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Boxing Brother Gim

11416 RANCH ROAD 620 N, Unit # A
Austin, TX 78726

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Ph: 5122584269


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stone101 (customer) on CitySearch
WOW! I have never felt so great! I have been attending the cardio boxing and cardio kickboxing classes for approximatley 6 months and my whole body has changed. The staff and trainers are so friendly, they are always willing to stop and show me something new or make sure I am doing everything right. If you want something new or it's something you always wanted to try . . . The Wait Is Over. You will love this!
girliegirl12885 (customer) on CitySearch
i have tried several gyms in the last couple years, and this is the place for me. i am normally nervous going into gyms that are over filled by egotistical men looking for a meat market, but when i came into the gym my first night i was shocked by all the other women in the gym, and if that wasn't enough the staff is great,i didnt even take the free class that was offered i just signed up and ladies i'll tell you that the general manager is great eye candy . so if you're looking for a place to really get in shape and have something nice to look at check out la boxing.
big_worm (customer) on CitySearch
I am a software developer for a local company and I normally don't get a lot of exercise. I need to loose a ton of weight and in the 5 months I have been going to LA Boxing I have already lost about 15 pounds. As a new father I don't have a ton of time to go to a gym every other day but the cardio kickboxing class has been amazing! I have a long way to go but this is the longest I have stuck with anything. They have so many different classes and different things to do that it is easy to go back for more every week. The staff is great and the classes are small and fun. Don't hesitate to ask any employee or instructor for any tips or info. They are more than willing to help with different skill levels which is something I was fearful of before I joined. I have learned a ton and best of all am slowly loosing weight :)
johndavidson (customer) on CitySearch
I have been going to different gyms around Austin for years. When I look around I see people I have seen for years, and their bodies don't change at all. I think it is probably a combination of diet and not enough resistance training. They are basically in a rut. I tend to balance my workouts and stay in shape, but lately had been in a "going through the motions" rut. So, I decided to check LA Boxing. What I noticed immediatelty was the warm, friendly atmosphere of the owners and staff. They have been extremely helpful with encouraging pointers that have improved my novice skills tremendously. I have to say that I was really bored with 24 hr fitness. Still go there some, but it just seems lifeless in comparrison. Everyone seems to be going through the motions. Where at LA Boxing it is very much alive with positive energy. And, I lost 10 pounds in the first 2 months by training three times a week. Most people would have looked at me and thought I was in shape. Now, in short order, I am in great shape. And I am 50 years old!
captainpcakes (customer) on CitySearch
I have been attending LA Boxing for about 13 months. I enjoy the variety of class times and instructors. As a female, I love the smaller classes and the amount of females in the kickboxing classes. The workouts are intense and work on all areas of your body. After the hour class, you feel like you have really accomplished a great workout!
l_walker (customer) on CitySearch
When I first visited the gym I was welcomed with friendly faces. The staff is great and really make going to the gym enjoyable. The classes there are excellant so if you're not looking to sweat and burn off some pounds, then this would not be the place for you. There is a lot of knowledge offered as well as enough patience to teach the proper techniques. Come check it out, guarentee you won't be disappointed.
PirateQueen23 (customer) on CitySearch
At La Boxing you are more then just a membership walking in the door to pay your gyms light bill. You feel as if you are part of the gym itself...The Owners and the staff are"OUTSTANDING" they make you feel comfortable about workng out plus there are a lot of other women who go there. All the staff are always willing to help with some extra tips, wraping your hands...put it this way, they take the extra time with "you" to make sure you reach your goals and they want to get to know you as a person. Everyone is so upbeat and positive. I Love coming here.. I come 4 to 5 times a week and still want more. The classes are hard but so worth it. The Trainers are again"OUTSTANDING" You leave knowing you just kicked@$$ and with time you have the body and health to show it. La Boxing has changed my mind about what is healthy. I was trying so hard to lose weight I stopped eatting right. I was having as litle as 300 cal. a day BUT NOT ANYMORE now I eat good all day and still lose weight!! In all if you are looking for a gym that gives you a good work out in a fun friendly positive setting then La Boxing is the only place in Austin that can give that to you. They even Have kids classes. THANK YOU so much La Boxing for everything, you will never know how much everyone there has helped me.... also you helped me believe in myself that I can Lose the weight and just how prowerful I really am.....Thank You.
willdlr51 (customer) on CitySearch
When I first went in I was greeted by the great staff and quickly accepted by the other members of the gym. Everyone in the gym knows their place and there isn't any overly cocky discouraging people. The classes are great for cardio, fat burning, and training to get to the next level in your fight game. It's a real close knit family with all of the fighters and the staff is amazing. Since starting to train at the gym 4 months ago I've lost between 20 and 30 pounds and have dropped clothes sizes as well. I feel great and they put me to work. I also come in and train by myself and ask for assitance on new moves and such when needed. One of the staff members even hooked me up with a free meal plan and workout circuit. LA Boxing overall is one of the best gym's I've worked out at and now I no longer need all the other gym memberships because with LA Boxing I get it all.
hezba (customer) on CitySearch
you will not get lost amongst the crowd here-the staff at LA Boxing are incredibly friendly, knowledgable, and welcoming. the gym itself is clean and well maintained. my only beef is that it's 20 miles from my home!
socalboy619 (customer) on CitySearch
I have been a member of this gym for over 2 years now and absolutely love it!!! I am a member at 3 gyms total and have only gone to the other 2 gyms twice since I started here. The workouts that you get are off the charts! The great thing is, you can go at your own pace regardless of what your skill level is!!! The owners and staff listen to what the members wants and needs are in a gym like this. With the recent expansion and upgrades, it really shows! All the equipment is great including the wide selection of loaner gloves, pads and head gear. They will let you take a free class so what do you have to lose, besides weight and inches??? You will not be sorry!
taitalya (customer) on CitySearch
I have been a member at Boxing Brothers Gym for almost 2 months now - and am completely hooked. The people are great and the atmosphere is awesome. I haven't been able to get into a consistent workout routine since college athletics, and Boxing Brothers has changed all of that. I couldn't get the motivation to go jog everyday, but now - I look forward to going to the classes and get a phenomenal workout while I am there. The price is very reasonable, the classes are great (and accommodate all levels and ages) - and the staff is awesome.
kungfukittie (customer) on CitySearch
I have been going to this gym for about 2 months now. I signed up the day of my free class so I knew I wouldn't have an excuse (like being lazy) not to come back. The staff is awesome. The regulars are great. The pro fighters are fun to watch spar. The price is very affordable for what you get. <-unlimited classes! They even packed more classes into the schedule to help accommodate more people more times per day. I am VERY thrilled to start going everyday now. I won't have a reason like work to keep me from attending. I am a fan of the cardio kickboxing class, but am going to try some of the other classes out soon. Everyone is invited to try any type of class they want. The staff wants us to get a work out, but they always say they want us to learn something too. Hats off to newly name Boxing Brothers Gym. If results are what you want, results PLUS fun PLUS atmosphere PLUS friends are what you get!
Ryan408 (customer) on CitySearch
I have been going to brothers boxing gym for about of a month now, i am now very in good shape. Also what that other guy said about the billing he is lieing you have options on how to pay. Me personally, i give them a check every month and they dont even so much as pressure you to pay you can quit when ever you want. There staff is great at teaching and helping you get in shape. If you think im part of the staff go look for me ill be there.
Victor15b (customer) on CitySearch
Deceitful: First off, all of these "five star" reviews are fake, written by the staff. Click on the usernames, you will see that they have all only submitted one review. A ten minute google search will reveal the EXACT SAME reviews on several other review sites. Unethical: If they manage to lure you in the door, they'll try to sell you on a $600 membership. (notice how prices are not listed anywhere on their website) Ambush marketing at its worst Fraudulent: Once they have your credit card information, they give it a third party billing company that nickels and dimes you with transaction fees on top of an overpriced membership. If thats not bad enough, they have you jump through endless hoops if you ever want to cancel your membership....and continue to bill you for months afterwards DON'T BE LURED IN!!!
PhilAA (customer) on CitySearch
I'm not sure what Victor15b is saying, but the owners, Paul and Dave, are good guys. I've been training at Boxing Brothers for almost a year and made it through their move away from the LA Boxing franchise. I can't tell the difference. What makes this gym and martial arts studio so great are the people. From Paul and Dave to the instructors, fighters, and students, everyone has been great. It is a family over there. The Submission Wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), and fitness classes are instructional, fun, and killer. This place is my stress relief and I'm glad that they're here. Don't listen to us keyboard warriors, come out and experience the gym for yourself. Let's roll.
chrsmrnd (customer) on CitySearch
I have been going to this gym for about 4 months. Not one bad thing to say about the gym,equipment, monthly fee, or staff. This Gym is family owned and very clean. The staff is great. Their instructors knowledge of training is huge. As for the person leaving the bad post, I would like to see that dufus jump through a hoop considering what he eats and drinks. If you notice the only place he does not bad mouth is a buffet. He can not complain about service, because he is serving himself. This guy probably complains about everything in life that does not go his way. What an A$$ hat
broseanne (customer) on CitySearch
I came across this gym as an opportunity to get my daughter excited and interested in exercise. In the beginning, the owners were very friendly and helpful. I soon brought myself and other family members to the gym with me. But towards the end of the 3 month "trial" membership, things started to change. Seemed like different instructors every week for the same time slot class. As personal schedules became hectic, we decided to not renew our membership beyond the trial period. Here is where everything went downhill. Two months of automatic withdrawals after I followed their cancellation process. Countless run-ons and blowoffs by the owners, including a spouse of one of the owners. Hollow and empty promises including one stating my money would be back in my account close to 3 weeks ago. This place has the worst business practices I have ever encountered and have contacted the 3 B's in regards to perpetrating credit card fraud.
TimJo679 (customer) on CitySearch
At first when i started going everything was great. I felt like i really belonged to a family. But after that first month things started to change. A couple of the instructors got fired or quit which was a really upsetting considering they were really good at teaching. The schedule changed not in my benefit. It is not true that you get one on one time with the trainers. Me personally have never seen anyone getting one on one time except for there first time in. In my opinion B.T. is the only good instructor they have left there. I have also experienced the payment plan which is very faulty.
Sam33 (customer) on CitySearch
I totally understand the money is thigh right now for a lot of people and it is affection local family owned bussiness. But the way this establishments is handleling the situation is the wrong one. I have been there 3 times since they got locked out and still no response from the owners, no calls to members or at least a decent sign explaining problems and posible solution. I would be happy if they say "we working on it, it will take a week a month" or wathever, but at least give your face to the members. I have talked to several members that were calling in the spot to cancel thier memberships, i dont want to go that route just yet, but would defenetly apreciate a response from the owners. All the "family emergency sign" and then the lock out sign is not a valid explanation. Im pretty sure there is lots of people like me that will understand the situation as long a proposed solution is given. And if the final desion may be to close down then they need to say somethhing before we get charged for another month, that we probably wont get a refund for. I just paid my dues on the 20 and is irritating that fro as much as I pay I can even go in. I have 4 memberships to the gyms in the area, and this one is defenetly the most pricy thatI have, wich is not problem because I enjoy it that much. But COME ON GUYS, dont be like this, show that you care and let the members know what is going on and and what is going to happen.
chinati (customer) on CitySearch
I thought this was going to be a great gym for my teenager to learn to box but on my second trip there, the owners had been locked out by the landlord. Any information on what's going on?
Pinkcutie2005 (customer) on CitySearch
I have never been anywhere so homely. When I walk in they remember your name and are always very friendly, they treat you like family. I have taken the Muay Thai, kickboxing and MMA and have loved all the classes. I think they have great instructors who really care. When I leave the gym I feel dead, like I have gotten a great workout! I have never been to such a friendly place, I goto the same classes you get to know the other members, and it really takes your mind off work and stress. I feel like I have improved extremely since I have started clasees there and would recommend this gym to anyone, Its definetly one of a kind.
sissa0930 (customer) on CitySearch
I signed up for a three month membership to get in shape for my wedding. I loved the classes and the instructors but when my credit card was declined on my honeymoon I saw that they continued to debit my account after my membership was up! I'm now overdrawn and can't access my credit! I can't get in the gym if I wanted to and when I called the 866 number on my credit card statement they told me that "we're not sure whats up with this gym" and to call back in a week. Has anyone had any luck getting your money back? I'll keep you posted when I call them back in a week! This is why I hate automatic withdrawl!!
kerbeygirl (customer) on CitySearch
Like a bad marriage, it started out great but sadly ended very bad. Joined around feb 08. The instructors were HOT!!! It was a single ladies dream gym. Then the instructors quit or were fired, one hotty after another. No more Garret, Joseph, Alberto, even little Mike and Big Justin left. STRIKE ONE! We were left with crazy mma dudes that seemed to be on steroids and/or mar!juana, and a teenage bimbo that the owners seemed to have a thing for. Domingo and Freddy were ok, even though they weren't eye candy. STRIKE TWO!! Theeen they pull all this closing the gym down while still charging people bullSh*t. STRIKE THREE!!! I guess all good things must come to an end. My account is currently on hold according to the creditor pending further info from guess who...not cool. If the gym opens up like they say on their website, which I very much doubt, I'd advise anyone to stay away from it. Btw it used to be called LA boxing so if they change the name again buyer beware. Someone should open up a gym for women with Hot male instructors. I'd go :)
dogfish78759 (customer) on CitySearch
Does anyone happen to know the number to Boxing Bros financing company number?!
mentat77 (customer) on CitySearch
Same story as many of the others.....loved this facility for my teenage son. The owners were personable and helpful. The gym closed and there has been no word other than a misleading sign about a family emergency and later, a small note on the website. My son quit football at his high school to participate in the many classes revolving around MMA and he is quite disappointed. SHAME ON YOU! The worst thing has been that no matter what the difficulties with the gym has been, they have made no attempt to contact members. My bank was quite willing to stop the payments from the source and waive my stop payment fees. They said they could also file a claim on monies taken out for the previous month if I deemed it necessary. I do not know if this was some intricate scam, but I do know that it was handled very poorly if the gym closed for legitimate reasons. I expected more from Lou, Paul and David Watson. What was originally a great experience from my 15 year old son ended in bitter disappointment...........too soon we learn the perfidies that men do to one another.
madmommy23 (customer) on CitySearch
HOW DARE YOU DAVID, PAUL, AND LOU????? Im lost for words, but Im mad as hell and will not stand by and let you take money that's not yours and step all of people!!! How could you do this to us. No email, no calls, not even NOTHING. Did you thinking that anyone was going to turn their heads and walk away?? Your company broke the contract we held. First you closed your doors and claimed monthly dues for OCT and NOV and second you took the money out brfore it was even due. And I'm taking action against all of you. I have filed a complaint with 3b,s aganist Brothers Boxing and eFit I will contacting a lawery tmw. You said everyone was like family do you really treat your family this way? What you guys have done is Fraud and you know this. I don't care if your doors open tmw you broke your word and where I come from your word is more then GOLD.....
catfishbrother (customer) on CitySearch
So how many here got them taking your money? The number to the credit company that debits your credit card is eFit Financial. Their number is 1-866-462-3348. I called them two days ago asking them to terminate my membership and they refused, citing that they have a contract with BoxingBrothers and that only way to cancel is through BoxingBrothers. This is of course highway robbery as they are taking money from you and offering no membership or service in return. They did say that they placed a hold on everyone's credit card till they hear from BoxingBrothers, which they haven't. I am sure if enough of you complain, we will probably get some resolution. I am going to Gold's now and do not need this gym anymore.
txgirl3160 (customer) on CitySearch
I was advised that all contracts were cancelled for Boxing Brothers however they can provide no refunds since they were only the facilitator of the bills and didn't collect the money. So future payments will not come out of your accounts.
trigirl08 (customer) on CitySearch
Just wanted to let everyone know that if you contact your Bank or Credit Card company, whatever one you used to pay for Boxing Brothers, and you can file a claim against e-fit financial and get at least a months back of membership dues. I have Wells Fargo and they filed a claim against e-fit financial, they made a stop payment and waived the 29 dollar fee, and I had my monthly dues back in my account in 9 days. E-fit financial will not refund any money because of their contract with the gym, but your bank will help you out!! Hope this helps!
Panama25 (customer) on CitySearch
The property management co. is going to open the gym on Dec. 11th at 11:30am for members to claim any items they may have left. You must provide ID and proof that you were a member. Their contact info is: Huntington Properties 713-623-6944
sadsadsad (customer) on CitySearch
All I have to say right now is "this is so sad for the members and one of the owners" . God Bless all the members and David. From Someone who knows what happened very well.
jemoniker (customer) on CitySearch
I do not know what happened to the demise of this gym. I know that people are out of money and that should not be marginalized, however I find it sad that people who benefited from the great classes and the gym's amazing attitude are now so angry. I lost money as well. But I would gladly double the loss if it could bring that gym back. If you think you can meet people as nice and as accommodating as the brother's then you are extremely mistaken. I always felt welcome and at home when I was there for the short amount of time I was there. I am forty and have been to so many gyms that I can honestly say they had the best attitude and best classes in Austin. Now I am stuck with having to go to one of these Hokey eastern philosophy "Martial Arts?" schools which are nothing more than karate schools retooled to seem more in touch with the current MMA kickboxing fitness movement. If I have to see another boring wood breaking exhibition I think I will be sick. I don?t care how Neat or deadly it is to fight with swords I would rather leave that to the choreographers in Kung Fu movies. The no nonsense practical approach to fitness through MMA and Kickboxing made the place seem more serious that an aerobics class and less macho and pretentious as some goofy guy asking you to call him sensei or sifu or other such junk. I don?t know what happened to the gym and I hope everything is alright for the brother's. I hold no animosity towards them and just want them to know they are sorely missed.
twilite (customer) on CitySearch
That is too bad to hear about this gym. Boxing and kickboxing where you can sweat without bowing to any master is a wonderful outlet for adults. Does anyone know if they plan to reopen, sell the gym or any of the equipment?
jllemons (customer) on CitySearch
I don't care what happened! The owners should've atleast shown enough respect to let their customers know with a sign or something what was going on. You know everything works out for a reason. I'm going to Bruce's boxing on Burnet rd off of 183 and it's a lot better. He actually teaches you the sport instead of just throwing you in with a cardio class and letting you do what you want (no offense to Domingo). The only drawback for those that were learning MMA is that he only teaches boxing. I've still lost a lot of weight though. He's also a lot tougher on you and his evening classes last longer than an hr.
jojo1920 (customer) on CitySearch
Can anyone here recommend another boxing gym near Cedar Park? I searched out LA Boxing but I guess they closed down...not sure.
noexcuses (customer) on CitySearch
My son had enjoyed the boxing with Domingo and working with Sursa. The family was nice all the times we went there and my husband and I enjoyed talking to Lou while our son worked out. BUT, there is absolutely no excuse for how they handled this situation - whatever that may be. I have been trying to get our mat back since October for our non-for-profit wrestling organization and the property management has been very difficult. The only response I received from Paul's wife was a short sorry - here is the property managment information and that came after considerably hounding on my behalf to get a response. The old saying goes...tough times test our true character.
jebrooks (customer) on CitySearch
Hello all, we have a gym here in cedar park. xfctrainingcenter, we have several members from the old boxing gym already and would love to have some more. Joseph Hooks (one of the twins) is currently teaching cardio kickboxing 3 times a week on Mondays, Wednesday and Saturdays. We also have the best Muay Thai program around and starting at the end of this month we are extending our wrestling program to 4 days a week. All of our classes are structured and technical, you will learn something everyday here. It is not a free for all we have payed instructors teaching every class everyday. Hope to see you soon!! We specialize in Wrestling, Muay Thai, Boxing, Cardio Kickboxing, subission wrestling and jiu-jitsu we also have a youth/kids progoram. Checkout our website and come try a free class. 512-498-9001 www.xfctrainingcenter
diddlly (customer) on CitySearch
does anybody know what will happen to that place ( as in will someone else take over and start a new gym there) or if they will re-open it again once they get their things figured out? also, can anyone recommend a good kickboxing gym in the same area as boxing bros was? i checked out the xfctraining center in the post a few down but it's pretty out of the way for me. i wish they had not closed, or at least given some notification that they were.
Luv2HitStuff (customer) on CitySearch
After the closing I looked all over Austin for a similar gym, but couldn't really find anything. Although it's definitely a different type of gym, I've started working out at XFC. They recently added cardio kickboxing classes to the schedule and have Janelle and Joseph (from boxing bros) teaching. They have a limited number of heavy bags, but in the near future are supposed to get a similar set up to boxing bros. XFC is only 10 minutes away from the old gym if you take Anderson Mill to 1431. Come by and give it a try. There are already a few ex-boxing bro members there but it would be great to have more. I miss everyone! It's not likely that Boxing Bros will reopen even under new ownership. I know a couple of people who checked into taking over the place, but the rent is extremely high and the landlord won't budge on it. The rent is over 11k per month with very high fees on top of that making it impossible for anyone to make a profit.
AcademyMartialArts (customer) on CitySearch
Hello former Boxing Brothers Members. Sorry to hear about the closing of the Boxing Brothers Gym as I enjoyed watching a few good fight nights over there in their former LA Boxing days. With the closing, I'd like to invite you to stop and check out the Academy of Martial Arts here in Austin. We have been an Austin area business for the last 10 years and recently relocated to a new location at 9705 of Burnet Rd Suite 608 in the Burnet Road Business Park. At the Academy of Martial Arts we offer American Kenpo Karate, Filipino Martial Arts (Kali / Escrima / Silat), Muay Thai Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Mixed Martial Arts classes. Whether your interested in fitness, self defense, or you aspire to be the next champion we can accomodate you at the Academy of Martial Arts. Our goal at the school is to help students discover themselves and their talents in order to reach their full athletic potential. We invite you to come in and talk with our instructors and students and even watch a class. Each of our instructors are ranked instructors or black belts in their respective arts, as well as active competitors and trainers of fighters for events such as Strikeforce, IKF Kickboxing, and King of Kombat. We offer classes five days a week, the fees are very reasonable, and we NEVER require that you sign any financial contract. Classes tend to be sized right such that you are guaranteed to receive personal attention and real instruction and not just be left trying to figure things out in a typical cardio class. In fact, our instructors will be working the same drills right next to you! We may not have the same polished and fancy environment that Boxing Brothers did, but we assure you that you will not be disappointed in the any of classes, the level of fitness you exert, or the level of instruction. We look forward to seeing you at the Academy of Martial Arts! For more information, please call (512) 965-2791.
xanderortiz (customer) on CitySearch
I really miss this place. Not sure if any of you guys remember me. My name is Xander, and I went here about 3 times a week for about 7 months (from Feb. til close of 2008). I'm still looking for a similar gym but haven't found one yet. If any of the old members want to contact me, please do. My email is my username here at yahoo. I want a gym that trains people to fight but also uses the same training for people just wanting to be in the SHAPE of a fighter.
Contributor (customer) on CitySearch
Fitness center offers kickboxing classes, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai Boxing, free weights, cardio equipment and full size professional boxing ring.