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Flying Biscuit Cafe

1001 Piedmont Ave NE, Unit # 103
Atlanta, GA 30309

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Ph: 4048748887




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my4767 (customer) on CitySearch
Good food and very friendly service. Its a little crowded and the music could use to be turned down but the warm and friendly atmosphere is great. Their menu has a good variety of choices- I'm a quasi-vegan who doesn't eat gluten and I was still able to find some good dinner options while my vegetarian and meat-eater companions were also able to have great dinners. Organic and free-range ingredients are a nice touch. I highly recommend.
bt28 (customer) on CitySearch
This restaurant used to be very good. Over the past years, however, the restaurant let its quality slip, relying primarily on location to sustain itself. Every meal recently eaten there (and that is many) has been not-quite-hot-enough and somewhat uninspiring. There was a time when the food was not only innovative but also incredibly well-prepared. The only think I can say is, "what happened?"
winewoman (customer) on CitySearch
Tried it, not sure why there is such a long line..Nothing special. I make a better omelet. so, the biscuits are good, but nothing to wait for. the other food is actually below par. Heavy, fatty food that is not as good as waffle house and way more expensive than waffle house. not my cup of tea.The place is packed and that is such a mystery. Grits were not even good, and that is my comfort cheating food when I will allow myself extra calories, but again, they were not special. Sorry, nothing good to say, so will sign off. still looking for a great brunch spot.
bobsugars (customer) on CitySearch
No breakfast is worth 1.5 hour wait! Food was ok, service ok, we'll never go again!!! Cracker Barrel has better breakfast.
sarasara (customer) on CitySearch
I have lots of love for the "side of love" (black bean cakes). Don't go to this restaurant if you are in a hurry, but I have always found it to be worth the wait.
wenwilliby (customer) on CitySearch
How could anyone ever give this place a bad review? Sure, you're going to have to wait a while... but for the best breakfast/brunch in town, you'd expect to wait. My first choice for a late breakfast and strong Mimosa to cure those Backstreet Blues (aka hangovers) - the food is divine - the location is perfect - the people are friendly. I eat there everytime I'm in town!
betsyameyer (customer) on CitySearch
We were initially told the wait was:30 min. 1.5 HOURS later we were finally seated. But the entire time we were waiting, there were no less than 5 empty tables open at a time. The staff was too lazy to seat people. When we were finally seated, no one came to wait on us. It took 20 minutes to catch the attention of the disappearing wait staff. We finally ordered- I ask for 2 biscuits and an egg. They later bring out my boyfriend's dish, and my egg- no biscuits. I remind the waiter of what I ordered. He apologized and said he would get it. ANOTHER 20 min. later, I tell him not to worry about it because it's too late. It was the absolute worst service ever. For people considering- you can go to McDonald's, get the same food, and absolutely get better service.
caspian9 (customer) on CitySearch
...unless they discover that road kill was being used in your tacos some place. Barring that, stay away from the Flying Biscuit, I rarely make the same mistake twice, and this is one time I'm not willing to give another chance. It's some of the most boring and bland food you'll ever have dished up in Atlanta. As for the wait staff, they act like they would just as soon flip you off and be rid of you, they are unattentive, zoned, and snooky. Want a good breakfast? Try Mom & Pops on Monroe where the old Denny's used to be. You'll give up the "glitz appeal" of the FB at 10th, but frankly, what is THAT worth??
joely (customer) on CitySearch
With their new location you can't help but wonder why they didn't make it a bigger restaurant? It would have helped out with the loooong waits, expect 1-1.5 hours on weekends. Keep on the hostess, I've been crossed out before when sitting in front of the restaurant! Oh, and what a horrible little fence (in concrete?) they put up to keep you in. But when you crave brunch you'll love the cheese grits, chicken sausage and biscuits. If line is too long go down Ponce to Whole Foods Brunch!
Krisfalusi (customer) on CitySearch
A consistent gem! Thankfully, it has moved a little closer to my house. The meatloaf.....YUMMY and the french toast. Very hard to decide. Sit outside and get there early to enjoy the best brunch you ever had in Atlanta.
lemross (customer) on CitySearch
Even though this place is so popular that there's often a line, it is worth the wait! Of course the food is some of the best in town (why do you think there's a long line??), and the friendly staff makes your visit a pleasurable experience! This is the kind of place where brunch is an event... an event not to be missed! (The french toast specials are my favorites!)
egreenf (customer) on CitySearch
The food here is wonderful - they have a great breakfast menu and other lunch-type options too. I had the 3B-Chicken sandwich and it was great. Good atmosphere as well - the service is a little slow but it's no big deal if you don't mind lingering over breakfast and a cup of coffee.
maryhenley (customer) on CitySearch
We stayed overnight in Atlanta for a Radiohead concert awhile back, and some friends sent us to Flying Biscuit for brunch the next day. The coffee was good, teh food was awesome, service was great, and the local art was cool too! We really enjoyed sitting on their porch and eating a delicous breakfast. I'm headed back in September for a three-night stay, and plan to be there every morning!!!
jackiedane (customer) on CitySearch
Flying Biscuit has been a favorite of mine for the twelve years I've lived in Atlanta. I absolutely love the food. It's a very casual atmosphire. Don't even try to get in on a Saturday or Sunday before noon. - the best fresh squeezed orange juice. - unique apple butter that you just have to try! - lots of other great menu items. --Not a steak place.
kemeers (customer) on CitySearch
I thought FB would be a good place for b'fast, but I was disappointed with the food. The scrambled eggs looked strange, the potatoes had too much rosemary and my biscuit wasn't even tasty..and I love biscuits. My bf also commented that his coffee was sub par. I could have gotten a more enjoyable meal for half the price at Waffle House. I assume the only reason it is so popular is b/c of the location.
katieanddustin (customer) on CitySearch
We went to The Flying Biscuit Midtown on a Sunday morning and it was pouring down rain. Unfortunately, my grandparents, my husband and I were waiting on my brother to get there from church. Because we didn't have our entire party,they wouldn't seat us, and we had to wait outside in the rain. The hostess was entirely unsympathetic. Once inside, the music was so loud that we could hardly hear ourselves think, much less have a conversation. Our actual waiter was really great - easily the nicest person there. My grandfather's biscuit did not come with his meal and when we asked for it, the busboy was rather rude about the fact that they were baking more. Aside from the terrible service, I woudl go back simply because the food was awesome.
w84me2p (customer) on CitySearch
My wife and I ate here on a Sunday afternoon. We're young and love Midtown and it seemed like our crowd. It was crowded and we waited outside in 95 degree weather for 45 minutes. We finally got sat at a two seat table where there was no A/C, and nobody approached us to serve us. We asked to move inside, which was much better, but it seemed to tick off the guy who was going to serve us outside. He threw a fit. Sorry dude, we don't like sweating while we eat, and it took you 15 minutes to get to us. Inside a server told us they were changing shifts, but he would get our drink order. It was another 20 minutes before anyone took our food order. Nobody checked on us after that and I thought the food was awful. I had to flag someone down to bring us our check. He told us he would get our server. We both had to laugh when a girl we hadn't even seen dropped the check off and thanked us for coming. I asked if she was our server and she said, "Yes, have a great day." The experience was the biggest waste of two hours I've ever had. I don't know how this place stays so busy. Lousy service and overpriced food. You couldn't pay me to try it a second time!
faaipdeoiad (customer) on CitySearch
Well, me just moving to Atlanta,GA we heard that the Flying Biscuit was the best place in Atlanta, but be warned you can not get red meat such as any pork product. They subsistute it with turkery bacon, turky susage. Do not go here if you like to eat red meats because they won't have it. We stood in the cold expecting it to be pretty good but what we wheren't told is that they didn't do red meats so it was kind of a let down.
bradlikestoeat (customer) on CitySearch
My wife and I walked here for breakfast every weekend for a couple years when I lived in Midtown ( 2001 - 2003 ). The wait can be quite long on the weekends, but we would go before 8:30 when the wait was minimal. If the wait was longer than 15 minutes, we would just wait for a spot at the bar to open up. --- The food was always great. The price was reasonable for the amount of food and quality. Service is spotty at times due to the high turnover they get at peak times. Since we usually ate at the bar, service was never a problem. --- We went back to meet my old roommate for breakfast a couple years ago and were not impressed with the quality. The service was about the same, which is less than desirable when you have to wait 30+ minutes for a table. --- We went again a few months ago and were dissappointed with the quality/service again. It could have been a fluke that two random visits over a year produced a bad experience, but it's enough to discourage us from making the drive from Smyrna to eat here. We now go to Pastries a Go Go in Decatur when we want to venture into town for breakfast/brunch. Murphies in the highlands is also an excellent place for breakfast/brunch. --- I still recommend you go here if you've never been. But my rating is now a 7 where it would have been a 9.5 a couple years ago ( better service would have yielded a 10 ). Check out their menu online before going, as it's not the place for your average carnivore looking for ham and bacon with their eggs.
amontgom (customer) on CitySearch
We tried Flying Biscuit for breakfast on a Saturday and were sadly disappointed. My scrambled eggs were overcooked, the biscuits were dry, coffee was just so-so, and parking was a nightmare. On the good side, the scrambled egg wrap was delicious and service was quick and friendly. However, when compared to West Egg (with fabulous coffee, unique breakfasts, and plentiful parking), we don't plan to return to Flying Biscuit anytime soon.
kathrynbailey (customer) on CitySearch
Bump the reviews that say this place is not all that! WHATEVER! This spot is one of the best earthy places to eat in the ATL. The food is great and the service is very attentive. The reason it takes a while to get in is because THE SPOT IS ALL THAT! DAH! People do not wait in Atlanta unless the place is great! Not good, because there are too many alternatives in this city! YAH! This spot has a great artsy atomosphere surrounded by good fresh food. DID I MENTION THE FOOD IS OFF THE HOOK? Very warm feel to the place. Best of all IT IS SOMETHING DIFFERENT from the atl norm. Atlanta is full of ecentric spots with great food! The Flying Biscuit just happens to be one of the best of those spots. FLYING BISCUIT.....U ROCK.....BUMP THE HATERS!
jakedrake (customer) on CitySearch
I recently visited Atlanta for a short business trip and after finding this place made sure to visit for a meal each of the remaining days. This place is great. I was really impressed by the quality and value of the menu at Flying Biscuit. They seem to want to capture some of the flair of southern or comfort food but if you are wary of these terms then fear not because the menu is more on the organic/veg side than the greasy spoon alternative. The menu is large and varied and they offer breakfast all day which, as it happened, was the best breakfast I've ever had at a restaurant. The vegetable scrambled eggs were excellent and the organic oatmeal pancakes topped with peaches was stupendous. When I went there for lunch I ordered the Devil Burger which was not so impressive as the breakfast, yet still a great burger, but the side salad was surprisingly delicious. Most meals also come with their namesake flying biscuit which is crunchy, moist, and fresh all at the same time and great with a thin smattering of butter. The coffee did the trick (complete with sugar cubes, a cute touch) and the service was prompt and personable especially, as it turns out, when the place was completely slammed in the morning (make reservations maybe if you want to sit down at a prime time). All in all the Flying Biscuit was the one of the best parts of Atlanta and I will definitely visit there again if ever I return.
christofurr (customer) on CitySearch
The best Spinach Omellete in town!! Cozy and quaint, friendly staff but this restaurant is extremely tiny with very little room/privacy between diners.
gabby76 (customer) on CitySearch
I went for brunch with two friends. We waited 45 minutes for a table. Once we were sitted, we waited another 15 minutes for drink service. My friends ordered tea and I ordered a glass of wine. Our not so chipper waitress finally brought them their tea and did not bring my glass of wine. She said sorry I forgot, I will be right back with that . She then asked me what I ordered again. After waiting another 10 minutes with no drink or service, we decided to leave. Don't waste your time. I really do not understand what the fuss is all about... It's so over rated.
Nez1911 (customer) on CitySearch
Cool location....Indoor-outdoor atmosphere. Variety of people and kind of eclectic. Large menu with a great variety of food to chose from
navyhall (customer) on CitySearch
I have been eating at the flying biscuit for years. Yesterday was my first time I have ever eaten at 1001 piedmont ave location. Well I had friends that came in from out of town and one was having a birthday. so after I raved about the "Flying B" for week he was excited. Well let me just say tha the service was slow and lack of service. Food took forever and tasted old and not very fresh. Half of the order was sent back and forget ordering more. My three cups of coffee was filled with grinds. so now it is just time to go. Then our check was not correct three times and to make it all worst my wife and my little boy got sick. Huh?? O and when I arrived it was sunday at dinner time and the rest. was very slow and had a few customers. So not sure the lack of customer service, lack of fresh food and well just all around bad time. Sorry to my friend for his birthday. I guess I should have taken him to a diff. Flying B. So need to say i would not go the one on 1001 piedmont ave, atlanta. I would go to the other ones for I have always had a great meal and great service.
dianein30319 (customer) on CitySearch
This is a great place to meet up with friends and have good coffee, great food and run into a 30-something crowd. The wait is worth it!
Blightie (customer) on CitySearch
I love this restaurant and will drive from Canton to downtown if I'm really craving a homemade biscuits dripped in honey and a really great breakfast!
G56 (customer) on CitySearch
The menu was small. We ordered fried green tomatoes for 8 bucks and recieved four, thin slices with seven plates for our guests. They were out of ketchup, lemonade, wheat biscuits, and bacon. They did not have ranch dressing (in fact only one kind of dressing). The table next to us had to reorder their entire selections due to the shortage of food. They seemed poorly prepared for a Sunday afternoon. The "moon dusted potatoes" were indeed dusted with something but we feel they probably ran out of the correct seasoning. The potatoes potatoes were tasteless.
thejam (customer) on CitySearch
The Flying Biscuit is a must-go when in Atlanta. It might be overly obvious, but the biscuits are simply the best I've ever had. Be prepared for long lines on the weekends, but the food is worth the wait.
mquintana (customer) on CitySearch
Food is great, service is great. Not exactly cheap but they certainly have some very unique dishes. The fried green tomatoes are one of a kind.
Contributor (customer) on CitySearch
The Scene
While capturing the trademark quirkiness of its sister restaurant in Candler Park, the tiny, likeably cramped locale still feels fresh, streamlined and very Midtown. The dining room, decorated with groovy lanterns and trademark Polly the Potter crockery, focuses on an inviting front-and-center bar. Service is crisp and friendly.

The Food
Expect the same style of New Age power breakfasts at this location. The Flying Biscuit breakfast--two eggs, turkey sausage, grits or potatoes and an enormous, pillowy biscuit--is a tasty standard. More inventive is the Meggxican wrap: scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese and Serrano peppers folded into a flour tortilla and topped with salsa and sour cream. Excellent orange-scented French toast, served with raspberry compote and creme anglaise, is fortunately available in half orders. A tasty slab of turkey meat loaf served with "pudge"--smashed potatoes with sundried tomatoes and olive oil--makes for a solid lunch or dinner entree.
Jeanette W. (customer) on Judys Book
This is one of my favorite restaurants in Atlanta. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and have both traditional southern dishes (delicious grits, fried green tomatoes, BBQ chicken, etc) and more unusual dishes (such as love cakes - black bean cakes topped with red onion, salsa, sour cream, an...
Sanjeev R. (customer) on Judys Book
If you are like me, you like breakfast food at all times of the day. Flying Biscuit is the place for you then. They make the best breakfast foods, like omlettes, eggs, hashbrowns, and grits, besides their famous biscuits which are delicious. The place is a bit on the pricey side for such a small ...
by charlielong at Citysearch (customer) on CitySearch
I started eating at the Flying Biscuit in Midtown about three months ago and all I can say is what have I been missing out on. A warm fluffy biscuit along with the salmon salad is a dream come true. Everything that I had on the menu is exceptional and they also serve beer, wine and in house cocktails which can't be beat. If your just visiting town or new to the area definitely try out the Midtown Flying Biscuit but get there early because the wait is usually a very long time.
by DebbieLovesFood at Citysearch (customer) on CitySearch
I used to like this place. It's been downhill for a while. I met one of the Chinese brothers who bought this place and he said they would be making a lot of changes. Hopefully not adding msg to the greasy food!
by tony clifton at Citysearch (customer) on CitySearch
They have to either secretly hand out weed here with every order (maybe a small bag under the plate) or the many worshipers of this place simply have insipid taste! lol The ironic thing about this place is that the biscuits actually SUCK! Now I understand why they call it The Flying Biscuit, they do make great flying objects! lol It is the only place in the world my wife and I ever left an entire plate of food (minus the one aweful bite we took!) You guys who idolize this place can stand in your long lines awaiting your vapid dishes, I will stand elsewhere!
by BerryD1967 at Citysearch (customer) on CitySearch
The food is fresh, healthy, and has lots of twists on the traditional breakfast menu. People have already listed the different items you can get and here's my take on it: Whole Wheat biscuits are an incredible idea! Apple butter: spiced brilliance that you can use on almost anything. Peach cobbler made from a white biscuit with a ladle of canned peaches: eh, fail. Canned peaches on a biscuit doesn't equal cobbler. Other than that...I come here each chance I get with my family for some get-together or another. Great job!
by Sanjeev R. at Judy's Book (customer) on CitySearch
If you are like me, you like breakfast food at all times of the day. Flying Biscuit is the place for you then. They make the best breakfast foods, like omlettes, eggs, hashbrowns, and grits, besides...
by Jeanette W. at Judy's Book (customer) on CitySearch
This is one of my favorite restaurants in Atlanta. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and have both traditional southern dishes (delicious grits, fried green tomatoes, BBQ chicken, etc) and mor...