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business Bridge Ii At Se 16th Street cover

Bridge Ii At Se 16th Street

506 Se 16th St
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

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Ph: 9545226350




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musicjunky (customer) on CitySearch
Bridge II gets all of my recommendations!! The accomodations are fantastic, second only to the people that are there. It's very clean and, of course, diverse. I couldn't believe that there was a pool as well. George (The Owner and Operator) Is a terriffic gentleman also. Two thumbs up from this critic. I hope to make my way back there as soon as possible.
debisis (customer) on CitySearch
I am a stewardess who stayed at the Bridge 2 crew house for a few weeks about a year ago. The overall layout of the place is decent, and they do have a nice pool. This crewhouse did have a few "critters" every now and then, but by that time, I was kind of used to them, all crew houses have thier own "pets" as well. There were times where our apartment was cleaned nicely, and there were times when it wasn't cleaned that week at all. Although, I've met some nice yachties there, I met some strange characters who were not travelers or yachties. I would say I could have had a better experience at other crew houses that are cleaner and nicer and just as pricey as this crew house...upwards to 150-180 dollars per week is the average. The worst about this experience was the manager, who is from Central America since I can not give out the name. The manager seemed kind and friendly at first, even though I had heard stuff about his behavior towards younger female yachties and renting his apartment across the street to some of them. But one thing that I personally experienced with this guy was his reaction to me after he found out that I mentioned concerns about certain people staying at the Bridge 2 to one of my roommates [a bad and very dumb idea], a woman, who was niether a traveler or yachtie, who was living there as an out of work waitress, sleeping on the couch all the time which didn't smell so great... I had mentioned to her that I didn't feel comfortable around some of the people. When the manager found out, he kicked me out and yelled at me, and said that I "pis***" him off for the last time...and also said that no one liked me anyway, I'm guessing the smelly woman from NYC didn't like me much, but hey you win some, you lose some.
deboraann (customer) on CitySearch
I have just spent 2 wonderful weeks at this place..i highly recomend it.I travel alot and have stayed in many hostel all over the states and abroad.the location is perfect, near airport, beach, famous Las Olas,and buses.You have a cozy apartment that you share with 3 other people if they are fully booked.You have a fully stocked kitchen with microwave, coffemaker, toaster, pots n pans, .etc. cozy livingroom with cable t.v.bar-b-que area and a pool.the manager is a very pleasant person and could not be anymore helpful.No matter what you need he is there to help.and the house keeper is a very lovely woman.All and all i highly recomend staying here.It almost felt like a home away from home. They treat you like family.
alecaa (customer) on CitySearch
I came to Fort Lauderdale to get involve in the boat industry, so I needed a place that could help with that. This hostel for me has been great for several reasons. One it has full facilities in the apartment and reception. It is close to agencies, marinas, shops, and the grocery store is a 10minute walk. Downtown is also very close to here, and the bus stop is two blocks away. It is a great place to meet people and make firends, in the center of the crewhouse is an open space where there is always somebody hanging out. The staff during my stay have been great, willing to help you out in whatever is at their reach. Overall any other time that I come to Fort Lauderdale I wont think twice about coming back...
azzacadabra (customer) on CitySearch
Hello, I from New Zealand (Kiwi) I have traveled all over the world working in the yachting industry. I was staying at the bridge hostel for 1 month. During my stay there about 8 people with bedbus including myself. Not just a few bites on the arm, legs arms neck Male and Female. I have spent years working in the tourism industry in New Zealand working for Kiwi Experience I do realize that this is common when you have many people coming to stay. It happens all over the world it what you do about that counts........ A number of guest told management about the problem and they sprayed the rooms and furniture. This is not the way to get rid of bedbus. They must remove beds and mattresses and replace. Its not just a few bedbus its bad.I myself mentioned to management and he told me that I better leave the hostel. A girl friend of mine I meet at the hostel told management and they where taken out to dinner. This just shows you the professional approach of this hostel it is run by a bunch of beep beep beep. If you looking to work in the super yacht industry I would recommend staying with Marys Crew House or Neptune croup. They are clean and tidy and industry focused. The quickest way to get fired from a boat is to turn up with bedbus the best way to wreck a 100 million dollar yacht. Good luck and spread the word. Regards Kiwi, South Africa, Australia
SteveMorrison (customer) on CitySearch
Hi all, I have traveled all around the world staying at Hostels and i will tell you this is one of the best places ive stayed...i am from Detroit Michigan 29 years old ..and believe me when i say that if you compare this to othere hostels ..hands down 1 of the best. The Manager Jorge was extremly accomidating giving me maps, telling me how to find cheap transportation and even gave me a ride to a big mall called Sawgrass...you never get that kind of service especially at a US hostel They have a live in maid ..who cleaned my place 3 times in 1 week and i was allowed new sheets and pillows daily ..(you Have to Ask) ....the guest where fun to hang out with ...i made several new friends and even traveled on to Key West with a girl i met at the hostel This is one of the only places ive ever stayed at with a beautiful pool and sun deck.. I have read some of the others comments about a bacteria ridden pool...i dont see how that could be true ...i tasted plenty of Chlorine ...long story short ..i would highly recommend Safety( the place is like a courtyard thats stays bright with light all night , cleanliness, great manager , kool people....if you will be in fort Lauderdale or even Miami ...you cant beat this place web site is wrong on theis site: www.hostelfortlauderdale
deboraann (customer) on CitySearch
I have to say, we are a group of people from Canada, and this place is very cool, the people working for the yacht industry is great, they come from all over the world to work in yachts, evrynight they haveBBQ and party after work, very safe, George the manager is a cool person, very helpfull alwyas trying to make you feel at home, sure we ll get back soon to this place, Thank you Ft lauderdale
Replayer (customer) on CitySearch
Went down to try to find a warm place in the sun where I could just read lay by the pool and relax. Paid in advance and didn't stay a night. The pool was tiny dirty and placed in the middle of asphalt parking spaces. No boarder. Exposed plumbing. No chairs just a couple of broken florescent plastic sit in chairs that looked like they came out of the trash. Its in a bad part of town far from the beaches close to a hospital. There were drugged out people rocking in chairs. Not the kind of place I would like to be when the sun went down. Big break in the middle of the day between check in so I didn't get to see the inside. I had seen enough already. Seemed like a nice place for a bum to drink a 40 and get out of the sun. Or for a working girl to take the day off. I don't consider myself picky but I threw money away went and stayed in a dump by the beach. Hope my experience saves you the cash and time. Good Luck.