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Bella Trio

5826 Fayetteville Rd, Unit # 103
Durham, NC 27713

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Ph: 9194841221


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beautypronc (customer) on CitySearch
After many botched attempts at trying to find a "real" spa, I finally discovered Bella Trio. From the moment I walked in until I left, the service was impeccable. The receptionists were very friendly and guided me upstairs to the spa, where I was offered a glass of wine while I filled out the service forms. I received several services while at Bella Trio, and each one was better than I imagined. Emily was my Esthetician, and had hands of an angel during my facial and waxing. (Anyone who can make waxing bearable is top notch in my book!) I had a massage and Reflexology with Kim and let's just say, AMAZING! I also had a manicure and pedicure done by Angel and was very impressed. At the last minute, I decided to have my hair done, and the receptionist worked me in for not only a Style, but also complimentary make-up. I would advise anyone who is looking for a "Real Spa" to check out Bella Trio. I know I have found my forever home with them!
ncspagirl (customer) on CitySearch
I saw Emily for my first Brazilian. I am allergic to certain things and asked her to use the Honey wax on me. Unaware there are two entrances, coming in on the hair side I was confused and the receptionist was on the phone and seemed too busy to help. I got to the right spot and saw Emily sitting in the reception area chair chatting. She took me upstairs without mentioning new client paperwork, welcoming me, or offering me any refreshments. I went into her room and and was greeted by a mess. There was a soda on the counter, the wax warmer and surronding area were dirty and disorganized...this made me nervous. Emily instructed me (in a gruff tone) to take off my pants and "get on the table", while IN the room. I was offered no sanitizing wipe nor told what to expect. She had no gloves on! Emily began to powder me, and then applied the correct wax. I told her that the wax was too hot, she then took the stick (that had been previously applied to my skin), stuck it on her wrist and said "feels ok to me..". What? I was horrified. The wax temperature did not get turned down. She cursed repeatedly during the waxing, asking me why couldn't she just use the other wax(that I am allergic to), and said "Jesus Christ this wax suxx...". I tried to make small talk to get my mind off of the heat, by asking her what treatments she likes to do. She went on to tell me about how much she hates body treatments, and tries to give them away to other technicians when she sees them on her appointment books, she said she likes facials "ok". I had to ask her to tweeze me and she pulled the tweezers from somewhere under the bed.... I was shaking when I was finished, cause she handed me the paper towels and instructed me to wipe myself off. I felt embarrased and was concerned about sanitation. I called the manager the next day, Terry, and she was receptive. She apologized, and got my money back. I will not be recommending this Spa, or be back...due to unprofessionalism.
tmakdawg (customer) on CitySearch
My past visit with Bella Trio was amazing! I had a gift certificate from a friend to have a massage, thanks to my hectic schedule in RTP. I also got a great 'Guys' hair cut. I've steered away from hair salons for a while, but I found a great stylist, Jody, that did exactly what I wanted without any explaining. I recommend this place not only to any local folks that need some time off, but even for regulars for a great hair cut. I have already got plenty of my friends at work to go, and I got great some great deals on some spa packages they had on sale for the holidays for the women in my life (my wife, sister and mother). I hope this helps potential customers to decide. I know after this one visit, I am now hooked for life.
gfredette (customer) on CitySearch
I have attended spas all over the county and found Bella Trio to be "top notch" with services and staff to meet and exceed all my expectations. Emily gave me a facial that was truly the most relaxing experience and I even fell asleep! She is magical, professional and pleasant. The ambiance of the spa is astounding and encourages true pampering and stress relief. The entire Bella Trio staff is exceptional with a friendly staff and most appealing facility. I would recommend this spa as a place to escape the hectic pace and enjoy the pleasures it offers.
blakemo (customer) on CitySearch
I live in Graham, NC. there is no where for me to go and unwind (massage, facials or body treatments), have my hair done (I dont wear feathered bangs), or get waxed any where near my home. I was out Christmas shopping at Southpoint and wanted to have lunch were it was not super packed. I traveled a little less than a mile down Fayetteville Rd. to find Nantucket Grill (recommended), what to my wondering eyes did apear but BELLA TRIO DAY SPA. I thought I should pop in to see about their services and OH MY GOSH, the place is amazing. I decided to try my luck with getting an appointment, its "winter" and my legs and bikini could use some attention. TIM I know, Sorry. Well they actually had a cancellation and lunch can wait. I was appointed with EMILY THE GODDESS OF WAXING, She was so quick and thorough I have never enjoyed getting waxed but I hate looking like a bear more than the pain (though less than I remember with other waxers). She was the BEST EVER i will travel the 25 or so miles every 2 weeks to see her smiling face, poor her she has to see my well you know but she knows how to make you feel comfortable. I cant wait to try all the other services they have!!
oliviamariern (customer) on CitySearch
I have never been waxed before - and Emily was wonderful. She put me at ease, was extremely friendly, and did not make it 'weird' at all (believe me, it could have been weird when you consider where I was getting waxed!) The facility was clean and peaceful. The receptionist staff are always helpful.
emcqueen (customer) on CitySearch
I have been to almost every spa/salon in the Durham and Chapel Hill area. Finally two years ago I got a gift certificate for Bella Trio and recieved my first facial from Emily. Fantastic! I have been getting monthly facials and waxing for 20 years and she is one of the best. I'm sure the other staff are equally good but I have only had Emily for my services. She was the first I allowed to do a Brazilian bikini wax..............it didn't hurt! I have been getting them ever since. I highly recommend Emily and Monica (for hair).
samantha42 (customer) on CitySearch
I am simply amazed! You see, I recently moved to Durham from Toronto and was really worried about finding good schools, restaurants, shops, and ofcourse a spa and a gym. I really loved Totto the absolute best spa in Toronto, and felt sure I would have to go to Charlotte or Raleigh for a spa of similar caliber. One of my employees overheard my dilemma while I was on the phone with my friend back home, and suggested Bella Trio, and to specifically request an Esthetician named Emily, whom she has been a client of for over two years. Hesistant, thinking I would just go back to Totto over the holidays, I decided to take my employees advice, after all she always looks great. It was the best decision I could have made. I made an appointment for "The Ultimate Day Spa" package treatment, and a waxing, and requested Emily as my Esthetician. The service was tremendous. The staff at the receptionists desk were extremely proffessional, yet personable, and the environment was clean and relaxing. Could this be true, have I found my new spa? Emily my Esthetician, and Theresa my Hairstylist, have made it a reallity. They gave me the treatment that I have come to expect from a "High End" Day Spa. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you... I feel and look like a new executive vp should. Not only will I return as often as possible, but I will bring my girlfriends when they come to visit me. My employee who recomended me to you just got Friday off. Still looking for that restaurant and a good school, but I have found my new Day Spa, Bella Trio!
spachickie (customer) on CitySearch
I am a new customer at Bella Trio. i recieved a Spa Pedicure from a young lady name Crystal, who is very professial, and she took real good care of me, expecially right now, because I am very stress at this time,her techniques are very highly recommended,she has very good massage skills and very good sanitation techniques, which is very important! I notice when I was getting my service that she was the only one wearing gloves, which is a plus! The spa is nice, but the nail area needs some remodeling, because when I first saw it, I wasn't too excited, but when I met Crystal that had all changed! If it wasn't for her, I would not come back and get my nail services done there! Hopefully within time there will be some remolding in the nail area, so for you ladies looking for a nail technician with great professialism and great sanitary techniques, Crystal is her name and she is at Bella Trio Day Spa. I highly recommend her!
mgs9570 (customer) on CitySearch
My wife was visiting the Bella Trio Day Spa every other week, while I was going to the local barber for a 10$ haircut. Little did I know how enjoyable the Spa could be for a guy. She got me hooked by sending me in for a Warm Stone Massage, which was wonderful. I now visit Cherie for a haircut on a monthly basis. She is one of the best stylist in the area and always takes care of me. The staff is always very friendly, often standing by to offer you a glass of wine during your visit. Guys, don't let your wives have all the fun. Try it for yourself, you won't regret it.
gabishu (customer) on CitySearch
In the eight years I have lived in the triangle, I have been to many spas and have never been satisfied... until I found Bella Trio. Emily, who has been my esthetician for five years, introduced me to Bella Trio. Emily is the queen of waxing; I trust no one else with my eyebrows and would not dream of a Brazilian by anyone other than Emily. She also gives the best facials and is incredibly knowledgeable about skincare. Fortunately, the pleasant experience does not end with her. I now have one-stop shopping at Bella Trio for all my needs. In addition to Emily for waxing and facials, I highly recommend Cherie or Monica for hair and Angel, Beth, Ivy or Connie for a great mani/pedi. The receptionists at Bella Trio are also incredible, they do an amazing job managing multiple treatments/appointments and are always friendly.
kpore (customer) on CitySearch
I visited bella trio to get a laser service for facial veins while eveyone was friendly I must say the experience that I had after the procedure was horrible. About 3 weeks after the procedure I started seeing white lines in my face which cannot be concealed with make-up. I went back for a follow-up visit to be told by the nurse at the spa that she could not see anything. I still have these lines in my face from this laser my skin looks horrible in that area I do not know if this will clear up it has been 3 months now.I just wish this place would have been upfront with me about the risks involved since they claim have been doing these procedures for 5 years now. I am sure I cannot be the only client who has had this problem. Please leave a review if you have experienced the same problem.
aehm (customer) on CitySearch
1) Rebecca- gives the best facial I have ever had. Great skin care and advise on followup. Very relaxing. Made me want to save my pennies for my next splurge. Did very nicely with ethnic skin 2) Helen- She is wonderful with truly caring for your hair. Her speciality is really helping you to grow healthy hair- even from hair trauma stories. Works well with different types of hair. She really is excellent with all aspects of African American hair - relaxers, hair maintenance, cutting, and color. Pay the money! She is worth it. She listens and helps you work on your goals for your look!
landa54 (customer) on CitySearch
Helen is someone that you will be proud to call your stylist; her work can be described as versatile. She is not new to the business and has worked at some of the best hair salons. While she specializes in African American hair treatment and care, she also has satisfied clients with all types of hair. Helen's goal is to set aside time for you; she gets to know your hair; she cares and nurtures your hair to insure that it has the natural shine, body, growth, the cut, color and style that is best for you.
kswm (customer) on CitySearch
Helen is the best and a wonderful addition to this salon! Although she works with all types of hair, her specialty is African-American women's hair. I have not found anyone else in the triangle like her. She is as good or better than all of the stylists I have used in large cities, including Atlanta, New York City and Washington, D.C. Helen does it all--relaxers, color, cuts. If you want healthy, sophisticated, professional-looking hair, Helen is the person to see!
wchsth (customer) on CitySearch
I recently, recommended by a friend who is a current client, bought a package for laser hair removal. From my first meeting with Joy Ellis she has been everything I could ever ask for. She is professional, informative, very educated on the laser and what I could expect as far as my results. I am currently on my 4th treatment and very very pleased with the results to date. When I had questions, I could always reach Joy - she even gave me her personnel cell phone number to reach her if needed. She created a relaxed atmosphere and explained everything to me. I now look forward to my appointments with Joy and have also recommended her to my closest friends and family. OUTSTANDING! Bella Trio is lucky to have Joy Ellis, who is a RN by the way, representing them. If you were ever thinking about having Laser hair removal done, I would highly recommend you contact Joy for a consultation, it is well worth every cent.......
blondenyr (customer) on CitySearch
Can you say get away from reality? If you need to find your "quiet" place...it is here! I have had it all done since Bella Trio has been open. The massage therapists are better than those at the Grove Park Inn, on Princess and Disney Cruises and at the Grand Floridian in Disney World! The facials are to die for! And I always get compliments on my hair cut, hair color and nails (both hands and feet). The staff is friendly and awaiting your needs. You would be stupid not to try it all too!
jbossert (customer) on CitySearch
So close to home! A terrific place to set your mind at ease and enjoy spa treatments. Finally, no need to travel far to get a great massage, etc.
kraftsk (customer) on CitySearch
The staff at Bella Trio is wonderful and the spa experience is fabulous. I was dismayed to find that my hair and make-up appointments at another salon in town were cancelled the day before my wedding. Bella Trio bent over backwards to accomodate me. The owner opened the spa early, just for me. I was treated like royalty!! Bella Trio is my new EVERYTHING salon and spa!!
hlpops (customer) on CitySearch
I went for my 2nd ever day spa visit (1st time ! Bella Trio). They totally accomodated my schedule and even began my appointment early! I was extremely impressed with the atmosphere, the staff, the cleanliness and the treatments!! I had the Spa Sampler & I highly recommend it (I especially like that the gratuity is already included in the package price). I spent 5 1/2 glorious hours at Bella Trio and I'm going to sleep like a baby tonight thanks to the wonderful people there. Can't wait to see if I get gift certificates for Christmas!!!!
smcbane (customer) on CitySearch
Bella Trio looks like I would expect a spa to look. The lighting and music are restful, and the staff is helpful and accomodating. I had a Euro facial with Emily, and my skin felt great afterwards. I also received more of a massage with this facial than with previous facials at other spas. I'd definitely recommend this service, and I intend to return for other services (can't wait to try the massages!). Another plus--I wasn't pressured to buy any products after my treatment. The only thing that could improve this spa is a slightly larger changing area: the locker cabinets are so narrow that it's difficult for more than one person to access their things simultaneously. However, this certainly won't keep me from going back!
pillarofcreation (customer) on CitySearch
I absolutely LOVED this place! I felt so calm as soon as I walked through their door. They have water and tea available for you to drink while you wait (I've never waited more than 5 minutes for a service - I've always been early), as well as light snacks. I was not pressured to buy any of their available products, nor was I pressured to purchase any of their other services or packages. Oh, and the spray tan service (done by Jill) was excellent, and she made me feel very comfortable. This place is wonderful!
neaszczech (customer) on CitySearch
Without a doubt, Bella Trio has the most trained/skilled professionals in the business. Kathy (hair design/color), Beth (nails/toes), and Martha (massage) excel in their fields. I feel confident in the staff members that provide my services. They make me feel and look the best that I can! As a "charter client" I will continue to make Bella Trio my spa of choice. I invite you to do the same. Respectfully submitted, Nancy Szczech.
t2115 (customer) on CitySearch
My best friend flew in from TX and I wanted us to have a fun spa experience as part of her vacation to NC. We got massages from Blake and Dot- both were highly skilled and very professional. I felt completely comfortable and loved it that I didn't feel compelled to talk during the one hour session. It was very, very relaxing.
englishmac (customer) on CitySearch
I visited this new spa after a day at Southpoint and realized I should have stayed at the mall. The front desk kept me on hold for an extensive time when trying to schedule my appointment, seemed annoyed that I had many questsions and put me on hold a lot since they did not have the needed answers to my questsions. My massage was started later than scheduled and my therapist wasn't friendly at all!
hwasabe (customer) on CitySearch
I have been to 8 hairdressers in the last three years, and I have to say I am STOPPING with Scott at Bella Trio! He does a fantastic job on highlights/lowlights, and I have been really happy with the cut every time. Never have I received compliments on my highlights until I started to going to him. Highly recommend! Massage therapists Kevin and Martha are both very skilled as well. I actually switched massage therapists to come to them instead.
hanifan (customer) on CitySearch
What an experience, Terry, Sara, Martha, Angela, Nikki & Connie know exactly what their clientele need and deliver! Never once did I feel rushed. I was well taken care of, and never left wanting for anything. The only requirement from the all day appointment (9am to 3:30pm), was that I remain breathing. Highly qualified and professional are some of the many words to describe the Bella Trio Day Spa. Don't miss this gem. I will be returning. From the Crystal Coast, Morehead City - Jennifer Hanifan (Mom of 4).
lnewhart (customer) on CitySearch
I have been to Bella Trio dozens of times since the Spa opened and I am always pleased with the time I spend here. I have never had a better haircut. Kathy Jacobs is the best, most experienced hair designer I have found. She was recommended to me by a friend and I am so glad to have found her. The facial I had by Angela was the most relaxing hour I have spent on myself in a long time and would highly recommend this to everyone. The atmosphere is quiet, the people are friendly, the service is great!
sascbd (customer) on CitySearch
I have been to many of the local spa's as well as spa all over the country, and Bella Trio is the real deal! The spa is beautiful, and the staff is well trained. Finally a real spa in the triangle area, not just another hair salon with one room in the back for facials.
propertymgr (customer) on CitySearch
To describe the overall feeling you get while at BT in 150 words? Let's list them. Luxury, well-being, elegance, service, delicacy, choice bit, finery, sumptuous, opulent, well-appointed, magnificent, plush, attentive, accommodating, extravagant, make me another appointment now!
cathylauraguthrie (customer) on CitySearch
I get my hair cut and colored at Bella Trio Day Spa. I truely believe that Teresa is the most innovative hair stylest in the Triangle. The staff is always cheerful and every experience has alway been a positive one. Bella Trio is definately the BEST day spa in North Carolina! :o)
tonachka (customer) on CitySearch
wonderfule products and employees skilled at explaining product attributes and couselling clients
pammy2345 (customer) on CitySearch
Looks like every spa under this heading but IATRIA got a negative comment...with similar wording. I would WELCOME "Englishmac" to come to the spa with me...MY TREAT! I would be happy to have her pampered or maybe she does not know the true meaning of INDULGENCE. Bella Trio is a first class spa with state of the art technology and practice.
tsballpark (customer) on CitySearch
I found Scott at Bella Trio through a friend after looking for a new stylist, and I have to say he has impressed me over and over again. I believe that he does wonderful work with color and takes his time to make sure I walk out with a great looking color and style!
drmanon (customer) on CitySearch
So far, every sevice I have tried here has been top notch. I especially love the Hair Salon. I usually hate to have my haircut and don't trust too many people with my hair, which is very thick and curly. My hairstylist, Jill, has been fabulous!
shireenk (customer) on CitySearch
I have curly hair that falls below my shoulders, and used to go to my home salon weekly for a shampoo, blow-dry, and flat-iron. I've now lived in the triangle for three years, and have been to multiple salons during that time. Teresa at Bella Trio has been one of the most pleasant and skilled stylists I've had the good fortune to find. I leave her chair with silky, shiny hair every time. The atmosphere in the salon is very relaxing and pleasant, and every client seems to leave looking better than when they arrived.
Jarcino (customer) on CitySearch
I have been to numerous Spas around the country and in the Carribean. Bella Trio's service and professionals rank among the top. In the triangle area, I have searched for a good massage therapist and esthetician. Martha (massage therapist) and Angela (esthetician) are fabulous!!!
joanieyh (customer) on CitySearch
The space is beautiful. I got a mani/pedi, and the technician held a conversation with someone else across the room for the majority of the time. That wasn't too bad, though. However, when I went to pay, the receptionist was very rude to someone on the phone, which she then turned on me. I don't think I will be spending any more money in a place that doesn't know how to treat their customers better than this, especially at those prices
tcdskippy (customer) on CitySearch
I recently moved to nc from ny. I have visited bella trio day spa many times before moving and have made it my ultimate experience to run to when i need to be destressed. the staff is great, all very experienced at what they do. from the spa, to the salon, they definately can destress you from your head to your toes. everyone is very accomadating to fit you in when its good for you. I highly recommend that you stop by and give all the satff at bella trio a shot. you will not be disappointed!!!!
pupsych (customer) on CitySearch
You get the full spa experience! Great expertise when it came to waxing, and a comfortable atmosphere. Where they do haircuts is slightly less posh than the upstairs where the spa is, but it's still very nice. Plus, they use Textureline/Loreal products, which is a great line! Staff was very friendly, and they told me that if I was unhappy with anything to come back - no questions asked, and no attitude.
stickers (customer) on CitySearch
I recently went to bella trio and had a manicure, pedicure, and waxing. The woman who did my nails was AMAZING. My manicure lasted for over a week--something I have never had happen before--usually they start to chip after 2 or 3 days. And I left with the softest feet I have had since last summer! She was friendly, but not too chatty. The waxing was fast, professional, and reasonably priced, and the aesthetician made sure I was comfortable during the entire process. I will return, especially to get my nails done. There are certainly much cheaper places to get your nails done, but I think its worth the investment. I came in a little late, and they managed to fit me in-- a rarity for spas. Especially since I had cancelled my appointment the day before!
pinktyke (customer) on CitySearch
I went to Bella Trio for the first time for a bikini wax. The spa has a very nice, soothing ambience, and the staff were very friendly. My provider did a good job with the waxing. I would go back for other services in the future.
origami_cats (customer) on CitySearch
I went to Bella Trio Day Spa for the first time last week. I received the best facial ever. Not only did i get a facial, i got my hair cut too. Angela's knowledge of skin care is fantastic. She introduced me to Decleor skin care line and i love it. I enjoyed my hair cut by Stephanie. She took her time and explained to me what kind of products i should use on my hair. She understood everything that i said. She was very empathetic and suggested different ways for me to style. The receptionists are very considerate and knowledgeable about the Spa. I have found the place where i belong. Thank you Bella Trio.
jainwill (customer) on CitySearch
This is the first time I have felt compelled to write a review . I have been getting my hair relaxed for over 30 years and Helen has done the best job yet!!! If you need a relaxer, conditioner, professional color and cut, I would highly recommend Helen at Bella Trio. She has been taking care of my hair for a year now and it has never looked better. She is very knowlegeable about hair care, products and treatments. She is the best hairdresser I have ever had and I highly recommend her to anyone needing these services.
lizabeth0324 (customer) on CitySearch
I went to Bella Trio several weeks ago and had my hair cut and highlighted by Monica. She did an amazing job! I had been searching for a great salon in the area and had tried all the top salons! I have gotten so many compliments on how great my highlights look! I have given out Monica's name to everyone! Even my boyfriend noticed the wonderful job that she did! I was also lucky enough to get in to see Emily to have my eyebrows waxed. I have been seeing Emily for about 5 years for all my waxing needs and she is an angel~! If you want to look great and get constant compliments you must try Bella Trio!!
esirrah (customer) on CitySearch
I've traveled extensively and been to the best spas....therefore I was rather excited when I heard of Bella Trio. I needed some pampering and I had read several wonderful customer comments and decided to give it a try. FIrst of all, when I got there, I was told to go upstairs (after I entered through the wrong side). I wasn't impressed with the waiting area at all... I sat on a very very low couch, there wasn't any place to sit my lukewarm drink, and then when I went into the dressing room (which is more like a closet)...there weren't any robes. It also didn't feel very clean to me. The esthetician was sub-par friendly at best and the massage therapist talked my head off while I was trying to relax. People were loud outside of the treatment rooms and it was just a very uncomfortable environment. I've had better and I was quite disappointed...
wrkngrl (customer) on CitySearch
Bella Trio Day Spa is the best place ever. I recently moved to the area, and I needed a place to relieve stress. I decided to pamper myself with an all day service. I began at 9 am in the morning and did not finish until 4 o'clock in the afternoon. I indulged myself with body treatments, manicure and pedicure, massage, hair shampooed, cut and styled. Oh, did i forget the facial. I recommend Bella Trio to anyone who comes my way. Everyone in the Spa was very pleasant, helpful, and experienced. They even brought me my lunch. Did i mention i had a glass of wine while i had my hair cut. How can you find a better place than this. I will return soon to do it again.
lec4x (customer) on CitySearch
Walked in with a history of two bad highlights in a row. Walked out looking the best I've looked in a loooooonnng time - GREAT corrective highlight and cut! This place is a real gem - it's classy, professional, and fun. The relaxed atmosphere affords the clientele the opportunity to chat about the latest news and gossip with their stylist and other clients or to quietly enjoy a beverage and a magazine while having their hair professionally and artfully styled. If you're looking for a stylist who really cares about having you look your best when you leave the salon and who will take the time to help you find your perfect look, go see Stephanie. She's incredible and definitely knows how to give a great highlight and cut - she fixed a brassy old highlight for me! Thanks, ladies - see you in September! -Laura
nyy276 (customer) on CitySearch
I am new to the area, I used to use a product called young nails. When I called around to find out in the area who used it. I was pleased to find Bella Trio Day Spa and Teresa Carter! I have been getting my nails and toes done there for almost a year. I get my fills done every 2 weeks and a pedicure once a month... the "spa"pedicures are great!!! I must say the hot water issue they were having is being handled very well. This place is amazing and the people are great, the receptionist welcome you the minute you walk in the door. They offer all sorts of services from head to toe! My next stop is Jodi in the hair salon....I havent had my hair done yet but friends have and she is the one to see!!! Stop looking and go to Bella Trio!!!!
spalady1 (customer) on CitySearch
I am relatively new to Durham and after searching from Raliegh to Chapel Hill, I finally found my new nail tech, Jeannette. She does my acrylic nails like my nail tech in NY! She does them by hand without damaging drilling and uses Creative Nail products! Her pedicures are amazing and last at the very least three weeks!! I am extremely pleased to have found my new spa home. Ask for her for a beautiful french polish.
nealcarr (customer) on CitySearch
Following a Bridesmaids luncheon, we had a spa afternoon at Bella Trio. We had scheduled pedicures, manicures, and massages. The massage was wonderful! The masseuse was very knowledgeable and made sure I was comfortable! She made sure she asked me about other areas I needed to have massaged. The manicure and pedicare was a different story. Don't get me wrong, the nail techs were wonderful and very professional. But, I paid for a deluxe manicure and pedicure and got the same service, with only a fourth of the massaging as I get going to one of the nail places at the mall. I was very disappointed that with the amount of money I spent. They did an average job. I would recommend the massage and may would consider going back just for that service.
michelleturner (customer) on CitySearch
I recently have been seeing Emily Ryan for facials and I travel all over the world for work and I knew I found the best when I found Emily. It was the first time I felt as though the esthitican was listening to my needs and not pushy with product. I just finished a series of enzyme treatments and I have never had so many complements on my skin. I recommend Bella Trio Day Spa for anyone who would love to have amazing glowing skin with no attitude!!!
akaaj1 (customer) on CitySearch
My first experience with waxing was with Emily. I was impressed with the results and decided I would definitely keep waxing. Because I travel frequently with work I have tried several other spas for my waxing needs. Its been disappointment after disappointment. Many of these spas had the appearance of being more upscale than Bella Trio with the warmth and inviting atmosphere that puts a smile on your face as soon as you walk in the door. Robes to wear if you like and being served your choice of coffee, tea, or bottled water. What they lack is a skilled technician. I like a clean Brazilian wax. Emily, if you can catch her in a good mood, is in a class all her own in getting the waxing done as desired in a short amount of time. What I like best is her ability to get the hair removed the first time. Waxing is painful enough without having a technician that has to redo areas multiple times. I recommend Emily , most days, especially if you want to try waxing for the first time. She knows how to walk you through the process and make it a positive experience. AJ
canesgirl17 (customer) on CitySearch
I have only lived in the area for about 2 years. I am VERY particular about my hair (I've had so many bad color jobs!!!) so I was really worried about finding someone who could live up to my expectations. I commented on a coworkers hair one day and she gave me the name of someone at Bella Trio. I made the appointment with Jodi and am now a regular customer! She is absolutely wonderful! She listened to what I wanted, made suggestions and we came up with a plan. The following day everyone had rave reviews for my color. The staff is wonderful and very accomodating. I would highly suggest Jodi for the best highlights you can get!
peelgirl (customer) on CitySearch
I have oily and acne prone skin. Emily has taken me through several treatments of Glycolic Facial Peels and facials and I have seen such a difference in my skin. My face isn't as oily and my breakouts are few and far between. This treatment is not only helping my problem skin but it is also helping erase fine lines and sun damage. I highly recommend Emily Ryan for skin care. She truly listens to how I feel about my skin and offers solutions that can actually be achieved. She never tries to push products on me but when she does recommend something, I know that it will be best for my skin. Emily also treats my sister's skin and waxes her eyebrows. She's the best. I suggest anyone with problem skin or anyone who is seeking a facial of a lifetime to book an appointment with Emily. A million thanks Emily!!! Chris
mch4tx (customer) on CitySearch
Way to turn a bad hair day into a 'save the weekend' experience - thanks to Jodi! One bad appt at an unnamed place left my hair in disarray but thanks to the expertise and knowledge of the staff at Bella Trio, I was able to walk into public again w/o shame :)! They fixed the damage, put up with whining children (w/ much patience and even smiles) -- the salon experience was the best, but beyond that, their knowledge, professionalism, attention to detail and concern for my hair was above par! They scheduled me in for emergeny care and went above and beyond -- many, many thanks for an exceptional experience and for 'saving the day'! It is much appreciated!
BAS79 (customer) on CitySearch
The first visit I had at Bella Trio was a long while ago. I had a very forgettable facial that felt like the girl had just washed my face and applied moisturizer. I probably would not have ever gone back. My mother-in-law lives in the area and is a frequent visiter. She suggested an appt with Angela. She gives by far the best facial I've ever had! I have never lived in the triangle area. I'm only a frequent visiter to see family. I try to make an appt with her every time I'm in town. She's great!!! Angela gets 5 stars every time!!! Bella Trio gets 4 stars due to the worst facial of my life with that first girl. I wish I could remember her name, or I guess it tells you how forgettable it was!
sheena514 (customer) on CitySearch
I got my friend the deep tissue massage for her birthday, and she said she basically died and went to heaven! She said the masseuse worked out ALL the kinks in her back which she never thought was possible (she is a very active athlete), and she even fell asleep because the massage was so relaxing. She said she wished she could take the masseuse home with her because it was so good!! Highly, highly recommend.
mbh12876 (customer) on CitySearch
I found Bella Trio after coming to Duke Law School and searching the area for spa services. The services and the staff were professional and simply outstanding. The atmosphere was serena and beautiful. I had an incredible massage with Tim. I was a little nervous because it was my first massage with a man, but Tim made me feel very comfortable. He was very knowledgeable and he got the horrible kink out of my neck. I also got a manicure from Teresa. She was also great. My manicure lasted and she helped me pick out a great color. I will definitely be back for even more services.
Zevel9z (customer) on CitySearch
Angela is wonderful for facials, Blake and Tiffany great for massage. Customer service is excellent!
amberNC (customer) on CitySearch
I get everything done at Bella Trio, Stephanie does my hair, she is great with color and new ideas. I can sit in her chair and tell her I want something new and I trust her judgement completely. Theresa Carter is the best Nail tech ever and her product is wonderful. Does not lift and looks fabulous. I highly recommend this place!!
SuziRaleigh (customer) on CitySearch
After having the same haircut ALL my life, I decided it was time for a change; everything was moving South, so the hair had to go North. I went in and saw Jodi who did a FABULOUS job on color and cut. The foil was perfect . . . no splotches . . . just beautifully spaces highlights and low lights. I had never had anything except below the shoulder-all one length hair. Jodi put just the right amount of layers in so that I had a great lift and it nicely framed my face and neck. She did not take so much off that I was in shock when I got home!!! Thank you Jodi!!!!! Kudos also go to Christin who gave me a terrific facial. Now I will admit that I was not willing to part with money in the past for facials, but age and gravity were starting to take a toll, if you know what I mean. After several peels and facials (I unclenched my fist to buy a package deal), I have friends now commenting on my complexion. Just a short several weeks ago I was beginning to think I was revisiting the teen pimply years. I am the kind of person that gets nervous in Salons/day spas. You know the types; you walk in and get the ice cold treatment unless you are a regular. Bella Trio was welcoming in every regard. The place is decorated in warm Tuscan colors, soothing music, no cell phones, nice employees. Thank you Bella Trio for my new hair, new complexion and new attitude! You better believe I will be back!. . . You were bella missio!!!
pilldoc (customer) on CitySearch
From day one when I found Bella Trio and Jodi I knew I would go nowhere else. I have naturally curly hair and am VERY, VERY picky about how a stylist cuts my hair. But, after going to Jodi, I have no worries. She is a natural, she has a great attitude and she truly enjoys what she does. I went for my appointment for a trail run for my hair for my wedding. I cried right there in her chair! She was able to do wonders, and she came up with 2 different looks:one look was more formal for the church/ceremony and one look that was more comfortable for the reception/dinner/dancing. I recommend Jodi and the ladies at Bella Trio, they know what customer service is all about and they will work with you. the products they carry are the best and last forever.
bballbaby (customer) on CitySearch
I have been going to Joy at Bella Trio for Laser Hair Removal treatments. She is awesome, professional and efficient! She is great at making you feel comfortable. It has been a great experience. I tell everyone to ditch their razors and go see Joy with the laser! I look forward to my appointments and the good conversation!
aehe12 (customer) on CitySearch
Bella Trio has some of the best people in the business working in Durham, NC. I have had my hair done by Ashleigh, one of their new stylists, and she is as good as it gets. The make-up line is fabulous (and reasonable!). All their services are reasonably priced, but no corners are cut anywhere. Best salon in the triangle!
AmandaFM (customer) on CitySearch
I do laser hair removal at Bella Trio with Joy and love it!! She takes her time to make sure that you are comfortable and she is also very professional. She always remembers what we talked about during the previous treatment and makes sure to ask how things are going now. We always have great conversation and there is never any awardness!! I shopped around and she has great prices compared to other places that I checked. The laser hair removal process is going great and I can't believe that I shaved for as many years as I did!! It is worth every cent and more!! I wouldn't even think about going to any other place!!!
superhipcrystal (customer) on CitySearch
I've been to Bella Trio three times: once to get a spa-style manicure/pedicure; once for a hair cut/color and then again for a facial. While the spa is really clean, attractive and very relaxing, its services leave a lot to be desired. First, I was disappointed in the manicure/pedicure I received because the technician was very unprofessional. She ate her french fries and hamburger from McDonald's right in front of me while my nails were drying and spent the whole time talking about how she disliked all the other workers at the spa. I expect a little more professionalism for a $72 manicure/pedicure! I then tried the hair salon for a cut and color and was again disappointed. Though the stylist had at least 10 years' experience and did a great job with the hair cut, her ability to touch up my highlights was surprisingly poor. She used a technique I had never heard of(called "ballyage" or something similar) which does not use foil to separate sections of the hair and uses less of the highlighting product. She claimed that this technique is more appropriate for highlight touchups and is less expensive for the customer. When I got home and inspected my hair, I noticed that my "roots" were still there! As far as my roots were concerned, it looked as though I had not been to the salon at all. The only difference was that patches of my hair were highlighted where they should not have been! Unlike the other services I had received at Bella Trio, the facial was very nice, though quite overpriced in my opinion. The most disappointing experience of all with Bella Trio was in making and rescheduling appointments. I tried this by telephone and by their online appointment form. It takes them a week to get back to you, if ever. In once case, they never did call me back. I would recommend this salon for beauty services. However, for hair services you will have better luck elsewhere. Don't expect even mediocre reception/administrative service.
pamanddersonwant2b (customer) on CitySearch
I go to Bella Trio religiously to get my hair done and could not imagine getting it done any place else! My highlights are always perfect and I get so many compliments of how natural they look. I would recommend Bella Trio to all! I saw this girl get her hair straightened while I was there and WOW!!! The before and after were incredible! I get massages and facials as well and they are always a delight! Go and see and experience!
pattysimcox (customer) on CitySearch
I have had nothing but superior services at Bella Trio. The staff is wonderful and have gone the extra mile for me to "fit me in". I would recommend the spa and hair salon to anyone who enjoys treating themself. All of their services are delicious!
abagaill (customer) on CitySearch
I have had my hair done numerous time at BellaTrio and I wouldn't go any place else. I travel two hours when I can to get my hair done at BellaTrio. Everytime I go to BellaTrio the atmosphere is fun, relaxing and friendly. The staff is very curteous and respectful. I always recieved the best service from all staff members at the Spa.
dcbecca (customer) on CitySearch
A few weeks ago i was in Durham for business from DC and happened upon Bella Trio. I wouldn't have guessed that I'd need to travel two states away to find the spa of my dreams. Everyone was welcoming, professional, and respectful. I arrived early for my massage and they were happy to see me. Instead of making me wait int he foyer, they invited me to change into my robe and wait in a room that had very comfortable chaise lounges and soft lights. My the time my massage started i was already on my way to feeling better. the massage itself was superb--the therapist was very communicative and made sure I was getting what I needed. It was the best deep-tissue massage I've had in a long time. After, they're lovely shower room gave me a chance to clean up so that I could continue with my day without having to return to my hotel. A perfect oasis. I'll be back, for sure. Thanks Team Bella Trio!
aipurdy (customer) on CitySearch
Bella Trio is fantastic! The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for salon & spa services.
skincareaddict (customer) on CitySearch
I have been getting facials for many years. After moving here from CA five years ago I was worried about not being able to find the kind of facialist I was used to.....experienced, professional, and knowledgeable. I met Emily when I first moved here and I haven't looked back since! Yes...I have been going to Emily for five years. I laugh now about how worried I was about finding a good facialist in NC. Not only is Emily is very knowledgeable about skin care but she is very passionate about what she does and that makes for a very pleasant experience! I would highly recommend Emily to anyone!!
becky_watlington (customer) on CitySearch
I recently received a gift certificate to Bella Trio from some of my coworkers. I was skeptical because I had had a very unpleasant experience at another spa in the area, but they raved about great it was, so I decided to give it a try. I had a haircut with Monica, who did a great job, and a facial with Emily, who was amazing. Everyone there was very friendly and helpful, and they made me feel comfortable from the minute I walked in the door. I highly recommend a visit to this spa - it's truly a place to be pampered and get excellent advice about skin care. I will definitly be going back, and will tell my friends about it.
cbeduke (customer) on CitySearch
Went in for a pre-natal massage and pedicure with my sister, who had a facial and pedicure. The spa was lovely, great ambience, and the providers wonderful - we both walked away feeling completely relaxed and rejuvenated! The prices are reasonable and the location couldn't be more convenient. I am definitely considering going back for another massage before this baby makes his debut next month!
unc123 (customer) on CitySearch
Crystal is so amazing when it comes to my cuticles! She gives me a pedicure that lasts me longer than a month, and I am always pleased with my manicure! She always helps me chose the right color that always matches well with my skin tone! I have recommend her to everyone from my office, she is very outstanding and a people person, I always look forward to my appointment with her!
CBDale (customer) on CitySearch
I've had several laser hair removal services with Joy Ellis. I am truly satisfied with my results. I started last year with my chin and underarms. Since then, I've started my extended bikini area, my full legs, butt cheeks and recently started the neck along the hair line. I am excited about her services and her willingness to work with you. My twin daughters started their underarms 3 months ago and want to continue more services. IT'S ADDICTIVE!!!!!!!!!!!! I've told all my friends and family members how happy I am with Joy Ellis. I'd never go anywhere else. Next year will be my lips, full arms and eyebrows. I can?t wait.
Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
Bella Trio is a luxurious spa with first-class service and a very courteous staff. The spa is finely appointed, beautiful decor in the waiting, changing, and service areas. Hair services downstairs and facials, massages, and other pampering upstairs. Overall, the services are a bit pricey, but commensurate with other spas in the area. If you enjoy indulging yourself, I highly recommend Bella Trio!
lee12345 (customer) on CitySearch
I've been to Bella Trio for body treatments and have had a really good experience on that "side" of the salon. So I recommended my boyfriend go there to get his hair cut. He went to Kimberly and we were disappointed with the haircut he got, but figured we'd give her another try and next time I'd come along to be sure to explain to her what to do since my boyfriend is the shy type. I came along and asked her to cut his hair so that it does not lay straight across his forehead, when she finished it was still just as straight across his forehead as last time. We even gave her yet another try today, and he went in with an old photo of himself with a better haircut thinking that would help clarify what he wanted. BIG MISTAKE. Even with a photo of him with a good haircut Kimberly gave him the same bad haircut she gave him the other two times. I am really upset for even giving her more than one chance to make it right after I recommended Bella Trio to my boyfriend. I don't think it's unreasonable to assume that after being told TWICE and being shown a PHOTO of the haircut desired ON THE PERSON asking for the cut that any mediocre hairstylist could at least come close. We will never go back to anyone at Bella Trio for hair again if they have this sort of sub-par talent on staff. The salon for body and facial treatments is entirely separate, with separate staff. I've always had good service there BUT there are better places to get your haircut in the area, I highly recommend Moshi Moshi in Chapel Hill. They are definitely worth the drive, and they are in a whole different universe when it comes to style and talent.
vallgal82 (customer) on CitySearch
i have been seeing Kimberly for a couple of years now for my highlights and haircuts. I will be graduating from Duke in the spring and honestly I am so sad to be leaving, that i may just fly in every other month! She has done a beautiful job in giving me the most perfect blonde! I like to keep my hair long and she always respects my desires and never cuts more than i would want! (and we all know those stylist that get scissor happy!)... She has introduced me to Loreal's Absolute Repair line and i have to say "my hair has never been so shiny and healthy" in all the years i have been getting highlights! Along with great products, Kimberly sold me the most amazing flat iron and blowdryer!! honestly, my hair looks and feels the best ever!! i have HAPPY hair!! and i highly recommend kimberly to everyone!
deh831 (customer) on CitySearch
i have recently moved to durham and was referred to bella trio by a co-worker. Iittle did i know, i was about to enter "heaven on earth" I scheduled a facial with rebecca, a massage with tim and a haircut with kimberly. i was extremely impressed with all 3 services! REBECCA was very knowledgable and left my skin looking and feeling fabulous. She recommended the Rx skin care line, which i have been using and must say my skin looks remarkable. TIM gave me the best massage ever! He had strong hands and gave a good deep massage. KIMBERLY, in the salon, followed these two services with a superb head massage at the shampoo bowl. she gave me a great haircut and was a pleasure to talk too. I think everyone in our office sees her now!! i recommend all three of these service providers and I highly recommend Bella Trio!! i definitely enjoy my days of being pampered there!
Geminiguy (customer) on CitySearch
I had my first facial ever with Christin, it was wonderful! She's a sweet gal. Can't wait til my next one!
chicachic (customer) on CitySearch
my stylist Monica suggested a new smoothing serum for my crazy frizzy hair. It sDermorganic and has argan oil in it. i decided to try the whole line shampoo, conditioner, and treatment oil. it is amazing and unlike other oils it is so light and does not weigh me down and make my hair look dirty. Monica always knows whats best product wise for my hair she never steers me wrong.
jdom701 (customer) on CitySearch
I was referred to Sarah White, a wonderful hairstylist, by one of her other clients. I booked an appointment with her, slightly apprehensive since I have had some unfortunate experiences with my hair in the past. When I first met Sarah, my mind was immediately at ease. With a very straight, to the point nature, she explained to me what we could do with my hair that would suit my face the best. I loved my hair!! It looked like a work of art! . The entire time I was in her chair, I had no fears about what the outcome would be. She was so knowledgable about what she was doing. She even explained the chemistry behind what certain colors would do. On top of being a wonderful hair artist, she was also very pleasant to talk to. She offered me wine, and also gave me a complimentary parrafin dip on my hands while my hair was processing. It only took one time to see her, and I can honestly say I would follow her around the world!! She is the type of person who would have a 100 percent following wherever she went. I have shared my experience with her to many other of my friends and those that already are clients of hers. We all agree that Sarah is the best and we will be lifetime clients of hers! Thank you Sarah for making us beautiful!
kmosjbs (customer) on CitySearch
I have been going to Bella Trio for several years now and have been getting my hair cut by one particular hairstylist, Sarah White. She is awesome! She is the only hairstylist I have felt comfortable with saying just color it or cut it how ever you think it looks best. She takes her time and is very personal with each client. Every time I have an appointment Sarah greets me with a glass of Chardonnay. I always look forward to going there after a long hard day at work!!! If you are looking for a great stylist book your appointment with Sarah. You will not be disappointed.
ilove2lookgood (customer) on CitySearch
I drive 2 hours to have Sarah color my hair. She is so into all the new and great hair styles. She stays very trendy with her hair and clothes, so you know that she is going to make you look up to date. I am always pleased with eveything she does to my hair and I get loads of compliments form my friends. Sarah is my answer to anti-aging.
sportaholic (customer) on CitySearch
I recently had to get my all over color, highlights, and cut redone at Bella Trio Day Spa. I was in a hurry and went somewhere I don't usually go, and well it was a disaster. I called Bella Trio. A very nice professional answered the phone. Her name is Emily. I told her what happened and she clearly recommended Stephanie. I got an appointment that day. I love what she has done to my hair. People on the streets stop me and ask me where I get my hair done. I now walk around with confidence and get all kinds of complements. Stephanie, you are the best. Thank you very much. Oh, and by the way, the protein treatment you gave me has repaired my hair and i will always receive one. Thank you.
mdorman (customer) on CitySearch
Although Bella Trio offers many other services, I only use it for massage. My preferred practitioner is Mary Lorenz, who is very knowledgable, sensitive and has hands of steel (when necessary).
Shoop (customer) on CitySearch
Mary is the best massage therapist I've ever been to! I always know if I have an ache or pain to book an appointment with her because I leave feeling great - and stay feeling great days afterward! She is an incredibly skilled and knowledgeable therapist and offers many services I can't find at other salons and spas - this is a huge plus! I would definitely (and already do) recommend Mary and Bella Trio Day Spa and Salon to anyone suffering from an injury or pain, or even if you just want to relax!
AL17 (customer) on CitySearch
I've had the pleasure of having several massages f with Mary (one of the massage therapists at Bell Trio) and I'm now spoiled for anyone else! I'd give her more stars is I could... Mary is not only very knowledgeable about the body and skilled with a variety of massage techniques, but also she is also intuitive. She really works WITH the client to assess what is going on and how to best meet their needs. She listens well, is easy to talk to and responsive. I HIGHLY recommend a massage with her- whether to work on a specific injury or for a well-deserved treat for yourself or a friend!
ndclavier (customer) on CitySearch
I have found Mary Lorenz to be a star massage therapist who is particularly adept at therapeutic massage to help correct problems that develop from the stresses or physical challenges of work, athletic injuries, or body changes that happen at different times of life. She always seems to be learning something new and is very helpful in advising me about how to continue the therapy once the massage is over. It is a joy to have her at Bella Trio where the staff is organized and very attentive, and the facility is quite lovely and extensive . A great experience all around!
Gboroman (customer) on CitySearch
I had my first facial at Bella Trio, with Angela. All I can say is she has amazing hands!!!! It was so relaxing, I felt like I was in another world. And a special thanks to Crystal for being so helpful setting up my appointment, taking the extra time to explain the different facials. Thanks !! I will tell all my friends
ADeight8 (customer) on CitySearch
When in the Triangle, I make it a point to visit Blake at Bella Trio. After traveling extensively, I rely on a monthy massage to help relieve the tension of daily stress. I have to put her at the top of my list for versatility and consistently receiving an outstanding massage. I would highly recommend Bella Trio and Blake for your theraputic needs.
oroberts1 (customer) on CitySearch
I am not a huge fan of massages - but after I received a gift certificate I was hooked up with Blake. She was amazing! She put me at ease & was extremely professional. I have told everyone I know about her! Thank you!
speeps1 (customer) on CitySearch
I have received several services from Christin and am always impressed! I leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and smooth :). It is her gentle demeanor, knowledge and professionalism that brings me back every time!
sadiemom (customer) on CitySearch
Several months ago I began getting monthly facials with Angela. I look forward to them, as they are extremely relaxing and my skin has never looked better. Angela is knowledgeable and skilled. She explained why I should use toner (which I used to think was a waste of money and time). I appreciate knowing why I would use a product. The results are amazing.
kknoll1 (customer) on CitySearch
It's a pleasure to be in the hands of Christin. I have had numerous waxing jobs from her and not only is she very good at what she does, she is remarkably professional, thorough, and very gentle. She cares! I highly recommend her!
mom2one (customer) on CitySearch
Blake at Bella Trio Day Spa is the best when it comes to massages! I was given a massage as a gift and happened upon her and what a gift! She asked me where I felt i needed the most attention was very professional and gave the best massage i have ever had. I have been to see her 3 times since! She has a lifetime customer now.
chicagocheers69 (customer) on CitySearch
I have also had a massage by Blake and absolutely loved it!!! She also did this really cool cupping thing that felt so good and really helped with my sore muscles. I tell everyone to ask for Blake.
uncalum17 (customer) on CitySearch
I have been to Blake for massages for nearly two years and I can confidently say that she is the best massage therapist I have known. She is particularly good at focusing on trouble areas and monitoring your condition over multiple visits.
rain66 (customer) on CitySearch
Blake has a real gift -- whether you are getting a therapeutic massage or just one for relaxation she is the best.
jman77 (customer) on CitySearch
She is very gentle but seems to be able to get to just the correct amount of depth to deep tissue massage. I have strongly recommended her to all my friends. I know that she has a special touch with the expectant and those with fibromyalgia.
appstate06 (customer) on CitySearch
Crystal at the front desk is wonderful. I was just in last week and she made my transaction quick, easy and fun. She also reminded me to schedule my next appointment. She helped to make my experience great from start to finish. If you are helped by her you are in good hands!
martha76 (customer) on CitySearch
I had my hair and makeup done at Bella Trio for my wedding in June and was very happy with the results. Jodi took the pictures that I brought in and styled my hair just as I had asked. I got endless compliments about it that day. Emily's makeup work was also top notch. My bridesmaids were very happy with their hair and makeup that day as well. They all looked incredible. Their manicures and pedicures are also wonderful. Thank you, Bella Trio, for making my wedding day that much more perfect!!
greglam (customer) on CitySearch
I have had my hair cut by Jodi for the last 5 years and she's the best I've been to in the Triangle. Trained in New York, LA, and Paris, Jodi is great with all sorts of hair textures and styles. She even cuts my 2 yr old son's hair and he's a terror during haircuts! She's cheaper than Pee-a-Doo and does a much better job for kids.
Contributor (customer) on CitySearch
In Short
The contemporary first-floor salon portrays only a small slice of this total spa experience. The upstairs promotes an environment as integral to relaxation as the treatments themselves, utilizing luxurious decor and muted lighting. Services range from traditional nail treatments, massages and facials to microdermabrasion and Botox, hoping to provide assistance to anyone who wants a relaxing pathway towards looking and feeling their best.
LynnGardner (customer) on CitySearch
My hair was in just awful shape. Jodi was a pro and my hair looks the best ever. Please if you have had a bad hair experience -go to JODI. I was getting compliments walking out to my car - that has never happened to me before. My hair looked so good leaving -know one will be able to tell it had to be corrected. It was so orange and red entering the salon. Now it is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just love Jodi. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU
AshM (customer) on CitySearch
I was referred to Blake by a friend of mine for what turned out to be the best massage I have ever had. I arrived at Bella Trio and was greeted at the back entrance by two of the nicest receptionist. I was escorted upstairs by Laurissa (I hope I spelled theat correctly) she gave me a tour of the Spa offered me a cup of hot tea and made me feel so welcome. I was then shown to the locker room, sat in the sauna and then was in heaven for an hour and a half massage and Reflexology... I would have liked a llittle more privacy relaxing after but I will surly go back. I hear I need to see Christin for a facial!!!!
CPianoman1 (customer) on CitySearch
I haven't had the opportunity to visit this establishment yet, but in making preparations to visit the city and surrounding area, I contacted Bella Trio for pricing information and hours of operation. The receptionist (I believe her name was Jasmine) was most helpful and extremely pleasant. She gave me all of the information I needd, despite the inordinate amount of questions I asked. If she is any incling of the service I'll receive upon arrival, I know I'll be completely satisfied and renewed when I leave.
naeema (customer) on CitySearch
Sitting in his chair was an experience of a lifetime! He is so knowledgeable about what he does. He explained exactly what my hair needed to get the look I really wanted. His attention to detail is remarkable. I highly recommend a visit to this spa and request TASAAN for an experience out of this world!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cbullock0329 (customer) on CitySearch
I had the joy of meeting a wonderful receptionist by the name of Jasmine. She recently took me on a tour of the beautiful Bella Trio. Jasmine was informative and very pleasant. She answered all my questions without any hesitation. Job well done.
652515919 (customer) on CitySearch
After a long dentist appointment I decided to spend the rest of the day at the spa. Even though Bella Trio does not often has last minute openings, I was very impressed with receptionist skills and patients which Laurissa expressed while fitting me in for four different services, all back-to-back, with my usual providers! Bella Trio is a wonderful place to spend your day.
LisaDurham (customer) on CitySearch
I had a facial with Angela at Bella Trio, and it was one of the greatest experiences I've ever had! The place is beautiful, soothing, elegant, lovely. The staff were all very friendly. Angela was amazing. The basic facial took an hour to do and just felt heavenly. When we were done, I spent some time in the sauna and then enjoyed a glass of wine while I relaxed in the lounge area with a magazine. No one rushed me out, and by the time I left, I felt like a new woman! Great gift to yourself or for a loved one!!
agent99rocks (customer) on CitySearch
Best Nail Tech ever (Theresa Carter) using the best product ever (Young Nails). And my Hair Stylist (Stephanie Moore) was a great find !!! I searched for 2 years after relocating here for a stylist like her ! And I searched for 2 years for Young Nails (after relocating from Calif.) Needless to say I am very happy with the professionalism of all the Techs and Stylists. (And there is a superb Receptionist: Jasmine! what a cutie she is!) Thanks to the owner for putting this place on the map !! Don't hesitate to go there ....
cblaw09 (customer) on CitySearch
One of my best friends was having a baby and we decided to have a spa day with all of our friends to relax and celebrate. It turned into a group of about eight of us!!! I was a little hesitant at first to attempt to go to a spa with so many people together because of a bad experience somewhere else. But the lady who organzed our party, Laurissa, was absolutely wonderful! She was very helpul and professional from start to finish!! Everything went smoothly, she was so organized. All the services we recieved were completly relaxing and above standard in this area. I look foward to visiting Bella Trio SOLO in the very near future because this experience was so great! I highly recommend Bella Trio to anyone looking for a new spa to go to and if your having a spa day with friends call Laurissa!
Geed0r4h (customer) on CitySearch
Received incredible care from Mary in relieving my planter fasciitis - as soon as the next day my discomfort had noticeably decreased. Absolutely stunning quality, highly recommended. I will definitely be re booking in the future.
2muchfun (customer) on CitySearch
Ivy Ung is the best nail technician ever!!!! She is a total professional who is knowledgeable, precise, and attentive to each client's individual needs and requests. Ivy is also a gentle and very pleasant woman. I hope Ivy continues in this business for a very, very, very long time. She really is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pmprcr (customer) on CitySearch
Great experience, Kara is very Knowledgable. I will definitely be coming back to her.
Linda Dixon (customer) on CitySearch
I had a good proffessional experience with Amanda. She gave a great haircut and color. Amanda is friendly and very accomadateing. She makes a point to make sure her clients are taken care if. Need a great haircut, new style or change in color try Amanda.
DurhamNewby (customer) on CitySearch
Ivy, who gave me a pedicure was fantastic - and would actually go back and ask for her specifically. She offered me a glass of wine, which I very much appreciated after an embarrassing experience in waxing with Angela in which I was first of all shamed for having hair, and then scolded for a howl that came out of me, even to my surprise. Won't be going to the waxing lady again. If you like S & M, she might be the lady for you. I personally feel like it's sort of an act of trust to be in such a compromising position for a stranger, and they could perhaps exercise a kind and compassionate bedside manner. Now I have to find another one, and hopefully that will be the last. Ivy was very warm and friendly, very good at giving pedicures, and I can honestly say it was the best pedicure treatment I've ever had. Were it not for my experience with her, I can honestly say I would probably never step foot in Bella Trio again because of the waxing experience alone.
mkmfoto (customer) on CitySearch
Bella Trio is wonderful and Sarah is an excellent massage therapist.
kmos (customer) on CitySearch
I have been getting my hair cut by Sarah for several years now and I must say she does an absolute awesome job. If you bring a picture of how you want your hair cut or colored you better believe you hair will look just like the picture if not better!! If you are in need of a new hair stylist just ask for Sarah, you will not be disappointed.
DJHeavye (customer) on CitySearch
I recently made a trip to Southpoint Mall to dine at my favorite restaurant: Chili's! When I was informed of the wait another friend of mine and I went just down the road exploring to kill time and found this little gem. I wasn't quite sure if I had enough time for a cut, but Ashleigh took great care of me! She was quick, kind and not bad to look at! LOL! Oh and the haircut was great too!! LOL! I've gotten too many compliments to count! Wish they could open a branch in Cary, stacked with a staff full of Ashleighs! LOL!
nselhaddad (customer) on CitySearch
I wouldn't go anywhere else to get my hair done. I have been going to Sarah White for about two years now and every time I leave unbelievably pleased. She knows exactly what she is talking and only does her best. The entire salon is very nice and anyone would enjoy any of the services they receive there!
aehe100607 (customer) on CitySearch
I had a horrible cut from another salon when I first moved to the area, and shortly thereafter, Ashleigh saved me from my mullet! She's been cutting my hair ever since, and now cuts my husband's hair and several friends. She's a complete perfectionist, making sure I'm completely happy with my hair each and every time she touches it. The conversation is comfortable, and unlike most stylists, she gives a realistic picture of how a cut will (or won't!) work on my hair. I've also had massages at the salon - every experience is wonderful!
kellycoemc (customer) on CitySearch
Bella Trio is an oasis of pampering and serious massage! Thanks to Sarah at Bella Trio Day Spa, I enjoyed the best massage I have ever had! She rocks! Bella Trio offers a warm inviting, relaxing atmosphere from the moment you enter. I soon discovered it is not just for show, they really know how to make a person feel pampered. As a very busy Mom of two small children, I rarely find time to treat myself to such pampering; Sarah and Bella Trio Day Spa reminded me that I'm worth it!
mgarrett1020 (customer) on CitySearch
A friend recommended Bella Trio when I was looking for a salon for my wedding and it was the perfect choice! The staff were knowledgable and organized in the planning process. I never had to try and track anything down...it was already done for me. We were able to get our hair, make-up, and nails done in a wonderfully soothing environment. No stress on your wedding day is a good thing! They even arranged for me to have my bridal luncheon upstairs on the patio at the salon and took care of everything. I couldn't have been happier. As if that weren't enough, my stylist, Jodi, was a dream to work with. She took my ideas and expanded on them to create exactly what I wanted. She has now been my stylist for 2 years and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a new stylist.
jk332000 (customer) on CitySearch
Sarah is the only person i would trust to do my hair, I have been going to her for over 2 years now. She knows exaclty what do to with my type of hair, the highlights always look amazing. I recently moved far away and will be coming back just to get my hair done by sarah! She is the best!
tg001 (customer) on CitySearch
I recently visited Bella Trio for a Brazilian wax and had Valentina as my esthetician. She was very polite and asked me all sorts of questions to make sure I was as relaxed and comfortable as possible. I don't get Brazilian waxes very often, and some of the places I've been too have been less than impressive. I really enjoyed Valentina and really appreciate that she was especially attentive to hygiene (she used gloves - some estheticians I've been to don't). She told me that she had just recently started working at Bella Trio, so I was very impressed with how well she did without years of experience. Definitely would recommend her! I might even start getting Brazilians more often myself.
Dave Moore (customer) on CitySearch
Getting a massage from Mary Lorenz during exam time is one of the best ways to relieve some of the insane stress of school. It is a healthy way to center oneself, and recharge your batteries for a good long time! Mary has also helped me with numerous injuries, ranging from sports induced to accident induced. The service from the spa is fantastic, and I couldn't recommend a better place!
JennLynnUNC (customer) on CitySearch
I can trust Sarah to do anything with my hair. If I don't have a style in mind when I meet with her, I can trust her to just "do what looks good" - and it always does!
annacer (customer) on CitySearch
Jodi is a good listener , gives you what you want, and makes you look great. She's friendly, warm and has a smile on her at all times . You never feel rushed. My hair is always rejuvinated thanks to the good products she uses. She keeps herself informed on what's new out there in the world and is always on top of the new styles and products..
tishaherring (customer) on CitySearch
I have tried for 20 years to explain to multiple hair stylist my hair issues and every single time they build my hopes up, talk a good game and I end up frustrated and disappointed after the appointment. Saturday I explained to Tasaan my hair dilemma?s. I explained to him that my hair is so soft and fine, it?s basically like styling cotton. I asked him to sharpen up my cut not chop a lot off like I have experienced in the past. I explained how my hair just seems to be a fly away mess. He listened to everything I said and in turn explained to me what he thought was best for my hair type and implemented it to perfection. I will never have thick hair but Tasaan has it looking terrific. It appears thicker and it is so manageable. If the wind hits it, it falls back into place and doesn?t look all crazy and stiff from the products that other stylist have used on my hair in the past. Tasaan explained those products were too heavy for my hair. I have not attempted to tie my hair back once. Anyone who knows me can I attest I pull my hair back probably 355 days a year. I highly recommend making an appointment with Tasaan at Bella Trio. He is an excellent hair designer for any and all hair types. As I observed all the stylist I can honestly say I did not see any unsatisfied customers.
cubano59 (customer) on CitySearch
I received the best massage ever from Mary. I was experiencing quite a bit of neck and lower back pain which she quickly identified and addressed. She also took the time to share with me some yoga stretches that would help me keep the areas flexible and pain free!
tda8259 (customer) on CitySearch
Sarah was my masseuse and her hands worked so wonderfully! I had an aromatherapy massage and it was ninety minutes of bliss. I felt relaxed, comfortable, and even slept a little. It's a beautiful spa and can't wait to have another spa treatment there.
Darster (customer) on CitySearch
Jodi is the absolute best hair stylist I have ever had. When I originally went to her 3 years ago my hair was thinning due to medical treatments. She created a hairstyle for me that not only looked great on me but also made my hair look more full. In addition, she found the perfect color for highlights that have really added life to my hair. She saved my hair and my self-confidence. I would recommend Jodi to everyone...I promise you will have a wonderful experience. In addition to Jodi, everyone at Bella Trio is extremely nice. It is obvious that they truly care about their clients. Bella Trio is a great place!!!!!!!
Dubbs (customer) on CitySearch
I was unfortunate to inherit excessive body hair.... the embarassment was beyond description. A friend suggested I try laser hair removal. The greatest thing I found was Joy Ellis at Bella Trio Day Spa. She was extremely professional, personable, and knowledgable about hair and hair growth. Her manner put me at ease and now the embarassment is gone. I very highly recommend Joy and the greatest thing of all was that her price for the answer to my problem was the lowest I could find. Thank you Joy!!!!!
KilaCamATL (customer) on CitySearch
I was passing through Durham and was needing a good haircut. I was told at the local coffee shop that Bella Trio was the best in town. I said why not and went. This was the best thing i did during my business trip other than work ha ha ha. I really needed to unwind my brain and took a full day there and was completely spoiled by all the attention I treated myself to. Jodi gave me the cut that made me feel like my team winning the World Series ha ha. So if you need to perk up your head covering try Bella Trio ask for Jodi she was wonderful and does and outstanding job. 5 GOLD STARS
1321365454 (customer) on CitySearch
The management is very horrible there, cause I have been there 3 times to get my pedicure and those poor girls are still tugging in hot water with buckets, pots, and coffee makers, it is very tackie looking, the room is crowded and all I can hear is this loud drill noise when it is not very relaxing and thats what I went there for. I thought this was a highend day spa but I guess not, so I'll guess I'll be taking my business down the street, and the receptionist is not very pleasant.
lovebellatrio (customer) on CitySearch
Bella Trio is a WONDERFUL place to receive a wide variety of salon & spa services! It is the only place I will go as they offer superb, relaxing treatments & excellent customer service. So much so, that I find myself at Bella Trio at least every other week! Every single associate is extremely kind & helpful. I see the "Not Professional" post on here and can honestly say that in the 5+ years that I've been coming here, I've never encountered anything of the sort. The gals at the desk are always professional and courteous and I'm thankful for the way that I've been treated. Thank you Bella Trio for continuously providing quality salon & spa services! :)
sweetVA (customer) on CitySearch
I am so surprised to find such a quality salon with AWESOME stylists at a reasonable price. Growing up, there was a very comprable salon that I rarely frequented because it was OUTRAGEOUS and they did a terrible job. Bella Trio is just the opposite - My stylist Ashleigh did a super job, and for less than $50! I could hardly believe such a find. Ashleigh is in touch with the trendy styles but is not afraid to stick with a classic look either. Ask for her by name - you won't be sorry.
rlfrank (customer) on CitySearch
Stephanie does a wonderful job cutting my hair. I am a little shy about going to a salon and she always makes me feel comfortable. She is very kind and accomodating. I never feel pressured to get services that I don't want. She is really great with short hair styles. I just had my first massage at Bella Trio. Wow! Tracy is amazing.
mo28411 (customer) on CitySearch
Professional stylist, Jodi Galeazzo. She cuts, styles and highlights my hair perfectly. Other places that I have been give mixed results. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
aubalicious (customer) on CitySearch
Ashleigh is a fantastic stylist and I'll never let anyone else cut my hair. She's done everything - cutting, coloring, styling, even special events styles! I always love the results and I wish I had her as my personal stylist every morning!
tanklin (customer) on CitySearch
I had been wanting to do something different with my hair for years. After speaking with stylist Sarah, I was finally comfortable enough to take the plunge. She made great recommendations about what types of color would and would not work my features and did an excellent job putting the idea in my head to the finished product on my hair. It was weird for me to sit in a salon with foils in my hair, but Sarah did a great job of making me comfortable. My hair has never looked so great!
MrCritter (customer) on CitySearch
I really like getting my hair cut with Ashleigh and look forward to it every time.
jon earman (customer) on CitySearch
i have been coming to bella trio for some time and sarah white is may hair stylist and she is absolutly wonderfull. To anyone reading this and thinking about going to bella trio for the first time i can highly recommend her as the best artist for u or anyone. needless to say may overall experiences were wonderfull and the empolyes were great. SO THANK YOU BELLA TRIO!!!
LNip74 (customer) on CitySearch
Jodi G did a beautiful job on my hair and makeup for my wedding day. She also did the hair for all 3 attendants, the 2 flower girls and my mother and gave my brother a haircut! Everyone was so happy with the updo's that she did - including me! Jodi is an absolute sweetheart and traveled to the location of my wedding (all the way to Charlotte!) to do everything and made it very easy for all of us. I highly recommend working with Bella Trio - the staff is wonderful! Jodi is now my regular stylist!
AEck (customer) on CitySearch
I'll never go anywhere else to get my hair done! Ashleigh comes very highly recommended and she did not disappoint. Many stylists will "b.s." you, saying a particular style will look good on your hair when it won't. Ashleigh is straight up about the amount of work it'll take each day, how it will look with your hair & face shape, and yet still finds a way to give you what you want. She asks all the right questions to make sure you're happy with your cut, color or style. I trusted her to do my hair and makeup for my wedding, and was thrilled with the results - I'm still getting compliments on both.
No Thankyou (customer) on CitySearch
I have never been one for hair salons. Ive always just thought all hair salons were the same until I came across Bella Trio. This place isnt the same as all the other ones I have been to. This place is sweet! Ashleigh sat me down and actually cared about what I wanted or didnt want. She does an awesome job on my hair and I recommend her to all my friends and family! If you go to Bella Trio definately get Ashleigh, you wont be disappointed!
blondemom (customer) on CitySearch
Having curly hair it is a struggle to find experienced professionals. I would suggest anyone with difficult hair to book an appointment and see for yourself.
alexaries (customer) on CitySearch
Jodi has been my hairdresser for several years. Finally, I had to take the time to write a review about her excellent and consistent skills. She is a premiere hair dresser in the area. I have lived in large cities like Atlanta, Charlotte and elsewhere. She's the best out of all of them and i went to top salons. As long as I live in the area, she will be my one and only hair dresser. The salon itself is stylish, the spa is incredible. I haven't found anything in the area to compare to the variety and quality of services this salon provides.
All4me (customer) on CitySearch
I came across a woman with the most perfect set of eyebrows at the mall one day. It got my attention because that is something that has eluded me for years. I couldn't help but to approach this stranger and asked where she was getting her service. She told me that it was Ivy at Bella Trio Day Spa. I had no idea how popular Ivy was until I tried scheduling an appointment with her. Needless to say, I didn't get an appointment with her until two plus weeks later. I'll tell you what, it was wroth the wait and I have never been so happy with my eyebrows since. I have also discovered that she does nails? and oh my, does she ever. Ivy is so talented, but above all she is warm, gentle and genuine. I now am lucky enough to have a standing appointment with her. I live in Chapel Hill and certainly don?t mind the drive; especially I now routinely get compliments from friend, colleagues, and yes, even strangers.
ashc80 (customer) on CitySearch
Jodi is the absolute best in the hair salon business. If you are looking for a great hair salon go to Bella Trio and ask for an appointment with Jodi...you will not be disappointed!
Sweettea (customer) on CitySearch
I?m a little miffed at the previous posting of Bella Trio?s staff being ?unprofessional?. I am a new client there and was coming on this site to share my experience and write a positive review, like the other 100 and so clients. When I arrived to the spa I was greeted by the receptionist with a friendly ?hello? followed by my first name (they were expecting me!). My manicurist was running late and I had to wait, but the management and receptionists were very accommodating- making sure I was comfortable and offering a complimentary service. And by the way, while I was waiting I witnessed plenty of professional and friendly interactions between staff and clients. I love my manicure and the overall experience. Not only is the spa beautiful and classy, but all of the staff there wore nothing but smiles. I made the trip from Greensboro to Bella Trio after a recommendation and will be doing so again in the near future. This establishment is far from being a stuffy-stuck up spa, it just goes to show you that you can?t please everyone.
Hankster (customer) on CitySearch
Ashleigh listens to what you want and asks the right questions to get you into new things with your hair. And if you don't know what exactly you want to do, she helps you decide on something cool. It always turns out great, and it's nice to have a dependable stylist in Durham. Highly recommended.
Rashroxy (customer) on CitySearch
I will have to agree with the posting about being 'unprofessional'. i have been going to Bella Trio for over a year now for hair, nails and some skin treatments, and I must say I am currently searching for a new spa to take my business to. Don't get me wrong, the service providers are excellent, however the management is horrible!!! The air conditioning was broken in the salon the entire summer and nobody even bothered to have it fixed. I had my hair done twice during the warm months, and both times I felt like I was in a furnace!! When you pay those kinds of prices, you expect to have a completely relaxing experience. It was terrible. Not to mention, the girls at the desk are completely rude. The management and receptionist walk around like they are mad at the world. This was once a place where I would frequent at least once maybe twice a month and now i am apprehensive to go because the vibe is so bad! While the staff is great (most notably Monica and Ivy) the management needs a serious makeover!! I hope to soon find a place to go that resembles what Bella Trio once was!
LongHairDiva (customer) on CitySearch
I?m new to the area and haven?t been able to find anyone who can get my hair to work. But then I met ASHLEIGH and I?ll be visiting her on a regular basis from now on. She is able to give you the cut you really want, all with a fun and energetic attitude.
vbhoang (customer) on CitySearch
if anyone needs a relaxing, soothing, professional, day at the spa for a manicure or pedicure ask for ivy... you won't regret it!!!!
superpowers77 (customer) on CitySearch
Adrienne cares for all of her clients needs! She has done wonders for my feet, including help with my badly peeling toes with a very thin layer of gel. I never thought I could become addicted to having someone else do my toes, but now I can't go to anyone but her! She takes time to answer questions, recommends solutions for problems, and is a truly lovely lady. If you have ever had a negative experience at another salon, you should call to see Adrienne!
gravure printer (customer) on CitySearch
Ivy is an outstanding nail tech-especially on my pedicures. She is a kind gentle person and it is conveyed in the way she does her job. My pedicures last a long time and during the treatment I feel so pampered! I will continue to be a loyal fan!
sdd114 (customer) on CitySearch
What a great experience! A warm and inviting atmosphere was made most excellent with the perfect massage by Sarah. Be sure to ask for her!
ekk225 (customer) on CitySearch
I love this place! Sarah was my masseuse and she rocks. I highly recommend her.
eric c. (customer) on Judys Book
I thought this place was okish compared to what I have been to. I was a little relentless at first to go, but it was the closes thing I could find that I knew of that existed. I wanted a massage and it was very relaxing I must say. I thought it was pretty good and I wasn't so tense any more.
A B. (customer) on Judys Book
A friend recommended me to go here for a good bikini wax. I was a little bit reluctant to go without hearing more recommendations, however I talked her into going with me. When we got there I was relieved to see a nice looking salon and spa. To my surprise the lady who performed my wax did a grea...
Kristine L. (customer) on Judys Book
This salon and spa located in Sutton Station is a very comfortable and friendly atmosphere. The esthetician is who I mainly frequent and she does a good job on my eyebrow wax- really takes her time to even things out. The front desk staff is very helpful and friendly. I recommend them to my frien...