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Aveda Institute Chicago

2828 N Clark St
Chicago, IL 60657

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Ph: 7738831560




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DdOr (customer) on CitySearch
As a former student I'll give the rundown, I'm going to give a truly honest review to a repetable website. First of all, the hours are wrong. Currently the hours are tuesday-friday 9am-4:30pm. Fri-Sat. 8:30am-5pm. Soon they will be offering part-time students a change in hours to fit those who cannot attend the current hours. Next, the students are well trained by very vigilant instructors. Depending on the level of the students you will receive different services. With the lower level students they will have more time spent with the instructors depending on their ability. This may increase the time you have to spend. The upper level students are given more free reign and probably less time to complete the service. No matter the level, the students try their hardest to give you quality salon service for low prices. They do not benefit from giving you mediocre care. There are always limitations. It's recommended to use the parking garage for discounted fees, meters do not always reflect the amount of time necessary and we cannot always feed the meter for you. Also if the instructors desire a longer service for your hair please do not use the time told by the extremely qualified receptionists in vain. Lastly it's common practice to give retouches & classic cuts. If you are looking for extreme, sassy cuts & color we are there for you! Aveda is more then just a naturalist sort of place. We want to always experiment and the best part about is that the instructors are there to assume the cut you want is what you get.
km07 (customer) on CitySearch
I went here to do waht I thought was a goodthing and help the students out. Not worth it. This is NOT, I repeat, NOT an official AVEDA school. Therefore they are not held to the policies and customer service that official schools are: such as the one in NYC. (The NYC one is FABULOUS) This was what was explained to me when I called complaining about my bad haircut. One half of my head was poofed out and the other was cut too short. I called Saturday and the receptionist said Customer Service was OUT until Monday. I am NOT waiting for the work week for a bad haircut to get fixed. I got my hair fixed at VanCleef down the street and they were so wonderful. They made me realize that bad service is not an option - ever. I just got off the phone with the customer service at the school and they said they would fix it for free. Sorry but the haircut was like two and a half hours long. I don't have time for going down there, waiting, getting another two and a half haircut fix. Please, think about supporting another hair school. Or better yet, use the money you were going to spend on this "cheap" haircut, and instead spend it toward one you will truly love. All the school said they would do is that I have to get a gift certificate in my name at the salon - they would only reimburse me for half my haircut. I would have to travel all the way there, and spend more of my money there. They said they won't mail it because they could be held liable. When I stated NYC mails gift certificates all the time, that's when she explained they are NOT like NYC school, because they are not OFFICIALLY part of AVEDA. Just a franchise school. I never get upset. I am a very calm person. Customer service is monumental to me. Especially in these times. No one should have to go through this. So don't! Go somewhere else. Have fun and look wonderful.
afancher (customer) on CitySearch
I just went to the institute today for a simple trim. I have been to the Mario Tricocci school in the past and, while your hair is cut by students and the outcome is not completely perfect, the instructor comes over at the end and touches it up and perfects it. That was not the case at Aveda's school. The instructor looks it over but not well and does not fix it herself/himself. As I said I just went in for a trim, but I left with the worst haircut I have ever, ever had in my life (and Im a hair-experimenter so I've had many) - Its sooooo uneven in every layer and it looks crazy - I tried to have them fix it a little (in a polite way because the student was very nice and its not her fault that they do not receive enough guidance) but it seemed to be geting worse and worse so I just pretended to be happy at some point just so I could get her to stop! Needless to say, I will not be going back.
AnnofStreeterville (customer) on CitySearch
I've been three times (all for haircuts) and the first two times were wonderful. The third time the girl messed my hair up (it took almost 1.5 hours!) I have straight really easy hair (long layers) but her supervisor came in and just fixed it, I mean really fixed it, clearly the hair wasn't the same length on both sides, bad layers etc...that said after her supervisor fixed it, it was the best haircut of my life. And for 22 bucks (with tip) totally worth it!!!
Contributor (customer) on CitySearch
This Aveda school offers hair services, facials, body treatments and waxing performed by students under the supervision of licensed instructors.
Renee1982 (customer) on CitySearch
I specifically went in only to request a gilr cut my hair who had done a good job on someone else while I was walkign by. I sepcifically made an appt for a day that it would be very hard for me to leave work. So turns out the girl did not write down my request and put me with someone else!! If they can not do requests for people, then they should NOT tell people they can. the people that work here are snobby selfish girls!! Who care less about client satisfaction. Do not go here.
Guest G. (customer) on Judys Book
Gheap prices, no comment, but they overcharge...Be careful with the haircuts...really. Short cuts are nice, but the others...hmmmm....
Guest G. (customer) on Judys Book
If you have long, thick and curly hair, you should think twice before going to Aveda. I didn`t. I got partial highlights for the first time and I was charged for full highlights. That`s one thing. Don`t think that if you go during the week you will pay less for a haircut. They charged me same thing....
Leigha C. (customer) on Judys Book
The Aveda Institute Chicago is an awesome place to go! It's professional, cheap, relaxing, and everyone is really nice. I had my first experience at the Aveda Institute Chicago a few months ago. I had a shampoo, cut, scalp/arm/hand massage, all over color, highlights, blow dry, and style for less th...
Ayesha K. (customer) on Judys Book
I'm not a big fan of this place.I have only been here once and had a bad experience and probably will never go back again. I specifically asked my stylist, more than a few times, to not cut my bangs short. But still, she cut them super short and then tried to justify it by telling me it looked nic...
SB B. (customer) on Judys Book
I like Aveda--they give you cheap, stylish haircuts and use the quality Aveda products on you. Hair Cuttery has nothing over Aveda.Keep in mind that the staff are largely students and act like such--so you may get a slightly nervous stylist. Rest assured, teachers are around and will check up ...
Sofie D. (customer) on Judys Book
I just went here for the first time a couple of days ago. I was amazed at the pricing here. You get salon style service with all the salon attention and salon products for such a cheap price! Its students who do the work, but you will barely realize it because they are so well trained and profession...
Gina L. (customer) on Judys Book
I wanted to get my hair cut here because, my regular hair salon is on the 2nd floor of a building with no elevators, and I was walking with a baby stroller. I'm always walking with a baby stroller. And a baby. So anyway, I stroll into Aveda, smile, and ask if I can make an appointment for later on t...
Sarah B. (customer) on Judys Book
The services here range from hair cuts and colors to facials to massages. The hair cut, for example, includes consultation, shampoo, cut and style, for only $13! The students are friendly and want to make sure you happy with your service. Keep in mind that this is a school, so there will be hover...
Cindy M. (customer) on Judys Book
This is a good place to go if you want salon service, but you don't want to have to play salon prices for it. The students at this school preform salon services here for a fraction of the cost. And they do a wonderful job here. Their work is really professional ane though they are students, they are...
Whitney B. (customer) on Judys Book
First of all, the location is wonderful; situated between Lincoln Park and Lakeview in the Century Mall. Second, how can you beat such a great deal on hair and spa services? I know that at first it seems kind of strange to go to a "student" hair stylist, but they are very knowledgeable and closely...
Jennie L. (customer) on Judys Book
For the price, it's an amazing deal. Don't hesitate because you're giving your head to students, students or not, they're definitely better than your local neighborhood salon. The whole process takes about an hour, but 13-15$ for shampoo/condition, haircut, plus style is totally worth the hour.G...
Cindi C. (customer) on Judys Book
I have gone here a couple of times to get my haircut and was pleasantly surprised at how well the students were able to cut my hair. The times I have gone, I have only gone in for a trim. The students did a great job, but my only complaint was that it took a long time. My normal salon can trim my...
Kimberly S. (customer) on Judys Book
I've found it difficult to find a reasonable hair salon in the city, with cuts at least $50 and highlights much more. This salon is actually for the students of Aveda beauty school to get experience. All of thier work is supervised by an instructor. They also offer spa services. A haircut is ab...
Joanna L. (customer) on Judys Book
The Aveda Institute can do an amazing job on anyone's hair no matter curly or straight, they are just downright amazing. Although I have straight hair a friend of mine who has curly hair went to get her hair cut at the same time I went to get my hair cut. We sat next to each other through out the ...
Daria Z. (customer) on Judys Book
This place is really great for students on a budget. Haircuts will run you from $13-$15. Although the stylists are students, they are very talented and their inexperience does not show. They are very young and they are well suited to young customers or anyone that would like to freshen up their look...
Darlene L. (customer) on Judys Book
The Institute is a learning environment so you can't be guaranteed a certain person for your services and it also takes a bit more time for your services. I've had body wraps there and for the price they cannot be beat. $45-$50 for a body wrap is unheard of in a day spa. So, if you are looking...