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Computer Palace

11322 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025

This business has been closed

Ph: 3109666766


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Also in Los Angeles

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Customer Feedback

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Lily, Inc. (customer) on Yahoo
David (customer) on Yahoo
I have been a customer of Computer Palace for over 13 years. I have recommended them to colleagues, friends and family on numerous occasions,
Kam R (customer) on Yahoo
I have been frequenting Computer Palace for the last 10 years and gotten decent friendly and honest service every time. I have also referred many friends there with good results. As a computer professional myself, I found their staff knowledgeable and experienced. Computer Palace is the place to visit when your computer gives you grief. They will take care of you in the best possible way and in the most professional manner.
David (customer) on Yahoo
I have been a customer of computer palace for the past 15 years. They have always been very friendly, efficient and courteous. Very Quick turnaround time with reasonable prices. Last week my desktop crashed it was fixed in the same manner as always. I trust them 100% with all my computer needs and services.
Rez (customer) on Yahoo
I have been dealing with Computer Palace for the past 12 years. They have always treated me professionally. They are quite reliable and I will recommend them to any one that has the computer blues.
sheri (customer) on Yahoo
I've been going to Computer Palace for all my computer needs for at least 10 years. They are trustworthy, professionals, reliable..... each time I go I am more than satisfied with service and price. They are a jewel.
Jake (customer) on Yahoo
this was my first visits to the new location of computer palace, and the service is still awesome. They really do help me find the best price in what i am looking for!
DONOTK (customer) on Yahoo
As of this writing, I've made three purchases from Computer Palace -- one small and two medium size. I must say I've been very impressed.
computer saavy (customer) on Yahoo
Look no further. Computer Palace has been around for years and for good reason - service, price & knowledge. I started using them years ago and later found out that my computer tech bought all his equipment from them.
Kiad (customer) on Yahoo
If you're unsure who to go with go with Computer Palace.
Kamran (customer) on Yahoo
I was very happy with the service, price and their recommendation of products. Great attention to details. I purchased 5 computers for my dental office.
JT (customer) on Yahoo
These guys have highly skilled technicians and friendly staff. Good luck finding a better computer shop in West LA. I recommend their work without reservation.
Kevin (customer) on Yahoo
Why can't other be like these guys? I have been looking for a company to help us with our computer purchases, rentals and provide on-going services. After dealing with a few other shops and not getting what I was looking for I asked around and was recommended to talk to these guys. And I am so glad I did. I found these guys professional, curtious, and knowledgable. When I got my computers, printers and networking equipment they were configured just as promised. They also stayed around to make sure everything was working perfectly and I had not issues. This is the best shop in town. Highly recommend them.
Freddie (customer) on Yahoo
Better than Dell warranty.
Reese (customer) on Yahoo
My hard disk was not accesible any more. I took it to one place and they quoted me over $600.00 with more than a week of wait. Luckily I took it to Computer Palace for 2nd opinion. They recovered my data for less than $300.00 and I had my data back in 2 days. Thank you so much.
Johnson (customer) on Yahoo
Very happy with Computer Palace. They have been servicing our laptops and desktops for few years now. They continue to impress us with their quick turnaround, low prices and knowledgeable technicians./2