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Bj's Restaurant & Brewery

5258 E 2nd St
Long Beach, CA 90803

This business has been closed

Ph: 5624398181




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aemikeg (customer) on CitySearch
BJ's takes so cal pizza to a new level. Deep dish crust that is light and tasty plus high quality toppings. Go no further than a BJ's Favorite for a taste sensation. Don't forget the beer: BJ's brews their own award winning beers. Nobody beets BJ's. Nobody.
Punam (customer) on CitySearch
I love BJ's pizza. It reminds of what pizza should taste like. It's better at their location.
mcbear (customer) on CitySearch
Best crust in town. Better to eat out than eat cardboard delivered to your door.
kjcegielski (customer) on CitySearch
I was deeply disappointed with BJ's. They tout themselves as being authentic Chicago style pizza. They are far from it. Their crust tasted like Pizza Hut pizza. Their excuse for a "deep dish" pizza was a greasy crust with soggy cheese and tomato. They really need to go to Chicago and see how a real "Chicago style" pizza is created. Perhaps Gino's East will move to LA and show them how real pizza is made.
beboss (customer) on CitySearch
Gummy Pizza - Poor Serivce - Slim Cocktails -overall a very poor experience.
lamike630 (customer) on CitySearch
I went to the BJ's in Westwood. The beer was decent, but the pizza is most definitely not Chicago style, as the sign alleges. It is closer to a pan pizza, about an inch and a half high, and has very little sauce, and that sauce is UNDER the cheese only, unlike Chicago style. The service and pizza crust are good, but the lack of any real sauce turned me off to the pizza.
Jackyl (customer) on CitySearch
Ready for a "Nooner" ? Minds out of the gutter and into BJ's... Gotta try their lunch special the "nooner". Your choice of 6 mini Chicago style BJ's only deep dish pizza's. Add a drink and a salad all for under $7. But wait till you see the rest of the menu. What started out as beach side pizza resturants, have grown into a gourmet delight of choices. From Pizza, fish, steaks and wonderful salads, all complemented with BJ's awersome beers and ciders. A MUST for contemporary cusine.
Jam101083 (customer) on CitySearch
Bj's Pizza is the BEST pizza i have ever had. Their BBQ chicken pizza is Awsome!! The only thing is that when i go to Bj's there is always a Long line like 30-45 mins, but its worth the wait
cdh_6 (customer) on CitySearch
They have great pizza! Great taste. Great service. I love to go there.
vemosley (customer) on CitySearch
BJ's is the one of the ultimate "Chicago Style" pizzas that I've come across. A plethera of flavors on the "works" pizza. Many hit your taste buds at the same time but remain individual and distinctive just the same. A "Pizzookie" for dessert rounds the meal out.
lucylover112 (customer) on CitySearch
bj's is the best pizza i've tasted in. i recommend you eat in and watch monday night football if your a football fan. Great for a relaxing dinner.
coconut28 (customer) on CitySearch
Oh my gosh BJ's is the best. Try the sweet pig. The crust is what makes it such a great pizza because it is so sweet. I was so excited when I went to Hawaii to find BJ's on Maui talk about a taste from home. There is nothing like eating Pizza while having a cold drink and looking at the beautiful hawaiian ocean
msabedas34 (customer) on CitySearch
this is the BEST pizza on earth! I had it the last two summers while visiting LA from the east coast (where BJs does NOT exist). After being home for several days NOTHING could satisfy the cravings for BJ's, I still have them now. I make an annual trek to LA each summer to get my fix of BJ's. It is a one-of-a-kind must-have pizza found only in CA and heaven!! The location at Newport Beach/Balboa Pier is the BEST.
IanSmith (customer) on CitySearch
Been enjoying BJ's pizza for many years. It's always been great. Ask for the works. Add garlic (and Jalapeno if you like). Double the cheese and sauce and ask for the crust extra crispy (to compensate for the extra sauce). BJ's crust is light and "eggy". Terrific pizza.
Yvonne333 (customer) on CitySearch
Great pizza! What else can anyone say when a Chicago style pizza is brought out to you to rest on a scale! Bubbling, deep and gooey---love and food don't come any better.
ecwold (customer) on CitySearch
I've been to a number of the BJ's Restaurants in the Los Angeles and Orange Country areas and this pizza is arguably the best in the country!!!
panchamora (customer) on CitySearch
well, the pazooki is the best dessert! hands down...i mean who can resist a giant cookie, right out of the oven with some great tasting vanilla ice cream! but i wouldnt recommend anything else..the pizza is weirdly made..well not too weirdly but i dont like the tomatoe chunks on top and the calzon is not the best...the ambience is entertaining but i can go for pizza elsewhere...
agsimmons (customer) on CitySearch
BJ's pizza on 2nd street is the LOVE OF MY LIFE!! I have tried almost everything on their menu from chopped italian salad to garlic cheesebread, spaghetti, and my ultimately favorite....the one item I crave DAILY is the GREAT WHITE PIZZA. All I can say is amazing........AMAZING!!! And of course I always save room for the famous PIZOOKIE, a delicious baked when ordered cookie in a small pizza pan covered with vanilla bean ice cream. I wished I lived there!!
ricjunior (customer) on CitySearch
After you try BJ's, you will never go back to the regular pizza again. BJ's is far from the typical pizza. Loaded with all the right stuff. The chunky tomatoes are defintly a winner! Pizza and Beer...what could be better?
lyonsj (customer) on CitySearch
BJ's is a great place to go when your in the mood for pizza.
Cliz326 (customer) on CitySearch
I love this place. If you go to Belmont Shore, this is a great place to go. I love their different pizza's. You should try their salads. Espeacially their Crisp chicken salad with honey mustard dressing. And before leaving you should try their pizzookie. I recommend their peanutbutter one. And yes, the servers are cute. Sometimes there's a line, but worth the wait. And afterwards you can walk and visit the shops.
erin (customer) on CitySearch
After eating at BJs I will never be able to eat another place's pizza ever again. Their pizzas are light, fluffy, tasty, fresh, and soooooo good. I am in love. They have the freshest toppings. I was in heaven last time I ate there. If pizza's not your thing, they have the BEST salads, soups, and pastas. I coulod eat at that place every day and be happy for the rest of my life!
dovima26 (customer) on CitySearch
Great food, friendly staff, great selection.... The great white pizza is very galicky and delicious. The Not So Cobb Cobb salad is fulfilling as a meal and comes with a great dressing. The avacado egg rolls are amazing, very rich though. Try a pizzookie for desert! Do not go here if yu are watching your weight. There are so many things to try.
jen313 (customer) on CitySearch
My favorite is the barbecue chicken pizza. Very filling, and tasty! My husband and I share the small and have a salad, and we're good to go! Love the atmosphere, but the service could use some help. Everyone's very nice, but sometimes the food takes a little while, or the order is somewhat wrong. They're really busy and probably just need to hire more servers. But still worth the wait!
durzia (customer) on CitySearch
How they got away with calling themselved Chicago style, I will never know. Pizza is ok, definitely not anything like they serve in Chicago. Great beer selection though!
rhinoclit (customer) on CitySearch
Very good pizza! After the pizza you must have the piezookie!
JJones (customer) on CitySearch
A cookie cutter restaurant is one where they replicate the exact same restaurant no matter the location. Chili's, Applebee's, etc. You can add BJ's to that list. The food is pretty darn good. Their pizzas are excellent. I would choose this place over most other cookie-cutter restaurants.
mharbut (customer) on CitySearch
This is the kind of place I go to only if I'm in a group and everyone else thinks it's a good idea to go here. The food, including the pizza, is nothing special, and rather bland. No spice, no salt...Even as far as chain restaurants go, it's disappointing.
gbertolini (customer) on CitySearch
I have eaten BJ's pizza for 15years and I believe that it is the best. It is far better than Pappa John's and it should be rated NO. 1.
Dinerp (customer) on CitySearch
BJ's is a fun place, the food is good--especially the micro-brewed beer, the pizza and the pizookie dessert. The servers are friendly and knowledgeable. There's always a crowd there, and good music playing, and TVs all over the place showing sporting events. They have great happy hour specials also--we go there late night and get great food and great beer for very reasonable prices.
alhjr55 (customer) on CitySearch
I have been to the Burbank BJ's twice. The first time I was actually a little shocked at the prices considering what limited selection they offer on their menu. I only went back to be fair and give them an even shake for my son's birthday. I can't really say the second time was bad but it was really only average at best. This is the kind of place that concentrates on atmosphere and trend to attract the crowds. Also, if your really not a drinker, 1/2 of the experience is already missing.
drf41276 (customer) on CitySearch
I think that this is by far the best pizza I have ever had! All are very good, they have a wide range of other foods as well that are outstanding as well. Best place to eat if you don't know exactly what you want.
MissFoxySusan (customer) on CitySearch
I extremely enjoyed this Restaurant. It has the BEST pizza. You can order it simple (Cheese and Sauce) or pile it high (the Works) either way the pizza will always be the best you've tasted in a while.
OLPluver03 (customer) on CitySearch
This is the best pizza place I know. There's one in Balboa Beach, and Ontario in case you want them but aren't in LA.
wankah2001 (customer) on CitySearch
This pizza restaraunt has not only the best pizza, but also has the best dessert. A pazookie. The pizza is always fresh and good. The atmosphere of the restaraunt is great also. A nice family place or even a place to go with your friends.
ronimal (customer) on CitySearch
I have the food a 10 rating because I am specifically noting their excellent Deep Dish Pizzas. All their other food is your typical pub grub.
vernl (customer) on CitySearch
We began eating pizza at their old Santa Ana location, and have been enjoying BJ's ever since - we have three grown sons who think BJ's is all there is for pizza! Before Stuffed Crust existed at Pizza Hut, we were getting Chicago Pizzas at BJ's, and the food has never deteriorated in any way. The Belmont Shores and Balboa locations are great - we just wish they would open one in the South Bay!
phrogluver (customer) on CitySearch
Inventive pizza topping, lots of varietys, great dessert and tasty beer...great combo!
patchellcj (customer) on CitySearch
pmora (customer) on CitySearch
the food was great; the restuarant was just a little too loud for my taste. the the food conpensates for it
dakara930 (customer) on CitySearch
By far the best pizza in Southern CA! A must try. Their happy hour special is GREAT! Half-off all their mini-pizzas & $1 off pints. M-Th 4-7, Sun-Th 10-Close.
BrentwoodThugLife (customer) on CitySearch
I went with some friends to BJ's before a school dance and we had a blast! It was so much fun, There is nothing bad I could say about it. The food was great the service was good, and it was a great memorie!
misskellbell (customer) on CitySearch
BJ's atmosphere and food is awesome!!! I was so glad to see it on the top of the list! Well deserved.
jlkerr (customer) on CitySearch
Excellent pizza and desserts. Good beer/sandwiches/pasta. Soups & salads are good but have only an 'okay' sourdough roll. They used to have the most excellent rolls made from their pizza dough...this is sorely missed.
sxctighteyez (customer) on CitySearch
Imagine trying to find someplace to eat on a day like MOTHER'S DAY! We didn't really have any concrete plans and didn't feel like being bothered with a crowd...so we went to BJs! There was hardly anyone there (outside of the employees) and the food was great (as usual). I decided to be different and have the spinach and artichoke pizza...YUM YUM...although I could've done without the onions!! Don't count them out on weird psuedo holidays!!
funkmasterjay (customer) on CitySearch
i was at the one in burbank on saturday and this place is amazing there's nothing like it the food is awesome the service is pretty good the atmosphere could be worked on its not that great but the food makes up for it the dessert is really really good and their rootbeer is the best in the world
zissy (customer) on CitySearch
I called to place an order for delivery and the phone staff was very pleasant. I received my food in a timely fashion and the delivery person was very friendly. I ordered the Minestrone Soup and the Spaghetti with Meat Sauce. The soup was very tasty and so was the garlic bread. The spaghetti had a very strange taste to it. I'm not sure what the spices are but it's not like any sauce that I have ever had before and it will be the last time I order it. So for almost 20. I got to enjoy the staffs friendliness and a bowl of soup.........sorry guys. I will give you another chance but it won't be for the spaghetti.
Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
Their pizza is great with thick, doughy crust and fresh tomatos come standard on every pie. Go here for the beer, pizza, salad, and pazzokies--the pasta is only so-so. Slow during the day but things pick up nights and weekends. There is another location in huntington beach that may be a little more festive at times.
Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
This is a great pizza place and all around restaurant. The menu has many choices from appetizer's like spinach and artichoke dip or potato skins, salads, sandwhiches, pasta's and of course gourmet pizza's of any and every kind! They even have fabulous dessert- try the famous pizzoky which is a fresh baked giant cookie served in a pan!
Contributor (customer) on CitySearch
The Scene
BJ's boasts a trendy reclaimed-barn look with vaulted redwood beams. Eclectic touches abound; rococo mirrors sparkle against corrugated-iron walls and the odd chandelier sprouts absentmindedly amidst Art Deco lamps. The bar area boasts beer-label posters and the ubiquitous big-screen TV blaring the big game on ESPN.

The Food
The extensive, carbo-loaded menu is perfect for buffering those home brews. The bruschetta, loaded with tomatoes, is a favorite and the minestrone is stew-thick with a hint of oregano. The fish and chips gives mixed results: wedge-cut fries are seasoned and crispy; but the doughy, Blonde Ale-battered cod flounders without its tartar sauce. The pizzas are deep-dish, robust pies; the Spinach & Artichoke is lusciously creamy--a perfect yin-yang experience when split with spicy blackened chicken in an Alfredo sauce. For dessert, try a deep-dish Pizookie. The massive white-chocolate cookie comes studded with macadamias and topped with vanilla bean ice cream.
Corey (customer) on Yahoo
Great Pizza & Service: I'm from Chicago and I use to frequent places that served the pan style pizza. At BJ's, the staff was very helpful, service was excellent and the pizza was great. My friend and I had a medium sausage & mushroom. The whole tomatos along with all the other ingredents was great. I also had spinach & artichoke dip with tortilla chips. Again, food was excellent and I'll go back next time in Long Beach.
Kyle (customer) on Yahoo
pizza is cool but the beer rocks: pizza is cool but the beer rocks
John T (customer) on Yahoo
Friendly staff and excellent service.: They make the best artichoke dip. I am also partial to their BBQ Chicken Pizza.
a Yahoo! Local User (customer) on Yahoo
Been there, Ate that: This resturant has always had great food, and is one of the original BJ's in the area. Even though I have 3 others closer to my home, I still go down to 2nd street and enjoys the food and atmosphere of BJ's in Long Beach.