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D'vine Wine Bar & Shop

5486 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd, Unit #c15
Dunwoody, GA 30338

This business has been closed

Ph: 7703509463


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karisak (customer) on CitySearch
I have been to Vine's Wednesday night wine tastings a few times and have been satisfied; however, the last time I went the women pooring the wine was rude and too busy with her own conversation to even tell me what she was pouring! Isnt that the point of a wine tasting?!? In addition, the samples were stingy and they ran out of wine.
rozby (customer) on CitySearch
I think that the staff and the service that you receive are top notch. In response to the person who felt that the portions for the tasting were stingy...please remember that these events are "tastings" and not an opportunity to get a buzz for cheap. For the price that you pay for the tasting you receive more than your fair share of wine. It would cost much more to buy each of those wines individually. I love going to tasting around town and in Atlanta and am always amazed by the number of people that just keep going back over and over just to get a cheap buzz.
aallen5642 (customer) on CitySearch
You can consider this a secret hide-a-way, a great way to close out a Monday night, a "Dunwoody Diamond" or a "Chamblee Treasure." d'Vine has a neighborhood feel with more class than the first day of school. The owners and wait staff make you feel very welcomed, but allow you to enjoy the ambiance of the establishment. NOW DON'T GO THERE!!!!....LOL!!!!!
patricia15 (customer) on CitySearch
my boyfriend and I are always looking for new wine spots and despite the review we took the high rating as a good sign and tried d'Vine....What we found was a charming warm room with extremely friendly people both working and shopping...The owner allowed me to sip 3 wines before I decided on a fantastic (and moderately priced) red...We had 3 items off of the menu and each one was better than the last (the crab cakes were the best I'd had since my trip to Florida)...we even took a bottle home with us and have been back many times!
timetopanic (customer) on CitySearch
I went to d'vine wine bar this week and had a lovely time. I think the service, food and wine were out of this world. I would highly suggest going there anytime! Enjoy.
mperloe (customer) on CitySearch
We always end up finding a new and interesting wine to enjoy with wonderfully prepared small appetizers. A very friendly staff and warm atmosphere make this one of our favorites.
mikederijke77 (customer) on CitySearch
We recently paid to have a private party at d'vine. Everything was going well until just after we paid the tab. Immediately after the tab was closed, the owner came over to our table to tell us it was inappropriate for us to have our baby in his establishment and told us to leave. It was around 8pm, so we weren't exactly closing the place down. Apparently open tab = baby ok, closed tab = leave now. I went over to talk to the owner and tell him it was rude for him to come over and tell us to leave, and he just sat at the end of the bar sipping his wine like the pompous (donkey) that he is. I would encourage anyone to take their business elsewhere.
INJoyLife (customer) on CitySearch
The proprietor of D'Vine received a bad review from a disgruntled patron that was undeserved. Screaming babies and uncontrollable toddlers have no place in a wine bar. Most people I know visit D?Vine to relax over a nice glass of wine, terrific food and casual conversation. Though I love babies and toddlers, they have no place in a wine bar. After several complaints by other patrons, the proprietor finally approached the gentleman with the baby. This baby, which I am sure was heaven sent, was blessed with a great set of lungs and was literally screaming at times. The appropriate and polite thing to do would have been to exit the wine bar, so that the rest of the patrons could relax. Instead, the screaming and crying went unabated. Enjoy D'Vine and the great wines, but please leave baby(s) with a babysitter.
Daisy59 (customer) on CitySearch
After recently reading the bad review posted about D?vine?s owner. I feel the need to defend my favorite after hours spot. I?ve been coming to D?vine for several years and know the owner very well. He?s a very hospitable to his guest and loves children. That night he had live entertainment and a bar full of paying guest. Unfortunately, he had to make the decision to ask patron with a screaming child to leave. This was not a result of a closed out tab but a request from other patrons trying to enjoy the entertainment. I strongly suggest leaving your children at home and coming to D?vine for a relaxing evening out. They have a wine list that changes every week, great food, and an awesome staff!
lchristensen (customer) on CitySearch
Bravo! A great night spot. I love the personal attention of the owner. Many thanks to the owner for balancing the needs of ALL the patrons. While I love babies (have three of my own) and actually enjoyed the delighted shreiking baby briefly, I very much appreciated that the romantic atmosphere was restored when the angel finally left to go to bed.
graciegirl06 (customer) on CitySearch
I recently hosted an afternoon bridal shower for 10 ladies at D'vine. It was a huge success. The owner was a pleasure to work with and very accommodating. The food, wine, service and atmosphere were all top notch. I highly recommend the crab cakes! Thanks again Bob!!
Contributor (customer) on CitySearch
The Scene
This Dunwoody bar welcomes with elaborate woodwork, well-prepared tapas and a long list of cheek-warming wines. Wooden wine racks line the left wall, holding a range of wines, from popular Chardonnays and Merlots to lesser-known Chilean and French varieties (prices from $6 to upwards of $60). Small round tables decorated with only a votive candleholder scatter the floor, and amber pendant lights create a cozy effect at the robust wooden bar. The friendly bartenders are savvy enough to intelligently converse with wine aficionados, but will happily resort to Wine 101 for novice drinkers.

The Draw
A touch of refinement at an affordable price makes the bar an attractive destination for wine lovers. Wine is served by the glass, half glass, bottle and half bottle. A menu of small plates includes cheese platters and bruschettas. Saketinis and bottled import beers offer alternatives to wine.