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Louise Beck Properties Inc

319 Providence Rd
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

This business has been closed

Ph: 9194019300


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Also in Chapel Hill

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membernamehere (customer) on CitySearch
We found it very difficult to get information, many questions were unanswered or ambiguously answered. The staff was generally not helpful and often seemed too busy to be bothered with us. We didn't rent from them, but if that's how they handle the renting phase, I would be quite concerned about how they handle service issues.
you2 (customer) on CitySearch
Very professional, very well informed about market conditions, very fair. That review was only 73 characters, and it must be at least 100, and now it is.
corymb1981 (customer) on CitySearch
Very difficult to deal with, not to mention a $45 application fee. Horrible customer service and can never get a response no matter how many messages you leave. Had to pay a $400 pet security deposit, a $200 non refundable pet fee, on top of our first months rent 850.00 and a security deposit of 850.00. Did I mention the destructive animal we own was a de-clawed kitten. When you pick up the key you have to watch an instructional video of how to be a proper tenant, no matter how old you are. We moved in the August heat and the AC stopped working within a few days, which took 2 weeks to get fixed. We got charged extra for the uhaul truck when their handy man was still working on the house and delayed our move in process. Of the tasks he was there to fix he never finished and we were charged out of our security deposit for his slack. All in all, Louise Beck Properties in a joke in the way of property management. I highly recommend leasing from anyone else in town.
anonchapelhill (customer) on CitySearch
I'm not sure what the negative reviews are all about, they might be from a while ago since new management took over? My experience with Louise Beck has been great--I have rented several houses from them and they also care for several of my properties. The maintenace service is very efficient, many times they fixed what was wrong the same day; the rental process is easy yet thorough. As for the video they 'make' you watch they can't discriminate based on your age and they rent to a lot of college students that need to watch it! Overall, the staff is over the top helpful and friendly, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to rent or have their property managed.
jimmyjams78 (customer) on CitySearch
My family rented a house from Louise Beck Properties for a couple of years and everything we asked for got done. The gentleman they sent out for repairs was an absolute pleasure.
CSMobileUser (customer) on CitySearch
The positive reviews here must have been written by LB employees. I have never been treated so poorly. Impossible to get anyone to return calls. I am a professional and was being treated like a criminal by someone with the personality of a stick! Don't even bother with LB. Another reviewer put it right, they act as if they are somehow doing you a favor by renting to you! Truly pathetic service.
dylanq (customer) on CitySearch
If possible use another leasing agent. They have been unavailable, disinterested, and incompetent. Even getting someone to answer the phone, return calls, answer questions, or follow through with simple matters can be difficult.
dettosales (customer) on CitySearch
Stay as far away from Louise Beck Properties as you possibly can. The horror stories you've heard are most likely true. And imagine the ones you haven't heard. Such as the following. We've had three separate experiences with LBP, both through our own renting and through close friends. We've been cheated out of security deposits, and a friend of ours was really cheated because of his apartment's move-in condition. In short, the apartment had several mechanical difficulties that LBP simply refused to address, despite the fact that the lease explicitly said they were responsible for those issues. But that wasn't the worst of it. The apartment was also infstd with Periplaneta americana (google it - citysearch won't let me write the common name). When approached about the problem, LBP refused to hire an exterminator, despite the fact that the apartment had the Periplaneta americana upon move-in. The last difficulty we've encountered with them is with poor etiquette (to put it mildly) in renting/showing apartments. Read the other (negative) reviews. You get the idea. Also, who posts their own review of their own company and gives themselves 5-stars? How cheap.
newpy21 (customer) on CitySearch
I lived in a condo for 3 years under Louise Beck. By far the worst decision I have ever made. The only reason I stayed at my place was that it was so close to work and everything I needed was within 2 miles. But, if we ever needed maintenance work, it took forever! Our water heater burst twice before it got replaced, while destroying our carpet and some of our furniture. After moving out, we had the carpets professionally cleaned as it states in the lease and turned in our keys. Well, we got virtually none of our security deposit back and were notified of all these random repairs that we were held responsible for. Absolutely no way!! They completely ignored our move-in inspection sheet and actually charged us for some random cleaning lady do dust up and polish the place...$175. Never rent from these people! We are in the process of fighting this and may be taking them to court. Horrible customer service!
mlnchlywistful (customer) on CitySearch
I needed to find their phone number, so I just googled Louise Beck Properties and was shocked to find the disparaging reviews. I use them to manage some of my rentals and they make it easy for me. I am very impressed with Louise Beck Properties. They all do a great job.
Contributor (customer) on CitySearch
Firm offers expert property management and real estate investment services with years of experience to show for it.
pat k. (customer) on Judys Book
I appreciate your helping me with this. I really enjoy the service you provide for me.