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Hpm Property Management

1020 Manhattan Beach Blvd, Unit #200
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

This business has been closed

Ph: 3105457498




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another park area (customer) on Yahoo
b_informed,I feel your pain. Maybe it's because we live in areas that end in "park" that we can't get any repairs done.You're told "your building is not due for repairs",we are told it's not in the "budget" for the month.The only time that we get a quick response from the manager is if you are late on your rent.He comes right away and put a "three-day notice" on your door,but if you are in need of repairs,you may not hear from him for three weeks! Since the previous owner sold the building it has been managed by two other management companies but HPM is by far the worst we have ever endured.We too are faced with tenants not abiding by the lease(having a dog in their apartment)but the management company does nothing.I agree, filing a complaint with the Housing Department should be done,but also finding out from the department who the owner of these buildings are and filing against them should be done also.as they are just as much at fault for not taking care of their property.Well it's the beginning of the year and that "rent increase" is surely coming from HPM.let's just hope they(the managers) save enough from "their "raises for "tenants" needed repairs!
b_informed (customer) on Yahoo
For anyone looking to work with the management company, or more speficially looking to rent one of their apartments, ASK LOTS OF QUESTIONS, GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING, AND HAVE SOMEONE WALK THROUGH THE APARTMENT TO MAKE SURE THE FRESH PAINT AND NEW CARPET ISN'T HIDING A NIGHTMARE! In my expereince, the resident manager is awful to work with - no customer services skills at all, the on-site manager is difficulty to get a hold of and the president talks a good game, but has yet to follow-through. When seeking assistance about repairs or replace for the apartment they actually say things like "not obligated" and better yet, "your building isn't due for repairs". "WHAT?" Any location you live at is due for repairs when reparis are needed, it's not schedule car maintenance... it's your needed home repair! They don't return calls in a timely manner and the on-site manager at their Leimert Park building is never on-site and doesn't enforce housing rules of the building (i.e. having a dog when no pets are allowed, in one incident the on-site manager himself was yelling on the phone so loud that half the building heard what he was talking about). I'm personally at the point of filing a complaint withthe Housing Department to make sure they actually do repairs needed for the limited time I'm there. It's really very sad it has to be like this.