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Mamma Mia Restaurante

1932 Balboa Ave
San Diego, CA 92109

This business has been closed

Ph: 8582722702


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notasurfer (customer) on CitySearch
My family and i frequented their old trattoria in La mesa, and we were so glad to see cinzia and crew back in town. Parking is difficult at this location, and you usually have to wait, but that only makes it more like Italy. All the pastas are usually under $10 and the guy at the door seems genuinely excited to greet everyone that walks through the door. Good food, good company, no-frills. It's places like this, and cafe one three, lei lounge, cafe chloe, ken grill, etc. that are slowly but surely turning sd into a foodie-friendly place to live.
QuickDraw00711 (customer) on CitySearch
If you find yourself outside of little italy downtown and craving italian food, this is where you want to go. The service is very attentive. The food is fresh and free from heavy oils and creams. Coming from somone who has had italian food in Italy, this is the way Italian food is supposed to taste. The menu items are simple recipes and extremely reasonably priced. Most of the staff can speak Italian which adds to the ambiance. I can't wait to go back & I will be sure to write again to tell you more!
vikiv (customer) on CitySearch
The first ?dinner and language class? event at the Mamma Mia restaurant has been a total blast. Our gests have learned some Italian language while enjoying wine, food and each other?s company. We have received such good feedback that we want to propose a second night on October 5th for those people who could not attend the first Come to Mamma Mia for a night of real fun! Cinzia (the owner and chef Of Mamma Mia)
leogal15 (customer) on CitySearch
We visited Mamma Mia while on vacation based on reviews here on CitySearch. We were greeted by a VERY jovial Italian man who seated us and watched in amusement as he ran around the restaurant keeping on the heels of all his staff. Our server was fun and the food was delivered promptly - I ordered the "Gnocchi Lollo" and was very pleased with the dish. The Gnocchi was topped with tasty "Aurora" (combo marinara and cream) sauce and generous bits of mozerella. Overall the atmosphere was lively and it was a good experience.
virgi27 (customer) on CitySearch
?Mamma mia!? ?Buongiorno!? ?Ti amo!? Do you want to know what these expressions mean? Would you like to learn how the Italians say ?I love you?? How they greet each other? How to be understood during your next Italian vacation? Immerse yourself in a night of traditional Italian life, enjoy a traditional seven course meal and receive an hour long Italian language lesson that focuses on the most common and widely used Italian expressions and terms. Dinner will be prepared by executive chef Cinzia. Italian instruction will be provided by Alessandra, university instructor. Reservations required MENU BRUSCHETTA DELLA CASA Homemade toasted bread topped w/ tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella and oregano PANZEROTTI Our best seller: deep fried pizza dough filled w/ tomatoes, mozzarella, and prosciutto INSALATA MISTA Mixed greens with tomatoes and homemade Italian dressing RAVIOLI INNAMORATI Jumbo ricotta ravioli in a creamy wallnut gorgonzola sauce GNOCCHI MAMMA MIA Best in California: homemade potato gnocchi w/sauteed shrimp Aurora sauce PENNE VIANELLO Short pasta, w/ sauteed Italian sausage and pancetta in a spicy marinara sauce TIRAMISU A homemade favorite BEVANDE A glass of White and a glass of Red plus soft drinks and water
Saydee1 (customer) on CitySearch
This restaurant offers great food, awesome vino and beautiful Italian men! Did I mention the beautiful Italian men? Make sure to order drinks, apps, salad, soup, main course, dessert, and coffee anything to allow yourself to enjoy the view a little longer.
Erin Chambers (customer) on CitySearch
In Short
The only thing more random than the fact that Cinzia and Francesco found their way to Pacific Beach, is the location they found prior: La Mesa. This effervescent, Italian-born couple ran the much-loved Ciao Bella on Baltimore for a short time back in 2003. Lucky for all the lovers of Cinzia's home-style pastas--and Francesco's kisses on the cheek--the duo has reopened a similar spot right down in PB, with the same penne rosse, panninis and spaghetti della casa at the same peasant-sized prices. Molto bene.