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Frances Ray Jules Salon

205 Portland St, Unit # 204
Boston, MA 02114

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Ph: 6177202288


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marriotbride (customer) on CitySearch
Best salon! Ben and Rich are great. I am getting married this september and went to a number of makeup artists and hair stylists and could not find anyone to do it the right way. frances ray jules was recommended to me. went to the salon rich did my makeup and ben did my hair and they are just great. they have relieved all my stress. the quality of work is unbelievable. i could not be happier. i was so happy with the trials that i cannot wait for the actual wedding day. the salon staff are very friendly. Comfortable atmosphere, very relaxing. I would highly recommend them. We loved their work so much that we now go on a regular basis for coloring and styling.
iam16 (customer) on CitySearch
This is my second time having my hair cut and highlighted by Marta. The first time I saw her in Somerville and this time I decided to go into Boston. My 16th birthday is coming up and I wanted my hair to be perfect for my party. This time I had Marta give me a stylish haircut and not just a trim. I was really nervous, but I love it! Marta layered my hair and the highlights just make it perfect. Oh, this salon in Boston is awesome. My mom and I pampered ourselves with a facial as well. Brandy was great! I can't wait until my prom to have Marta take care of me. My friend was having her hair done too. Ben and Celia worked together on her and she left looking awesome. Thanks for all the tips about what products would be best for my hair and also for the tips on my somewhat dry skin. Thanks Marta for making me feel and look so good.
crsiagym (customer) on CitySearch
When I moved to Boston two years ago from California, one of my biggest concerns was finding a new hair dresser. I went to a number of stylists, but was not happy with either my cut or color. After searching citysearch, I found Frances Ray Jules Salon and I have been going to Rhiannon religiously for the past two years. She (and others there) are great! They are responsive to your requests. My color always looks very natural, and I have been extremely pleased with the service. I have recommended both the salon and Rhiannon to a number of friends, all of whom have also been pleased. Rhiannon is creative, responsive and always easy to work with!
jenipete (customer) on CitySearch
I reneg my previous positive review. My second visit to Ben yielded one of the worsts cut I've ever had at one of the highest prices I've ever paid ($80?). My first trip to him was much better. Unfortunately, I'd had a bad cut (bad luck???) at another salon. Little did I know that the next cut he'd give me would be far worse than the one he fixed. I suffered it for 4 days and then went to a professional (Amad at Amaci Salon) for a real cut. I'll never go anywhere else.
aliciazammuto (customer) on CitySearch
Marta is a wonderful, sweet hairdresser who knows her trade well! I can be hard to please but I walked out of there completely satisfied!
doggy15 (customer) on CitySearch
Frances Ray Jules Salon is the best salon ever. Marta is one of the best hair stylest there is. She is nice n gets to no each person while doing their hair. Brandy does awesome facials. I absouletly love this salon. It is the only salon i would ever go to.
jessvs (customer) on CitySearch
I have very difficult hair, which is part of the reason why after seven years in Boston, I was still shopping for a good stylist. I am also extremely demanding and a perfectionist about my challenging locks. But Ben definitely met the challenge posed by the overly thick, ridiculously curly and badly colored mess that I came in with. I left with a short, sassy new do and bright, even highlights, which is why, after seven years of slutting around from stylist to stylist, I've finally decided to commit! UPDATE: I've now been to Ben twice. Two months after my last dye-job, I'm still happy with the way it all looks, still bright and not faded at all.
dbowman4 (customer) on CitySearch
Great rates, free touch-ups, talented staff, two locations, great proximity to bars and fitness centers, do I need to keep going?
srbcame (customer) on CitySearch
I had my first encounter at FRJ last week. Mary did a nice job coloring my hair, matching the original color and I look forward to returning soon. I highly recommend FRJ to anyone looking for a stylist.
smd1979 (customer) on CitySearch
I love this place! Marta is my regular stylist and she always colors and cuts my hair perfectly. A cut and color can get expensive, but it's worth it to have it done here because I never have any problems. Growing up on the West Coast I had the same person do my hair for 22 years. Since moving here, Marta is the only one that I will let color my hair.
machnikkat (customer) on CitySearch
After being refered to FRJ by an employee of theirs I took my first-time-customer coupon and prepared for another overpriced hair cut. What I got was a great look from Rhiannon and a hair stylist for life. I can definately say that I trust her with my hair and I am not afraid to have her do what she thinks will look best despite my reluctance. I am so pleased with the service at both salon locations (Boston and Somerville) and I can't wait to see what ideas they have for my wedding hair style. I even convinced my fiance that he should see Rhiannon as well since she is the best! Plus they even do free clean-up cuts for when those bangs/layers are just a bit too long. I would give them a 10; Highly Recommended!
doubled123 (customer) on CitySearch
I have had really bad issues with my skin in the past, I went to Francis Ray Jules and saw Rebecca, she was so gentle and gave me so much education on what will work & why. To top things off they had a special going, book a facial & get a free manicure & pedicure, it was like a mini day of beauty, I felt like a queen. They will definately see me again.
belleyshaker (customer) on CitySearch
I'm very picky and exact on what I've been searching for in a hair style. Other stylists have come close but Jessie at Frances Ray Jules Salon nailed it!!! Nobody knows your hair better than yourself and she listened and used her styling techniques to give me the best hair style I've ever had. I have had so many complements on my style and most women ask me where I go. I don't hesitate, I always say "Go see Jessie at Frances Ray Jules Salon in Boston!!"
mmontrsa (customer) on CitySearch
rebecca, thank you for doing my brows I am def. coming back! I have gotten so many complements already! -m
audreymay (customer) on CitySearch
I've been to Francis Ray Jules twice for both an eyebrow wax and bikini wax with Rebecca. The environment was comfotable and relaxing and offered the privacy necessary for the waxing. Rebecca focused on perfection (no wax left on your skin afterwards), listened to my concerns and gave advice. She took the time to consider what I wanted my end results to look like, and overall I really enjoyed talking with her. Ive been to salons where the esthetician was brusque and didnt even ask what I wanted before applying/ripping off strips of wax and hair. This is not one of those places. The service was excellent all around, they were ready right when I got there, no waiting! FRJ even have a program where you get 5 waxes and the 6th is free, definitly a unique offer. One of the biggest pros for me was when I realized after my bikini wax that I had been there for 30 min (and none of this was spent waiting around for service). I was really pleased with this because it made me feel like I had gotten my money's worth and then some. Thank you Audrey May
burnsy14 (customer) on CitySearch
I've been going to Renee at Francis Ray Jules Salon for over three years now and have always been happy with the results. They are really professional, almost always on schedule, and now they even have a great new space on Portland Street. And guys can be comfortable going there. One time I went in and the place was filled (OK, there were 3 or 4 of us) with guys getting haircuts. Great place!
baptista (customer) on CitySearch
Frances Ray Jules is the best salon I have ever been to. They are skilled in coloring and cutting hair. Rhiannon is very well trained knowledgable stylist. She is very well skilled in cutting and is up to date on techniques of styling and cutting that will get you the results you want. She gives me her opinion on hair colors and cuts that best work with my features and I always love what she suggests. I had my hair highlighted once before at a different salon and came out with almost no pigment left in my hair and I have dark brown hair. It was a disaster. When Rhiannon colored my hair she made sure to check the color every few minutes to make sure it was perfect. She is also very patient with straightening my frizzy curly hair. The staff is all very friendly and nice. I will be going to Frances Ray Jules for a long time and I would highly recommend this salon to all my friends and family.
peaceful64 (customer) on CitySearch
I love this salon! The owner, Ben, is a fabulous hairdressoer and very kind. I have been impressed with the way he treats his staff and fosters their learning. He does this by demonstrating his techniques to new staff, by encouraging them to take further training, and by bringing them with him to hairdressers' conventions. He promotes staff when their work merits it. Ben is willing to take risks, first by opening a salon, by moving to a new, more expansive salon,his salon, and byadding new services, such as massage. Ben cuts my hair in a way that allows all my natural waves to flourish. I have never had better haircuts. Renee does my color, and it looks great. I receive so many complements on my hair. Michelle does my nails, and, she too, is great! The atmosphere is low-key and friendly. When you enter the salon it is clear people are happy going there and working there. The receptionists are very friendly. There is never a wait. The atmosphere is low-key. The coffee is great.There are often special packages, that allow me to save money.
sandi55 (customer) on CitySearch
I am so happy that michelle is back full time!!!! she is the nail tech at frances ray, she was my nail tech last year but she had to switch to 1 day a week which became difficult for me to get in, but I went to the salon for a cut recently she was there, so i put a mani/pedi into my visit and walked out feeling beautiful between my perfect hair and the best mani/pedi ever! thank you frances ray jules.
mcmike28 (customer) on CitySearch
Great place with good people. Prompt service, quality people who actually know what theya re doing. They also do not over charge or over recommend like some other place is town. Plus the location is very convenient and have always found parking
todaro3602 (customer) on CitySearch
You MUST MUST MUST go to Frances Ray and get a manicure and pedicure from Michelle! She is always super friendly,sweet, and her work is outstanding! I have friends is Boston and I live in new jersey...I got my nails done in new jersey by her and followed her to boston! Please vote for her,make the BEST known!
lbm3 (customer) on CitySearch
FRJ was recommended to me by a close friend because of the great service, convenient location and reasonable prices. I must say that she was right on with this salon. The appointment was very easy to schedule with the receptionist calling me back promptly and working with my schedule (trying to have three treatments in a row after work). Rebecca performed my waxing and was super friendly and had great input for eyebrow shaping and maintenance. After, Michelle did a fabulous job with my mani/pedi - very thorough and precise (I've had some sub-par pedis in the past where half my toe was polished along with the nail...) Overall it was such a friendly atmosphere, I felt like I wasn't 'just another patron'. I enjoyed the setting so much I'm going back for a haircut, waxing and pedi later this week. I think I've found my salon!
eblatt (customer) on CitySearch
Rebecca is a master at eye brow waxing. She takes her time and really pays attention to your specific face and eye shape. I would recommend her services to anyone! I plan on coming back again and again.
klk01 (customer) on CitySearch
On a recommendation by my coworker, I went to Jessie for full highlights, not really knowing what to expect. I'm very particular about being blonde, and haven't had much success finding a high stylist in Boston who "wows" me. Jessie listened to my requests and transformed my brassy locks into a wonderful light blonde. She works wonders! I'll definitely be back to Frances Ray Jules.
clombari (customer) on CitySearch
I went to this salon and saw CiCi she was great and listened to exactly what I wanted. I was impressed with the low cost in comparison with most boston Salons and I actaully sent my freind in for a haircut the next day. She saw Jesse and was impressed by her as well. I am going back tonight to see Jesse and I am sure it will be great. I also has a full bikini wax done it was extremely painful and im not sure that I will do it again but I would reccommend this salon for that as well if you dont mind the pain.
becky8874 (customer) on CitySearch
I have been going to different places on Newbury for the past few years, and they always did a "fine" job, but nothing that I was ever totally pleased with. Then a friend recommended Frances Ray Jules to me. Not only are the prices reasonable here, but the service is amazing. I have had Jessie the past three times, and she is extremely professional. I usually get a partial foil and a couple inches off, and my hair consistently looked great. There is nothing like getting your hair done, and being confident that it will look exactly how you want it to look every single time. Good prices, great service, nice people... I highly recommend it :)
thorley (customer) on CitySearch
Rebecca is amazing! When first going I had never had a facial, but after going to her, I will never stop. My skin has never looked and felt so good. She makes me feel comfortable and educates me on what to do and what not to do with my skin. I've been to Rhiannon a few times and will never go to anyone else. She does EXACTLY what I tell her to and does is great! The prices are reasonable and I always leave feeling good about myself.
ponytailabc (customer) on CitySearch
Great salon! It is nice to get the high end treatment with less than high end prices. While I was having my hair done, I was treated to complimentary coffee and some sweets. I just started taking my 14 yr old to have her hair done. She sees different stylist depending on what she wants. Braids for the summer she sees Marta. Marta is unbelievably creative. No one but Ben colors her hair(yes I let her color,but it looks totally natural) Rhiannon takes care of her formal times. Formal dances amd Danielle or Rich for her make-up. They are great for dance recital for make-up too. I take my little one to them twice a yer for this. I just love Frances Ray Jules and the entire family. I feel so welcomed.
ntran001 (customer) on CitySearch
I came here for the first time in need of a quick trim and loved it! My hairstylist did exactly what I wanted, unlike most places where they either cut off too much or too little. I will definitely come back.
benito71 (customer) on CitySearch
I received a gift certificate for Frances Ray Jules in Boston. It was one of the best haircuts I've ever had. Alda, the new stylist was great. She did a wonderful job on my hair! I like the fact that I work in Charlestown and it is so much easier to get there. The staff was very friendly. I didn't have a problem getting an appointment and I didn't have to wait. I was happy with my haircut and searching on-line I found only positive reviews about the salon. I highly recommend it!
lboog200 (customer) on CitySearch
My exerience @ Frances Ray Jules was fantastic! I loved my stylist Andrea! She took such good good care of me! Her consultaion was great. he really listen to what type of style I was looking for and gave me some good ideas. I ended up getting a cut and a foil which came out fantastic! I will definatley be referring this salon to all of my friends. I loved the customer service espesially when I got beverages served to me while waiting for my service. I will definatley be visitig Frances Ray Jules in the near future!
jenozog (customer) on CitySearch
I went to Frances Ray Jules Salon because it had great reviews and was open on Sunday. Everything about it was fantastic. Pleasant service and a new hair style that was the best I'd had in years ! Andrea was my stylist. 20% off for first-time customers. I will definately be going back there!
loveboston07 (customer) on CitySearch
I had my first manicure and pedicure and it was incredible. My tech was Megan and she was fantastic. Extremely friendly and very proffessional. The attention to detail and making sure that I was comfortable was such a key to making my experience so wonderful. I have very ticklish feet and she was as careful as could be to keep me from loosing control. My feet may never forgive me for taking so long to pamper them. The rest of the staff was extremely helpful when I inquired about the rest of the services they offer without any pressure to have any other services. Next time I will give myself a full day of services because if they can make my feet feel this good, then what can they do after a massage, facial, and a whole new look.Thanks for the great service Megan.
misspattyjay (customer) on CitySearch
The first time I went to Frances Ray Jules - my hair was so silky and fantastic after I left that I couldn't stop touching it. Great job, Jessie. Definitely going back.
brita92 (customer) on CitySearch
I recently moved to the area and needed a new hairdresser. Alda gave me a gorgeous color job and a great cut- AND she showed me a new way to style my hair that I loved. Everyone at the salon was incredibly welcoming and friendly- I can't wait to use more of their services. Also, they have great discounts!
sara5 (customer) on CitySearch
I first came to Frances Ray after reading about the salon on line. My hair was in pretty bad shape, and I thought, "why not"?, its pretty cheap anyway. I have to say, that all of the praise that people say about this place is true, I couldn't believe it...I had Alda, who was FANTASTIC! Besides the fact that she speaks fluent Italian (which all we talked in my time there) (and about four other different languages apparently!) she knew exactly what I was looking for, even though I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted. She gave her honest opinion about ideas I had about my hair, gave great consultation about how to maintain it and never once did I feel rushed or like she "had to do it" because I was a client. and it was fun! As soon as I saw the results, I booked another appointment with her immediatley for the next month! that night, the compliments I had about my hair were nonstop! Molto Grazia!
cruzn (customer) on CitySearch
It poured buckets on my wedding day! I was just looking at my wedding pictures and I have to say I was amazed at how good everyone looked. I knew I was making the right decision to use Frances Ray Jules as my stylists since I had heard such great things and my wedding trial went so well. As I look back now at my pictures, you would never know that it poured the way it did. Richard was a magician with the makeup. He covered my sisters three tattoos. It was like they were never there. His makeup applications were amazing. Benny and Renae worked on our hair. Benny was meticulous. The rain was no obstacle for him. He brought all the right products and my hair never frizzed. My bridesmaid were beautiful. His crew overshadowed the clouds! They were all amazing!
megspadaccini (customer) on CitySearch
I went to the salon very nervous. I wanted short hair but was quite hesitant. Jessie was great, she basically knew exactly what i wanted! Every single person i know, and people i dont!, have commented on how great it looks! oh and the color is amazing too! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
popsbound (customer) on CitySearch
This salon was a great experience. I have never been there before, but really wanted a nice hair cut. I went in and my stylist gave me exactly what I wanted. She listened to everything I said. She took the time to do a GREAT cut, but I wanted it just a tad shorter- so she redid it shorter!!! No one usually takes that kind of time- or even asks what you really want. I would definately recommend this salon!!! Thanks for everything
jamesfreejames (customer) on CitySearch
I had to get a hair cut the other day so I tried a new place called Frances Ray Jules Salon, 205 Portland St Boston, MA 02114 Phone: (617) 720-2288. It very nice but a little costly. To me the plce does not matter as much as the service. I hah my hair cut by Jessie. Even though I was a walk in I did not have to wait to long. Jessie did a great job at cutting my hair. She asked several questions about how I wanted my to be cut. She also told me about all the other services. At the end of the cut Jessie said there was a free touch up within three weeks. So two and half weeks later I went for my free touch up. I was ready for a hard sell for other services. There ws none. I was very suprized. Jessie just said what service they had and asked if I had any questions about them. Over all I had a great cut with great service. I would tell any of my friends to go to Frances Ray Jules Salon. Lastly the location, next to North station was so handy.
voulamentz (customer) on CitySearch
One of the things I hate when I move to a new city is finding a new salon. I never thought that I would find exactly what I was looking for so fast. I was in desperate need of a make-over and I called Frances Ray to schedule an appointment. They were able to accomodate me- they are open late which is very important for someone working long hours. Alda was my stylist. She was wonderful. I had a picture of a haircut I wanted and we discussed all the details. When she was ready to cut my hair she asked me again exactly how short I wanted it- she listened to me and tried to create exactly what I was asking for. She took her time styling my hair and gave me tips on how to do it my self. She mentioned several products that would help me take care of my hair but just in an informative way. I was very happy with the results- color and haircut- and I am usually a very difficult costumer when it comes to my hair. And the best think is that I did not have to pay a fortune for it. The prices are sooo reasonable and there are so many promotions for returning costumers. I have already booked an appointment to have my nails done and a color-trim in 2 months. Overall, one of the best experiences I've had.
twc612 (customer) on CitySearch
I had a fabulous haircut done by Ben Mitrano to fix what a stylist at another salon did. It was poufy and uneven, but he made it look sleek and cute. Not only does my hair look great, but it only takes me five minutes in the morning to get it looking that way! He was also really informative and helpful about what type of straightening I should get for my hair, and I am totally happy with the experience.
murphe (customer) on CitySearch
I was excited to find a spa near my apartment with massages much cheaper than Newbury Street. Unfortunately, this is a hair salon, not a spa. Not quite spa-like when you can hear music blaring from the next room. The masseuse was very friendly, and (for the first time in my life) actually used more pressure when I asked. Not the best massage ever, but not bad for the price.
tpax (customer) on CitySearch
I have been to numerous salons in Boston and I can honestly say Frances Ray Jules Salon is the best!!! Frances Ray Jules is a full service salon with amazing stylists and staff!!! From the moment I arrived I immediately felt like a member of their family, everyone in the salon will bend over backwards to make you feel comfortable!!! I am a client of Marta and Michelle!! They are both wonderful!!! Michelle is the only person I trust with my nails, she is wildly talented and always very kind and helpful whenever I come in to see her. And is a great listener she is my manicurist as well as my therapist!! Marta is my go to hair girl!!! She is beyond talented and has such a fun and bubbly personallity, plus you will get in you in and out before you know it!!! I totally recommend these two girls for hair and nails, and trust me I am very particular with my hair and nails and these two are the only ones that I trust!!! (And for those who know me I must really trust these two)!!!
duygush (customer) on CitySearch
I've been in town for 4 years and have been going to different places for waxing. I went to Frances for brazilian wax and the lady was there awesome. She told me what to do and not in order to not have bumps after the wax. The service i had was just amazing, i'd definitely go back there. Highly recommend for everyone.
gayle018 (customer) on CitySearch
FrancesRay Jules Salon is an absolutely fantastic salon! I am not one to test out new places and usually fly home to Virginia to get my hair cut. I was not about to go just anywhere but FRJ was highly recommended and I was in desperate need. Alda cut and highlighted my hair and did a spectacular job. The entire staff is very friendly and Alda was lovely to work with. She was very responsive to my needs and asked enough questions to make me feel very comfortable with her. The color was spot on and my hair cut is perfect. I am beyond happy I tested out FRJ! Alda suggested a mousse product for my hair but was not at all pushy. I ended up buying it and love it, but I did not feel strange pressure to do so. The salon offers specials every few months, so I would recommend checking out their website for more information. They also have great hours and were able to fit me in for a late appointment. I plan on telling everyone I know to come here for hair cuts/coloring. I haven't used any other spa services yet, but I know I will with time. Definitely check this place out, you will not regret it!!
tonijosays (customer) on CitySearch
I understand that everyone else seems to have a great experience here, but for me it just wasn't the case. I went to the new(er) location at 205 Portland Street in Boston. I booked (in advance) a brazillian wax and a manicure and pedicure. Because it was hot that day, getting my wax was more painful than usual, and I ended up getting some kind of chemical burn which was bright red and painful for a few days, then caused the entire area to peel (not exactly how I wanted it to be on my vacation). The pedicure was nice... she didn't actually work on the more calloused areas, but she used a sweet-smelling salt rub (which cost extra) and that I'd recommend. When she did my nails, however, it was extremely fast, and she filed down the top of one thumb nail so much that on my vacation it broke off (1/2 way down the thumb). I'm still growing out the thin, weak area now. It was the cheapest wax in town ($50) and as a first time customer I received 20% off my services... but I would never go back.
whorie (customer) on CitySearch
From start to finish - one of the best salons in the city!! Friendly service, knowledgeable stylists, hospitable front desk, COMPLETELY reasonable prices for both cut and color. Everyone in there is great!! All the amenities one needs! I was recommended by a family member and have referred several friends. Everyone has had the same experience I have. Enjoy, you won't be disappointed!!
ackeenan (customer) on CitySearch
Ever wanted a stylist that not only made you look great, but taught you how to re-create the look every day? Look no further... I found this salon through Boston's Best for my September wedding, loved every experience, and am now a returning client. Ben does absolute wonders to my hair, to the point that my husband actually notices :o) Prices are affordable and services are fantastic - I've had hair cuts, up-dos (wedding), manicures, pedicures, make-up services... and I'm planning to try some coloring this winter. I've tried many salons over the years (including a few on Newbury St) and none compete with FrancesRay. If you're looking for something new, something different, or just need a mani/pedi or massage to make the week not as rough, drop into the store. You won't regret it.
buddhamonk (customer) on CitySearch
I've been to this salon a few times now, only for brazilian waxing but I love it here! Rebecca, the waxer, is extremely nice and does the best job of anyone I've ever been to. The atmosphere is relaxed and I never feel out of place like I do at the Newbury Street salons. Prices are definetly reasonable and they really great package deals if you check out their website. I plan on coming here now on for all of their services!
frequentcustomer (customer) on CitySearch
*I should mention that I was a client at FrancesRay Jules for a year, I spent $2-3K on services during that time and I always tip at least 20%. * I went to the salon 3 days ago to discuss a problem I had with chemical straightening. The owner, Ben, was very rude and actually yelled at me in front of his staff and and several other customers. Among the things he said to me: "It doesn't take a brain surgeon to put a little product on your hair," "You're acting like a three-year-old" (and then he crossed his arms and pouted his lips to imitate me sitting in the salon chair), "You're sitting there telling me I'm an a**" (I had not said anything like that at all). His rant was so bad, he followed me out of the salon onto the sidewalk. When my stylist joined me to apologize for Ben's outrageous behavior, Ben ordered her to return to the salon and threatened to call the police to report me for harassment. His partner came out of the salon and told Ben to get back inside the salon. A few hours later, Ben left me a message on my cell phone, apologizing for his behavior and offering that I could come back for services on days he wasn't working. I honestly don't trust he wouldn't call the police and make a false report if I returned. If I were reading this review I would probably think to myself that the customer must have done something to cause such a meltdown. All I can say is that I did not in any way do anything to provoke this and I can't see how Ben's behavior would ever be appropriate for a salon owner, even if the customer were totally out of line. For the record, I am a psychiatrist and I am well-respected in my community. (It made it sort of funny when Ben made that comment about it not taking a brain surgeon.) Bottom Line: FrancesRay Jules is not providing a service that can't be found in hundreds of other salons all over Boston. I would not recommend risking this kind of treatment to anyone.
ksteve06 (customer) on CitySearch
Great Salon! I went to see Alda a few weeks ago for highlights and a cut. It turned out great! I highly reccommend this salon!
weddinggodmother (customer) on CitySearch
I have been going to frances ray jules now for few months. i have been coloring and styling my hair for many years and always had trouble finding someone to do it just right. Ben colors and cuts and styles my hair. The first night I went home my husband love my look. It was a great fit and really accentuated my features. He really warmed up the color. Received many compliments on my new style. I also have very sensitive skin and in the past always had some type of reaction. Last time I was there I had Rhiannon wax me and she was so gentle. No reaction my skin looked great.
matronmother (customer) on CitySearch
Enjoy going to Frances Ray Jules Salon. Ben cuts my hair, my daughters hair, and my sisters. He does a wonderful job. The last salon I went to I was going every 2-3 weeks because my color would not hold. Ben has been coloring my hair now and I have no problem with the color ...its stays for 5-6 weeks. Great style!!! I always get so many compliments on my hair now. I love it.
septemberbride (customer) on CitySearch
Frances Ray Jules is a great salon!!! Staff are curtious and helpful. Carry great products. Ben does great work. He personalizes his work to fit you. He knows great up and coming trends. The salon offers many other things such as waxing and nail care. Its a one stop shop!
kris10w (customer) on CitySearch
This is the first salon that I have found in Boston that I actually liked. I've tried so many and never went back a second time. Rhiannon highlighted my hair and she did a fantastic job. She takes the time to talk to you and consult you first so that your hair looks exactly the way you want it. They make you feel so comfortable! I would recommend this salon to anyone.
risk (customer) on CitySearch
This salon does excellent work with extensions to the hair. Renee is the stylist who is very talented with hair extensions. She does quality work and takes all the time it requires to do superb work. I am very grateful for her patience and dedication she has extended to me to make me a very happy customer with my hair extentions! I highly recommed her as a hair stylist!
terryk53 (customer) on CitySearch
I have been a client of Ben Mitrano starting at Saks Fifth Avenue. I can remember entering the salon without an appointment as my hair had been damaged by another hair salon. Ben stated that he could fix my hair, but I had to wait which I did and the end result was a wonderful outcome. Ben and I closed Saks that night and I had to exit the store via the back entrance. Ben has worked hard and now has two hair salons, which he truly deserves and has a friendly staff. I wish Ben much success and happiness for the future.
mjk326 (customer) on CitySearch
I was very pleased with my experience at Frances Ray Jules. It was my first time there and Maryann, the esthetician that I had, took time to explain everything before she started. I had ear candling done which I highly recommend, and she was very professional and pleasant. The receptionist also helped me with directions and was very helpful. I will definitely be going back!
beanieyu (customer) on CitySearch
I was excited and very surprised to get a facial by someone who actually told me what was going on with my skin... and this salon uses dermalogica, which is my absolute favorite! I bought some trial size skincare products so i didn't have to risk spending a bunch of $ i dont have on bigger sizes incase i didnt like it and I love my skin so much that inbetween my next facial i am coming back to buy the rest! thank you rebecca! (you never would believe that she had problems with her skin in the past because her skin looked so nice! I am never going back to my old Elizabeth Grady, ever.)
kristaan (customer) on CitySearch
I had won a gift certicficate from my sons T-Ball team fundrasier, When I first won it, I was wondering how it would be, I set up an appoinment and went. I spent about 4hours, a got a facial( 1st one ever) Boy was it great, I never felt so relaxed and I came out with a clear complextion. I then got my nails and toes done, it wasgood, I loved the old fashion buckets, she did a great job and the machine she used to smooth my feet, left me feet feeling ten years younger. I have already set up my next appt, can wait for the special treatment everyone gives to you. Thanks for a great day.......
happygo (customer) on CitySearch
I went to the Salon for the first time a month or so ago and my stylist was Alda. I was extremely pleased with the highlights (I had never had highlights before), the cut and style and my single process color. I am going back this month for MORE highlights, my color and cut and know that Alda will do a superb job. Was very pleased with the hospitality shown me for my first time in the Salon and Alda sat with me to make sure I would be pleased with what she was going to do.
audbooks (customer) on CitySearch
Ever since I went to Frances Ray Jules to donate my hair for Locks of Love, I realized I didn't need to go anywhere else for hair or skincare. Not only does Jessie give a great haircut (people keep giving me compliments!!!), she sincerely cares about her customers. The same can be said for Rebecca who does an awesome job with her facials and is a really great person. She takes the time to go over a skincare regime that works for you and her extractions are very gentle! I highly recommend FRJ for hair and skincare. It has been a great find since I moved from San Francisco.
jo03753 (customer) on CitySearch
I drove 100miles to FRJ salon (from NH) after reading both pos and neg reviews on Boston citysearch. I decided to FRJ a try because they scored highest on the audience criteria, despite the disturbing neg reviews. I saw Ben, owner, who did my full highlight and haircut. My visit started with Ben showing me the color of what my hair will look like from the color palette. I then showed him the haircut I wanted from a magazine from which he proceeded to replicate. My visit lasted for 3.5hrs, of which, the last 25min was spent on haircut, styling, and blowdry all together. Ben was nice, but I must admit in the end it is the service (highlight and haircut) that matters most, AND both highlight and haircut was not worth $230.00 (after their offer of $90 off for first time client). I was extremely disappointed with the highlight (color and style) and same with the haircut. I thought since the salon won the audience award and since I saw the owner himself, who is a senior stylist, I'm safe. Not so. I waited a couple of weeks after my haircut/highlight in hopes that my hair will adjust to the new style...it didn't make a difference. I was hoping at least one, the color OR the haircut, will be good :( I didn't bother complaining back to the salon because (a) I wouldn't want them to touch my hair again. If the owner, a senior hairstylist, didn't do it right the first time, who can be more experience and senior than them to do it right? (b) I'm reluctant in trusting any of their stylist. It is not worth my time driving back to them. If they offer a voucher to another well known salon (ie. Vidal Sassoon) to make things right, I might reconsider, but I doubt if they'll do this. Bottom line is.... unless they (the salon) has been personally recommended to you by a friend or someone you know and have witnessed for your own self the nice hair style, only then will I go to that salon. I'd be VERY weary about trusting BOSTON CITYSEARCH again and FJR salon.
acm_boston (customer) on CitySearch
After 4 years at the same salon, I was not happy with my cuts and looking for something different. I searched on line for hair salons near my apartment in the North End and saw Frances Ray Jules. Many of the reviews mentioned Alda, so I figured I would give it a shot. Alda was great. She listened to what I wanted, showed me how much she was cutting, explained the process and was very understanding of my nervousness to try a new salon. I have very fine, thin hair that is not easy to style. My cut is great - it has been easy to style and falls so nicely. I have received numerous compliments! I highly recommend Alda...and the price is right.
nikcal (customer) on CitySearch
I just recently moved back to Boston and had to start the process of finding a new hairdresser. I went to Jessie at FRJ and was very happy. Jessie helped me decide what color and cut I wanted. She listened to what I wanted but also gave me her opinion (perfect for me- I always like to get the professionals opinion!). In addition to loving the end result, I enjoyed working with Jessie. She was genuinely nice, pleasant to talk to and made sure she was giving me what I wanted. I have gotten several compliments on both the cut and color and am very happy! I am thrilled I do not need to look any further for a new stylist!
step177 (customer) on CitySearch
I've been looking for a place to get hair extensions and my friend who has been going to FrancesRay Jules salon, and her hair stylest Renae does them, she has been raving about her work for months so I desided to give them a chance. The staff is awesome and Renae was outstanding!! The prices are great she is friendly and does amazing work anyone who wants to get extensions or even just a new style i highly rexommend Renae!!!
marygfreeman (customer) on CitySearch
I was looking for a new hairstylist and I decided to be a walkin. To my surprise, I have been a loyal customer of Renee now for the last 2 years. She is so good at figuring out exactly what would look good on you. She moves her shears so well that you feel completley comfortable that she will do what you ask. I have recommended her to others who also love her now. Not only is she good with cutting but her color skills are right on too. She never lets me leave there with dye on my head either. I Love Renee, she's the best!
doctorrob (customer) on CitySearch
I needed a stylist who could suggest a new cut for my now shoulder length hair. I'd been working for a while with my stylist on Newbury Street and she couldn't get beyond my older short style. I got an appointment with Ben after reading recommendations from this site. He gave me a great cut that was easy to care for but had a lot of movement and character.
k2sun328 (customer) on CitySearch
I went to the salon's new location and LOVED what I saw when I first walked in and LOVED what I had done when I was walking out. The new location is bigger, warmer and "flows" wonderfully. I went in with long blonde hair and told Ben to change it for the winter. I've been going to him for over 10 years and never left him unhappy. I went from a bright blonde to a warm chocolate brown that is just amazing. I also left 5 inches of hair at the new place and walked out with a sassy new do!! I just love being able to go to Ben and say do whatever and know that it will come out great!! I can't wait to tell everyone I know about all the new services being offered from nails to skin care. It is definately worth the trip for me from the 'burbs to get such a great style!!! : ) Kristine
amy52486 (customer) on CitySearch
I have gone to school in Boston for the past two years, but had always gone home for haircuts. I finally decided to walk in to the salon since it is very convenient to work, and I'm glad I did! I walked out with a great haircut, and I am glad I now have a salon in Boston!
sander0730 (customer) on CitySearch
I tried this salon out right after moving to the city and had a horrific experience. At the time I had long hair, I asked for a few layers and sweeping bangs. The girl who cut my bangs seemed to have no idea what I wanted, I left with super short bangs that have taken me months to begin to grow out. Though the price might be right, if you want a different or trendy do, I do not suggest this place.
trixta23 (customer) on CitySearch
I loved my whole experience at Frances Ray Jules! My haircut and highlight were exactly what I wanted. Renee did a great job. She listened to what I wanted and offered helpful advice. The rest of the staff was also exceptionally friendly. I definetly recommend this salon!
tarita7280 (customer) on CitySearch
Everyone at Frances Ray is so nice and friendly and helpful! I have been going to see Renee for a couple of years now, and I am never disappointed! She listens to what you want and also makes great suggestions. This salon is just as good as any on Newbury St. but the prices are so much better!
mylittlerox (customer) on CitySearch
I just moved back to town and needed to find a hairstylist that I trust. From CitySearch, I found this salone and based on good reviews I decided to give it a try. Renee (?), the stylist who helped me, listened to what I wanted and gave my hair nice perm. What I liked about her is that she acts quite self-assertive and knows what she is doing, which is what I think as an important character a hairstylist should have. My bf later looked my new perm and commented like this: You walked in there as Roxanne and walked out like Opera! I feel good because I found my hairdresser in Boston.
discobrat (customer) on CitySearch
Ben and his team are the bomb!!! He rocks. Everyone there is very friendly and helpful. He always takes time out to fit me in and make me feel so comfortable at the salon. The team is friendly and always cleaning and interacting with clients. They rock!
aimster6723 (customer) on CitySearch
I chose Frances Ray Jules Salon on citysearch after looking at MANY salons in the area, and I am so happy I decided to take my business there. I was treated with a smile right from the time I walked in the door. I was going out for a Girl's night on the town, and told Rhiannon the basic look I was interested in. She then took the initiative and gave me the exact look I was seeking. She did a fabulous job on both my hair and make-up. What I liked most was how happy even she got when she saw the finished product, and how she genuinely excited she was at how great I looked! She, along with the rest of the staff I got to meet were extremely friendly and inviting. I would definately recommend their services to anyone, and I can't wait to go back myself!
beergirl1126 (customer) on CitySearch
I have been to Frances Ray Jules Salon a few times & I am just so pleased with their consistent ability to impress me every time that I just had to write a review! Everytime I go I am shocked at the value they offer. They specialize in such a great variety of services offered by the friendliest stylists/specialists who do an A++ job everytime. I was especially pleased today with Marta. She gave me such a fabulous haircut and some of the best styling advice I could have asked for! They are very nice, but I know my friends and I will be going to see Marta from now on she's just the best! They also carry a variety of the best styling products/tools out there so you can learn how to stay beautiful until your next visit. Thanks Marta you totally made my day!! =)
nalinibajaj (customer) on CitySearch
I went to Frances Ray Jules for a haircut and a make over! Rich who used to be with MAC for many many years did an amazing job with my make up! I have curly, frizzy, hard to manage hair and was told that Jesse would be the best suited to cut my hair and she was! Not only did she explain to me what she was doing and why, she gave me tips on how to better manage my curls! The service was great, and everyone is really friendly! Its a definite must try!
topeachykeen4ne1 (customer) on CitySearch
France Ray Jules Salon was the worst salon that I have ever been to in my life. The work that they do within the salon would be fine if they knew what they were doing and did not have to consult one another on every little thing. Going to the owner is fine, but if he isn't there they do not know what to do. They are lost. Also, color experts are not great color experts if your hair changes color after one wash at home. The workers are rude to the customers, the owner is not friendly, nor helpful, the salon is small, and they are very demeaning towards their customers. While they seem nice and accommodating, after awhile if they get frustrated they do hide it very well and will even go as far as to tell customers to please stop asking questions and rolling their eyes and mumbling if a customer simply asks a question about what their hair is going to look like. Do not be fooled, this salon is by far not the best salon in Boston. There are most certainly better.
redsox04n07 (customer) on CitySearch
Frances ray jules is by far the best salon ever. i go there for all my needs. i am a mother of 2 so when i get a chance to sneak away, i like to get everything done at once. i have been going to this salon for about 4 years. i get my color done and while it processes i get my mani/pedi and before my hair cut i usually get my waxing done, and when i really have some extra time i sneak in a massage. I cant say it enough..i love, love, love this salon.i am a client for life...
grace_tripster (customer) on CitySearch
I go to FrancesRay Jules every 5 weeks for a cut and color. I have been a Client of the Owner since he started in the business. I have never received an unsatisfactory cut or color from him. He provides ongoing training to the Stylists in the Salon and as a result, if I need a "touch-up" between services because of a Client presentation I always feel comfortable enlisting the services of any of the Sylists in the Salon. The Nail Tech and Make-up Professionals do a fantastic job. I have experienced these services and have always been thrilled with the result. These individuals go out of their way to explain what they are doing and what products they are using. The Salon also offers many high end styling products and fashion accessories. These items are available for sale at reasonable prices. The Staff is knowledgable about products but never push the products on Clients. The Salon has ongoing promotions for discounted services which are offered to both new and existing Clients. I have referred many friends and family to FrancesRay Jules and they have all been thrilled with the results. One of my friends switched to FrancesRay Jules after leaving her stylist of 15 years. I look forward to my visits to FrancesRay Jules. I always feel like a million dollars when I leave and love the compliments I receive from my friends. I guarantee that if you try this Salon you will not be disppointed.
tripster_grace (customer) on CitySearch
I have been having my hair colored and styled by the owner of the Salon since he first started in the business. I have never received anything less than a fantastic cut and color from him. He provides ongoing training to his Stylists and as a result, if I need a touch-up or cut for a corporate presentation I feel comfortable using the services of any Stylist in the Salon. I have also used the nail and make up services. The Professionals who provided these services explained what they were doing and what products they were using. I was thrilled with the result. Every member of the FrancesRay Jules Salon Team is upbeat, accomodating and professional. The salon offers many high end styling, skin care and make up products at resonable prices. The Stylists are knowledgable about the products but never push the products. The Salon also offers many promotional discounts throught the year available to first time and long time Clients. I have referred many family members and friends to the Salon. All my referrals have been happy with the services and have become regular Clients. The Salon is kept in pristine condition and has an open floor plan. I enjoy scheduling appointments at the same time as friends as the open floor plan allows Clients to chat with one another during their appointments. I look forward to my visits to FrancesRay Jules. I always fell and look like a million bucks when I leave!
pbs (customer) on CitySearch
OK, so I went here twice. My first experience wasnt so bad, Alda did my hair and she is a very nice person. I did not like the cut and color and I went there again. This time I was treated bad. I was charged for something they did not mention before. The owner is rude, very rude. I would not expect someone behave like this when I am spending 200 dollars for a bad job. I will not recommend anyone to this place. They try to promote their place by asking people to write a review on websites and giving them discounts. You will notice tht in their responses to bad reviews, they will never apologize. I think they will loose customers in the long run. They already lost new customers by trying to save few dollars since I swayed few people away from going there. Customer service is number one thing I expect. It is OK if poeple make mistakes by giving a bad cut/color but apology and willingness to offer to correct the work should be there, which these people dont. They are just a money making scheme.
lambda5 (customer) on CitySearch
I've been getting cut & coloring from Renne for over a year now. So far, I've been very happy with it. They keep detailed records of all the visits, I believe, because they know exactly what to do to match up the chestnut color I've been getting. (My natural shade is black.) My only complaint is a small segment of my hair at the back seemed to have got a darker shade during my last visit, but it blended in eventually. The staff there is friendly and helpful, and the place is very easy to get to by T, which is a plus.
cochen (customer) on CitySearch
I live in NYC but was in Boston for a formal event. I found Frances Ray Jules on Citysearch and was so happy I chose them. Marta gave me a great updo for my event. She is extremely sweet and seeing my hair look so good made me so excited about going out despite the awful rainy weather. Frances Ray Jules is a very friendly salon and the prices are very affordable. Despite the fact that I live in NYC where there is a salon every block, I can't wait for my next trip out to Boston so that I can go back to Frances Ray Jules and get a haircut and color!!
julie_in_somerville (customer) on CitySearch
I happened to call the salon to see if the owner Ben who I read about on CitySearch was at his Somerville location (which since closed) that day and he was, so I went in and he transformed my hair from frumpy to fabulous!!!! If I could upload the photos I took that night, I would -- one is posted at the WayPlays website under 'Theatre Artists' where I'm pictured (Julie) - just wonderful .... I felt sassy and looked 10 years younger! Thanks Ben!!!
bostonmommi (customer) on CitySearch
i received a gift certificate for xmas for a day of beauty..what a treat. Everything was so great, i started with a facial with debbie, i think i fell asleep at one point i was so relaxed. Next was a manicure & pedicure, i think michelle was her name, they have this huge comfy recliner for pedicures! And last I had my hair styled by Renae, who was unbelievable. The entire staff was so friendly and accomidating. I will definately go back, i left feeling like royalty.
mytsygi (customer) on CitySearch
After trying for so many years different salons and hair stylists. Finally, I found it!!! my first hair cut was absolutely gorgeous even my friends kept asking me where I get my hair done. Actually, Martha did it this time and she did a WONDERFUL job (she is absolutely GREAT!!) I needed a hair cut and highlights and she transformed me. People in Frances Ray are very talented, nice, and friendly. I really recommend this place for all the girls who need a transformation. (*-*)
samanthadiamond (customer) on CitySearch
I went for another haircut with Marta. I will never trust another stylist. She is the best at layers! I get compliments on my haircut all the time - thanks to her! I am waiting to go back for my highlights - which she is the best at, too! I love the new salon and it's in an even better location. The prices are affordable and as long as you call ahead, they can always fit you in!
smm123 (customer) on CitySearch
After doing some research for a new stylist/salon, I decided to try the FrancesRay Jules Salon because their website was very helpful and encouraging. I was paired with Marta who did a phenomanol job on coloring and cutting my long hair. Marta made me feel very cared for and was interested in my needs/wants and wasn't rushed. I am always hesitant with doing very much to my hair with a new stylist, but I felt because Marta spent quality time discussing my hair with me, I felt confident in going forward with my plans the first time around. I like that this salon offers incentives, is professional and cutting edge, in addition to using quality products. I will be back for sure, sooner than later, to maintain the wonderful color and cutI now have. Thank you so much Marta!
sh165 (customer) on CitySearch
Ben and his team are great. I met him for the first time before Christmas, and he did a great job with my hair. My search for a hairsalon and stylist is finally over! The staff is also very friendly and accomodating. I'll become a "regular". Two thumbs up!
mj729 (customer) on CitySearch
I just had my hair cut and colored by Renee and she did an amazing job. I brought in a picture of what I wanted and she matched it exactly. I've received so many compliments. The atmosphere was very comfortable and relaxing. I will recommend this salon to everyone.
krisha8080 (customer) on CitySearch
I went here in hopes of finding a new hairdresser and was so happy to find Jessie. She's cut my hair a few times now and does a great job every time. The location is very convenient and prices are very reasonable too.
jensdiddy (customer) on CitySearch
I recently got an awesome facial from Debbie. She was highly recommended by a good friend of mine and was definitly the best facial I have gotten. The experience was very relaxing and my face felt so smooth and was so radiant after the treatment. My skin is very sensitive and she gave me useful tips on how to keep my skin looking good. After the visit I have gotten so many complements on my skin. I can't wait to go back.
pc05 (customer) on CitySearch
After doing some research, I decided to give this salon a try. I called for a last minute appointment for early the next morning and they happily accomodated me. Jessie cut my hair and did a wonderful job. She really listened to what I wanted and went to work. I came out with a fabulous haircut as well as some great styling tips. I am thinking of coloring my hair for the first time -- I mentioned this as Jessie and she gave me some great suggestions. I definitely will have to schedule another appointment soon to get my hair colored!
madhabi (customer) on CitySearch
This was the most relaxing facial I have ever experienced. My aestheticianDebbie has a sensitive touch and excellent skills in understanding what the best products are for cleansing and hydrating my skin. I also did the ear candling which was incredibly soothing and refreshing. I highly recommend her services if you are looking for quality attention.
hygienist08 (customer) on CitySearch
Debbie the esthetician did an excellent facial for me. It was very thorough, but gentle. I've had facials before where the esthetician can be very rough on your blemishes. She had a very friendly personality and made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. I highly recommend Debbie and the salon! -Alessandra
ragdoll4 (customer) on CitySearch
I just went to get a bright dye job, my first experience with professional non-natural coloring, and this salon is fabulous! They had the exact red I wanted, and Rhiannon, who did the job, is friendly, helpful, and sweet. They also serve complimentary coffee, sambuca, or wine, which was cool. Everyone there was super nice and my hair is a gorgeous, glowing red!
NikkiJo (customer) on CitySearch
I just moved to Somerville from Arizona last year and was in dire need of color and a cut. I checked out Frances Ray Jules because of the reviews and I'm so happy I have to look no further for great hair care. I called and made an appointment and they set me up with Alma on a Sunday morning. I had to call and cancel that morning because of an emergency, but they still fit me in later on that afternoon. Not only was her color and cut amazing, but they were all so friendly and accommodating. Alma and Ben actually hung out there for two extra hours past closing because they rescheduled me, I was late, and they didn't even think a thing of it. I also asked if I could get a wax while I was there and they fit me in while I was processing. That also was a great experience and I hate getting waxed. So overall, I proved to be the nightmare new customer and they were fantastic. The best part was how my hair looked and felt afterwards. It has been over a month since I have been there and the color still looks great. The ONLY downside to the salon in parking. I drove around for twenty minutes and finally had to talk a parking guy down to twenty bucks from forty. So be sure to go there when the Celtics ARE NOT playing at home. Also, you get a great discount at your first visit so give em a try. I will be back!
pjrockstar (customer) on CitySearch
You'd be surprised how hard it is to find a good salon in Boston, but I got lucky because I found FRJ salon (!). I've made appointments at least 3 times before - for hair, waxing, and nails - and the staff have always been professional and sweet. For hair: I'm really picky because I have super long wavy (often unmanageable) hair. I received so many compliments after haircuts with Alda and Jessie, and my hair was so silky and light that I couldn't stop touching it. For nails: the buckets were surprising to me at first, but the leather chairs are soo comfortable. You can sit back and have a glass of wine and get your nails beautified before going out on the town (at least that's what I did one Friday evening). As far as waxing goes, I have very fair/sensitive skin (I used to get icky bumps after waxing), but Rebecca does an amazing job - I have not gotten bumpy redness once out of the last 2 waxings, which is a miracle for me. As a grad student, it means that much more to have a place I can go to that makes me feel great but won't break the bank.
Mayx72 (customer) on CitySearch
I wasn't going to say anything but after I keep looking in the mirror I am upset. I called to make an appt to get my waxing done with Rebecca, the blonde girl who has done all my waxing in the past year, so the person who awnsered the phone (some guy was so rude put me on hold 3 times and never told me that she had left the salon until I GOT In the room to get my waxing done.... hello? i asked for REBECCA and The person who did my waxing was someone new and told me she dosne't work there anymore and It wasn't the same and I had sticky stuff left on my face. I felt bad because the aestheticain (sp?) or who ever it was? was really nice but it's not all around the same and my eyebrows which were shaped beautifully now are going to have to grown out for a LONG time. I will never go back here.
bubblegumstructure (customer) on CitySearch
This place has very misleading prices on their website. I only considered this place since the website made them seem so much cheaper than other salons. But they're actually not since you can't get anything for the prices they list. I called and the receptionist told me that a partial updo would be around $35. But when I got there, they told me a partial updo for my stylist starts at $60. I have very little hair, about shoulder length. Regardless, the lady I scheduled an appointment did not ask me. Their service is also terrible. The man working was rude and demeaning when I asked about the prices listed on the website. Let me stress that when I called, the receptionist made an appointment for a specific stylist and told me it would be around $35. They probably would have charged me much more than $60 for a PARTIAL updo, since that's just what it starts at. And they only have such good reviews on citysearch because they offer an incentive for them (15% off your next visit). Also the 20% off for first time customers doesn't apply if you have a package. Of course they don't tell you that on the website though, so you can find out when you pay. This is a very dishonest business and I woudln't recommend it for anyone.
wisteriabride (customer) on CitySearch
Have to add my voice to the chorus of praise for Alda. Had my hair cut/colored here by another stylist and was not impressed. Then I got an unexpected job interview on 2 days notice and couldn't get an appt at any other high end salon in the area. I gambled and went back to FRJ and got Alda as my stylist. She not only corrected the unflattering cut/color from the previous stylist but managed to get my hair looking better than any other stylist I've ever had. I've lived in four countries and four different states and in all those places, only one other stylist has even come close to Alda's skill level. My hair has an odd frizzy texture and it takes some serious skill to cut it so it looks presentable, let alone good. Most of my stylists have to learn about it with practice, but Alda nailed it on the first try. I've now moved out of state again, but I'm still flying back to Boston for my cuts/foils so Alda can do them.
studenthair (customer) on CitySearch
I was in there this past week and was so pleased with all my services and can't understand how any one could make a stink about prices at this salon . I got an full updo my makeup done (with Rich and Renae)and received my lipstick and lippencil for 85.00 dollars(took advantage of the prom special) thats amazing your not gonna get that anywhere in Boston. The staff was cool and energetic who could ask for more . Last i think it,s great that they reward thier return clients with a great reviewing promotion not many salon in this city give discount so want wrong with that i,ll take the 15% off it always helps great salon i,ll tell all my friends to go you don,t know what your missing it's the best.
onestop (customer) on CitySearch
Walking by decided to go in for a cut and color which i would never do on such a spur but it was my lucky day not only did i luck out with getting the assistant director of the salon( Renea )she is so sweet and knows her stuff. Anyway I took advantage of one of there many promos and got a massage also by Eric he was magical . I'll go back the staff was all so friendly thanks for a great time your new client.
christine_lockwood (customer) on CitySearch
I went on Citysearch looking for a salon in my neighborhood. Frances Ray Jules pops up. I check out the ratings and they were "highly recommended" and in my price range. I call to see if they can get me in that night- they do. Jessie is the stylist that cut my hair. She is totally friendly and has an awesome haircut (I really do check out their hair before they cut mine). She gave me a super perfect haircut. It's exactly what I wanted. I actually took a picture with my camera phone and sent it to my mom. Throughout the cut she was giving me tons of tips about what products to use and easy ways to style it. I actually made an appointment for two days later to have her color it. This place is awesome and i would definitely recommend Jessie. Thanks again!
kelc7275 (customer) on CitySearch
I have had an eyebrow wax and a facial from Deb. She is great. Very professional, friendly and the results were wonderful. I would highly recommend her services.
clk1 (customer) on CitySearch
Upon my friend's recommendation, I made an appointment to get my hair cut by Jessie. I was hesitant b/c my entire family uses the same stylist in Georgia, but since I've been in Boston since 2002 I figured it was time to break away........and I am so glad that I did! Jessie is so fab - not only was she bright, cheery, and fun, she took the time to EDUCATE me about my curly hair. Jessie gave me tips, ideas, and 'real life' ways in which to keep my hair healthy and bouncy. She also listened to what I asked for and did exactly that! I'm headed back in a week for my highlights - I trust Jessie already to get my hair ready for my wedding in May! RUN RUN RUN to this salon - everyone is friendly, the atmosphere is soothing, and you'll leave feeling pampered and fresh.
cfoster85 (customer) on CitySearch
I moved to Boston in July of 06 and for months I searched for a salon. I had been using the same hair stylist for almost 15 years which made the switch very hard. Jessie took her time with me and made me feel really welcome. She really cared about what I wanted and made me feel like a Queen the entire time I was there. I have already referred a friend and have another appointment scheduled for a coloring. I finally found what I was looking for!
hearts4you (customer) on CitySearch
if you have never had a facial, you don't know what you're missing. I recently had a facial with Debbie and I could not believe how good my skin looked afterwards. I went with the skin brightening facial and was astounded by the outcome. The dull winter skin texture that covered my face was refurbished with a healthy glow just an hour later!! No doubt about it, i had the best looking skin at that party that night. I will be working facials into my monthly beauty routines now. Thanks so much Debbie!!
greatfacial (customer) on CitySearch
I had a facial with Debbie McMahon, it was so superior to any facial I have ever had I just had to share.. I had told her over the phone that I have rosacea, she researched the right skin care line for me (dermalogica) and explained everything to me (what to do/ not to do and why). The facial itself was a big treat as I have a baby and enjoyed being pampered with a nice massage at the end.
diamondsky (customer) on CitySearch
My experience at the new salon was great. Every time just gets better and better! Marta did a perfect job (as usual) The people are friendly, and there is no pressure to spend money. (Although it is tempting because the products they use are great. Wonderful experience... Have yet to be disappointed :)
plantlover8 (customer) on CitySearch
I recently went to Frances Ray Jules Salon right near North Station for a brazilian bikini wax and a facial. Debbie was the skin care proffessional and she made me feel comfortable even during the waxing. She gave me lots of great advice on how to care for my skin and it was the most relaxing facial I've ever had. I highly recommend Debbie to anyone looking for waxing and/or a facial.
freckle212 (customer) on CitySearch
In the past, i had been a victim of waxings-gone-wrong. It was a comforting experience to finally come across FrancesRay Jules Salon and discover their esthetician, Debbie. I received the BEST eyebrow wax I have ever had (and i've had plenty in my time). She was so sweet, receptive to my needs, and the waxing room was very peaceful. A few weeks ago, I went back to Debbie for a brazilian wax-- something i was very nervous about because i had never had this done before!! She was so cautious and gentle with me and i was very satisfied with the outcome.... and so was my boyfriend. I would highly recommend Debbie for her waxing and skin care expertise.
diamondsamantha (customer) on CitySearch
I went for my most recent visit to the salon. Marta (my regular stylist) wasn't there :( It was my birthday, so I panicked a little! I only trust Marta with my haircuts and the style that she does! There was another girl (Rhianin) that took me in place of Marta. I was relieved that she did a really good job, too. It's good to know that everyone in the salon is qualified. She was friendly and helpful, too. I would definetly recommend her to anyone looking for a new hair dresser. But, I've been with Marta for so long, that my customer loyalty has to stay with her :) I haven't been disappointed ever at this salon!
vbufo (customer) on CitySearch
I just got my hair cut and partially highlighted last night by Jessie and she did a great job! I've been in Bosotn for about a year and I finally found a stylist I'm happy to stick with!
ekappy (customer) on CitySearch
I had a haircut with Jessie, who was fabulous. I brought in pictures of the haircut I wanted and she gave me exactly the cut I was looking for. This sounds easy enough, but I've been to lots of salons where the stylists haven't come close to giving me the cut I wanted even when I brought in pictures. The cut (without tip) was $35, which is incredibly cheap for a woman's haircut. All in all, I highly recommend Frances Ray Jules.
kugleito (customer) on CitySearch
I went to Frances Ray Jules because I was given a gift certificate. Jesse was my stylist and she did a fab job! She listened to what I wanted, she suggested a few things I did not think of and then made it all happen. I loved my cut and people told me they loved it too. It was easy to take care of. I have returned to get my haircut from Jesse and now I want to try some of their other services. Thank you !
Jboston (customer) on CitySearch
I have always been going to Newbury st./backbay stylists but I really wanted to try something different this time. I was really surprised! I had a haircut, haircolor and highlights. Jesse - my stylist - was excellent! She knew exactly what I wanted (though I didnt bring any pictures etc.) and she did a great job. I would definitely recommend this place - quiet, friendly, low key yet you can expect good advice on style and great value for your money. I am definitely coming back.
Jillianfeigen (customer) on CitySearch
Aside from the fact that the salon is conveniently located near my office, I get the best color results from Renae when I go here. Im a slave to the blonde highlights and Renae makes sure they never come out too blonde or too brassy...Its a quick in-and-out salon/spa that gets the job done. I recommend that if you have a vision or a picture, to bring it in and one of their hair-stylist will replicate it and you will leave looking great- I always do! Have some wine while you're getting whatever done too!
CElizabethW (customer) on CitySearch
I usually go to Newbury Street to get my hair cut and colored but after seeing the reviews for this salon, I thought I should give it a try. Frances Ray Jules salon was so much more quiet and peaceful than the bustling salons that I have gone to in the past. Most importantly, Alda did a wonderful job with my hair cut and full highlights. I have very thick hair, so giving me highlights is a very tedious process. Alda was very diligent and sweet the whole way through. I love both the cut and color. I HIGHLY reccomend her!
Goingbacksoon (customer) on CitySearch
Just got back from this salon and it was the best 90 minute body wrap by Fotini and deep tissue massage Eric put me to sleep and all my knots were gone when i woke up ,60 minutes was all I needed. They also serve wine it was so relaxing I highly recommend this place,nice staff can,t wait to go back..
kayakfan (customer) on CitySearch
I made an appointment with Kathryn and I wasn't sure what to expect because it was my first time at the salon. I wanted to make my appointment with a stylist specializing in men's cuts and Kathryn was definitely a specialist. She knew exactly what she was doing and made sure I was very satisfied before she let me leave her chair. I highly recommend Kathryn and I will be back soon!
oldbostonwife (customer) on CitySearch
after looking on citysearch i had originally planned to go to 98 north salon, ( i work right around the corner)come to find out they are closed, like forever! (why they still have a listing? who knows?)anywho...decided to try the second best..glad i did! I got a great haircut, and a free 30 minute massage! it must of been fate!
sb0115 (customer) on CitySearch
I went for a bikini wax and she missed half of it. I still have tons of hair where she was supposed to have removed it. (Seriously, I'm going to have to have it re-done before I can wear my bathing suit.) Nice lady, but terribly incompetent.
waxhappy (customer) on CitySearch
Wow this place is absolutly fabulous went in for a cut with the owner and he turned out to be a sweet heart and that boy can cut ,,, While there decided to have some waxing done it was great &painless she was so nice i'll go back try them out...
miriam625 (customer) on CitySearch
Such a great experience. Kathryn is amazing. I was very nervous about getting a new haircut and highlights, but Kathryn sat with me and she really listened to what I wanted. My hair looks amazing. I finally found a place in Boston that has great hours, affordable prices, and wonderful service. I highly recommend this salon.
ag2008 (customer) on CitySearch
Kathryn does beautiful work. I haven?t had my hair done in almost 4 months and she was able to blend in my roots with the rest of my hair and she actually made it look more nautral than it has ever looked before. She did two different colors for highlights and they are a perfect match to the rest of my hair. She also gave me the best cut I have ever had. I am never happy with my haircuts or the way they are styled and she really listened to what I wanted and in the end my hair looked perfect! She also showed me how to style my hair so that I could achieve what she did to my hair. I would definitely recommend her as well as the salon. Everyone was so fun and friendly and I can?t wait to try out the other services that the salon offers.
bosgal (customer) on CitySearch
I was recommended by a coworker to try out Frances Ray Jules. I am so glad I did because Katherine gave me the best cut I have ever had. I do not think that my hair has ever looked better. She was so friendly and personable and gave me exactly what I was looking for. I will be in soon for more services.
MarieHeather (customer) on CitySearch
I've been going to FRJ for years for all my hair and nail needs. Everyone there is great. I knew when it came to my wedding day I would definitely be using Frances Ray Jules for all of it. My hair trial came out the way I wanted it. Rhiannon has been doing my hair for years and really I had no doubt that we would be on the same page. For the last 8 months she's prepped my hair for my big day. Helping me keep it manageable so I could grow it out, getting the color straight so we had a fresh canvas to work with for highlights for my wedding. I can't say enough nice things about this salon. Michelle has been helping me take good care of my nails to prep as well. I know I'll have them to thank come the big day!
nyrunner1 (customer) on CitySearch
I absolutely love my hair! My highlights and lowlights are perfect! Kathryn is excellent at what she does and my cut is amazing! I would definitely recommend her and the salon (excellent staff and super comfortable environment) to everyone. I will definitely be back as soon as I need some more highlights!
RealComments (customer) on CitySearch
Yes they offer alot of services. But...I received foils. I left not too happy w/ the owner right there and the manager. I told them I wasnt happy. I was ignored. I had to call that night to say I need to come back to fix my highlights. The friendly receptionist said OK. I had to wait 45min and after got fixed they left my hair soaking wet&told me it cost$40 for a hair dry. I told her I dont want a hair dry just please dry it for a couple of min. She told me she wasnt allowd to do that. NIce huh? Can we say money hungry.
lizzabee (customer) on CitySearch
I first tried this salon last fall and I was pleasantly surprised by their excellent service and expertise. Jessie, my stylist, cut my hair exactly how I wanted it, and she did an amazing job covering up my last (really bad) highlighting job from someplace else. She made sure I left happy and with beautiful hair!
angl32598 (customer) on CitySearch
THe staff was super friendly & the service was excellent. They gave me exactly what I wanted for a great price. They offer wonderful promotions and great discounts all the time. I have and will continue to go back, I look forward to it every time I schedule my appointment!!
bartor (customer) on CitySearch
bostongirl4 (customer) on CitySearch
I've had my fair share of haircuts & color in this city, but of all the places I've encountered, this is the salon that won me over. Every time I leave there, I feel so confident and beautiful! The staff is super friendly and fun, and I know I'm in good hands everytime I go there!
erikaholland (customer) on CitySearch
Frances Ray Jules Salon is fantastic! The staff is knowledgeable, helpful, and very, very friendly! They always greet me with a smile and take a sincere interest in my day. By the time I leave there, I not only look great, but feel great too! I live in New York now, but make the trip to Boston to get my hair cut at Frances Ray Jules.
pgrant1 (customer) on CitySearch
This salon is amazing - GREAT service, great products, highly trained staff - I have never been happier. The foils are spectacular, and pricing is below what I have paid at comparable salons. The staff is so professional and caring. Really terrific!
15chestnut (customer) on CitySearch
It was overall a great experience. The people there are really nice and they made me feel really comfortable. They also gave me a lot of product knowledge information before I left. I would deffinately reccomend them to anyone.
kitterina (customer) on CitySearch
I am reading the posts below and I can not believe what I'm seeing. I have been a client of Bens for oh about 20 years now and he has never been anything but kind, helpful and courteous to me. I have followed him to each salon he worked at and now of course to his OWN salon. He always listens to what I want OR suggests something when I can't decide as far as hair style goes. Believe me; I get more compliments when we do what HE suggests. Now I don't even bring any ideas with me I just let him work his magic like he always does. Ben and his staff took care of me and my wedding party on the single most important day of my life. They really helped me when I felt like my head was going to explode. They put me and my party at ease by explaining the process and keeping everything under control. I could not believe how I looked when I left the salon. I usually hate looking in the mirror but I could not stop looking because I was truly beautiful. My bridesmaids looked like they just walked out of a magazine. I can not say enough about what they did for my wedding day. So I hope my comments might help someone reading these reviews because I am SO glad I found Ben. I will never go to another salon. Thank you FRJ! Katie
vanillabean79 (customer) on CitySearch
The salon is small and crowded with horrible decorating taste. Hardly a place you want to be for hours while trying to relax. Also during my experience, the hot water ran out so I had my hair rinsed in freezing cold water in the middle of winter! The owner of the salon didn't even apologize for the inconvenience. That's enough reasons for me to never go back.
chuckdsgirl (customer) on CitySearch
I like many found this place on city search, and fell in love with it. I read the other reviews and agree with the good and totally disagree with the bad. I don't know how some one could have a bad time here, the staff is soooooo nice, the services are excellent & the prices are cheap (in a good way)!! I couldn't be more happy with a salon as I am with FrancesRay Jules, I wish I had found them sooner.
dmbz (customer) on CitySearch
Went here based on citysearch ratings. Would NEVER go back! Poor quality for prices. Sloppy work (dye left on scalp) and stylist chose poor hair style for features.
shannon_r (customer) on CitySearch
Finally, my search is over and I have found a stylist that can meet my high standards. I have lived all over the nation and I have been satisfied with only 2 stylists (1 in NYC and the other in Seattle). I consider myself a little high maintenance and Ben at Frances met those standards. His work gave me the "WOW" response and he's more than happy to teach you how to replicate his work.
dawndonovan14550 (customer) on CitySearch
I knew Benny when he worked for brand x and knew he was awesome. Living in FL between the sun and swimming,horrible household water and humidity, my hair bleached almost white and was like broken straw in afro style. One trip to him and I had a hairstyle with color and class and it feels like HAIR again. Even my husband asked what he did to make it feel like hair again. NO ONE will touch it again. I will be back soon I hope. I live between Orlando & Daytona with no shortage of spas but Benny.....he is the best
hevennva (customer) on CitySearch
I have found THE BEST salon in town. I came to Ben after a tragic hair color and cut experience--8 weeks before my wedding! After my initial 15-minute consultation, Ben worked his famed color/cut-correction magic, and the results truly put a smile back on my face. Amazing work, professional staff, great locations! I'll never stray from Frances Ray Jules.
bostongirl918 (customer) on CitySearch
I've been getting my hair cut and colored at FrancesRay Jules Salon for over a year now. Everyone there is amazing!! I've never walked away with a bad experience, whether I was there for my hair, nails, waxing, or even just to stop by and say hello. :) I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for something spectacular! I've had my hair done by just about everyone there and each time, I walk away with a smile on my face!
defendthebest (customer) on CitySearch
Funny I was in the salon today at the same time as this primadonna was in . Why do people insist on using lies and vugarity on sylist trying to help. I heard the whole thing being a long time clients of Rhiannons i was in the salon getting my color and this woman (liz) decide to first lie about her hair color (it looked great)and mock him, roll her eyes ,and poutted like a baby . Her hair looked great and Ben (the owner ) was more than a gentelman he offer to put a few lighlights (why i don't understand it looked great ) to keep her happy he also tryed to let her know her opions. The staff brought her to the color table where she cry like a baby and know one yeld at her or offended her. So lets put it like this you harassed ben his staff and all the clients trying to relax and they where busy today just to make all these childish lies again your a lier !!!!!!!!! And to all future clients The Salon is amazing make your own desision I've been going for 4years need I say more.
jkdbye (customer) on CitySearch
I am a professional stylist and I saw one of your recent clients. She came to me to fix her highlights and haircut. She told me what she had previously wanted and a picture of her old color. The highlights that she recieved at your salon do not match her previous base color or highlights. The client also stated that when she called the owner back she was told that she needed to pay for him to fix it and that she was trying to get free color. I am appalled to hear of an owner of a salon talk to a client like that. And from reading the previous bad reviews, he has a reputation of being short tempered and pompous. You can read them for yourself. It is quite disturbing when you are supposed to give customer satisfaction. As far as her haircut, she wanted the very easy and popular "victoria beckham" cut. UNfortunately I was unable to fix her hair because it was cut too short into a BOB by your salon. This client did not recieve anything close to what she asked for and I know, I am a professional. I would not recommend this salon to anyone, not only for the poor quality but for the astonishingly bad treatment of a client.
flamd (customer) on CitySearch
I sincerely can not believe these reviews. I can not believe that the owners of this salon would deliberately make up stories and pretend that they were clients overhearing other "difficult clients." First of all, i was at the salon at 1pm on a monday, i was the ONLY CLIENT THERE! that should have tipped me off that this place is horrible. I spent $264 dollars on color and highlights and have no problems paying for a good job. I actually spend over $300 at my usual salon in florida but unfortunately can not fly there to get my hair done. This is absolutely the BIGGEST SCAM EVER! If you want to search more in the past reviews to the other people whom did not recommend this salon and gave it 1 star, you will low and behold find ANOTHER rebuttal saying the same thing "difficult client." Now that should be obvious evidence that the owners are trying to cover up their lack of professionalism, quality, and most important client satisfaction. People like this should not be in business.
agingwell (customer) on CitySearch
My wife and I both go to FRJ salon and have had wonderful cuts, colors (her), and service. Kathryn is great and the whole staff are friendly and professional. Ben and Rich are very supportive of their staff. Cannot believe what was recently written by verydissatisfied2 as our experiences have been terrific. Highly recommend Francis Ray Jules and Kathryn.
juicyfan (customer) on CitySearch
I was at the salon last Tuesday having my hair done which was the same day as the client who posted the negative review. I was with her at the color table and I heard everything that happened. The client came in saying that she was a very difficult client who could never make up her mind. She did say she wanted her roots to match her ends(which were at least 2"). The stylist brought out the color book and matched up her color and discussed with her the options for her hair. The client made it very clear that she didn't want bleach used in her hair. So the stylist chose the same color as her ends. The stylist started to do her foils and then the client decided that she wanted them to be lighter. However, she has already done several foils at that point. The stylist explained that she could use lightner but there would be an additional charge of $10. The client said she didn't want to spend any more money so she could keep it the way it was. She was extremeny indecisive and to be honest very annoying. She told the stylist that she didn't want any magazines because she was listening to my conversation. After her hair was shampooed she was pouting and saying she had roots. The sytlist then explained that she would have some of her natural hair showing because she had highlights and not a single process color. The stylist dried her hair and when she was almost done the client ripped the cape off of her and said she was furious and that it looked like she never had her hair done at all. Her hair looked beautiful. She was completely making such a big deal of nothing and to be honest I think she was just trying to get her hair done for free. She had said several times that she was a teacher and every penny counts. At the end her color looked fabulous. She also said she goes from salon to salon and is never happy with the results. FRJ is an amazing salon and this girl was simply trying to get her hair done for free.
ellis1 (customer) on CitySearch
My overall experience at the salon was unimpressive. I have curly hair, and while i gave the stylist specific instructions on what i did NOT want done to my hair, she did them anyway. It was an awful and uneven haircut, and it took me months to grow out the layers.
giselle978 (customer) on CitySearch
I went there to get an updo and the girl who did my hair did great...everyone in there made me feel comfortable. All of them are nice and the salon is a cute little salon. I would definitely recommend this salon to anyone.
dishalot (customer) on CitySearch
I went to the salon based on the reviews and was highly disappointed. I have silk wraps and the woman basically ruined all the work i had done previously. Since my appointed 3 of my nails have broken as a result of her cracking the silk wrap when doing my nails. She knew she cracked them but told me "they would be fine". They are anything but fine and it will cost be a lot to get them fixed. The manicure was ordinary and I would probably do better myself. Also the setup it quite strange. I am use to high quality for good prices. This woman has a tiny area and it was difficult to move around when the other client came in. It was anything but a relaxing experience.
ewrightson (customer) on CitySearch
Up in the little balcony is the best pedicurist I have ever had in Boston. The polish has now lasted three weeks without a chip. Plus the power tools she used made my feet feel brand new.
picki420 (customer) on CitySearch
I had gone to the frances ray jules salon because I saw a promotion for manicure-pedicure outside the door. the staff was welcoming and friendly, the enviorment was relaxing. the receptionist offered me a drink and magazine. very good staff. not only that but I had got the best manicure-pedicure in my life and the manicurist payed very close attention to detail. I have been going to the salon for almost a year now and every time I leave I feel beautiful, thank you frances ray jule for a wonderful experience, every time......so happy
nikkiseq (customer) on CitySearch
have been going to the Boston salon for a year and getting my hair done by Renee. There are no words to describe what Renee can do with her clients hair. She is just too good. I have always left this salon feeling beautiful. Every cut and style she has done for me has been out of this world. I have taken my friends there too to get their hair cut with Renee and they loved what she did with their hair. The staff at FrancesRay Jules are friendly and great. I highly recommend this place to anyone who wants to feel great even if it is just for a day.
jilloe (customer) on CitySearch
I have never been extremely concerned with my hair, and this was one of the first times I have gotten my hair professionally cut. I thought that the cut itself was very good, and I was perfectly happy with it. However, while I was there, there was no chit chat or anything, just cut, style, and go. This, combined with the fact that there are a myriad of other salons in locations more convenient for me, is why I probably won't be going back.
ashiplet (customer) on CitySearch
I have been having my hair done by Renee for over 2 years now. I was a little nervous trying a new salon. Renee instanly made me compfortable. She listens every time she cuts or highlights my hair. I could never be happier with the way my hair looks today. I've told all my friends about the salon and now they get their hair done their too!! It's a great place...WE LOVE IT!!!!!
levinesa (customer) on CitySearch
I have been going to Renae for over 2 years now, and I would never go to anyone else. She has the most amazing "signature" cut, and always does the most amazing job making my hair look perfect, which is a concern of mine with super long hair. She also does a fabulous job with highlights! She is the next big thing!!!!!! Just liek we've all heard of the "Jonathan" cut (Jonathan Antin), we will all be hearing of the Renae cut!!! I have never met anyone so talented in my entire life - an ultimate confidence boost! Not only is she talented, but the sweetest person, and easy to talk to about your concerns, or life :)
lolaparker (customer) on CitySearch
I read all these reviews saying it was wonderful....all mistaken...I get there and have to wait 30 minutes more than the time I booked. The door stayed open the whole time and it was exceptionally cold. Then when they assist me I tell them I would like my hair straightened, I come out with my hair wavy and not at all how I wanted. It loooked OK but definatelly not what I asked for. The same with my friend that came with me...her haircut was too short and it was styled so that it looked just like it did when she came in. I advise you not to go there and save your time and money.
gallagm (customer) on CitySearch
I have had the pleasure of going to Benny Mitrano (owner) for my hair for years. Nevery have I had any problem at all. He and his entire staff offer suggestions and listen to what you want to do long range with your hair. This is somehing I have not found anywhere else. There is always a plan on how to make you look and feel better. I would never go anywhere else!
kab87 (customer) on CitySearch
When it comes to my hair, Ben knows me better than I know myself. I always get an amazing cut, and I have a great time at the salon. I can't imagine not having fun at Frances Ray Jules, or leaving there anything but happy!
brookedoyle (customer) on CitySearch
Ben has been my stylist for many years and I regularly refer family members, friends and co-workers to his salon. I began working with Ben when he was a stylist at the salon at Saks Fifth Avenue. I do not shop at Saks and only used its salon so Ben could cut my hair. Needless to say, I was thrilled when Ben opened his own salon! Ben takes the time to match each customer's hair to his/her personality and hair type. He is skilled, up to the minute and truly interested. There is an unpretentious, relaxed yet professional atmosphere in the salon and customers interact comfortably with staff.
equinn13 (customer) on CitySearch
I recently got married and needed someone to come to do my hair and make up. The Marriott recommended FrancisRayJules. I was so pleased with both Ben and Richard. My hair was perfect and lasted all day long. Im not sure that you can give someone a bigger compliment then to become their customer. Ben is now my hairdresser!
chubsz (customer) on CitySearch
I'm not all that sure about what the negative review was about since i wasn't at the salon on that excact day but i've been seeing Ben ever since i can remember. He's always done a fantastic job on both coloring and cutting my hair. I was recently in the salon and heard about this review. I figured since i love going to a salon that's friendly, welcoming to new clients, and just all around wonderful, that I would stick up for it by writing this review. I have never had a problem with this salon or Ben. He always does my hair to the best of his ability to make it look the way that i want it to wether he wants it looking that way or not. Most of my friends have been there and they all feel that it's an incredible salon and that there are some extremely talented hair dressers, makeup artists, etc. that are employed there. To me, they're the best. They always try to give you what you came in asking for even if you change your mind from having your hair blown out to having your hair flat ironed or having it blonde to going jet black. I always leave the salon looking even than the last time. Everyone is extraordinarily nice there and i've had nothing but compliments espically since my last cut and color. I'm not sure what this former client is talking about because looking at all the other reviews there pretty good except for a few minor complants but nobody can be perfect. This review was outragious for a salon that is this wonderful. I hope i can help at least one person with this review by going to Frances Ray Jules and seeing Ben yourself. He's a great hair dresser and he'll try his hardest to let you leave feeling good about both yourself and your hair. I would recomend this salon to anyone. It's the only salon I will ever get my services done at and that goes for a few of my friends as well. I hope people will go to Frances Ray Jules and see for themselves how great the salon is. All their services are fantastic. But don't take my word for it, go there yourself!!!!
gilryt (customer) on CitySearch
I am a friend of one of the clients whom had a horrible experience at frances ray jules salon. I simply can't believe how horrible she was treated. I actually heard the owner yelling at her on the phone telling her that "it's not his problem that you don't like your highlights." Plus the salon writes 5 star reviews for themselves!!! (that' why there are so many). It is plain and simple. Just don't risk going to this salon. There are hundreds of OTHER salons that actually care about customer satisfaction. DO NOT go to this one!
rubyrubystar (customer) on CitySearch
Lets make this short and sweet i found my new salon there great and know their stuff friendly young staff that go out of their way to please had my color and cut done by Ben and he nailed it will be back never going to Newbury again love this place Five star in my Book...
pinky211 (customer) on CitySearch
I just wanted to comment on the cut and color i received a week ago at the salon. I loved it. The stylist actually listened to what i had to say and did just what i asked for. She was extremely nice and for the first time ever i actually liked the way my hair was styled. She took the time to style it perfectly. i was not asked to do this review (i know most salons on this "best of list" ask their good clients and friends to post positive reviews). I am definitely going back. Oh and first time clients get a great discount!!
Thesexiestguyinthesalon (customer) on CitySearch
So here is MY experience at Frances Ray... I am not the weekly client however i go and see Michelle often for my Manicure and Pedicure.(2006-2007 Citysearch best manicure was FrancesRay and Michelle was the only tech there 85% of the time) I always receive friendly service and they always offer me the latest promotion. I have also seen Jesse for my hair twice. Both services I found to exceed my expectations for the value and I was always greeted with a hand shake from Ben and Rich which just gives it that better atmosphere of comfort. I am truly sorry for the bad experiences people have had but I can't imagine all of them to be 100% percent true, and here is why. I have been a client for multiple years and though I am not in there weekly I think every two to three weeks for YEARS would make it seem like I would have caught one of these episodes I just read about. I frequently try to sneek my appointments in on saturday(which anyone in the business knows is the busyiest day ever!!!) and schedules get re-routed constantly to accomodate my needs. I am not trying to say everyone is crazy that writes bad reviews, but I think most people hated spinach when they were kids and now spiach/artichoke dip is on the menu for more restaurants than ever. Maybe a second chance is in order. Please don't tell me you believe that all the good reviews were from employees either because no one's opinion is that important. Sincerely, One Happy Client
dgsgirl (customer) on CitySearch
I made an appointment because I saw the great reviews and the excellent promotions. Kathryn was very friendly and welcoming and dealt with all of my indecisiveness better than anyone has before. I was totally comfortable with our color choices and the end result was amazing! My hair looks so healthy and it is all thanks to Kathryn. She even showed me the best way to style my hair so that it would have more volume and be nice and full. The entire staff was very helpful and they kept checking in on me to make sure I was all set with my coffee and to see if I needed anything else while I was there. I will definitely be back soon!
seg217 (customer) on CitySearch
I have been getting by haircut by Ben for about five years. I love the salon and I love the haircut. Without fail, I always get complimented on my hair and I am more then pleased to send people to this salon. It is a wonderful atmosphere and you come out looking great!
magdeline (customer) on CitySearch
Ever since my first visit to Frances Ray Jules, I've had the best hair in all my life!! My stylist Rhiannon always listens to my needs, explains my options, tells me what she's doing and always delivers beautiful results!! I've never been happier with the look and feel of my hair. Rhiannon, I trust you completely as my hair consultant and I want to thank you for everything!
dancedancefob (customer) on CitySearch
I have been a client Of Frances ray jules for quite sometime. Just like the weather outside i am sure they can not control what happens with the weather inside. First impressions are everything but...Nobody's Perfect Right?? It doesnt matter how long I have to wait I always get the the full attention that I need from my stylist once I am in her chair. I always leave looking and feeling beautiful!
sassyshell (customer) on CitySearch
I have been going to see Ben for about five years. Previously I had been going to another salon for 20 years and I was scared to make a change, but I am so glad that I did. Since I have been going to Frances Ray Jules I receive so many nice compliments about my hair color and hair cut. The salon is very quaint and friendly. You can also have your nails and feet done while your hair is processing. The atmosphers is pure relaxation. I can't think of a better place to spend an afternoon. Try it, I promise you'll like it!
citylocal (customer) on CitySearch
what a find. found this place walking to north station,happen to walk by and there window caught my eye, im a sucker for shiny stuff. went in to check out there costume jewelry left with a ring, partial hightlight and a haircut.the desk girl was so friendly when i walked in that i wasnt afraid to ask questions about prices.she told me prices, promotions and suggestions on what would be best for my mess of an at home color job gone wrong.if it wasnt for her smile when i walked in i dont think i would of had services done,now i always pop in on my way to the T and i always get the same smile even if im not getting services done.
luminis (customer) on CitySearch
If you want Newbury Street results (or better!) without the attitude and the $$, this is the place for you. Ask for Riannon - she is the best colorist AND hairstylist I've ever gone to in Boston - including plenty of Newbury Street visits.... I referred a friend to her and he had the same experience... she listens and gives you a great haircut - in the style that you expected and hoped for! (she's also tops at natural and flattering color) & highlights!) The salon is relaxed, friendly, and conveniently located too!
hlibrot (customer) on CitySearch
I have been going to Ben at Frances Ray Jules Salon for 4 years and I finally have found a stylist who get its! I have never been so comfortable with anyone who has worked on my hair and Ben has been great from the very first cut and color. My hair has never looked so good. The best part is that upstairs while I have my hair color on I can have a fabulous pedicure and manicure. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. Try them you wont be disappointed!
mhaines (customer) on CitySearch
I was lucky enough to have Ben,Renae, & Rich to do mine & my bridesmaids hair & makeup for my wedding!! All they're work was FABULOUS & would highly recommend them. All of us were very satisfied & felt like princess' for that day. Don't what I would of done without them. Thank you again all of you for making my day !!!!!!!!!!
amone (customer) on CitySearch
I have been a client of Ben's for years so I was thrilled when he opened his own salon. It is always a pleasant experience at his salon. The staff is always courteous and friendly and very knowledgeable about current trends as well as classic styles. As for Ben, he knows my hair and knows what's good for me. He always takes the time to make sure I'm pleased and shows me how to style my hair myself. I would never go anywhere else! Thanks, Frances Ray Jules and congratulations!
katieokeefe (customer) on CitySearch
I got a gift certificate for Frances Ray Jules in Boston and immediately fell in love with it. It was one of the best haircuts I've ever had. When the one in Somerville opened I was so excited because I'm from Somerville and it made it so much easier to get there. I love the salon in Somerville as much as the one in Boston. The staff is friendly, I never have a problem getting an appointment and I never have to wait. I'm always happy with my haircut and have never heard anything negative about the salon. I highly recommend it!
susie91298 (customer) on CitySearch
My hair was a mess when I first went to Frances Ray, I was in desperate need of a good style and cut, and didn't really know what I wanted. I found the staff at Frances Ray to be very friendly, not at all intimidating, a relaxed atmosphere. Marta did a fantastic job on my hair- she took the time to talk to me about ideas and my preferences, and then gave me exactly what we talked about. I plan on going to Frances Ray Jules and seeing Marta or another stylist regularly, and I highly recommend the salon for anyone looking for an alternative to Newbury Street.
bgray104 (customer) on CitySearch
Ben and his staff are fantastic! I was referred to the salon from the Cambridge Marriott and we utilized the salon services for my sister's Summer wedding. The entire Bridal party looked fantastic. From nails, hair, to makeup this salon does it all! Since then, I have become a loyal client and love spending time chatting with the staff during each visit. The team is warm, welcoming and extremely talented. A true gem!
bostongirl23456 (customer) on CitySearch
I've been to Francis Ray Jules 3 times now. Twice for haircuts and once for a spa pedicure. The girls did a great job on my hair and the cut stayed in place for weeks! The pedicure was fantastic - my feet have never felt so soft (and I usually get pedicures at Bella Sante on Nebury). In all honesty, the ambiance isn't as elegant, but the pedicure was fantastic. The location is great for anyone living in the NorthEnd or Beacon Hill.
littlela (customer) on CitySearch
I'm always hesitant about getting my hair cut or colored, but this salon was wonderful. I told them what I wanted done and that's exactly what I got! The salon is adorable and my stylist, Renee, was superb. There's also coupons for first time clients and other promotions available for everyone, so I found it to be a much better value than a lot of other salons in Boston. Definitely check out the website before you go in.
tinygirl10 (customer) on CitySearch
We you either love them or hate them and I love them love them love them, They are fun ,Talented and resonable in price as for all you haters grow up this salon is great . I had a massage with Moe she worked out all the knots in my shoulder (being a nurse lots of heavy lifting) had color and cut (with Renea) awsome style to finish it off getting many compliments. Hope this will help any one out their trying to decide on a salon I found frj salon a real relaxing place oh easy to get to and if your driving give yourself a few extra minutes parking is ok if you give yourself the time but the front desk girl Danielle ran quarters to my meter now thats service..
missus (customer) on CitySearch
Thank you Frances Ray Jules Salon for making my special day as important to you as it was to me. The owner and staff went above and beyond on my wedding day to not only make me and my bridal posse look fabulous, but to also make sure we were relaxed and having a good time. I have received an overwhelming number of compliments on my hair, makeup and nails. The compliments continue to roll in after nearly one month. There was no doubt in my mind that Frances Ray Jules would do such a fantastic job on my wedding as I have been going to this salon since it's inception. However, when I looked at the photos and saw what an amazing job they did I could not have been happier. My Mom and sisters are receiving just as much positive feedback. I wish I had business cards with me at the wedding because there were countless guests who wanted to know where we had our hair & makeup done, and I was more than happy to promote this friendly salon. As I mentioned before, I have been a long time client at this exceptional salon so my expectations were for nothing but greatness. Well, let me tell you, this salon delievered! All of the employees were more than accommodating and really did everything and anything to make us all comfortable. I would highly recommend this salon to any future brides. The employees are extremely professional and caring. I also wanted to note that my hairstyle was more non-traditional (no veil or headpeice) and the stylist did exactly what I wanted. In my opinion this is something that can be difficult to pull off without an accessory to dress up your hair. This was not a problem, and I was ecstatic with the results. My makeup was total glam, just as I requested and I even got to keep the lipstick!!! Overall a really wonderful experience and I wish I could do it all over again, if not for just the pampering that we received that day. Thank you again to all at Frances Ray Jules for making this a truly memorable day and positive experience.
sportsgal82 (customer) on CitySearch
I have been to the salon a few times now and I have had my hair done by Kathryn. She makes me look so good everytime I leave. My color is always perfect and she remembers what I like without me having to remind her. My haircut is perfect and I don't even need to put a lot of effort into it to make it look good. Everytime I have been to the salon the owner has been there. He has always been very pleasant and funny. The entire staff is very accomodating and they truly make you feel like you are at home. Please try out the salon. I am so glad that I did and I have since referred 3 people to Kathryn.
h_squared (customer) on CitySearch
Frances Ray Jules is my everyday salon, so there was no question I would prefer to go with what I knew for my wedding day. I can't say enough about this salon. From the time I got engaged, Michelle worked with me to help grow my nails (I'm a biter) and Rhiannon worked with me on a color that would work for the next year so I could keep my maintenance within my budget while saving for a wedding. Danielle did a great job coorindating everything for me and my girls. My trials were fantastic and so much fun. Even a couple days before my wedding I had an idea to change my look a bit a Rhiannon just rolled with it. The day before my wedding the salon opened early so we could have seven girls getting manis & pedis. It was the perfect setting for the girls to get to know each other as some of them met for the first time that day. It kicked off a FUN weekend for me and the girls. We had a blast in the back room! The next morning Ben, Rich & Rhiannon packed it up and came up to NH so that we had enough people so we could get up at a reasonable hour. I was nervous that we wouldn't get all the girls done in the timeframe - but the timing was perfect! We all joked around and had a blast! I never had so much fun getting my hair and make up done! They even responded to my veil emergency (I melted it the night before) and they told it to me straight about wearing it. I alway know I will get the truth from the staff at Frances Ray Jules about what looks like me and what doesn't and I appreciated that as a bride. So often in the wedding industry people try to sell you on a "dream wedding" but the staff at FRJ made me look like me - just glamourous. Everyone commented on how great me and my girls looked. I have gorgeous pictures that will last me a lifetime and I have Frances Ray Jules to thank.
avhq (customer) on CitySearch
I went to Frances Ray Jules for my wedding day hair. I chose the salon partly because it was the perfect location for my wedding venue, and partly because the trial was pretty good, and they guaranteed that my hair would look perfect the day-of. Overall, I would say that this is a fine salon for an everyday haircut and nails, but not for an important event. Everyone was very friendly and nice except for the owner Ben. He was quite rude to me, as the bride, on the wedding day. He complained that my bridesmaids arrived 5 minutes late, when in reality they arrived early and the salon was still closed, so they came back a few minutes later. He also complained when I asked him to fix one of the girls hair that was very bumpy in the front. One of the stylists who was supposed to be there to do part of the wedding party showed up almost an hour an half late. It was obvious that he was frustrated, (in fact, he was yelling at her in front of me), but it was not our fault that he could not manage his staff. He was running a bit late himself as he was finishing our hair, and had the audacity to tell me that he had clients waiting for him, even when we had brought in 5 people for hair and nails. I usually don't take the time to write reviews, but in this case I thought I would just warn future brides about the lack of professionalism I experienced on such an important day.
kmac0427 (customer) on CitySearch
I workout at the World Gym in Somerville and get my hair done conveniently at Frances Ray Jules Salon, Marta is the best, she is so patient and very creative.. I love my cut and color.. Would never go to anyone else... Very happy....
mboston05 (customer) on CitySearch
I went in for a trial hair and make-up session and I must say I was pretty disappointed. The staff at the salon were nice, but I was a little surprised at the way they handled my appointment. I had ONE hair trial, followed by a make-up session, that was "alright", and really not much to brag about. I then had to wait for another HOUR while the hairstylist waited on two other customers. She then saw me and tried one other hair style on me which took all of FIVE minutes. I found it very dissapointing that they did not leave enought time to have at LEAST 2 hair trials in there for me without having to wait in between customers. I couldn't imagine bring seven women in and to receive that type of service. I also thought they are over-priced for the services I received.
melanieolinto (customer) on CitySearch
When I first came to the salon a friend dragged me in. My brown hair in an attempt to dye blond had tints of green and white in it. I met Renae who did not make fun or tease but who immediately got down to business. She as able to give me a lighter brown with the blonde highlights I wanted. She saved me! I have been going to her for almost four years now and I would never switch! The staff is so friendly you feel perfectly comfortable and relaxed at your appointment. I love it! I have also tried the manicure and pedicure which is fabulous.
laurahyer (customer) on CitySearch
I have lived in Back Bay and the South End for many years. As a result, I have been to many of the salons on Newbury Street. I decided to try Ben's services at Frances Ray Jules because of Citysearch and Ben's past experience. I have been absolutely thrilled. The salon is small and tucked away in a corner of the North Station area, but you would absolutlely think that you have been on Newbury Street when you see what Ben can do with your hair. He listens to your desires and makes suggestions that are right on target, both in terms of cutting and coloring. I have been thrilled with my experience at France Ray Jules and plan to make it my permanent salon.
mfberkshire (customer) on CitySearch
I started using the salon as a bride with a coupon for a free hair & makeup trial and I thought "its free" so why not try....so glad I did. They came on location in the berkshires for my wedding last year and I couldnt be happier with the service and the price. I had a large party so they gave me a break on the price (which was great). Now I see Ben & Danielle whenever I have a special event to go to, and its like my wedding day all over again. Thanks for making me feel like a princess on my special day and every day after.
katchap (customer) on CitySearch
How this salon can give away free services is ridiculous....and it wasnt even with a junior stylist or anything it was with one of there regular stylist Rhianon! She gave me suggestions on color and a cut that would be next to none for maintenence, and I love it. When I do my hair at home its like I just left the salon. She gave me so many styling tips. And to think it was for FREE blows my mind!! I will so go back to do my color and to have it cut over and over...and her price is only $45 for a haircut...thats so little for a Boston hair salon. Look our newbury street...francis ray jules is here to stay.
oakbeachgirl (customer) on CitySearch
BEN has been coloring and cutting my hair for over a year and has done a fantastic job. My hair looks healthier in texture and color. I had been driving to Connecticut (where I used to live) to get my hair done, since I couldn't find a salon with all the qualities that I was looking for! I stumbled upon FRJS and I couldn't be happier. Everyone is professional, yet they make you feel at ease...there is no "attitude" and I would trust any of the staff to style my hair. It is extremely difficult to find a great colorist, and Ben is top notch..I recommend them highly!!
skatesg (customer) on CitySearch
I have been going to Ben for at least four years now, and he does a wonderful job. I was recommended to him by a friend whose haircut I admired. He gave me a fantastic cut and I haven't been anywhere else since then. Everyone in the salon is super-friendly; making appointments is easy. I also got a pedicure there once and it was great too. I now live west of Boston, so getting to Frances Ray Jules is not as easy as it used to be, but it's worth the trip!!!
sarahd327 (customer) on CitySearch
This salon is fabulous. For the first time ever, I walked out of a salon happy with my hair. Renae exceeded my expectations and I will keep going back. I am thankful to have finally found a stylist that I like and a salon that I can trust. I highly recommend this salon to everyone!!
pamelacongdon (customer) on CitySearch
I admist it, I was skeptical of stepping off Newbury to get a fantastic cut in this city but wow, have I found a "jule" with Frances Ray Jules. Renae is the best stylist I have had in my life (and I have had many). From what I see, Rhiannon and Ben seem fantastic as well! They are cutting edge, friendly, knowledgable, service-oriented professionals. I highly recommend this salon for nails, waxing, etc. too. -pjc
gypsyboy (customer) on CitySearch
Ben is my only experience with the salon and I can say he does what he does with the hand of a master. I've jumped from stylist to stylist, here and in Europe; spending an inordinate prices for my haircuts very often. But something I get light on the cash and have to go about looking for value. But I know a practised hand when I see one. He's an down-to-earth modest personality, and the price you pay is fairer than fair. So do yourself a favour and give him a shot. You'll get more than your money's worth.
lummycat (customer) on CitySearch
The salon opened 10 minutes after my manicure/pedicure appointment. I left almost two hours later with a flawed m/p. Not recommended.
ljc330 (customer) on CitySearch
FrancesrayJules is a great salon, the staff is just wonderful and Christie has been my stylist and colorist for 3 1/2 years now and she is incredible. She always does exactly what i want and it is always comes out perfect also great prices which is a plus. She has such a great personality and her talent and creativity is phenomenal so i highly recommend Christie to anyone who is looking for a new stylist/colorist because she is a great person.
hairsalon17 (customer) on CitySearch
I've been to this salon several times, but have recently decided to switch. I love my stylist, but the apathetic customer service at Frances Ray Jules is enough to keep me from coming back. I've witnessed the owner yell at his staff (and clients!) out in the open nearly every time I've been there, I've been kept waiting well past my scheduled appointment, and have been spoken to in a short, curt manner when calling to make appointments. It is extremely disheartening and unacceptable to witness an OWNER treating his clientel like this and it is very telling of the way he manages his business. This sort of experience is antithetical to what going to a salon for some pampering should be. Business 101 is that even though it might not always be true, you need to treat the customer as always being right. However at this salon, the employees tend to place blame on the clients, and their responses to the negative reviews on this site only reinforce that even after the fact, they continue to blame clients and not accept responsibility. I wouldn't recommend this place if you're looking for a pleasant experience when getting your hair cut.
leanne1214 (customer) on CitySearch
Im back in boston for the second year attending school at BU. I happened to be in the North Station area and stumbled upon the salon. I was badly in need of a cut & color, they told me it would be about a 15 minute wait, and i was desperate! While I waited I was offered a free 15 minute massage, which was a wonderful treat. I saw Jessie for my cut & color, which is pretty basic, and it came out great. Im so excited I found a salon I love to take care of my hair needs throughout the school year. Cant wait to go back.
andygirl78 (customer) on CitySearch
I have been a customer of Frances Ray Jules since January and I have to say I am highly satisfied with my services and the staff at the salon. I am an actual customer and will continue to be in the future. While I have had minimal exposure to the owners, the rest of the staff have always been courteous and accomodating to me when I am having my hair done. I have gone to Rhiannon and Kathryn and they both did an awesome job on my hair, taking it through varied styles and colors flawlessly. My hair looks the best it has ever looked and due to this, several of my friends and co-workers now call FRJ their salon as well. I also find the salon atmosphere to be fun and attractive, without being overdone, as most Boston salons are. I have also had my nails done at FRJ by Jenny and Michelle - they also turned out beautifully. Having had multiple staff members provide me with services, I can confidently recommend this salon to others without hesitation. I feel badly that others have had a negative experience, but would encourage those looking for a great hairstyle to give FRJ a try.
melbell1978 (customer) on CitySearch
I am very picky about who I have cut my hair. When I moved to Boston a year ago, I needed to find a great salon. I researched and found the Frances Ray Jules is worth the trip for me.....they are creative, reasonable and friendly. I recommend trying them out!!!!!!
joanien (customer) on CitySearch
I am a client of Christie's and have been for approximately four years. My search for a great hairdresser is over! I have to say that out of all the stylists I've tried, Christie is the best at coloring (foiling) my hair. It always looks so natural and healthy. She cuts excellent too - never more than what I ask; and she always makes time for me when I'm desparate calling at the last minute. I enjoy conversing with her and feel very comfortable at Frances Ray Jules Salon. The entire staff always makes me feel welcome (and needless to say - more attractive when I leave there).
emilyrussell (customer) on CitySearch
I am a client of Marta's, who does an amazing cut and partial highlights on my long hair. She gives great advice to someone like me who may not really know what to do with their hair. Everyone who works here is really friendly, and the atmosphere is not intimidating or snobby at all.
mileestar (customer) on CitySearch
Having just moved to Boston, I heard about the prices of haircuts and color. What a find Frances Ray Jules is! I had Rhiannon, who did a great job on my cut and color. She really listened to my concerns and what I wanted for a cut. I would recommend the FRJ salon to any one of my friends! You won't be disappointed!
robyntogo (customer) on CitySearch
Congratulations Frances Rey Jules! We love your salon and and are glad to hear or your high ratings for the Best of Boston 2006. Many of our staff and members visit your salon for hair services, as well as manicures and pedicures. You have a very knowledgeable staff, great products and fair prices. We will continue to use your sevices and recommend you to our friends as well. Keep up the good work! -Robyn Dalton
laurenm57 (customer) on CitySearch
I had my hair cut and styled by Rhiannon and my hair has not looked this great in many years. She is a great stylist and very customer friendly. I highly recommend Rhiannon and Frances Ray Jules Salon. Lauren
paulfindlen (customer) on CitySearch
I have gone to Frances Ray Jules Salon a few times now, and I've been really happy with the haircuts I've gotten there. I've been to more expensive 'Newbury Street' type places, and the cuts I've gotten at FRJS have easily been as good if not better. Everyone there is really friendly and very accomodating. I go to Rhiannon and I think she does a great job at a very reasonable price.
renee_f (customer) on CitySearch
I've been to FRJS once before because I went elsewhere and they butchered my hair. I decided I needed to find somewhere that was highly recommended and at a reasonable price to help me fix the disaster on my head. I had brought a couple of pictures for ideas and asked Marta what she thought. She was very excited to help me pick a hairstyle most suitable for me! Everyone at work noticed my fabulous new haircut!
michelleepstein (customer) on CitySearch
I have been seeing Renae there for about 2 years now. Everytime I leave very satisfied with my cut and color. She takes the time to find out what I liked about my last cut/color and what I want to change (if anything). I have complete confidence in her judgment and skill and it has come to the point where I just tell her "do whatever you think will look good." In addition, she does my eyebrows and they always come out perfectly shaped. The salon is comfortably busy and everyone there always makes you feel relaxed.
marliesroberts (customer) on CitySearch
I recently had my hair cut and styled by Rhiannon. She did an amazing job! The cut was exactly what I wanted, and my hair has never looked as hot as it did when I left! I would highly recommend her as a stylist. The salon atmosphere was great as well: very professional, yet laid-back and friendly at the same time.
lma63 (customer) on CitySearch
I have a hard time finding someone to listen, to what I want done to my hair. Rhiannon is awesome! I have been trying to find a new stylist for 3 years and its been awful. My hair eventually got burnt. I found FRJS online, its not far from my apartment, I thought why not? Rhiannon was awesome!!! I went in for just a cut to repair my hair. I liked it, went back for a color, cut, foil, and eyebrow wax. She even stayed late to make sure it was what I wanted. She is very good at listening to what you want, and suggesting what you probably need. I trust her opinion, and she is able to work in what I want, with her expertise. Im very happy, my hair is almost back to healthy. BTY the rest of the staff has always been nothing but great!!!!!
aagnoli (customer) on CitySearch
moving to a new city, finding a new and equally-wonderful salon as you had before is a scary prospect. but frances ray jules was a great find. they are very accomodating, delightfully friendly, and more than adept at providing quality, contemporary styles. great attitude, service, and style would be the best way to describe this place (or at least what i know of their cuts/styles-- can't comment on the coloring, etc.). and the prices are very reasonable.
meamtrack (customer) on CitySearch
I have had my hair done in so many places and have not been happy for years UNTIL....Ben he took me as a walk in and did color and cut for me staying well past closing time and did not make me feel I was putting him out it was good Friday and I had a T.V. to attend I was so pleased with the out come I will be back traveling from Maine just to see Ben in 6 six weeks, If you want to feel good about yourself that is the place to go. Thanks Ben!!!!
jennifer_1122 (customer) on CitySearch
I was extrememly happy that I took the chance and made an appointment with Christine. Not only was my color just what I was looking for going into the Spring but my cut also gave my limp hair much more volume and body as it grows. I'm confident in my next appointment that Christine will come up with another very flattering hair color with a little edge!
yocchi126 (customer) on CitySearch
Ben has been my hair stylist for three yeas now. I am just so happy I met him. He knows how picky I am and he does a great great job every time. He did my hair even for my wedding! (Because I really trust him!!) He did exactly what I wanted, of course, and it made me soooo happy. He also did my mother's hair for my wedding. She was wearing a KIMONO. He did such an amazing job that even I was jealous!! I felt so lucky that I had him who respected our cultural thing. Every time I leave the salon, I get lots of compliments on the way home like "You look gorgeous" "Your hair color is beautiful" "I love your hair "... even a couple weeks later. He is absolutely the best hair stylist I have ever had!!!!!!
kmccormick (customer) on CitySearch
I have been going to the same hairdresser outside of the city for over 15 years and a couple of friends from work recommended going across the street to Frances Ray, so I walked in the salon and Renae was able to fit me in for a wash, cut and blowdry. She did an awesome job, I love my haircut, thank you Renae. The staff at the salon from Ben on down were extremely friendly and they made me feel very comfortable there. I am definately going back.
magin (customer) on CitySearch
Simply put, the best haircut I've ever had. I got tons of compliments. The highlights I got looked really natural as well. I actually got a few reactions of surprise when I told people I had added a little color. Renae did an excellent job of figuring out what I wanted and what would look good on me. She also gave me some helpful styling tips.
lisch (customer) on CitySearch
I've been living in Boston for 5 years now and have gotten my hair cut at several salons around the city, all of which were good, but not so good I felt I absolutely needed to come back for another cut there. A friend of mine recommended Frances Ray because she gets her hair done there and loves it. I love her style so I went . I went out on a limb and got a completely different cut my first time there, but it was worth it. I have never gotten so many complements on my hair!!! And everytime I go back Renae remembers what EXACTLY what we did last time and always has good recommendations for what we could do this time around. Excellent salon!
bugmenot1 (customer) on CitySearch
After moving from Rhode Island to Boston a little over three years ago, I had a hard time finding a stylist in the Boston area who was actually worth the money they charged. Ben at Frances Ray Jules is wonderful. "A trim and long layers" by one stylist at another salon left me with something sort of blah, not much different from how I walked in. The same thing from Ben left my hair looking fuller, healthier, and just plain better, without sacrificing too much length or sleekness. It's a cut you could easily pay $20 more for, elsewhere. Ben is also very nice and friendly, without being pushy. His staff is polite and professional. I've finally found a stylist here who I'll return to very happily.
terry1953 (customer) on CitySearch
I have been a client of Ben Mitrano starting at Saks Fifth Avenue. I can remember entering the salon without an appointment as my hair had been damaged by another hair salon. Ben stated that he could fix my hair, but I had to wait which I did and the end result was a wonderful outcome. Ben and I closed Saks that night and I had to exit the store via the back entrance. Ben has worked hard and now has two hair salons, which he truly deserves and has a friendly staff. I wish Ben much success and happiness for the future.
mixedspices (customer) on CitySearch
The day of my boyfriends senior prom, I walked into Frances Ray Jules with only 2 hours to get done up and get back for pictures. The crew worked on me quickly and gave me full attention; I had a hair stylist, nail specialist, and make-up artist working on me at the same time! I felt like a movie star! Many of my friends commented on how lovely I looked and amazing I looked and kept asking me where the salon was. This year, I have the junior prom and I am coming back! But this time, I am bringing two friends of mine who had loved how I looked and asked to come along. Frances Ray Jules was a wonderful salon to discover, and I am very excited to go back! I would recommend this salon to anyone who is looking from a simple trim to a full make-over.
rmo4 (customer) on CitySearch
I have only been in twice, but I am very happy with the customer service, especially Marta and Ben. They have both been very helpful to me. I am having extensions put in Tuesday, hopfully I willbe happy with this service also.
lambda (customer) on CitySearch
I've been getting cut & coloring from Renne for over a year now. So far, I've been very happy with it. They keep detailed records of all the visits, I believe, because they know exactly what to do to match up the chestnut color I've been getting. (My natural shade is black.) My only complaint is a small segment of my hair at the back seemed to have got a darker shade during my last visit, but it blended in eventually. The staff there is friendly and helpful, and the place is very easy to get to by T, which is a plus.
pmseidel (customer) on CitySearch
I just moved back to Boston and had no idea where to go for a salon. I went online to CitySearch and liked the reviews & decided to take a chance. I am so glad I did. First, I loved the location. The Canal Street area is busy & growing. It could be the next Soho! Second, the atmosphere at the salon is so refreshing. The staff are warm, friendly and professional. And they all seem happy! They seem to genuinely love what they do, enjoy working with each other and take pride in making their customers look and feel great. Ben told me he prefered not to change my hairstyle too much before he gets to know me and my hair better. Bingo...I trusted him immediately. My hair looks great. I cannot wait to return for color. There is something special about this salon!
jsandman (customer) on CitySearch
Ben (the owner) is now the only person who I'll let cut my hair. I have a long history of unhappy haircuts but, since I've started going to Frances Ray Jules (it's been three years now), I've been happy after every cut.
tspin3 (customer) on CitySearch
I have been a client of this salon since it opened and been a client of Ben's for about 10 years. I had some bad "temporary" color in a box stain my hair and Ben fixed it and made it look great... I have been faithful ever since. Not only are they great with color (trust me, I've been every color in the book and every one was done wonderfully), but they are up to date with current trends and know how to make you look good. I always feel great when I leave there, whether it's hair, nails or make-up, it's all good. Check them out!
msafford (customer) on CitySearch
Since moving to Boston 5 years ago I have been searching for the right hair stylist. If you're like me you want someone who listens to you, but also feels comfortable making their own suggestions-they're the artist, right? I FINALLY found that with Ben. He gave me exactly what I hadn't realized I wanted. I told him short and that's what he gave, with just a bit of edge. I have to give him props for being well centered when my initial response to the cut was, "It's horrible." It wasn't,of course, I was just shocked at the lack of hair that I had left(even though it was what I asked for). He was calm and we talked about how it would grow out and he told me to come back in a few days if I wanted to change anything. He said exactly what I wanted him to say to make me feel like even if this wasn't the right cut we would find it eventually. However, by the time I walked home(10 minutes) and looked in the mirror again I absolutly loved everything about my cut-I feel so pretty now. I finally found my own stylist in Boston!!! Oh, and the girl who washed my hair took her time, and made me feel so pampered.
lish04 (customer) on CitySearch
My boyfriend's sister recommended Frances Ray Jules to me after going there for a cut and partial foil. I was so glad that I listened to her recommendation. Renae gave me the best cut and foil of my life! She put in highlights and lowlights and layered my hair so that I can wear it wavy or straight. She really knew what she was doing. And even though the salon was busy around me, I never felt like she was rushing. I've gotten a ton of compliments on my hair since then. The prices are reasonable, the salon is cute, and the entire staff is very friendly. Excellent salon- quality, expert services without any pretension!
rsouthworth (customer) on CitySearch
People are literally stopping me on the street to ask me who colors my hair! Renee did an amazing job and both the cut and the color. I can't say enough great things about this place. Oh, and I can't forget to add the my favorite part of the hair cut/color process....the shampoo! My scalp was massaged to the point of me falling asleep at the sink. You can't go wrong!
meljab (customer) on CitySearch
My first review was very harsh and it was based on a misunderstanding so I took it down. I did not have the best experience but Ben, the owner, called me personally to apologize and offer to have me comeback to the salon for him to cut my hair. The stylist who originally cut my hair was a "junior stylist" and the receptionist did not tell me this when I had made the appointment or else I would've requested a senior stylist. I learned that if you are unhappy with something, tell Ben while you are there rather than wait and let a misunderstanding ensue. Ceclia, while she is still learning her craft, is genuinely concerned with your happiness, if she is not cutting or blowdrying your hair the way you like, just let her know and I am sure she can accomodate that. Oh yeah...and hair DOES grow back...
nmrymar (customer) on CitySearch
I've moved around so much and finding a new hair salon with a hair stylist I can trust has proved to be a difficult task. I was SO lucky to have found Rhiannon at Francis Ray Jules. I wanted to try something different (bangs), so Rhiannon gave me some suggestions, took her time and did a GREAT job! Not only was the cut great, she did the best color I've ever had! I highly recommend Frances Ray Jules Salon!
eugecorbo (customer) on CitySearch
I went to FRJS for the first time yesterday and got my hair cut by Ben. He really listened to me and it was the first time in a long long time that I left a salon really liking my haircut. I also like the general look of the salon: down-to-earth, non-pretentious. I certainly plan to become a regular!
redsoxgirl25 (customer) on CitySearch
I was very nervous about trying a new salon, but Ben made me feel very comfortable. By the end of the night I felt like I had been going to see him for years. He corrected my color and gave me a great cut. I was very happy with my experience at Frances Ray Jules!!
fungodmother (customer) on CitySearch
Went to frances ray jules with my sister and niece. Salon came highly recommended by them. My niece is getting married in the fall and kept saying to me how happy she was with the work they had done. she loved her hair and makeup for her upcoming wedding and so did my sister. i went to the salon and ben did my coloring and styling and he did an amazing job. my color was so natural. when he was finished my hair was beautiful. he does great work. i have never received so many compliments on my hair. The salon is a very warm and comfortable enviroment. they have great products to purchase. The overall service was fantastic.
mothermatron (customer) on CitySearch
frances ray jules salon great for wedding hair and makeup. Ben and Rich are fantastic!!! Very comfortable setting. Staff very friendly. Great hours! My daughter is getting married in September and the salon was recommened by the burlington marriot. We could not be happier. The work they do is great. We go to the salon now on a regular basis for hair coloring and styling because we loved it so much.
Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
Had frequented Francesray Jules Salon on a couple of occasions. The last time I went in February I had Alda and asked for full highlights and color. My hair was overprocessed and the color burnt my scalp. In March I thought this would take care of itself but by April still had real issues with the burning, redness, itchiness and dryness of the scalp because of the overprocessing of leaving the color on too long or using way too much peroxide in the mix. Alda was not busy at the time I frequented the salon, I was the only customer she had. She had to use toner to tone down the color. Still have a problem and have had to go to the doctor's office in April for medicine. Medicine did not help much. NEEDLESS TO SAY THEY LOST A CUSTOMER. I never ever received the FULL HIGHLIGHTS BUT WAS CHARGED OVER $130.00 FOR JUST A COLOR. Did contact the salon and was told I could come back for some hair scalp treatments - but at this point from talking to various hairdressers - it would be in my best interest to cut all ties with this salon. I would not recommend this salon to anyone.
bobbi2008 (customer) on CitySearch
Been a client for a long time and have followed Ben for most of his career pleased,happy and saticfied with the results (9years )the salon is great with a friendly staff they are great so for all you haters grow up Ben is one nice guy who is always helping his staff and other clients. frjsalon works it in all the right ways grow up all you haters out there..........
lindsay945 (customer) on CitySearch
I am very picky when it comes to my hair and who I trust to do my hair. This week, I visited Frances Ray Jules and met with Kathryn for a partial foil. I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do, color wise, but Kathryn helped me pick out the perfect balance of colors. Kathryn took the time to figure out what I was looking for and gave me advice, rather than dictating my appointment, like some hair stylists that I have worked with in the past. Kathryn's attention to detail and fabulous customer service are what will keep me coming back to FRJ. Her dedication to her work and care is extremely apparent and I cannot imagine going to anyone else...The next time that you make an appointment...ask for Kathryn. I can't wait to show off my new locks!
kbuehler (customer) on CitySearch
I am new to Boston and was a little apprehensive about finding a stylist I trust. Because of the reviews I decided to go to Frances Ray Jules. I made an appointment with Kathryn and am thrilled with my hair. She took her time in consulting with me, even getting out color swatches to give me options for my hair color. She was very precise with my foils, taking time to make sure that she did everything perfect. The color certainly reflected her hard work. It looks awesome! She was equally as dedicated with my hair cut. She took her time to make sure that the cut was exceptional. I am so pleased. As far as price goes, I had a coupon so the price wasn't too bad, but if I hadn't had the coupon it would have been pretty steep. Overall, a great experience!
rsoxfan1 (customer) on CitySearch
I have been to the salon three times. I have seen Kathryn and am now a devoted client. I love my highlights and my haircuts. The color has been exactly what I have wanted. She usually gets me in and out within 2 hours. I would recommend the salon to anyone looking for high quality services with reasonable prices.
IAmRandyMoss (customer) on CitySearch
Wanted to give my girlfriend a full day at the spa. Called and they were very nice and accomidating. Sent her for a manicure and pedicure, hour message, and full facial. When calling they said they had a deal where you get 1/2 message free with the mani pedi and I asked him if i could pay to make it a full hour message and he said sure, and it would be 40$ more. No problem. All said and done everything was great but she said the girl giving the message didn't know what she was doing, talked the whole time, and stopped after 40 minutes! Kinda frustrating because I wanted her to have a full day and have a good time but she was dissappointed with the short and non relaxing message.
fsugirl13 (customer) on CitySearch
I was referred to the salon by two of my friends that are Kathryn's clients. I was nervous because I have been going to the same salon for the last 10 years (in Florida). I came in for a partial highlight, a haircut and blowdry. Kathryn was so knowledgable and she brought out the color book and we discussed many options before deciding on one color for highlights and one other darker blond color for low lights. She is the first hairstylist that let me know that I can get the results I want with color and not lightner (aka bleach). My hair feels and look wonderful and I cannot wait for another 5 weeks to go back in to get my roots touched up. If you are looking for someone who is friendly and provides excellent company and service than I would highly recommend Kathryn. Everyone that I met that day was very friendly and definitely fun to be around. They have a great "color table" that lets all the clients talk to each other and it is a real down to earth atmosphere.
Lisamarie237 (customer) on CitySearch
I Highly recommend FrancesRay Jules Salon! The staff is welcoming and friendly and the services are great. Renee does amazing coloring and I always love the cut. I would not consdier going elsewhere for hair services.
bcalum03 (customer) on CitySearch
All I have to say is I am so glad I found Frances Ray Jules Salon. I recently moved back to the area and I was looking for a new stylist and someone for all my hair removal needs. I have been to the salon just once but I can't wait to go back. I have to say I have never looked better. I have seen Kathryn for my hair and Becky for waxing services.They are both very professional and are very well trained in their area of expertise. Kathryn sat me down in her chair and discussed my hair history, current maintenance, lifestyle, and desires. She took all of this into account and came up with a plan for my hair. She discussed everything with me and made sure we were on the same page. She first explained what her vision was for my hair and then went to work. We did a partial foil and a haircut (which looks amazing and it was so reasonably priced.) While I was processing I went in to see Becky and she made my eyebrows look perfect. She knew exactly what would look good on me (It had been awhile since I had them waxed and she completely reshaped them.) After I was done with the wax I went back to Kathryn for the haircut. With my thick hair she was able to keep the length but somehow style and thin it out so that it's is no longer out of control yet still feels thick. As she was drying my hair she explained how to maintain this look and then put the final touches on the cut and I was done. In the days following I've gotten numerous comments on the color and the cut and people keep saying something is different with my face and I let them in on my new secret...Becky the eyebrow genius. I highly recommend the salon and I have handed out flyers to all my friends so I am sure they will be coming in soon.
sparatires (customer) on CitySearch
Today I had my first haircut at Francis Ray Jules salon and I will be going back! The reception was friendly, hte stylist worked with me and had great ideas for a new cut, and the haircut is fab. Thanks guys!
rsoxgirl80 (customer) on CitySearch
So I went to the salon to get a haircut by Jackie. I didn't ask for her to be my stylist. She was apparently the only one available when I wanted to come in. She seemed nice but very unprofessional. When we were doing the consultation she kept trying to get me to color my hair. I made it very clear that I wasn't interested in color yet she kept trying to convince me that it would be great for me. During the haircut she proceeded to talk about her son. Not just mention him but discuss him for about 50% of the conversation. I think it is great that she has a child but it is not something that I want to hear about when I am a first time client and when I did not even ask you about your family. I am not trying to be insensitive but all I came in for was a simple haircut, which turned out okay. I didn't need to be told I should get color and I also didn't need to listen about Jackie's personal life throughout the entire haircut. Needless to say I will not be going back to her.
judylynch8801 (customer) on CitySearch
I was looking at the reviews and could not believe the 12/24/08 review on Jackie. I have followed Jackie from Holbrook (also meeting her as a walk in) She is very professional and I love how she is up on all the new looks. Jackie always listens to exactly how I want my hair done. I have been coming to Jackie for years and I always have to ask her how her son is or she would never bring him up. As a professional she SHOULD offer you a new look or color option or she would not be doing her job correctly. I have never known Jackie to be aggressive. I would like to say to the Christmas eve scrooge. You must have the wrong girl.
dbeirouty (customer) on CitySearch
Those guys write their own recommendations!!! I went to try the salon and asked for Kathryn per the recommendations online... had the worst hair cut ever! I asked her to keep the length of my hair a few inches below my shoulder and once she was done, the length of my hair was way up above the shoulder, and when she was giving me a blowdry, there was a piece of hair still with the original length! the way she holds both the scissors and comb are so unprofessional just like a beginner and the way she blowdrys the hair is sooo awful! and she is so slow!!! seiously I can't find the words to write about my worst experience! defiantly not going back again!!! Today I was invited out and everyone noticed that my hair was not even neither from the sides or the back! TRUST ME, THEY WRITE THEIR OWN RECOMMENDATIONS!! TRUST ME, THEY ARE THE WORST!!
Ally315 (customer) on CitySearch
Kathryn performed the ionic straightening process to my hair - and I love it!! My hair was thick and had a bit of a wave to it, and now all I have to do it give it a quick blowdry and I can walk out the door. She was professional and knowledgeable, highly recommended! I also had a hot stone massage by Sal -- Amazing! He has magic hands.... I was totally relaxed -- I left looking and feeling like a million bucks!
kelleneo (customer) on CitySearch
I'm the worst kind of client as I'm the one who will burst out crying if I don't like my hair cut or color. I'm a little to vain. Kathyrn has been cutting my hair for a year now and I LOVE the cut. She has added lots of great shape to my hair through layers and reshaping the bangs and front. Her upbeat, fun personality is an extra bonus. I highly recommend her.
Solidhonestopinion (customer) on CitySearch
The first time i go to this salon after i reviewed most of the reviews. I wish people would be honest.... The salon is clean, the people are very nice and friendly, the prices are very reasonable, but the service stinks and the staff have no experience what so ever. I left the place crying.... i will never ever go again even if they offered me life time free service. God knows how long it will take to fix this mess... i just have to wait for my hair to grow out.
jpsgirl78 (customer) on CitySearch
Kathryn is just awesome at what she does, I just went from being a boring brunette to a sassy highlighted blond and she made it look great! People can't stop telling me how much they love my hair...they all want to know who did it.. I hate to share my secrets...but I know how hard it is to find a good hair stylist...thank goodness the search is over for me.
Darla615 (customer) on CitySearch
I cannot say enough about Frances Ray Jules. The staff are friendly, the shop is clean and very chic and the services are top notch. I recently got a hair cut by Jennie and she did a fabulous job. She listened to me and gave me exactly what I wanted. I love my new hairstyle! I will definitely be going back!
JRR2 (customer) on CitySearch
I first visited the salon for a wedding walk-in hair trial, without an appointment or a call ahead. Instead of trying to reschedule me for another day, Ben and Rich stayed open an extra hour after closing to do my hair trial and an impromptu make up trial. They were nothing but kindness as they did their magic. I whole heartedly reserved the salon?s services for myself and my bridal party. The salon opened an hour early for us on my wedding Sunday and Ben personally styled my bridal party?s hair with resounding success. The ladies of the bridal party were absolutely stunning and honestly thrilled with their hair! I loved my updo, it was sophisticated and elegant, and I have continued to come back for my styling needs. I wasn?t the only one impressed; several women from my bridal party have since changed from their old salons to FRJ! The salon is clean, friendly and caters to the needs of their clients. I have worked with just a few of their stylists, but I?ve found them talented and professional. Their prices are more than reasonable, excellent considering that they are a Boston salon. I highly recommend FrancesRay Jules Salon to any bride-to-be for their specialized services or anyone for haircuts and styling.
cdw11111 (customer) on CitySearch
I have asked several times to be removed from their SPAM list and they have not done so. Not only do I receive spam that I did not solicit, but the owner has no internet etiquette. He includes everyone of the e-mail addresses on the CC list so now any one of those 100s of people has access to all the other people's e-mails. After this, I'd hate to see how they treat their customers.
gapgirl78 (customer) on CitySearch
I have been a client of Frances Ray Jules since last summer. I get a heavy foil with several different blond colors and it looks so natural. The colors are never too blond or brassy and she has never even had to use a toner (which they always used at my previous salon). Kathryn knows exactly what to do and she has precision placement of the foils. I love my hair color and the cuts are always what I am looking for. I trust her so I just let her do what she thinks is best for me and she always makes it easy for me to style and maintain. If money is an issue check out the great specials and they will even let you sit under the dryer after at no cost and Kathryn always smooths down my hair after I an done under the dryer so it still looks flawless when I leave.
jtc137 (customer) on CitySearch
Great salon -- wonderful cuts, color and atmosphere. All of the stylists and staff are incredibly friendly. I've had work done by both Ben and Katherine, and they're both awesome.
bestintown205 (customer) on CitySearch
Been going to frj salon for a log time and let me say I \"v got nothing but respect from that staff and the 2 owner are the funniest guys ever . Now lets talk training it is a must and my stylist Jessie tells me how much they offer to students right out of school (like there past assistant director Renee no training realy rough ) she walked out of school and was trained fully some people would not be were they are in the world with out some mentoring .....Great salon greater staff make your own choices ........last there walking distance from North Station...............Love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
anni17 (customer) on CitySearch
I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone! The owners especially are extremely rude and have no class. Jacquelyn who cut my hair did not know what she was doing...............
tellmewhyyoudo2008 (customer) on CitySearch
yes I am 1 of the owners and I am not what other people perceive me as but, i will protect my staff from verbally and sometimes physically abusive customers. So if you want to coming in a salon that OUR MOTTO IS, EDUCATIONAL TRAINING SERVICE WIth STYLE.Please make your own opinion and yes the customer comes first but NO ONE WILL ABUSE MY STAFF WITH THEIR LANGUAGE OR THEIR CAN OF SODA FLYING THROUGH THE AIR.KARMA=KARMA EYE FOR AN EYE AND OF COURSE YOU REAP WHAT YOU SEW. for all you great people who has made the business successfull i can't THANK YOU ALL ENOUGH. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.
bumba01 (customer) on CitySearch
I have been going to FRJ for over a year, which is a record for me. I previously jumped around from salon to salon on Newbury. It's got the feel of a neighborhood place, with no attitude and no outrageous prices. Jessie has always listens and offers advice that works for my hair, you never feel like you are being rushed out. I have slightly wavy hair and after talking about it for a couple of appointments, got my hair straightened. It still has body, but is straight, shiny and so easy to style now! It's been over a year and I plan to get it done again before the summer. Great place.
julies1212 (customer) on CitySearch
I have been a client of the salon for almost a year. I first went to see Kathryn for a haircut and I love what she did to my hair. She gave me the best haircut I have ever had in my adult life. After my first appointment I made another appointment to get highlights. She did a few different colors and she made them blend and look completely natural. Kathryn knew exactly what would be the perfect color combination for my somewhat boring hair. She is not only a great hairdresser but she impressed me the second time I went in by remembering details of my life. Kudos to Kathryn!
DiDi (customer) on CitySearch
I made an appointment with Ben the owner who was too busy yelling at other employees and not paying attention to my hair color. I sat through the worst experience in a hair salon ever. This "man" is not a professional. The hair color he used did not match up with the color I was using and my hair was so brittle when I left. I wish there was a zero star rating I could leave. I will never try to save again by going to a discount salon.
silly345 (customer) on CitySearch
Went to this salon for the first time this week and saw Ben he was amazing and extremy friendly . I read a bunch of review and thought why not he has some loyal client and just made another ...He knows his haircoloring a master at his craft glad i found him ...He also gives a pretty fresh cut this boy has class and much respect for ohers check him out 5 stars by me .
thebettertwin (customer) on CitySearch
I recently had a full head of extensions done by Ben. Not only do I love the added length, I love the extra volume I got from them. It took about 5 hours to put them in, and the staff was so accommodating while I was there, feeding my meter and going out to get me lunch! I have had them in for almost 6 weeks and I think I found a new addiction! Ben also gave me plenty of info on how to take care of them to keep them looking great. You definitely get what you pay for, and these extensions were well worth it! Thanks Ben!
Sweetiepie (customer) on CitySearch
For one, I got offered wine at this place. My cousin who works for OSHA will be going there. This is totally against Health codes. On top of that, these guys are discussing personal matters about their employees to everyone. While I was there, Ben yelled at an employee right in front of me. These girls are treated unfairly. One anonymous employee told me that they don't even have a clock in/out system and they don't get paid for their full hours that they work. She also told me that they have been taken to court several times by their staff. These guys are horrible people and I will never go again. i really hope OSHA shuts you down for good.
SeasonPie111 (customer) on CitySearch
Well this review is for the best salon in Boston Hands down all of you haters out there especially (Anni17/DiDi/and of course Sweetie pie) your previous reviews sound like the same person they really do.... Also OSHA has nothing to with wine and from all my visits to FRJ Salon they offer coffee, Tea and water. You must have had a few before and mixed it up with the salon confused people do that...another thing that bothers me is the rude comments about the owners wrong wrong wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!Last How the hell would you know if they have a time clock system? Get a life and the employee spy you claim to have telling you information is misleading you ....You fool I feel sorry for HORRIBLE PEOPLE like You. Salon Haters stay home , FrancesRay Jules Best salon around.
redsoxfan21 (customer) on CitySearch
I urge you not to go to this place. These guys are totally unprofessional. Ben and Rich have no business sense. They are obviously writing their own reviews on here. Every bad review has some comment trying to defend the company....I wonder who that is??These bad reviews are believable and I experienced these instances myself. I was going for a cheap price and I got what I paid for. I would think people would be more professional in Boston. I hope this changes people's minds about going here.
limeswirll (customer) on CitySearch
Jennie the best walked in with no appointment and got amazing fingers and toes she was a doll and i'll be going back my mani/pedi was only 35 so cool I am so so happy...
limeswirll (customer) on CitySearch
happy with my results color and cut so happy with the stylist he was very helpfull during the consultation he gave me a few ideas that realy helped..I'll be back Ben my hair looks great (my boy friend loves it) best salon .........Thanks
ashleymichelle1 (customer) on CitySearch
The salon is bright and decorated very well. The space is a lot bigger than their previous location. Everyone is friendly and cheerful. I went to Jennie a few times and was very pleased with the results. She actually listens to me..I'm very picky and don't like it when stylists cut my hair too short. When I told her I only wanted a trim or an inch or two, she listened. She also did great blonde base color and foil highlights on me on several occasions.
kubc09 (customer) on CitySearch
I have been a client of the salons for almost a year. I always feel so welcome and so comfortable and I leave looking flawless every time. Kathryn has never made me feel like I am just another client. She really pays attention to the things that I tell her and she always remembers them at the next appointment. Kathryn is meticulous, very attentive to my needs and yet very relaxed. From the first time that I met her I was really impressed by how "in sync" we were-it was as if she could read my mind during the entire experience-she knew just when to explain what she was doing and when to ask me for my opinion.She has continued to impress me and I am so fortunate that I have an excellent stylist and salon.
gfharmon (customer) on CitySearch
All of the stylists at FRJ are attentive and listen to what you want. They don't take liberties you aren't comfortable with and always make sure they are giving you what you want. Jennie is great; very sweet and always listens to the customer. FRJ gives the best haircuts that you can get at a reasonable price in the city.
plola08 (customer) on CitySearch
Kathryn recently gave me a complete hair makeover and I couldn't be happier. The color and cut are exactly what I wanted. I have had more compliments on this hairstyle than any other style in the past and I have also referred several new clients to Kathryn. In addition to being an excellent hairdresser Kathryn really listens to what I want in regards to my hairstyle which leads to a hairdo that not only makes me look great but feel great as well.
curlygrl87 (customer) on CitySearch
I got the 12 week Bioionic straightening treatment done today with the manager and it was amazing. I walked in looking like I put my curly hair in an electrical socket and in two hours walked out with frizz free straight hair that will last me till the end of the summer and wash out gradually just in case i change my mind, next time im goin for the permanent straightening!!! thank you Jesse !!!
Contributor (customer) on CitySearch
Cuts and conditioning treatments, as well as thermal straightening, perms and more. Sells hair products, jewelry and accessories.
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I love Frances Ray Jules- Kathryn cuts and colors my hair and she's fabulous. I had never colored my hair before and was really nervous, but she does a great job and made me feel totally comfortable. I got so many compliments on my cut and really love this place. The atmosphere is really fun and not at all pretentious like some other salons. I highly recommend this place to anyone! Also they run a lot of promotions, so it really can be affordable if you know when to go!