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business Genesis Anti-aging & Cosmetic cover

Genesis Anti-aging & Cosmetic

14835 JOHN J DELANEY DR, Unit # 210
Charlotte, NC 28277

This business has been closed

Ph: 7045441300


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Also in Charlotte

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wandermom (customer) on CitySearch
Do not go to Dr. Drago. I had smart lipo done 8 months ago on my upper and lower abdomen. I am permanently disfigured. He took out more then he should have in some areas leaving no fat between my skin and muscle and now that skin has adhered to the abdominal wall and looks disgusting. In other areas he left fat pockets and it looks like many marbles under the skin. He has done several other non-invasive procedures to correct the problem such as vela-smooth and Mesotherapy, and charged me, to correct the problem to no avail. The healing is long and excruciating, much more so then traditional lipo. Unfortunately for me, and a little too late for me as well, I have found many posts online on different message boards mirroring my experience with this Dr. There are many capable plastic surgeons in the Charlotte area, use one of them. If you have a procedure scheduled with Dr. Drago, cancel it. His people make these appoinments knowing that you might be disfigured by this man and do not care. I thought I was an isolated case but just today I have read more then 20 horror stories about surgeries gone wrong by this Dr. Heed my advice and stay away, I dont want you to go through what I have and it is permanent, I will never wear a bikini again and I will always be self conscience even in front of my husband, it is that horrific.
cjhighway (customer) on CitySearch
I had some post op issues after lipo but Dr. Stiller fixed all my problems and my stomach is better than perfect now . If anyone has any problems please help yourself and go see Dr. Stiller you cant go wrong