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business Austin Sports Cycles cover

Austin Sports Cycles

12112 Ranch Rd 620 N
Austin, TX 78750

This business has been closed

Ph: 5122587188


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Customer Feedback

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Gregataustin (customer) on CitySearch
I went there for some basic stuff, they were helpful and nice, I shop there for my parts and accessories.
csw11 (customer) on CitySearch
The men at this shop haven't realized that women ride bikes and have money as well! It's that old adage of a woman going into a computer/electronics shop and either being ignored or treated like an idiot. Well these guys are just the same. I tried to get someone to assist me and they wouldn't even acknowledge my existance! I guess a woman with a 3 yr old isn't worth assisting. Well that's fine. I got my last bike at Woods Fun Center and will probably get my next one there as well. If I decide on the scooter route this time, it will be Scooter Revolution. At least those shops will assist a woman and make a sale! So all you guys out there....this shop is all yours... for all you gals....go elsewhere!!!!!!