto. It was very well done. Our appetizers were very good as well. The toro tartar is excellent. We had the signature "tuna pizza." It was ok. I found it be rather pedestrian in flavor and originality. We also tried several maki rolls, all of which were outstanding. For an entree, I just got more sushi, which was very good. However, it just did not knock my socks off as I had expected, especially for the price. For example: $6 for ONE Ikura sushi? That is unbelievably expensive. The sushi at Genji is equally as good, if not a little better, and much more affordable. My dining companions ordered entrees off the menu. They were all good, but not impressive, by any means. In fact, my father-in-law's entree (a mixed seafood combination) came with rice that had been steamed in a lotus leaf, thus giving it a tea-like flavor. This would have been wonderful if the rice hadn't been cooked to the point of it being inedible. It was literally a solid, hard, brick of overcooked rice that had congealed together. My brother-in-law had sea bass, which I tasted and found to be rather uninteresting. My husband got a Kobe beef & rice meal served in a hot stone bowl. This was quite tasty, however, again, it was very mundane. I have experienced flavors and combinations of foods like this at very basic Asian restaurants. This was nothing special. The wine, although decent, was also highly overpriced. The ambiance is exceptional, as is the wait staff. I never felt pressured or rushed in any way. And the entire staff was knowledgable and helpful. I would recommend going to Morimoto's for lunch, or for a light dinner. It is worth the experience. Overall, it's way too expensive and the food is just not that impressive for its price tag.
smonop (customer) on CitySearch
If you want to be among those who think they are special, those who need to be seen to feel a sense of self worth, this is the place. The staff are friendly, but stand-off-ish, as though you should feel privileged to be in their restaurant. The sushi was wanting, particularly for the price charged; a few pieces were literally stringy and uneatable. I have dined at some of the top sushi restaurants in the world and this one isn't among them; in fact, it isn't even average. If you desire very good sushi at a reasonable price, there is a gem in the NE suburbs called To Yo. I will be returning to Maui for my yearly retreat (and no, I do not stay in a resort, but rather a fishing village) and there is a restaurant called Sensei. One of Bon Appetit's "Favorite Asian Restaurants" and one of Travel & Leisure's "Best Sushi Bars in America." With my eyes closed, I would not be able to tell the difference between some of their dishes and those at To Yo's; it is that good. My advice, save your money at this overpriced, faux, ambiance only, joint.
bobbytroup (customer) on CitySearch
It is hard to say whether the unusual ambiance or the wonderful food are the biggest draw at Marimoto. Everything we had to eat was delicious, and we found the gently changing light schemes very romantic and relaxing. It is hard to describe, so I would certainly recommend you try it for yourself.
fooodee (customer) on CitySearch
Having heard of Morimotos for years, I had to pay a visit to the famed restaurant (along with a few other places in Philly) on my recent visit to town. The ambiance was nice and comfy. The second floor bar seemed like a cool place to meet people. Once we were seated, the waitstaff had an attitude that they work in the finest restaurant anywhere and were not very helpful when asked for an explanation. It was interesting to see the bottom of their shirt scrape over my food when they lean over to put the plate on the table. The tempura looked nice, but tasted ok. There were no implements to hold the leftover bamboo sticks, neither did the waiters offer to clean up the sticks. The Kobe beef carpaccio had no marbling and was too salty. The noodle was also too salty, but an okay relief from the rest. The rock shrimp was the highlight of the night and highly recommended if you had to go there. My Sake steamed seabass was undercooked and not fresh. I did not taste anything special with the preparation. My friend ordered the BiBimBop variation, and it was terrible. Neither myself nor my other Foodie buddy thought the food was as expected. The price was on par with other places in town, but not worthy of the quality of the food we had. I considered the suggestion to order Sushi as others on this website, but anybody can cut a piece of sushi. Yes both of us had long bathroom breaks the next morning. In conclusion, it's a nice place to be seen, impress your friends...if they don't care about how food taste. With money not in the equation, we had better food at "Vietnam" and "Continental."
stonefruit (customer) on CitySearch
it used to be a fun, indulgent, creative dining experience. now it is expensive and boring. and if you order the chef's choice sushi, don't be surprised when the server doesn't know the fish.
sydnorsm (customer) on CitySearch
First, I have to tell you that I did my research on this restaurant before I actually stepped into the door... I knew what I was spending and what type of surrounding I was going to be getting. From the time that I stepped into the door, I was spoiled. We had our car valet parked, Coats were taken at the door, the upstairs had lots of ambience...Very different pieces of Art Work that surround you... I ordered a Bellini which was a very tasteful Drink. I would recommend that as a starter and you could also finish with anotrher Bellini... I ordered the ROCK SHRIMP TEMPURA which is mouth tasting good and the design is awesome that it comes out on... For my dinner, I had LOBSTER 'EPICE' EIGHT SPICE LOBSTER( AWESOME) again, decorated to taste.. The whole experience was one that I will never forget. The waiters and waitresses were exceptionally spoiling me. They wait on you hand and foot...Go if you have lots of monet to spend or for a special occassion. Betwwen the six of us, the bill came to $700 bucks........$230 per couple Gratuity was included A night to remember...
barrhalevi (customer) on CitySearch
First time I went I was amazed, the sushi was terrific and the service great even if the decor and atmosphere ridiculous. I've been back basically once a year now, and each time seems to be disappointing. The last time was last week, for a friends birthday. Aside from the 30 minute wait to be seated the sashimi/nigiri chefs selection we ordered was really disappointing. I guess it wouldn't have been as bad if my expectation hadn't been high. But then again, that sort of the point of a place like this. You pay for guaranteed, dependable quality. More concerning is that this last experience was NOT an outlier. I suspect this is the last time we will visit Morimoto.
atlantic17 (customer) on CitySearch
I love this place. I usually get the sushi when I go, because it seems to be a bit more reasonably priced than some other things on the menu. The $50 sushi platter and two appetizers is plenty for two people to share. I also recommend the miso clam soup, and the warm mushroom salad might be the best appetizer on the planet. The service is always attentive and competent.
scrabblefreak (customer) on CitySearch
I dined at Morimoto for the first time the other night. I had never seen a sake list so extensive. Our waitress was very knowledgeable and patient while guiding us through our options. We both had the Morimoto Omakase. We chose to have each course paired with wonderful premium sake. The service, food, and beverages were all excellent and we can't wait to return!
WillGrimes (customer) on CitySearch
been to nobu, jean georges, le cirque, and basically every top restaurant in NYC. have to admit the $150 omakase at morimoto is the best meal i've ever had. we were blessed with a huge brick of toro, abalone, fois grois, uni, and the precious kobe beef in an 11 course out-of-this meal. as for the decor... very modern in shape and color. feels like a modern museum or an art gallery in soho. service was exceptional as expected and mr. morimoto warmed up to us after an initial aloofness. overall, the BEST meal i've ever had and would recoomend it to anyone within a 150 miles of Philly!!!
hottytati (customer) on CitySearch
This is the best Japanese food I have ever eaten from California to Miami and every where in between!! It doesn't get any better than this. My boyfriend and I did the 9 course omikase and god damn it was worht every penny we paid for it! If you can afford it that is the way to go. You don't know what they are going to bring out for you next but guaranteed you will enjoy every bite of it. The tuna tartare, the half pan seared lobster, the kobe beef, the scallops, the sushi and the sashimi are all excellent choices. Only two drawbacks: the dessert at the end was a little two much for the two of us to eat after 8 other courses, and the specialty drinks are a little pricey. I now fully understand why Chef Morimoto is an Iron Chef. Domo Arigato!
marlo (customer) on CitySearch
Although the food was good, it was no better then any other good Japenese restaurant..yet the prices are through the roof. The ambience is too sterile and the phallic symbols on each table sort of made me lose my appetite. Will not return.
Mighty_Mouse (customer) on CitySearch
I've eaten in four and five star eateries around the world, and the food outshined all that have come before. My suggestion: go with the chef's choice. You'll be offered 3 price-fixed options. We went with the midrange at 100$ each. We were served 9 courses, and our likes/dislikes were accounted for. My favorite was the pan seared cod, and I'm not a cooked fish fan, but oh my goodness, I ate every morsel. BTW, pricing doesn't change the # of courses, just the ingredients. I left with such food happiness that I can't wait to return. Mighty_Mouse 8:)
Godzuki24 (customer) on CitySearch
Morimoto is a master and should be applauded for his efforts on Chestnut Street. The space is nice though a touch loud. The menu is classic Morimoto and one in which you can't go wrong. Unfortunately, a lot of the selection is recycled Nobu fare. True, he does command a tremendous amount of respect and pressence, but he just doesn't hit it out of the park here. Truly a delight and worth making reservations, but if you've been to Nobu, be warned that your dinner at Morimoto is going to seem like Deja Vu all over again.
Diamondgirl (customer) on CitySearch
I will never eat another New York Strip until I am back in Philly. Everything was spectacular. The food, the service and Morimoto himself. I walked away depressed because I knew I would never have anything so good again.
aka_orchid (customer) on CitySearch
My girlfriends and I drove from New York to Philly just to eat at Morimoto. It was worth the 2 hour drive there! The food is really good and I was pleasantly surprised to find that Mr. Morimoto himself was present & slaving away in the kitchen for us diners! Although a bit pricey (appetizers avg at 20 a pop, entrees around $30) I enjoyed every bite I ate. The decor is pretty nice too, and definitely original. Waiters explain every dish when they serve it and are very attentive. A great place for all you Iron Chef fans!
BARBWYRE (customer) on CitySearch
Morimoto is now my best friend. He was very nice! As far as the food, it was perfect! John, our waiter was the VERY BEST. The manager I spoke with; hope I never have to again, borderline rude/mean. But all in all it was worth flying half way across the US to check it out. I realize every restaurant, every server, and every chef can have a bad day, but on the day we went it was great. All the people in this organizatin arae extremely nice and have enough experience that if you get a bad meal, or bad service, it is an isolated case. These people are real professionals.
nufan718 (customer) on CitySearch
I couldnt believe Morimoto was ACTUALLY there! The food is awsome! Don't be put off by the odd set up, it's well worth the time to just stop and have a few appetizers.
syrab (customer) on CitySearch
It is simply impossible to get better sushi than Morimoto in this city. The entire Morimoto experience is (almost) worth the price.
pokeysiskasparkypepper (customer) on CitySearch
Since their Nov 2001 opening, I've been there seven wonderful times for seven wonderful dining experiences.
Corporate (customer) on CitySearch
Being a huge Iron Chef fan, I was excited when Morimoto opened in Philly. However, at first it seemed that most of the reviews were negative. After going this past Sunday for our anniversary, it is evident that Morimoto has listened and improved. We ordered the $120 Omakase, which was one of the best dining experiences I've ever had (and I've been to every top restaraunt in Philly, and have traveled to many as well). Service was great, food was amazing, and the night was incredible. I really can't say enough about our experience, and recommend it to anyone!
robbie23 (customer) on CitySearch
The food quality was below par. I paid $10 an ounce for teh kobi beef and it was tough!? When I asked about it I was told that it was from Australia, not Japan? Our other food came out cold and teh service was absent. Stay away unless you like being ripped off.
khutch (customer) on CitySearch
After looking foward to it's opening, Morimoto's was an overpriced let down. $20 for tiny shrimp, I don't care that they were drowned in sake. The seven spice lobster was ruined by all the spice. If you are into being "seen" then this may be the place for you.
celc20 (customer) on CitySearch
was star struck when I saw Morimoto preparing dishes for us. I am from NYC and frequent NOBU and was suprised to know that there were several dishes from NOBU at Morimotos restaurant. My favorite dish was the Oyster Foie Gras - it was impeccable. The Black Cod miso was not as good as NOBU's, but the decor and a glimpse of the Iron Chef was enough for me! I will definetely come back!
sushib (customer) on CitySearch
For a birthday gift, my wife and I flew in from Cincinnati over the weekend for the sole purpose of eating at Morimoto. I can tell you that it was well worth the trip. Having read some of the early reviews I was a little worried about what the service was going to be like. Let me say this - everything was perfect! From the moment we arrived the wait staff was excellent. We sat at the sushi bar and ordered the top-level omakase. We had a front row seat for the Morimoto show. It was eight courses of pure heaven all capped off by Morimoto-san singing happy birthday to me after serving me a special desert complete with a birthday candle. The food was something special. Im still thinking about the kumamoto oyster dish. By far the most expensive meal Ive ever eaten, but it was worth every penny!
jjc02 (customer) on CitySearch
The food was the best! The sushi was fresher than anything I have had in Hawaii or on the west coast. The tempura was crispy, but very flavorable, with a hint of gorganzola.
icystorms (customer) on CitySearch
The decor is an excessive attempt to be trendy--likely the reason for the uncomfortable seats. I think the bar upstairs is cool though. I got consistently outstanding service. As far as food goes...The first time I went, my 5 friends and I all LOVED everything. The next time was a big let down, even though we got a couple of things we had before. Considering the prices, I don't think it should be up to chance whether the food is good. But when the food is done right, it's totally worth the price. And my 3rd dinner restored some of my faith--it was as good as the first.
brians (customer) on CitySearch
As a huge fan of Iron Chef, I had to go to Morimoto's restaurant when I was in Philadelphia. It was a fantastic experience. I had the omakase (chef's choice) tasting meal, each course of which was incredible. I highly recommend giving it a try.
DarkGlobe420 (customer) on CitySearch
I was in town at a conference and being a huge Iron Chef fan had to make a stop at Morimoto. I was worried that I would've needed to make reservations months in advance, but I was actually able to call and make reservations for an hour after my phone call. The omikase was incredible and exotic. Seven months after I still can't stop thinking about how wonderful everything tasted. The highlight, of course, was meeting Morimoto in the flesh and taking a picture with him. What fun!
kshoaff (customer) on CitySearch
I went with three die-hard sushi fans. Two of us ordered shushi ala carte, the third orderd the $100 chef's selection. Can't say enough good things about the experience.
pretty_woman (customer) on CitySearch
Iron Chef rocks, food is delicious but expensive. Diner for two starts from 80/90 and up... it is definitely worth a try.
tony_ardmore (customer) on CitySearch
Morimoto - good side - well prepared food, delicate flavors. Portions small. Prices Very high. While the chopsticks are carefully placed with pebble and napkin, your silverware drops on your table at random from your waiter's hand - a little like a diner counter. No table cloth. Three at our table - food arrived at different times. Noisier than the loudest bar - is this some kind of "I'm in the middle of the fast lane chic". For the same price you eat at ease at Perrier or Deux Cheminees.
jgorczyki24 (customer) on CitySearch
this is a fun place. after all, it is a steven starr experience. however, it's not all that. long waits, decent, but not extraordinary food, and the worst seats i have ever sat it! i know that it is very trendy to slouch, but my mother raised me better and these boothes will only allow one to eat lying down. i had a nice time, but a dinner for 4 for 400.00 i would have asked for a bit more.
GuillermoM (customer) on CitySearch
For lovers of the freshest Sashimi found in the city, along with the Morimoto Martini you just can't lose.
harsh_food_critic (customer) on CitySearch
I had a set lunch. The price tag was high, but I think it was well worth it. The sushi (both the raw fish and the rice underneath it) was amazingly good. I had the miso soup and the tofu in the soup was the best I have ever had in my entire life. The appetizer and the entree were also excellent.
akatz (customer) on CitySearch
The food was simply amazing!!! Service could've been a little better and friendlier.
stu_cogan (customer) on CitySearch
I spent 2 1/2 years in Okinawa with side trips to Japan. I have never had better sushi. And the fushion dishes were excellent and a pleasant addition to the menu, especially since there are many traditional Japanese dishes that I have tried that I would just as soon not eat again. The wait staff were knowledgeable and worked hard to please. They were particularly helpful since my wife has some food allergies. My pre-teen daughters had never eaten at a Japanese restaurent before, and I was worried that they wouldn't even try some of the dishes, but the servers had us try a variety of small dishes and helped the kids through their initial unease. All of us, fortunately, love Wasabe.
foursquarebar (customer) on CitySearch
One is struck with a succulent raw fish smell as soon as you walk in. Is this for real or piped in? We were sat immediately and proceeded to have one of the flashiest and best meals we have had in a while. The sake is made for Morimoto, and I am sad that I cannot buy it, because I have never had better, floral, delicate, nothing like the warm stuff served in most places. There was plenty for me, a vegetarian, but my spouse had the $80 chef's choice and was well-pleased with the endless stream of food. I had tofu made tableside, believe it or not, and then served with soy or mushroom sauces - they leave both for you. I was not shocked by the prices. Four of us ate for a total of $257, before tip, and we ordered whatever we wanted. We will be back.
rzacharyblue (customer) on CitySearch
We came to Philly just to visit this restaurent. One of us had the omakase (middle price) and it was excellent. The other had the chef's sushi plate (highest price). I wouldn't recommend doing that. The sushi plate was good, but nothing really new on the plate. If you are looking for innovative food and some sushi, the omakase is far better. The surroundings are gorgeous, but some attention should be paid to the washrooms. The women's is well designed but looking a bit rundown (door latches need repair). The mens was way below the class of this restaurent according to my companion. It's a shame for a restaurent in this price category.
toddhd (customer) on CitySearch
If you love good sushi, and want to experience the very best there is in the Philadelphia area (maybe the best in the world) then you should defintely go to Morimotos. The food is divine, and the service is excellent. Beware, Morimotos is not for the faint of wallet! The omakase is your best bet, since you get 7 (small) courses for $100.
gilber20 (customer) on CitySearch
The $120 omakase is an amazing presentation of kobe beef and other delicacies that make the visit here worth it. Of the appetizers, the rock shrimp was delicious but anything else was a disappointment. Chef Morimoto apparently took great care in preparing the omakase menu but nothing else.
sureyya (customer) on CitySearch
the best sushi i've ever had in my life. try the Chocolate Pagoda for dessert! delicious
youdonthavetobelieveme (customer) on CitySearch
We came to Philly just for this restaurant. We both had the omakase (middle and top level) and it was decent, but just so. When you drop $250 for two, you expect more. There were some hits like the lightly seared yellowtail and the tuna tartare, but a lot of it was just average. The sushi plate was passable, but nothing special. The hostesses were obliging and courteous and our main waitress was great and attentive, but one of the serving waiters kept slurring the dish descriptions so we didn't know what was being presented to us. All in all, not worth the hype.
Je_suis_un_Epicure (customer) on CitySearch
The food is absolutely world class. The ambiance is not. Take away the colorful lights and wave ceiling and the restaurant is basically a very noisy diner. This is too bad as Morimoto's genius can't fully be enjoyed in this atmosphere. Morimoto has done his part but his business partners have failed in their contribution. Order the omakase. The chef's creations are outstanding. Layers of flavors and texture. Everything is very fresh. The Chef's choice sake is exceptional. My wife would have preferred a soup and some type salad with the omakase as it was all protein. She also prefers Nobu's. Go once to experience Morimoto. Beyond once it just isn't worth enduring the dining conditions at these prices ($390 for two including tip).
timkilcullen (customer) on CitySearch
Morimoto is the most exciting restaurant in Philadelphia, perhaps the country. The food is off-the-charts! The rest of the Starr group's food is assembly-line in comparison. And they're not bad!! It is a second mortgage to eat there, but take the plunge. It is worth every penny.
huskyduck (customer) on CitySearch
What really impressed me was not the food (which was world class) but the service. The place looks so hip you kind of expect a certain degree of snottiness to come your way from the service. Not true at all. The place has an unusually warm vibe and this is because the people who work there from the host to the Morimoto himself are all really nice people. I think this is because of Morimoto who is really down to earth and funny. The bathrooms were the cleanest I have ever seen in a restaurant too.
love2trythenew (customer) on CitySearch
The Iron Chef knows his sushi!!! I had the Chefs combo which was a great selection of seafood salmon, tuna, yellowtail, needlefish, etc loved it all, except the Japanese custard cake not my thing. Others in the group had the Chilean sea bass delicious!!! Tender and flavorful yum! Another had the Char not too bad either. The only disappointing thing was the appetizer we had the Dote Nabe (miso oysters). It was $15, but only 4 or 5 little tiny oysters, and the presentation was just ok. I would definitely go back, but Ill skip the appetizers and go straight for the sushi!
vloglady (customer) on CitySearch
My friend had the omakase dinner. Course after course of dainty, gorgeous little plates, some had caviar and fois gras on top for decoration. He was slightly disappointed with the sushi, the rolls were very small. I had the tofu appetizer, with a ssmall dollop of caviar. Entree was the King Yellowtail, prepared tableside on a stone bowl. The rice was so delicious. Moromoto has his own brand of beer and we were able to bring home the bottles. I was disappointed in my Wasabi Tiramisu; I thought it was extremely tiny, practically flat and not worth the price. All in all, a truly fabulous evening, very hip and the neon table dividers were very interesting to watch. The food was absolutely perfect.
bluie1 (customer) on CitySearch
Not your typical Japanese fare. The food is wonderful. If you want to go one step up beyond the sushi and rolls that you are used to, this the place to try something new. All the hype and light can be uber expensive.
food__critic (customer) on CitySearch
Morimoto is amazing. His food has no comparison. And added to that, there is one very cute perfect waiter who able to accomidate my tofu request into the chef's tasting menu! Thanks!!!! :)
yomamaster (customer) on CitySearch
Having eaten Japanese cuisine from Tokyo to San Francisco to New York, I have to say I was very impressed. I went for lunch and had the yellow tail lunch set, which was prepared perfectly. My lunchmates and I shared two rolls, the spicy tuna roll and the eel and avocado roll. The spicy tuna roll was pretty standard, but the eel and avocado roll was the best I've ever had. The decor is extremely trendy, maybe a bit too much as it does not create a very comfortable atmosphere. I doubt I'd bring a date here.
pvisf (customer) on CitySearch
This really was a great experience. You can stare at the dining room for hours. Subtle flavors delight the senses. I had the $120 Omakase menu. The highlights were the tuna tartar, the yellow tail with wasabi vinaigrette, kobe beef with foie gras and the finishing sushi. Lobster was good but not as impressive as other items. Desserts were less than stellar. It could just be that I dont like subtle desserts. A great dining experience for those with a refined sense of taste.
nickmach007 (customer) on CitySearch
This was one of the best meals I ever ate. The tuna tartare was amazing. The miso encrusted cod was outstanding. The sushi was good, but lagged a little behind the quality of the other dishes. I recommend going for lunch. Its the same menu, but half the price. I felt like I was on Iron Chef eating all the wonderful/beautiful dishes. Definitely worth a visit if you're in Philly.
junco513 (customer) on CitySearch
I had been loooking forward to going to Morimoto's and I was not disappointed at all. The food was delicious and I loved the decor of the restaurant. I had some nigiri sushi and the yellowtail on rice in stone pot. The sushi was so fresh and delicious, and the rice was good as well. I only wish I had more room to try more of the apetizers.
sb_fido (customer) on CitySearch
I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Morimotos for a special Food Network promotion. One hundred of us or so were treated to one of the best dining experiences ever! We started with an open bar of delicious sake cosmos, martinis and amuse bouche of tuna pizzas (YUM!) and various sushi. What followed was the famed 9 course omakase menu with Morimoto himself presenting every dish. The toro tartare was sweet & sublime. The Kobe (American) beef with foie gras was unbelievable. And each course was expertly paired with its suitable wine, sake or beer. This restaurant is worth the wait, the price and the trip to Philly.
louisgrey (customer) on CitySearch
It was a special occasion and was quite expensive. But it was also possibly the best dining experience I have ever had. The food and service were excellent. The decorating has won several international awards and was very interesting and fun. My children (8 + 11) were treated like visiting royalty though it really isn't a standard kids' venue. We were all charmed when Chef Morimoto himself came out of the kitchen to pose for a photo! A very memorable night out.
zstillerman (customer) on CitySearch
Food very inventinve and fun. Atmosphere cool. Staff very nice. Without a doubt food and wine are overpriced, but that is part of the deal. What was missing was a zing or spark to make this place special. I got the feeling everyone was going through the motions. Morimoto should be striving to give diners an extraordinary occasion dinner. And it doesn't. Food is exactly what you order - with no twists or turns (beyond what is described). There should be hot towels, small tastes/morsels of exotic treats and a playfullness to presentation. Instead, the meal becomes predictable, which is the death knell for place like this. One shouldn't need to get Omakase - chef's menu - to have an inventive, sublime experience
luigi1010 (customer) on CitySearch
Best Sushi in town. In fact, the omakase sushi dinner in my opinion is a steal. You can also get lots of exotic tastes and great combinations of ingredients which is not surprising from an Iron Chef. The staff is knowledgeable and very dedicated. Some dishes might be overpriced, 'over-pi-zazed', and youre better off getting your desserts elsewhere.
sskim (customer) on CitySearch
We took a weekend trip to Philly to try out Morimoto. We were eager to compare Morimoto to Nobu, one of our favorite NYC restaurants. And the winner is: Morimoto! (a photo finish) Definitely try it out -- it's worth the price.
bluehensfan (customer) on CitySearch
At Morimoto be prepared to taste some sublime foods, especially if you order the tasting menu (omakaze) We have tried the $100 and $120 ones, highlights of which were fatty toro tuna tartare with caviar (indescribably smooth), thinly sliced kobe beef that melted in your mouth, and sushi that was far and away better than what you'd find in a grocery, especially the toro tuna. Other things to get are crab appetizer, sea bass entree, chicken entree (really!) and soft shell crab roll. The food is generally good with a few misses. The desserts are mosly disappointing, as the wasabi tiramisu and the chocolate temple were not memorable. The staff was kind of restrained and distant our last visit and forgot to bring our sushi roll (odd for a $300 bill!) The restaurant decor was beautiful but noisy. Also, we've gone twice and Chef Morimoto was AWOL both times.
pjlee1971 (customer) on CitySearch
After six visits, Morimoto continues to delight. The omakase is definitely the way to go on your first visit. Although prices vary, often times it's just a matter of ingredients, i.e. the $80 set course will use maguro while the $120 will use toro and caviar. The sushi served is the best in Philly. It is definitely worth additional visits to try the other dishes on the menu, including a very interesting tofu dish that is prepared table side. The only disappointment was the green tea soba noodles. Other than that, be sure to make reservations early for weekends!
maitianci (customer) on CitySearch
Bar none, the best Japanese restaurant on the East Coast. Everything from the Foie Gras to the soba noodles to the Wasabi Tiramisu was fantastic! Unlike the typical California type sushi restaurants who serve nothing but elaborate rolls, this place has worked it sushi items like you'd expect to find in Japan...simple, but fresh and oh so appetizing! This place rocks!
snowwhite64 (customer) on CitySearch
The moment we walked through the door, the senses were ignited by the expansive dining room with neon lighting emerging through the floor panels. We started with the Morimoto sashimi which proved to be excellent, but the appetizer that sticks out in my mind was the Spicy King Crab, whose sauce will prove to be too spicy and powerful for some, but for me perfectly highlighted the great taste of the crab and left me wanting more. I had the Chilean Sea Bass, the perfectly cooked meat disintegrated to the touch and proved to be an exquisite delicacy. My girlfriend enjoyed the Spiced Lobster with the minor complaints of it being a tad small, though the spices strongly appealed to the senses without overpowering the taste of the lobster. It is clear that Chef Morimoto does not wield culinary clout because of television stardom, but rather the other way around.
phillyfood (customer) on CitySearch
This is a true dining experience. The presentation, food, and atmosphere are top notch! I highly recommend Morimoto to anyone in search of quality food and a great night out!
sockii (customer) on CitySearch
If you're going to go and spend the big bucks at Morimoto's, go for the chef's omakase tasting extravaganza and you won't be disappointed. Chose the level to match your indulgence and savor delicate courses and tastes of sushi, beef, fish, sobet, salad...everything so fresh and unique you'll want to savor every last bite slowly. An experience all Philly diners should enjoy at least once, and you won't regret paying the bill.
godiva (customer) on CitySearch
Perhaps I'm jaded, having just moved back from NYC, but I remember the Philly restaurant scene much better than this. I was so excited about Mori, having heard so much in the press. I went there twice, and found the place to be highly overrated. The food is fine, but far from great. There are some disappointments on the menu. Yes, this is the place to see and be seen, but that's about it.
scc135 (customer) on CitySearch
I went this past Saturday with a party of 6 who all decided on the $120 omakase. My friend had a cracked glass and notified the waiter who gave us a complimentary bottle of Fiji water; a nice gesture. Every dish was absolutely amazing, but the toro tartare, kobe beef, and lobster epice was beyond amazing. Other reviews say the lobster is overpowered by the spice, but I thought it worked perfectly. I'm not too large a fan of sashimi so the second to last didn't wow me as much as it did the others. We also got the buribop which was on par with everything else. They cook the yellowtail right in front of you. It came out to 150 a person, not including drinks. Only thing that could have made it better was if Morimoto was there himself. It seems he's around before and after prime dining times.
aerogrrl (customer) on CitySearch
My boyfriend and I LOVE Sushi, so we were saving up for the Iron Chef's divine restaurant. We sat at the Sushi Bar and ordered the Omakase (definitely worth the $$$ if you are a real fan of Sushi/Japanese cuisine.) Morimoto himself was actually there that night! He was mainly back and forth between the kitchen and behind the Sushi Bar. We loved it so much we made reservations for Valentine's Day 2005 (but had to make them in the end of Jan. and needed a $70 deposit per person). Yeah, ouch. But worth it. We went all out and cost us $300 for two (including the tip and 4 drinks). And the Ambience is my FAVE of any restaurant! The booths change color!! I strongly recommend it!!! Enjoy!
ctysrchfan (customer) on CitySearch
I'm a NY-er and I've been to a ton of great sushi restaurants in NYC but Morimoto tops them all. The minute I walked in, my boyfriend and I were given 5-star treatment from the hostess, manager, and Morimoto himself! Our reservation was at 10:30 on a weekend. We were seated at 10:35 and the hostess apologized profusely for seating us late even though neither of us complained. She then sent over a delicious complimentary rock shrimp appetizer! Later the manager came by to make sure we were enjoying dinner. The seafood toban yaki is so good, my mouth waters just thinking about it. To top it all off Morimoto walked around, greeted everyone, and took pictures! You could NEVER get that kind of service in NY unless you were a celebrity or the like. As much as I love NYC sushi restaurants, they can't compare to the lovely Morimoto.
zephyr126 (customer) on CitySearch
The omakase is memorable. Nice helpful staff. Will definitely go again.
naphime (customer) on CitySearch
One of the best dining experience, with absolutely superb service and a perfectly balanced meal, all while sitting in a neo-Japanese decor with color changing tables and chairs. My girlfriend and I had the $120 Omakase, which included 9 courses of the chef's choice. Some of the best dishes were the tuna toro tartar, Chilean sea bass, spicy king crab legs, trio of oysters, and the freshest sushi plate imaginable... but nothing beats the seared foie gras over kobe beef. To top it off, the bread pudding dessert was oh so divine. Picture that meal with spot on service from everyone involed, especially the waitress who was knowledgeable, helpful, and accomodating. Bottom line, most restaurants of this caliber will cost you around $150 or more per person, but Morimoto is definitely well worth the money.
msme (customer) on CitySearch
Upon entering, I was arrested by the decor: sparse walls, glass booths with multicolored, changing lights, etc. After waiting for half-an-hour (the bar upstairs was too crowded to wait in), we were seated at a side table with a complete view of the restaurant. Our waiter was attentivebringing a new napkin even before I had noticed mine had fallenand impeccably polite. The food, particularly the fresh tofu, was divinerich and delicate flavors. The major flaw with my dining experience was that I like conversing without shouting, near impossible because of the sterility of the furnishings which made everything echo (you could hear peoples conversations who were sitting at the opposite end of the restaurantalthough not with a clarity that would make eavesdropping easy). My suggestion: dine with someone you dont like so you can concentrate on the food and not worry about conversation.
kdub00 (customer) on CitySearch
The place is great!! Both really good food, but GREAT Service for a trendy restaurant. To start the evening, we had to make changes to our party size..usually to add more people at a packed restaurant is troublesome, but the staff at Morimoto accomodated us immediately. Also, due to Philadelphia Law, corkage is only allowed if accompanied by a reciept. Unfortunately, coming from California, we were not aware of this, and the staff had not informed us of this. The hostess Christine and the Manager came to our table and sincerely apologized and gave each person four complimentary rounds of sake to apologize..HOW NICE!! not to get away from the food, which is very solid Sushi..definately recommend this place!!
gradgirl4 (customer) on CitySearch
You have to go here if you're one to appreciate fine dining and a culinary experience. Our meal was exquisite, service was impeccable, and Morimoto shaking our hand was the icing on our cake. This is not just fine dining--it is an experience. I would not come here just for the sushi. Everytime we come we order the specials--and they never dissappoint.
nmhuynh (customer) on CitySearch
I planned a night of wining and dining for my boyfriend's birthday, bringing along two other couples, and boy(!) was it a night to remember. Service was impeccible - courteous, helpful, on the ball! Our table wasn't quite ready yet (I think we were also a couple minutes early), so we went upstairs for drinks at the bar. Cocktails were amazing, and Morimoto's has their own bottled beer! The table was an average size, the room was very trendy, and definitely loud, which made it difficult to talk, and a little harder for our waitress to hear us. Regardless, she answered all of our questions and had great pairing suggestions. Everyone walked away stuffed and satisfied. And I didn't find the bill to be astronomical for the everything that we received - service, ambience, food. ($330/couple, including cocktails, apps, entrees, dessert, and a few bottles of wine)
thayden2 (customer) on CitySearch
Like most Starr restaurants, Morimoto is a blast if you've got the cash. The food is actually hit or miss here. I've been here a couple of times and my meals have ranged from solidly above average to sublime. I highly recommend the rock shrimp tempura or any of the sushi. Be warned though, sushi in Philadelphia is never as good as LA or NYC. For the best experience, I recommend coming on a weekday with some friends, sitting upstairs, ordering several appetizers, and drinking your face off. If you want to go all out, or impress your dinner guests, order the omakase. It's expensive, but worth it.
jinn (customer) on CitySearch
What can I say that has not already been said? From the design of the dining area and bathrooms, to the amazing variety and taste of the dishes and wine pairings, Morimoto's should be a "must-go" on anyone's list. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable, and there is nothing better than just sitting back and letting the perfectly paired courses come out one by one while you unwind, chat, and take in the light show!
alexeid (customer) on CitySearch
Reservations are a must. We hadn't done our homework and just walked in at 5:30 pm on a Saturday and had incredible luck to get seated. 15 minutes later the place filled completely. The ambiance and the food are phenomenal, but save it for a very special occasion. $50/person is the absolute minimum that you will spend. Omikase is a good option if you are choice averse, otherwise you'll get a much better deal if you actively manage your order and pry the waiters for information. The waiters are very polite and professional, although some (new trainees?) not very knowledgeable about the food. For example, the specials spiel was well practised, but this one guy couldn't tell the white fish sushi from red snapper. Otherwise the attention to detail is impeccable, and the sushi was probably the best I ever tried. Needle fish, giant clam and kinmedai highly recommended.
razhahack (customer) on CitySearch
My husband and I dined for our anniversary and had the $100 Omakase, which is a chef's choice tasting menu with 8 courses. (You can choose the price from $60-$120 with dish selections increasing as price increase.) We also got the matching beverages for $65. We must say that every course was well presented and tasted fabulous but there are several details they are missing for this price point! Cheap wooden chop sticks that you have to break apart - like fast food take out chines was really a turn off to eat should high quality entre's. They should also get a sommelier at this because the wines did not match the dish on several dishes. The portions were very small, fine for me but my husbanded was tempted to stop for a burger on the way home after 8 courses! Finally, although the waitress was very nice and responsive, she did not have any knowledge of what she was serving food, nor wine other than what she read off some sheet in the kitchen. For this price you expect more than just good food!
cruiseship (customer) on CitySearch
This is a sensational restaurant. The decor is amazing and the menu is fantastic as is the food as well as the great service. I enjoy the variety of the food and the helpful attitude of the staff
ashleenicole (customer) on CitySearch
Morimoto absolutely lived up to my high hopes. I took my boyfriend there to celebrate and we both ordered the omakase ($120/person) and the beverage omakase ($65/person). We had 8 excellent courses and each was paired with a beverage (red wine, white wine, sake, and a gin martini). I can't imagine going to Morimoto and getting anything else. It was very expensive but absolutely worth every penny. Every drink was great and there was such a diverse mix of food (raw fish, beef, shellfish). It had something for everyone. The best part? I wasn't over-stuffed or tipsy when I left. It was the perfect amount of food and I ate everything and the perfect amount of alcohol over the time it took to eat. Not romantic, but an amazing dining experience.
ebehr (customer) on CitySearch
While I admire the majority of Stephen Starr's restaurants (Buddakan and Alma de Cuba win for me), I was rather dissappointed in my Morimoto experience. The decor was phenomenal--striking, fun, and eclectic. As an avid sushi diner, I must admit that it is truly delicious. What dissappointed me, however, was the service. My father and I dined here and opted for the $120 Chef's Omakase, which came highly recommended by several friends and our server. While the presentation and food impressed, the time it took and the attitude of our server certainly did not. While we are cognizant of the fact that a Chef's Omakase takes longer than the average dining experience, when we mentioned the serious stalling in our food, our server snobbishly brushed us off and began rolling her eyes to the manager. It's not that I would not recommend this restaurant, but I do recommend that they take more time to train their servers. Service most certainly plays a large role in dining and, in this case, negatively affected what could have been a very special meal for my father and I.
gvgseg (customer) on CitySearch
Morimoto is not just a meal... it is truly a dining experience. The Omakase is the only way to go at this restaurant. Place your trust in the hands of the chefs and you will most definitely not be disappointed. The more you're willing to spend the higher quality selections they'll give you. We went with the $200/person Omakase which ended up being 12 courses including lobster, kobe beef, foie gras and some of the rarest fish in the world. (Our first course alone was valued at over $65 according to our waiter.) While the portions are small, it ends up being plenty of food even for my large appetite. Not only was the food great, I have never had better service at a restaurant ever. Our waiter explained how the omakase worked and when each course was presented, he explained in detail what everything was. He also effectively paired sake, wine, and champagne selections with our dishes when we asked. In hindsight, we should have gone with the Drink Omakase for an extra $65/person rather than going with a la carte drinks which ended up costing the same anyways. I definitely look forward to going back in the future.
wineyfoody (customer) on CitySearch
I dined at morimoto for the 1st time in 2 years since moving away from Philly. I had a great experience. Although I didn't dine on the omakase as I have in the past, I thoroughly enjoyed my ala carte items. The sushi was fresh and absolutely delicious. The miso soup is some of the best I've ever had. My husband enjoyed his meal as well (he had the buri bop). The service at morimoto is some of the best in town. They are always going out of their way to make you feel welcome and always very helpful with any questions about the menu. I also took a peek at their lunch menu which has some great inexpensive options. I guess that will be my next visit there.
bobbybrady (customer) on CitySearch
I had the seasonal tasting menu last time I ate at morimoto but my friend had the sushi and said it was the best she had ever had. So this visit I dined on sushi. OH MY!! Really great. I tried a chef's combination which leaves the fish up to the chef. I had sushi and rolls, I loved everything. I was alone so I decided to sit at the sushi bar(you don't have to eat sushi if you sit there). The gentleman next to me, had the current tasting menu of squash...I think he had 4 courses(at least before I left) and they all looked amazing. He told me he was visiting from out of town for business and that morimoto was on his list of things to do while in Philly. He said he loved everything from the decor to the service to the food. I have to agree.
kjmoj055 (customer) on CitySearch
The absolute best of thre best. The sushi is wonderous and the drinks as well as the ambiance make you feel terrific. I especially adore the philadelphia roll and the crunchy dragon rolls. The fish dishes are super
nj4life (customer) on CitySearch
Super snazzy decor makes any meal here feel like a celebration! The upstairs bar/lounge is my favorite corner to get away and scarf down a few of the superb selections from their sushi menu! I use spicy tuna rolls as my litmus to judge sushi restaurants (because I'm crazy like that!) and this is by far the home of the best one I've ever eaten! Their selection of fish is among the best I've seen, so if you like trying new things, this is the place to be!
californiagrl (customer) on CitySearch
I adore the sushi and the way the staff is so accomodating. The portions are just the right size and the variety of fresh sushi and sahimi are fabulous. I especially love the eel rolls and the spicy dragon rolls.
p_sartorini (customer) on CitySearch
Ialways have the best time here. My fiancee and I eat here several times a month and always enjoy everything. The california rolls are out of this world as are the rest of the sushi and sahimi dishes.
minhnga (customer) on CitySearch
The sushi at Morimoto is just so fresh and so good. I highly recommend you to come for sushi, try out their big combo. However, I don't recommend eating other food at Morimoto, they're kinda sweet and I was not happy with the Udon or fried rice that my friends ordered. But for sushi, Morimoto maybe the best place in town.
xzqx (customer) on CitySearch
The sushi was great, the best we've had so far in the city. The other dishes we tried were good, but not quite worth the prices. What really shocked me, though, was the fact that there was no toilet paper in the bathroom, AT ALL. In NONE of the stalls. A restaurant of this supposed quality needs to pay more attention to detail -- this is more like what I'd expect from McDonalds. Absolutely shameful, will not be back.
m_raven415 (customer) on CitySearch
This was one of the restaurant in Philly that I promised myself I would try before graduating from Penn. It did it four times. For the beginner coming here, you should definitely try the medium prized sampler option. This is such a great way to taste the different variety of dishes that this restaurant offers. The best part is that if you come back again and still want the sampler, all you have to do is tell the waitress this is your second time around. She will make sure to tell the chef and he will use more exotic ingredients in your dish. Everything is so fresh and delicous. They also have their own beer and sake. Of course this is definitely on teh expensive side but hey this is one of a very few 5 star restaurants in Philadelphia.
chow83 (customer) on CitySearch
I went to Morimoto on Sunday night for the first time with very high expectations. What an amazing dining experience. I had been told by friends not to expect to see Morimoto, but they were wrong. We had dinner at the sushi bar, and Morimoto was there making the sushi. I had read some negative reviews so I was a little nervous, but the food was definitely worth the price. An unforgetable dining experience.
bladethatcher (customer) on CitySearch
On a recent trip to one of my favorite restaurants in the city, I had the pleasure of walking into Morimoto to the surprise of not only the omakase tasting menu to which the restaurant is known for but a new addition to the prixe fixe standard. Not only was the omakase offered but we were informed of the addition of a monthly rotating seasonal tasting menu. The ingredient of choice (as if it were truly the Iron Chef television show!) was heirloom tomatoes. More affordable than the traditional omakase, and equally worth the price, we were treated to 2 courses from the sushi bar, tasting exotics like Aji tartare with heirloom tomato tuille, with heirloom puree and a golden big eyed snapper and heirloom tomato salad. After a green tomato sorbet with cracked white pepper (oddly exciting), we were taken through 3 courses from the hot kitchen as opposed to the standard 2. A light Tai fume soup to start followed by a substantial dry aged sirloin course, and finishing with the most delightful Spanish mackerel topped with 4 different strains of heirloom tomato. Even the dessert featuring a tomato water, and the quirky combination of a biscuit and a french chevre cheescake finished what ended up being one of the most original and forward thinking tasting menus I've had at Morimoto. Morimoto rarely dissapoints and I now get to look forward to the upcoming Matsutake mushroom tasting menu. If tasting menus are your thing, these seasonal tasting menus have much potential if they live up to this tomato menu...
filly_in_philly (customer) on CitySearch
I came here for lunch and by the decor alone, you can tell that you are in for a modern take on Japanese cuicine. The sushi is fresh but the lunch set offerings seem basic. The hot and cold dishes are more inventive and interesting. The yosedofu (tofu) is made at your table and is mesmerizing to watch and the tuna pizza is definitely for the open minded seafood lover! There is a Chef's choice called "omikase" and while pricey, you let the chef create anything he wants for you. Very creative! A great place to take your visiting friends to.
cheetah110 (customer) on CitySearch
We got to Morimoto for our 10:15pm reservation on a Saturday night and were told that we would have to wait. We went up stairs to the bar/lounge area and ordered edamame, sushi and soup. I have heard great things about the sushi here, and was terribly disappointed. It was uncreative and unenjoyable... we didn't even finish it. The Dobin Mushi Steamed Soup was also not worth finishing. I think that this restaurant is more of a meat market and a place to be seen. The food isn't anything special, and absolutely not worth the price!
delicatessecritic (customer) on CitySearch
Morimoto is a place with great ambience, and the decor is absolutely remarkable. Here is my problem: The sushi rice is not cooked appropriately, this would never be acceptable in Japan. I spoke to one of their sushi chefs in Japanese and he told me that he is a student at U Penn. Ok great, this guy never made sushi, and morimoto already allows him to serve customers? In japan a Sushi Shokunin, this is what we refer to as the Sushi chef, has to first work 10 years in the back kitchen before being allowed to serve a customer. This is shameful, especially coming from Morimoto who knows better than that!!!! But I have to say the dishes are very interesting, especially the tofu that hardens right infront of you from liquid form. As a date spot I would recommend it. But as a place to come and truly enjoy japanese food, I would not. This is more of a Japanese Fusion food place than true japanese food. Also, please Morimotosan train your staff for at least one month before letting them stand there and serve customers. My sushi fell apart, because the nigiri of the gohan was not hard enough. the Wasabi was not as fresh as I hoped too.
NotMorimotoFan (customer) on CitySearch
On 09/29/2008 we drove from Baltimore to Philadelphia for a 5:30pm reservation on a Monday night. Upon arrival we were the only people there except the staff. We were seated and started out with a Morimoto Soba Ale and a non-alcoholic pineapple cocktail. We decided on three $120.00 Omakase and $85.00/$65.00 drink paring. We recieved a complimentary dish(About the size of a quarter) with a tiny peice of lobster and sauce, which was very tasty. The first course was tuna tartar with caviar/scallions which was very tasty with a glass of wine. The second course was three oysters with jalapeno/lime which were very good with glass of Sake. The third course was red snapper with a citrus type sauce with a glass of wine. The fourth course was yellowtail with sea urchin/grasses/sauce with a glass of Sake. The fifth course was a half lobster(eight spice) containing about four bites of lobster with a glass of wine. The sixth course was Kobe beef(Unk what part) that was just plain bland with glass of red wine. The dessert was some type of cake with some drops of glaze, trully forgettable. Overall for the cost it was certainly not worth the trip from out of town or the $120.00 per person cost for the food. The total cost for our meal was $585.00 plus tip. The best part of the trip was leaving and driving to Geno's Steaks and getting three cheesesteaks to fill us up for $22.50.
gripdxd (customer) on CitySearch
I don't eat Sushi, but my boyfriend does and loves the Iron Chef. It's definitely overpriced in some regard. My boyfriend ordered the "Chef's Choice" he loved every single dish, but left there hungry and starving (that stinks when you spend over $100+ for your meal). We had to get room service late night in our hotel (a cheesesteak). I had some mixed fizzy drink, which was very good! The waiter was strange, very theatrical and knowledgeable but served us well. We had a 6P reservation and the place was initially empty, but filled up rather quickly. Don't go this place hungry, you will leave still hungry. I had the steak and it was okay, nothing great, but I didn't expect it to be great, since it's a sushi place. Just have realistic expectatons when you go, oh and the lighting fixtures on the tables look falic.
FoodandBeerSnob (customer) on CitySearch
I have been to Morimoto three times. The first two times I was with my parents and had two excellent meals, including the tasting menu. However, my third trip to Morimoto was with my friend. The waiter all but ignored us for the entire meal, probably because we both look about 25. Instead our waiter lavished all of his attention on a table who was spending more money on Pellegrino water, cocktails, and multiple appetizers. We had only ordered two appetizers and two entrees, which apparently is not enough to warrant any attention. We went for 10 minutes without water, and when our meal was delivered my friend had no fork with which to eat her meal! Our waiter was so inattentive that we had to flag him down to get a utensil. He did not ask how us how our meal was until after we had finished eating. I had ordered the ishi yaki bop rice dish with king yellowtail and, although it was tasty the first time I?d had it, it was dry this time. Overall this place is hit-or-miss, depending on your company (and how much the waiter thinks you will spend and tip). Although I had two good meals, I will not be returning.
Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
Morimoto's is my absolute favorite restaurant in Philadelphia. The atmosphere is a feeling of a mystical under-the-sea land, the food is inventive and perfectly prepared. The menu is a full scale delicasy from the fresh Sushi and sashimi to the Enormous entree's and impeccable desserts. Truly a extrodinary dining experience.
Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
Morimoto is amazing! Their food is an awesome asian fusion type. They have really delicious appetizers (try the fried shrimp) and great sushi! Do be prepared to pay a few dollars for your meal, though! (especially if you are ordering drinks..!)
Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
Went to Morimoto for a birthday party and it was great!! The food and service were outstanding. We even got to meet him and got him to sign a menu in Japanese, which he gave us. My kids will never forget.
Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
This is one of Stephen Starr's best restaurants! The Head chef is Morimoto himself, provides a world class menu worthy of an Iron Chef. I would highly recommend the Omakase, which is a seven course meal chosen by the chef himself. There are a few raw items on the menu, so please be forewarned if you do not eat raw meat. The taste of the food is exteremely flavorful, and I would have to say this is one of my favorite restaurants of all time. The price can get quite expensive, but I believe that it is well worth the price. The atmostphere is a lil out of place, with the restaurant being located on 7th and chestnut, but it is cool nonetheless.
Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
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In Short
Just beyond neon-chartreuse glass doors, Chef Morimoto's elongated culinary theater welcomes diners with undulating bamboo ceilings, color-changing booths and the Iron Chef, himself, presiding over a sushi bar in back. Morimoto transforms the simplest sushi, serving eel lightly sweet, salmon subtly buttery, soft-shell crab perfectly crisped. But the specialty here is Japanese fusion: tempura with Gorgonzola sauce and wasabi in green-tea mousse cake. Indulge in a barely grilled whole lobster salad or toro sashimi.
Jessie F. (customer) on Judys Book
This restaurant is one of the finest. They serve among the most delicious Japanese cuisine in Philly. Great staff and affordable as well.