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Gentle Ben's Brewing Co

865 E University Blvd
Tucson, AZ 85719

This business has been closed

Ph: 5206244177




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paigeflag (customer) on CitySearch
The beers they make are good. The food leaves little to rave about and the service isn't the greatest. Stay away from this place anytime during weekend.
lt2 (customer) on CitySearch
On a pleasant Sunday afternoon in September, just after the college crew arrived, my Wife & I went to Tuscon, took a walk, rode the trolley and at the dead head a passenger asked "Where can I get a cold beer?" The Motorman pointed towards a non descript brick building. It was Gentle Ben's. We went in, sat down at the bar, were greeted and served promptly & pleasantly. The place was empty! The ales were very good! I had some IPA, the Heffe & the stout. We also had a snack, which was excellant and the menu looked good. Micro brews are an acquired taste.....so the Bud, Bud Lite, etc, etc, etc people generally do not like them. Cannot attest to anything else but my visit was very good and I will be back, even though it is almost 2 hours from home, where Texas based Shiner Heffeweizen is called an imported beer!
topblues (customer) on CitySearch
I've been traveling in Arizona the last two weeks making sure I visit all the Microbreweries in the state on my visit. I was not impressed with this place at all. The service was lousy, the atmosphere was certianly lacking and the place had a stinch that made me not want to be there long. My food was cold after a long wait for it to be delivered to my table. This was only highlighted by the beer I drank during my long wait, I feel bad to have to write it but, none of the beers I tried were very good when compared to most of the other brewery's I been to in Arizona. This place needs a new brewer in the worst way or just give it up and buy their beers from other Arizona Brewery's, they would be much better off.
beer_meister (customer) on CitySearch
I think this place is supposidly a college bar? A Micro- brewery? A Food Serving Establishment? None of which they do well. For a college Bar it is booring. For a Microbrewery, they should give it up because it is by far the worst microbrew beer in Arizona. I was told by one of their servers "the beer was fairly good three or four years ago, but the owner ran off the only good brewer the place ever had and the problem with the beer served today was Gentle Ben's has been through three brewers in less than a year due to the owner and that was why the beer was not so good" Well I say to them "OUIT BREWING UNTIL YOU GET IT RIGHT!" And finally the food could be much better. I don't thik I would return to this place and would not recommend it to anyone!
wedonotsow (customer) on CitySearch
Gentle Ben's re-opened at its new location some years ago and has never recovered. The beer is, as the previous reviewers state, below recommendation. Food and service depends on when you go, 11:15 AM in a nice sunny winter day outside on the patio? A pleasant experience. 1 hours later when you have to be seated in the foul smelling, awful looking interior and you are in for disappointment all around.
worldclassbeerman (customer) on CitySearch
What positive can be said for this place and its beer? Upchuck Yuck! Quite possibly the worst place that claims to be a brewer of beers. Far from it, not worth it, DON"T GO THERE, you will end up regretting it. I did.
beertaster2000 (customer) on CitySearch
Don't waste your time or your money in this place, You will be doing yourself a favor. The beer is about the worst I've ever had and the food is not much better.
kcv1974 (customer) on CitySearch
I am not sure where the other reviewers went, but this place has been a long time favorite of mine. The beer is really good and there is a lot of variety, I have to say the same for the menu. The service is good and the atmoshpere is casual. The only reason people may not like this place is if they are used to Budweiser or Miller beer and McDonald's food. As a long time fan of Microbrews (and food) I feel that Gentle Ben's is certainly worth checking out!
beerreview1 (customer) on CitySearch
Where is the brewery? It's not there. The beer is brewed off site at a location now called Barrio Brewing. This place is an old run down dirty hut and the beer taste like the place looks too. The food at the location where they brew their beer is impossible to stomach. I review breweries professionally for a living and seldom do I run across one so poorly put together with no positives to write about. This place takes the cake and so does their University location known as Gentle Ben's! NOT AT ALL RECOMMENDED! Only a bum would go to eat and drink there but I don't believe they would work for the food or beer.
nik76 (customer) on CitySearch
it is so obvious that beerreview1 works for nimbus, it makes me ill. and so does nimbus beer. the end
Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
GB is a great place to hang out with friends in the afternoon. The terrace is great. Food is good. Beer is good, but the hops may give you a headache. PROS: Terrace CONS:
Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
good food, good bar and late-night atmosphere. a little pricy, but close to campus and the marriott hotel. lots of space for people to join you. friendly waitstaff.
Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
This is a great place to have lunch or dinner while on campus and a pint of beer, too. This place has some of the best burgers in town including the hawaiian one.
Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
Gentle Ben's is a big bar and restaurant. The food is pretty tastey. I'm quite fond of the burger with guacamole (I forgot the name). It's also pretty cheap. There's also some nice outdoor seating, which is great in Tucson. Perfect place to people watch.
Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
Gentle Bens is a great place for university students to hang out, as it is located right on University Avenue. They have a good selection of drinks at good prices, and they also have a lot of delicious food choices. They have an outside patio as well as an upstairs area. Parking isn't the greatest, as you can only park on the street and there aren't many spaces. Other than that drawback, it is a nice place to party.
britbeerswigger (customer) on CitySearch
i visited a while ago and sampled many beers.....to my delight they were really good, apart from being served chilled as us brits like our warm beer...marstons pedigree and bass pale ale are brewed on my doorstep in burton on trent, england..so i know a good beer when i taste one or two...my aim before i go back to blighty is to sample as many brews in all the brewerys in tucson, ready for when i move here in time for xmas....cheers !!
Contributor (customer) on CitySearch
The Scene
Gentle Ben's started out as a tiny drinking spot, but as its popularity grew, a move to a larger building on the edge of campus was necessary. The two-story Ben's accommodates University of Arizona folks lunching from a full menu of tasty burgers and quesadillas at the first floor tables.

The Booze
Nine of the brewery's original ales, stouts and porters (and a few seasonal brews) are made on location, ranging from airy to fruit-flavored. All are highly recommended. The same microbrews as well as Corona, Bud and Coors are also available upstairs on the inside-outside balcony.

While You're There
On Thursday and Friday nights live bands play everything from reggae to rock on the balcony. DJs from Cool Mix Productions act as pied pipers calling everyone from the Greek system on Tuesday and Saturday nights.