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Computer Doctors Llc

240 N Virgil Ave, Unit # 17
Los Angeles, CA 90004

This business has been closed

Ph: 2133803163


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Also in Los Angeles

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marthanaranjo (customer) on CitySearch
I just went to their new and improved location and they are actually located on 240 N. Virgil Ave by Silver Lake. They were very prompt, very efficient customer service, I was very surprised when they gave me a free diagnose, I thought I was going to spend a fortune, and they took their time to explain terms I didn't understand. My computer was up and running in no time, they truly are computer doctors!!! I highly reccomend their excellent services! :)
stevenhawkins (customer) on CitySearch
Doctors they are! They didn't ail me from any disease but they sure prevented a nervous breakdown. All hell broke loose when my laptop decides to die on me (after I spilled cofee right on the keyboard) in the middle of a VERY important project. UghhhH!! Luckily, I had their number at hand, (my office was looking to obtain a monthly service contract with them) and gave them a call. First thing they tell me is to immediately remove the battery from the laptop and ask that I bring it in. Who knew...leaving the battery may have damaged it more. These guys not only salvaged my hard drive but they also loaded my files on my desktop, enabling me to complete my project while my laptop had its motherboard replaced. Horrible experience, though glad to have seen the Docs. I'm now set up with an backup system so that in the event that disaster strikes, I'm ready with a backup. All this thanks to these guys. To sum up, I finished my project on time, closed the deal, got my laptop repaired, and now they're the office's new tech support team. It sure is good to know that there's someone honest at the end of the other line when bad luck strikes a novice computer user like myself. Thanks Computer Doctors!!
dmarsh (customer) on CitySearch
Professional, quick, and friendly service of the higherst quality. I left with all my recovered documents and my computer working in less than an hour after I first discovered the problem at my house! Free diagnostic testing is always great and their staff is very thorough. I am confident you will receive similar excellent results.
journey007 (customer) on CitySearch
Computer Doctors are the shizznit!!!! Fast service, nice reps. and great repair prices. I highly recommend the Doctors to anyone in LA/ Hollywood that has computer problems. Take my word... They will never let your computer die!!!!!
wallace_dixon (customer) on CitySearch
They're a helpful staff i love. I've trusted them for several years now and they've never let me down. In fact, each time they exceed my expectations. I took my dead computer in and they diagnosed it for free. Turned out my power supply was dead and they tested it on the spot in front of me. No $45 dolar charge just to open it up...like other computer repair squads. They replaced the power supply and even dusted the inside of my computer for FREE. Saved me the hassle of spending $8 for a compressed air can at Staples. Great crew!!!
drmilo (customer) on CitySearch
Before I became aware of Computer Doctors, I had to lug my gigantic ancient PC over to the snooty and snobby West Side to get a repair or even an opinion on a problem. For someone who hates traveling West of La Brea, it was an ordeal. Finally, the Los Feliz-Silverlake-Echo Park-Downtown crowd has a fantastic PC repair shop that is also easy to get to. The service is amazing and courteous and down-to-earth. The estimate is always on target and fair and there are never any surprises or up-sells. These guys are just plain decent. I have used them three times in the last year for a desktop and a laptop and I have been impressed with each visit. Do yourself a favor and steer clear of the Best Buy Geek Squad-types and stick with professionals - Computer Doctors! And if you use their services, do them and the neighborhood a favor and spread the word about their quality. I have told my friends about them and this review is an effort to spread the word even further. We want their business to remain on our side of town for many years to come!
Fragment7 (customer) on CitySearch
These guys are genuine and sincere and got the job done quickly and efficiently at the most reasonable rate. My laptop's hard drive self-destructed at the worst possible moment. Victor at Computer Doctors meticulously checked the drive and explained step-by-step why the drive had failed and what the prognosis was. The diagnosis was free and extensive tests on the rest of the computer were completed by the end of the day. I needed a new hard drive and all software needed to be reinstalled. Within 48 hours of my computer crash, I had my computer back with a new hard drive in fine working order. I couldn't believe the diagnosis was free - a year ago I had similar problems and ended up spending more than twice as much to have the same things fixed. Highly recommended!
Zenmenphis (customer) on CitySearch
Once again, I had a computer issue that had me up in tears. Fortunately, Computer Doctors was able to rid my computer of the viruses that kept me from acomplishing my tasks. All done in a timely manner and with the utmost attention to detail. All my data was intact and my computer felt like new! These guys are professional and are up to speed with the latest technology to meet my needs. I would definitely recommend them for any computer issues that anyone may have! Go Computer Doctors!!!
caraffels (customer) on CitySearch
Amazing work - like magic! These guys are professional and will work as fast as they can to fix your problem. They are also reasonably priced. Although there are many other computer repair people near me it is worth the schlep to go to them because the quality of work is far superior than others.
katya105 (customer) on CitySearch
These guys are great! They provide terrific customer service, good prices, and extensive knowledge. My computer hard drive crashed and they not only fixed it, but explained things to me and eased my worries. And retrieved all my information! I highly recommend Computer Doctors LLC!
jjacks13 (customer) on CitySearch
these guys were great, they sat down with me and allowed me to explain the problems and knew exactly what i was talking about, they were VERY well priced and super quick..they were also extremely nice :)
Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
My computer crashed and I didn't know what to do. I found the computer doctors online and they saved my life. I would highly recommend them, very fast and great customer service
Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
These guys are great! They provide terrific customer service, good prices, and extensive knowledge. My computer hard drive crashed and they not only fixed it, but explained things to me and eased my worries. And retrieved all my information! I highly recommend Computer Doctors LLC!
Contributor (customer) on CitySearch
Offers home and small to mid-size businesses technology solution and repair services. On-site services available.
Liz L (customer) on Yahoo
The very best in computer repair and service that I have found. Always helpful any time I call. The best!
X (customer) on Yahoo
Staff is very knowledgable, professional and super friendly. They offer free diagnosis which is hard to find anymore among computer repair shops. They will sit with you to review the problems before working on your computer, then sit with you again and display the computer once its been fixed to confirm it is working properly. I've given my business to them twice and will, without a doubt, continue offering them my business should any future problems arise as well as recommend them.
Albert C (customer) on Yahoo
Very knowledgable staff. Unlike other establishments, they don't take the computer away from you and take it to the back for repair; they ask you if you'd like to oversee them as they do the repair. So not only do you pay for the repair, but you pay for the knowledge as well. Highly recommended.