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Azure Day Spa & Laser Ctr

26 W 20th St
New York, NY 10011

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Ph: 2125635365


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theankjh (customer) on CitySearch
I had broken capillaries along the sides of my nose. I tried cover-up make-up of all sorts (Lancome, MAC, etc.) nothing seemed to work. A friend suggested I try a Photofacial at Azure med Spa in Chelsea. I was in and out within an hour and, within about 2 - 2 1/2 weeks, my broken capillaries were completely GONE! I am VERY happy with the treatment I received and intend on returning for other treatments such as skin tightening.
shoesbagswine (customer) on CitySearch
Went here today to get a facial. The facial I recieved was great, my eshtetician was very helpful and her service was excellent. I do think that the male receptionist is kinda off. When I walked in he was daydreaming in thin air and practically didnt notice me till I said excuse me. After my facial I went to counter to pay for my services, the same male receptionist was extremely slow at ringing me up and even slower at bagging up my products that I purchased. he literally took about 10 seconds to place each product in the bag. Then after I paid for my services I noticed he left my money on the counter and forgot to put it in the register. He also forgot to give me a reciept. I found the male receptionist to be very annoying. hes distracted and slow. The male receptionist ( has an accent, dark hair) was a definitely the most unpleasant part of my visit. However the facial itself was great.
spawall (customer) on CitySearch
I loved the treatments that I recieved at Azure, absolutely loved them! Not only did I enjoy the atmosphere but loved working with the staff. The staff is highly educated and the absolute best. The recommended the best treatment plan for my skin and were very knowledgable. I knew that I was getting the best care for my skin. After recieving Azure's fountain of youth I saw a wonderful improvement in the texture of my skin as well as a clearer and brighter glow than ever before. I also loved the product line that the staff recommended for me. After three months of following their regiments, I have amazing skin, the skin that I never thought I had. Never before have I had this healthy of skin! It is definetly worth scheduling an appointment to check the spa out, I had not only a relaxing time, but an amazing experience.
jami86 (customer) on CitySearch
The facility is amazing! The staff were professional and very knowledgeable. Most importantly- they use the finest equipment you will find in the city. The investment made in equipment and training must have been very high. It shows in the end result! I am hair-free on my back.
snrsdawn (customer) on CitySearch
I have really sensitive skin (rosacea, sun sensitive), so I was worried, but they did a great job. I wasn't that red afterward. My brown spots and freckles are either totally gone or very light now, so I'm going back for the recommended additional 2 more. It's pricey but worth it if you want your age spots gone.Mina's very knowledgable about skin.
vanity76 (customer) on CitySearch
I am a bit dark-skinned (West Indian) and this laser spa actually figured out how to do hair removal so well that it even worked on my body. I can only recommend this clinic. They do perfect work and they offer a great value for the dollar.
markimark34 (customer) on CitySearch
I took my Mom to see Dr. Zach because she had large noticable sun spots all over her back (they were the size of quearters). She has been covering up her back for years now due to embarrassment. She even went to a different dermatologist last year the told her to live with it because it was a sign of age! Dr. Zach took his time to explain the procedures he had to offer and spent over half an hour with her answering all of her questions and telling her all of the risks/benefits. Then, he and my Mom decided to do her face, arms, hands, and back and he charged her the same price for all areas! After only one procedure they are all almost gone. I can not say enough nice things about this guy! My Mom is over the moon and looks incredible! I plan to send all of my friends to him.
kaloudin (customer) on CitySearch
I had wanted to do laser hair removal for years but was nervous about it after hearing so many mixed results. A friend recommended Azure Day Spa and I couldn't be happier. I was impressed as soon as I walked into the spa. It was so relaxing and beautiful and felt nothing like most laser hair clinics. I felt like I stepped out of the stress of New York City. I had my initial consultation with Mina and she is so warm and friendly and makes you feel completely comfortable by explaining in detail the laser hair removal process. She personalizes the treatment that will work best for you and spends as much time as needed to make you comfortable with the process. I immediately had my first session and since then decided to do another 2 areas. I noticed immediate results after the first session and have only two sessions left. I am completely happy with the results. I highly recommend Azure Day Spa for laser hair removal that is not only effective but also personal.
kmg1970 (customer) on CitySearch
I went to get a deep tissue massage as Azure and was extremely disappointed. The girl who massaged me barely gave me a swedish massage. She was just rubbing my muscles in a way which did not even feel great. It was a boring massage and did not meet the needs I came there for. I have some serious knots in my back and was hoping for some real deep muscle work. I received none of it. There was no deep tissue work done and i walked out of there totally unsatisfied and still rubbing my neck because of the kinks still in there. The girl even asked me before we started "One hour deep tissue?" and I said "Yes".But I think she didn't even know what deep tissue meant. But this business advertised that they offer that service! On top of that, they charged me $135 for this massage! TOTAL RIPOFF. Warning: if you are looking for a good theraputic sports or deep tissue massage do NOT go to Azure. If you are looking for atmosphere, polite pretty girls, lavish decorations, and exotic music playing while someone rubs oil over you, go ahead. I asure you, this individual did not know how to give a good massage. She didn't even ask me how it was going, if I wanted more or less pressure. She went through the motions in a routine manner, with seemingly no love for what she was doing. After it was done, she simply left the room without a word. I was totally ripped off and I am writing this so that other people in this crazy expensive city don't get ripped off at places like this as well. My wife can give a 10 times better massage than this girl. Next time, I'll ask her and save my money (which is what I should've done in the first place. I can't believe I spent $135 for that horrible service. Be warned! (Perhaps my choice to go to a Spa/Laser Treatment center for a massage should have given me a heads-up that this was not the best choice). From now on, I will stay away from this spa culture that tries to create some kind of manufactured oasis in this city. It always disappoints me.
isabelle23 (customer) on CitySearch
I have done it all with little or no success. Electrolysis, waxing, tweezing, bleaching, shaving....You name it! With laser hair removal, I found it to be faster and less expensive than electrolysis, longer lasting than waxing. I had my bikini line, underarms and legs successfully lasered. The process was easy and painless and the results are great. Thanks Mina and Staff!
Allie353 (customer) on CitySearch
I went to Azure for a massage recently as it was recommended by a friend. I liked the ambiance and the masseuse was very nice and extremely professional. When I left, I felt one hundred times better as my back had been hurting me for quite sometime. Azure definitely did the trick!
Blake07 (customer) on CitySearch
I wanted to write about my experince with azure. I was referred to them by my family and I'm so glad I finally took their advice and went in for treatments.I have been getting laser hair removal and leg vein treatments for the past 6 months with azure and I have had nothing but the best experience with them! Like many others, I also get treatments from Mina and she really is the greatest! A comfortable environment is an extremely important quality for laser centers to have, and Mina provides that comfort quickly within the first treatment. It is as though Im going to visit with a friend when I go to an appointment! The prices are also fair, and the results are great. I have gotten exactly what I needed from my treatments at azure and Im sure it would be the same experience for anyone else.
cbhg125 (customer) on CitySearch
I was recommended to Azure by a friend who has been several times. She did not let me down. The atmosphere was very relaxing and the massage was wonderful. I'll definitely be back to try their other services.
jfrankk (customer) on CitySearch
My husband bought me a massage package at Azure and I'm really glad he chose this spa. The staff was extremely courteous and the masseuse was excellent. Next time, I plan on bringing my husband in so we can both feel as relaxed and pampered as I did when I was there.
nino77 (customer) on CitySearch
I have been going to Azure Day Spa for a while now and I feel it is the best spa for your money in the city. I have had laser hair removal there for the past year with great results and I couldn't be happier. Also, I have done the microdermabrasion treatments and it has benifited my skin tremedously. The facials are refreshing and incredibly relaxing. I recommend this Spa to any person on the go and in need of some skin rejuvination!
anniea (customer) on CitySearch
I came upon Azure Day Spa when my husband decided to get me a Spa Package for our anniversary. It included a facial,massage, & an exotic seaweed wrap. After my day of pampering I felt exhilerated! Privately, he also purchased a series of 6 laser hair removal treatments for my lip and bikini area. After my 2nd hair removal treatment, I was so happy, I decided to try the laser skin tightening. Wow did I notice a difference! After only 1 visit, I didn't think it was possible. The treatments wonderful, but also the staff was so pleasant I felt more like I was at a friend's house than a business. They were punctual, and even called me 2 days in advance to remind me of my appointment. With such a personalized service and soothing environment, it is my oasis from the real world and I reccomend it to all
gretav (customer) on CitySearch
I recieved a gift certificate for Azure from my aunt for my birthday. And I'm not really a girly girl, so I figured I would just be annoyed and bored at this spa, like I usually am elsewhere when it comes to spas and salons. But this one was different. The staff was fun & friendly, and treated me superbly! I went for the weirdest thing I could, a seaweed wrap! I also got a custom blend facial, and I will tell you, I have never felt better in my life. I figured since they were so good to me, I would report back to you about them. Enjoy Azure!
lucillexo (customer) on CitySearch
I have been to Azure many, many, many times over the past 6 or 7 years, and I can't believe that they are not THE top rated spa! The most recent treatments I have been receiving are the Microdermabrasion and the non surgical facelifts. I have just entered my 50's and looking young is a big concern to me but in NYC, who isn't? The microdermabrasion reduces my wrinkles and my slight acne scars, and the non surgical facelift keeps my skin tight and radiant! I don't mins sharing my secret, because the secrets of Azure deserve to be shared!
spaguy44 (customer) on CitySearch
This weekend my wife and I decided to treat ourselves to this wonderful treasure of a spa. She said I needed a "make over" so she got me something called the revitalize him package. I didn't think I was a "spaguy" but Azure changed my mind! I had a citrus scrub that left me feeling like I had brand new skin. After the scrub, I knew the men's facial would do me good, and boy did it. All morning at the office people have been saying I look 10 years younger! They completed it all with a hot rock massage that is still making my back feel great even 2 days later! I can't wait to go back, and I can't understand how this place is so hidden!
jjuice (customer) on CitySearch
My husband told me he left a review, and after I read it I of course wanted to stick in my 2 cents as well. We had such a blast at the Azure Day Spa as I relaxed my cares away in an amazing mud wrap! Plus, I have tried facials and other methods to try and make myself look younger (as most women do), but this time I tried the skin tightening and wow do I feel different. I bought a 6 tratment series, to get the full effect, but even after 1 treatment I feel so much more vibrant! Like my husband said, 4 thumbs up!
geohar11 (customer) on CitySearch
My visit to Azure Day Spa this weekend was amazing. My wife booked us at the last minute, and we had our heart set on some relaxing massages. Not only did I recieve the greatest massage I've ever had, but I also was introduced to a new treatment called "ear-candling". All in all, the experience was amazing, and more therapeutic that I ever could have hoped. Two thumbs up... 4 if you count my wife!
jackjohnsonjonier (customer) on CitySearch
I've been going to Azure for almost 3 years.initally i was looking for a place that I could clear the hair on my back.A friend of mine at the time told me about the laser that he was having done on his back and shoulders.He mentioned someone by the name of Mina B.I at Azure.I called and booked an consultation with her.I've always been a little shy and not sure of going to see a woman for removing the hair of my back.Since then I have had to move to Washington DC for my work.I have been having such great results that I've started new body parts.Irecommend Mina B. at azure to anybody that is looking for quality work.Azure is not the cheapest place in town but it surely is one of the best places to go.That goog that brings me to NY to continue my laser services.
amistjoy (customer) on CitySearch
I have wanted to get rid of my gross femme-facial hair since I was a little girl. When I moved to NYC I decided that this would be the place to do it. I found Azure Day Spa a few years ago and they have made my life so much easier! At first I was a bit embarassed, but the privacy of Azure made the plunge into LHR so easy one me. Not only is it very private, it is very cozy and the staff is warm and caring. If you are planning to try LHR, I would say do it at Azure.
pippa11211 (customer) on CitySearch
I really enoyed my visit to Azure, the staff were really warm and I felt really welcome. I actually had an appointment for Laser hair removal and was a little nrvous as it was my first time. Mina really put me at ease and I'm looking forward to my next appointment to have another session. I also realised how may other services they offer and probably will visit them for a massage or facial. I highly recommend people go to Azure.
ddamian (customer) on CitySearch
I have to admit I was a little skeptical when i went into the building and got on the elevator, but after I entered the door I knew I was in for a treat. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I was offered a cream saver by the receptionist with the comment that they are addictive. They are! My consultation with Mina was very informative and I was able to go ahead with the treatment right away. I recommend this place for anyone considering Laser Hair Removal!
jsdvg (customer) on CitySearch
I agree with the majority of reviewers. Azure was a very pleasant experience from start to finish. I was greeted warmly by the staff and the spa services I received were professionally done and top notch. I've recommended my freinds to Azure and they've all had similar experiences. I would also recommend Azure to anyone reading this
nycmjnyc (customer) on CitySearch
This is a warm and peaceful full service spa. James was my esthetician, he was excellent. I received a collagen facial, my skin was GLOWING! The esthetician did a through job with extractions however, I was not red and brused like when I went elsewhere, He was very knowledgeable in skin care and was able to educate me as I usually ask my estheticians many questions. This was the first time I was able to get straight answers. Highly recommended and will go see hime again!!
tina111 (customer) on CitySearch
Azure day spa & Laser Center is the only place I trust for my hair removal needs. The results are absolutely AMAZING and, with me, have been permanent! After decades of shaving my legs -- and other areas of my body -- I am truly relieved of the burden of shaving. I used to have dark, thick hair and now I'm virtually hair-free! I never have to shave anymore, which saves me at least 20 minutes getting ready each morning. It has also boosted my confidence level incredibly. Azure Laser Center has changed my life in such a positive, dramatic way and I am forever indebted to them. If you're looking for affordable, top-notch hair removal, don't look any further!
sarahj72 (customer) on CitySearch
I came across Azure on the internet and decided to schedule a free consultation. To be honest, I was impressed from the second I walked in the door. The office is modern and very clean! Doctor Zach was extremely friendly, yet very professional! He was great!.. He answered all my questions and I didn't feel pressured at all. I ended up setting up a package for Laser Hair Removal. I have already recommended this place to all of my friends!
MaxiSal (customer) on CitySearch
I found Azure Day Spa by doing a search on the internet for lazor hair removal centers in NYC. I was most attracted to Azure because I felt Mina's video on the website was really descriptive and personable. I wasn't dissapointed when I came in for my consultation, as Mina and Dr. Zach were both very professional and warm at the same time. I decided to have lazor hair removal treatments done here because I felt I could trust their services and they took the time to explain the procedure in detail, and always listened carefully to my needs and concerns. I highly recommend Azure Day Spa, the results for lazor hair removal done at Azure are phenominal and the staff is wonderful!
shnoona (customer) on CitySearch
This day spa and laser center is one of the best ones yet. It is highly reommended for the great and proffesional service. When doing laser treatments, they take as much time needed to make it perfect in no rush and take no risks with your skin. They are extremely gentle, care about the results, and are easily reached to ask answer any questions. Minna and Zack are highly educated and expeirenced in skin caring and have a variety of up-to-date machines for every skin type. My consultation was very thorough and honest, i received information that was far superior and in detail than any other place. Their office is beutifully decortated and very welcoming, they have a wonderfull friendly service that is nowhere else to be found.i have been a client for the past ten months, going back and forht from new jersey and the time is well woryh the results and i am a very happy client.
ellen03 (customer) on CitySearch
Hi! I just wanted to say that I went to Azure for laser hair removal and I thought it went great. I was nervous about getting the treatment done but the people that work there were very nice and they made me feel comfortable. I think I will be addicted to their services. They also have massage services and the hot stone massage sounds awesome. The atmosphere is so relaxing I don't know how they stay awake in there. Overall, I thought the prices were reasonable and the staff was super friendly. I give it two thumbs up!
Bobp55 (customer) on CitySearch
I had a photo facial treatment about 10 days ago and I want to let everyone know that if you have suffered with rosacea and uneven pigmentation as long as I have, this is the treatment to consider. I can't be happier. Mina was very knowledgable and doctor Zach, the PA who did my skin analysis and actually performed the procedure was AWSOME! He is so patient, I felt comfortable asking him all the questions and never for a second felt rushed. My results are well above my expectations since I tried everything else in the world and nothing ever worked this well this quickly. My skin texture is also smoother and I am getting compliments on my skin (which I never did before). I am going back to Dr. zach for beard line laser hair removal probably, now that my skin looks so great. He did it for my friend and it looks fantastic. This is a good facility to go to if you are looking for good care by knoweldgeable people - all real professionals and really top quality care. Trust is everything, and you can get it here.
simmyp11 (customer) on CitySearch
As a NYU student, I have been looking for a while now for a decent, well priced, effective skin removal site so that I dont have to shave every few days.Azure Laser Center went above and beyond all my expectations. It seems like each time I go in, there's a new technological device that does something new and futuristic. I personally go every couple of months to get my facial hair removed (as embarrassing as that sounds). I use Dr. Zak (I think thats how it's spelled) and couldn't be more pleased with his work. I 'd definitely recommend him to anybody!
Samw6457 (customer) on CitySearch
This was the best facial I've ever had in the most relaxing and inviting spa I have ever been to. From the charming interior design to the calming music and welcoming staff, Azure Day Spa is a pleasure from beginning to end. A retreat from the congestion of New York City. The best part is that it doesn't have that factory feeling that most of the bigger chain spas have. It was my first time there and it most certainly won't be my last.
Arashbaresh (customer) on CitySearch
I had heard a lot of great things about Azure, so when I was having really blah skin I decided to see what all the hype was about. I was so impressed. I've suffered with moderate acne for ages and could never find a dermatologist or esthetician that could really help, but Mina was great! She taught me new ways for acne control that I thought wouldn't work--and now they do! She sat me down and looked at my skin and helped me come up with something practical. Most dermatologists give some 12-step regimen just to make it look like they're doing their job, but Mina helped give me practical advice that really works! And I didn't feel like she was judging me or my skin. She was so nice and helpful! The treatments were also great. I got a micropeel- a chemical peel and microdermabrasion, and acne Ipl treatment. I've tried everything on my skin-including microderm and chemical peels but the results have never come close to this. I was glowing for weeks! Overall, fabulous experience.
jtarif7 (customer) on CitySearch
I am very happy with the results for my brown spots. not completely gone, but almost. The staff was excellent and very willing to listen to my concerns and they were always able to accommodate my schedule. I am referring friends.
supapan (customer) on CitySearch
After hearing good things about Azure and reading some nice reviews here, I decided to see for myself. I had a very relaxing hour massage. The masseuse was very good at her craft and got to all the spots I'd been having trouble with. I left feeling rejuvenated and in much better shape than when I arrived. Very professional and courteous staff. Highly recommended.
naj227 (customer) on CitySearch
I went to Azure medspa to get Botox injections around my eyes and Restylane fillers for my cheeks and chin. Dr. Gendler performed the treatments with great skill and care. His bedside manner was exceptional. He took the time to explain the treatment before hand and made sure that I did well while he treated me. There was no pain or discomfort from the Botox and Restylane injections. Dr. Gendler did a fabulous job. I?m extremely satisfied with the results and will return for Thermage on my face and neck. I highly recommend this very skilled, knowledgeable, attentive, and up with the latest in clinical and cosmetic dermatology surgeon.
pattybiz (customer) on CitySearch
I didn't know what to expect from the laser hair removal process, but I couldn't be happier with the whole experience.I have been going to Azure for almost 11 months now and I never felt pressured by anyone there and they actually knew what they were talking about. As for their prices, you get what you pay for, and their services are well worth it. I was quoted on laser hair removal on my legs, bikini and underarms. Mina told me I would need a few sessions to be truely satisfied and she was right! We can all be impatient and want something to work in one treatment but I was patient and listened to her advice and it paid off big.
mamta0921 (customer) on CitySearch
I am so glad I went to Azure.I am a bit dark-skinned (West Indian) and this laser spa actually figured out how to do hair removal so well that it even worked on my face. I can only recommend this . They do perfect work and they offer a great value for the dollar.
gishwilk (customer) on CitySearch
My skin was covered with dark spots and sun damage which caused me to look unhealthy. Since I have had a really bad skin, I went to the Azure day spa & laser center to get laser treatments. It was recommended by one of my friends. I go for treatments every 2-3 weeks. They do wonders with my skin. It?s amazing, after a couple of sessions my skin looks healthier and I look more self-confident then ever. Technology has done what years of topical ointments couldn?t.
rbrb10011 (customer) on CitySearch
I visited Azure a couple of times and was never impressed with their massages. I had three different massage therapist already and I still won't recommend anyone this place. A co worker (who recommended me this spa) did laser hair removal here and now she regrets. I wonder if it had something to do with the job they did on her.
graciela202 (customer) on CitySearch
As a Columbia university student, I have been looking for a while now for a decent, well priced, effective skin hair removal site so that I dont have to shave every few days. Azure went above and beyond all my expectations. It seems like each time I go in, there's a new technological device that does something new and futuristic. I personally go every month to get my facial hair removed (as embarrassing as that sounds). I use Dr. Zak (I think thats how it's spelled) and couldn't be more pleased with his work. I 'd definitely recommend him to anybody!
Contributor (customer) on CitySearch
In Short
The secluded beauty-loft asserts itself as among the first to accommodate men, and maintains a unique identity today with rotating specialty treatments. The extensive menu stresses the procedures that made its name, including skin-tightening laser technologies, ear candling, hair removal and visible vein reduction. Other offerings range from functional cleansing facials to soothing body wraps and massages--and you can purchase the wide array of products used on-site.
CSMobileUser (customer) on CitySearch
I'm a Black American woman i have chocolate brown complexion. The so-called 'skin specialist' applied a peel to my entire face without really examining it. She applied 3 peels to my face within 6 week now my entire face looks really 2 toned. It looks worst. I spend close to a thousand dollars to look worst. I regret ever going there. They clearly don't know what they r doing. Please avoid this place my black sisters i wish i was warned before. Now i'm soo depress.
jjschultz (customer) on CitySearch
Friendly Service, knowledgable staff, reasonable price and most importantly a very relaxing massage. Definitely recommended.
peanutmoore (customer) on CitySearch
the massage itself was pretty good. However, I waited until 30 min after my appointment time before they could start on my massage. The day before my appt they called me to move my appt back on hour, then later that day called me back to put it back to the original time. Then they were 30 min late anyway. I made my appt originally weeks in advance. The rooms they massage you in are tiny and there is no where to put your stuff except one hook on the back of the door. There is one small restroom in the spa. the massage table was pretty "creaky" and made noise during the massage. Too bad, because as I said, the guy who massaged me did a pretty good job. Oh, normally before they give a female a male to do the massage, don't they ask the female if that's OK with them? They didn't ask. It was OK, don't know if I would return or recommend this place to a friend.
dorani (customer) on CitySearch
I just had a 75-minute massge at Azure last week. Where do I begin with how awful it was? -The masseuse did not intorudce himself to me. He just told me to get undressed and lay under the covers. Not a single question about areas that I wanted him to concentrate on, areas that he should stay away from, how much pressure I wanted - nothing. -When he came back into the room he just immediatley started working on my back - he left the harsh, bright lights on. -He coughed and cleared his throat throughout the massage. -He checked his cell phone and TEXTED with one hand while massaging with the other. Nice. -His technique was dull and careless. -The background music was full of skips and jumps. Basically, the whole experience sucked. I will not be back nor do I reccommend it at all.
sarahbee87 (customer) on CitySearch
I have had several sessions of laser hair removal done on my body and the hair has vanished for ever.I first started to go to azure about 14 years ago.I use to have electroylsis done on my upper legs.Then when they started to do laser hair removal back in 1996 or 1997 (i am not sure exactly what year, it was so long ago) they had managed to convice me to switch to laser.It was not easy for me to make my mind up because it was extremely expensive at that time.But i am so happy since it is now over 11 or 12 years that i am hair free all over my body.
avidreviewer (customer) on CitySearch
The spa provided a very nice tranquil environment. As soon as you walk in you feel the calmness and the decor of the spa is very relaxing. The staff were all very polite. You wait for your treatment in a small waiting room and I did not have to wait long for my treatment. The massage room itself was small but sufficient. The only negative thing was that there is no locker room in the spa, so you would change out of your clothes in the treatment room. The massage itself was very relaxing, the masseuse was strong and showed good technique. The masseuse worked on my back, arms, and legs. I felt that overall, the massage was great, and the experience was relaxing. If this spa has another special, I would definitely return.
Bill Randle (customer) on CitySearch
Anyone who appreciates a decent massage will be utterly disappointed with Azure. 1) The actual massage rooms are so small there's no chair on which to put your clothes. 2) The therapist didn't check with me to make sure the light or music were acceptable. 3) There is no room at the end of the table for the massage therapist to reach your feet, so don?t expect to have your feet touched. 4) The therapists don't use bolsters for your knees or feet, and there are no eye pillows or masks for when you flip onto your back. 5) The therapist was fine at generalized ?rubbing? but I got the sense she didn't have much idea about what was underneath my skin. Her strokes were vague and didn?t target specific muscle groups. 6) Most of what my therapist did in terms of strokes wasn?t symmetrical. So she made certain moves on one side of my body that weren?t replicated on the other. 7) I told the therapist that I had a pain in my lower right back but she only spent an extra 15 second there. 8) The therapist didn?t touch my head or face once. 9) The therapist sniffled throughout the session and I thought I felt a drip on my back at one point. I hope I was mistaken. 10) The therapist never asked how anything was until we got to the end, and then she said, ?Are you feeling relaxed?? 11) I mentioned my dissatisfaction to the person out front and he was entirely unconcerned. I told him that the head and feet were important areas of the body to miss and he simply said they concentrate on the back and let me walk out feeling dissatisfied. I?ve had hundreds of massages in my life and this is at or near the bottom. I should have been suspicious when I noticed the advertisement on the wall for Botox. Don?t waste your money, folks, they?re going to be out of business in six months.
Russell009 (customer) on CitySearch
When I went to this place for laser removal, their warm welcome and excellent customer service impressed me right of way. In addition, the consultant clearly explained the pros and cons involving laser hair removal. It was excellent experience for me. I started going to this place from 2007, since then I never had to give it a second thought. I highly recommend Azure for anyone who is looking for friendly professional environment and excellent customer service.