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3000 Los Feliz Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90039

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Ph: 3236440444


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famousblueraincoat (customer) on CitySearch
From the moment you walk in, you know someone behind this bar is one of the owners of either/or the old Daddy's, The Well, Chalet, etc. It just has that vibe. You've got the cozy non-bottle service seating, the Eastside hipster crowd, the fire elements, the kitchy but cool decor and the rocking soundtrack. I like that there's a cool patio outside and that the drinks are reasonably priced, too.
alexdeveza (customer) on CitySearch
Came in late holloween night. Wasnt expecting any people left since it was after 12 o'clock. Nice and roomy and drinks were reasonably priced. The place reminds me of the chalet its just twice as big and has a smoking patio. I bet once word gets around that this place will be as packed too.
chainsawmadman (customer) on CitySearch
I went to the griffin last satuday to celebrate my friends birthday. Like any place in LA it was crowded but that is the norm. The atmosphere is great very classy vibe to this place. The bartenders could be a little nicer and not so rude. I was ignored by the bar even when they were not doing nothing. Also some of the patrons made the griffin a little to pretentious making average joes like me a little uncomfortable. If you are willing to try something new go try the griffin but you will find me down the street at the bigfoot lodge.
jmr30 (customer) on CitySearch
I love this bar. The drinks are stiff. It has a smoking pattio (wish it was heated). It does get crowded, so goodluck if you have a large party. I would say it is ideal for 2-6 people. Anymore than that, and your going to have to be there early to get a seat. They don't allow shorts, so be aware of that. Parking can be an issue since they don't have a parking lot. I'm a normie and I love it. Why are people so worried about hipsters??? I've never had to wait long to get a drink. But it's a busy bar, so I can immagine.
barefootjumper (customer) on CitySearch
my best friend chose the griffin for her birthday party after visiting once. we let them know we were coming and invited everyone we knew. having never been there, i arrived with cake and candles and walked into the darkness. after my eyes adjusted and i shook off the rain i went to the bar to see about getting the cake into a fridge. the bartender asked if i was with the party and said warmly that we had two bottles of champagne on ice that were ordered by an out of town friend. our great, friendly service actually started at the door where my boyfriend pulled out his new york ID and the door guy almost hugged him. the cake, and my jacket, were whisked off to the upstairs to stow. the place was warm, inviting, full of interesting characters and very helpful staff. the bigfoot lodge has a long way to go to get to this level, in my opinion. this place has plenty of seating, two full bars, a heated smoking patio, a dungeon-y feel without being overdone, and room to walk between booths even on a crowded saturday night. the jukebox is full of good music and the volume is never so loud that you can't hear the person next to you. we had a great time and as our party swelled, it seemed like everyone was mingling with the environment contentedly. the staff went out of their way to help with the cake and the festivities. we're both so happy she chose this place and we'll definitely be back!!
thedoublem (customer) on CitySearch
I moved to LA not too long ago from Vegas, where the Griffin was one of my favorite spots. Very similar vibe to The Griffin in Vegas and fortunately a lot of the same cocktail choices. I really like the vodkas they carry, like Alchemia
csellmybelle (customer) on CitySearch
I went there about 2 weeks after the place opened back in October and I love the music selections in the jukebox, the drinks are strong, i love the outside window sill type seating, and i love the firepit inside. The place has a great vibe with an older crowd [definitely not your i-just-turned-21 group] and its just an awesome place. It is kind of hard to find parking seeing as there is no parking lot. I take into consideration that I went when the place first opened and the bartenders were clueless when I asked for a black velvet and a tokyo tea. It took them a while to figure out what a black velvet was and then another while to tell me they didn't carry cider. No problem, I ended up getting a vodka tonic. I still really like the place and waiting to go back.
sickofhollywood (customer) on CitySearch
A large group of my friends and I showed up at The Griffin on a Friday night to celebrate a few birthdays. I tried to show up around 9 pm to try to snag a few tables.......and we were able to take over an entire area! The place is awesome.........drinks are stiff, they have a great jukebox and the crowd was unassuming and friendly. We all had a GREAT time and have been talking about it since. I can't wait to go back! One of my friends tried to go again this past weekend and was turned away because his friend was wearing shorts (it was 100 degrees out!). So, there is probably a dress code, but it has to be pretty casual since I got in wearing my chucks! The only downside is the parking........it's not impossible but you might have to walk a few blocks. Oh, and apparently they serve typical bar food until 9 pm. We missed it, and I was bummed out because I found out that they serve TATER TOTS! They also have happy hour until 8 pm!
CSMobileUser (customer) on CitySearch
You me and may crew frequent dis joint on the regular. The hunnies be poppin on the real tip. Plus da dranks be strong as hell. Da inlay thang I ain't be feelin is the no hats rule. they just be hatin cause we stylin on em
Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
I love this bar. It just opened last summer and its perfect for a hot summer night. It has an outside patio which allows you to see the busy los feliz street and drink with friends. The place is dark so it may be harder to meet new people however with a group of friends , I feel like you would really enjoy your night.
Martha Burr (customer) on CitySearch
In Short
Black forest decor meets an low-key hister vibe under this cavernous, arched brick ceiling. Crimson velvet curtains and a long walnut bar are dramatically heightened with Germanic oil paintings, distressed tapestries, flickering candles and golden hanging lanterns. Curved red leather couches frame two huge stone fireplace tables, and intimate corner booths invite flirtation. An attractive mix of Eastsiders chat over jukebox tunes ranging from the Zombies to Fatboy Slim. On tap, there's Peroni, Newcastle, Hoegaarden, Guinness and Boddingtons; a popular specialty drink is the lemon drop martini.
R E Ha (customer) on Yahoo
Very cool scene. Nice look to the place. The bartenders are pretty cool. I will definitely go there again. It's not what i expected from the outside or from the location. Had a really good mix of people.