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Club Waziema

543 Divisadero St
San Francisco, CA 94117

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Ph: 4153466641


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sw2k (customer) on CitySearch
Fantastic Ethiopian food, and two can get a pair of meat and vegetable combos to cover all points of the menu. What's more, the full bar with many, many beers on tap and a pool table in the back really set this place apart.
jnissa (customer) on CitySearch
We love this place, both for a cheap but yummy dinner or an evening drink. Good beer and cheap wine, bartenders who remember your name and one of the best juke boxes around. If you hate "trendy" bars and just want a place to sit and drink (and maybe eat), this is it.
MEJIA (customer) on CitySearch
Had my brothers 40th b-day bash there. Everyone love the place and the food was great. Beer the coldest in town you feel at home here.
johnlewissf (customer) on CitySearch
The Waziema owners are definately 2 of the kindest, warmest people in the city. They have built and operate an excellent Ethiopian restaurant and a funky bar with an awesome jukebox. Club Waziema has help to build the lower Haight neighborhood into a great place to live, eat, and embibe! Thank you!
whatsd (customer) on CitySearch
You must stop by for a drink and a bite to eat. I try to bring out of town guests and local friends who are not yet in-the-know. Waziema is run by this wonderful married couple who are always there, always smiling, serving cheap wine and beer, and delicious Ethiopian food. The jukebox is jammed with good tunes.
ramzi (customer) on CitySearch
I had sushi up the block at Tsunami and the sushi chefs tell me to do try this joint. I liked their choice. Its a treat to go there. Yes a secret , not too crowdy but I would go back.
lonsf (customer) on CitySearch
I've only eaten at Club Waziema once, but my first experience was exceptional. The food was delicious, the atmosphere very cool & the crowd was young & vibrant. The owners are fantastic people who understand how to harbor loyal customers with great food & great prices. A very fun place to dine.
cicero70 (customer) on CitySearch
Great food, great drinks, great prices, great music, great atmosophere and one of the best bartenders in SF. What more could you wasnt?
chrisbu (customer) on CitySearch
We love this place! The food is great - incredibly cheap, healthy, huge portions, and if you actually finish they will come out and offer you more. The atmosphere is always fun, lots of locals, great music and a pool table. The Jukebox is good, there is often a sports game on TV and a local artist show in the back. Wazeima is a one of a kind!
chefbum (customer) on CitySearch
Waziema is a divey hole-in-the-wall that apparently has cashed in on the bonanza when the Divisadero corridor revitalized through an influx of trustafarian money. From the outside it looks like a divey Ethiopian restaurant, but inside the first thing you see is really old wallpaper and a fully stocked bar full of people. Ethiopian food is very meat-centric and can be a bit heavy, what with the only carb relief being the thin, flat bread that comes with it. But given that, Waziema is reasonably priced for what it is, if not so downright cheap as everyone here is saying it is. Service is very good and enthusiastic-- so much so that I thought we were in a room full of pod-people, or that our waitress had smoked some really good dope. No, apparently she is always that eager to please and accomodating. The most interesting thing about this place, though, is the people watching. It's become hipster-central, with everyone wearing at least one or more of the following clothing items: trucker hat, trucker shirt, uncombed hair, full beard on the guys, wallet with chain, rolled up jeans, retro sneakers, etc., etc. I really wonder what everyone will be wearing there in 5 years.
saracrown (customer) on CitySearch
I love this place. I guess it used to be a jazz joint back in the day. It's all about eating with your hands.
mattrain (customer) on CitySearch
Wazeima rocks! Ethiopian food, pool table, local art and maroon velvet wallpaper are a great combination. food is healthy and is cheap, and I would eat there all the time, but the service can be painfully slow, so I go when I have time to kick back and relax. a good place to go eat by yourself and sit at the bar and chat to the bartender.
Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
A great place for those new to Ethiopian food and the die harders alike..The food is amazing as well is the atmosphere ! I have a blast everytime we go. The veggie combos are delicious and there is enough for to feed a small army !
Kunzaito (customer) on CitySearch
Going to this restaurant ended up being exactly like a well-known Seinfeld episode, and can be summed up in its most quoted phrase: "Anyone can *take* a reservation! You have to *HOLD* the reservation!" We had never been to this restaurant before, but we had a group of 10 going out for dinner and someone suggested we try Club Waziema. We called ahead and made reservations a few days prior for 7:30. We showed up about 15 minutes early and ordered drinks at the bar. The restaurant was pretty full but not packed, and no new patrons came in after our group's arrival. Around 7:45 I asked the woman behind the bar (possibly the owner?) for our table. She asked how many, and when I told her "ten" she repeated, in a very put-out tone of voice, "Ten?!" I said yes, we had a reservation for 7:30. To which she said, "Well, if you had a reservation for 7:30 you should have been here at 7:30." I replied that we had been here the whole time, drinking at her bar. Also mind, again, that no one else had come in that they should have needed to give up the reserved table regardless. Then she just gave me a dirty look and WALKED AWAY FROM ME. And did not come back. So I have no idea if the food was any good, we were repelled by the atrocious service. We ended up going across the street to Ziryab, which was excellent, and they bent over backward to accommodate our large group on short notice.
Contributor (customer) on CitySearch
In Short
A dimly lit front room is brightened by vintage red wallpaper and candles flickering atop simple tables, which host hungry (and extremely loyal) 20- and 30-something bargain hunters. The adjacent bar area is lined with padded stools and offers a dozen tap beers, honey wine and a bevy of bottled brews, like Ethiopia's Harar. There's a TV mounted above the tables, while a top-notch jukebox cranks out everything from Curtis Mayfield to Radiohead.

Jason D. (customer) on Judys Book
I've always found the Bay Area's Ethiopian offerings lackluster at best. When I've lived in other cities, it's been a stable cuisine with several trusty restaurants in my dining portfolio. Not so much here, and I've tried the places that seem to be favorites. Proof that I'm not just a restaurant poo...