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Apartment Source

2638 N Halsted St
Chicago, IL 60614

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chigirl33 (customer) on CitySearch
We moved into a disgusting apartment with malfunctioning items throughout. this company did NOTHING but re-caulk showers and snake toilets to fix our MANY problems. we gave them WEEKS to fix things and they did nothing and eventually stopped speaking with us. i don't know if maybe we got to annoying calling about things like leaks, broken AC, etc. but i don't care, as tenants we have rights and they can't just stop acknowledging us and hope things will go away. they eventually said we must go through their lawyer, and that has been a joke as well. our neighbors are experiencing similar issues....some moved in a week late because of tmg's negligence and reimbursed them for NOTHING. some other tenants had extensive construction going on expectantly in their apartment the entire first month of their lease and tmg will not cut ANY money off their rent even though they could hardly unpack or even get into one of the bedrooms. on top of all of this, they are VERY rude and obnoxious on the phone. the manager of tmg should be fired. please, PLEASE do not live at any of their properties....they are by far the worst management company i have EVER encountered.
chisox2005 (customer) on CitySearch
I prefer not to go into great detail about my specific HORROR story due to the fact I still rent from TMG and wish to keep my residence. However I will agree with the review posted by the previous dissatisfied TMG renter. While reading it I had to ask my roommates if they had posted it due to glaring similarities. TMG management ( A.K.A. The Apartment Source ) do offer reasonably priced, modern rentals; however I would not recommend them to anyone. They DO NOT respect their tenants. They DO NOT return phone calls. They DO NOT fix broken appliances, locks, leaking faucets, clogged toilets, or anything else requested of them in anything close to a timely fashion. They are willing to lie to you at any given time in order to get you off their back for the time being. Overall, I would not recommend anybody renting from them unless you have a serious interest in the unit like i myself did.
rootroot (customer) on CitySearch
I have never posted a review before but there is no way to properly describe my disdain for this company. They should all be ashamed. Do not rent from them no matter how much you like the place.
blue14 (customer) on CitySearch
I WOULD NEVER RENT FROM THIS COMPANY EVER AGAIN. We were verbally assaulted, for no reason, by the management company on the first day we moved in. We were later told the guy was having a "bad day" and that is why he lashed out at us. They refuse to do any maintenance and threaten lawyer if a maintenance request is made and they refuse to return any phone calls. My roommates and I have called 25+ times and they have not called us back once. Everytime we ask for our landlord he is mysteriously not available. THIS COMPANY DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE SAFETY OF THE BUILDING OR US, THE TENANTS. WE REGRET SIGNING WITH THEM EVERYDAY.
cash3deposit (customer) on CitySearch
I gave "SS"a realtor at Apt Source $3000 cash . "SS" gave us a receipt and lease application fee using the Apt Source name. When I was moving in Saturday night the people upstairs said what are you doing here? We're moving in no you're not I am on the phone with the owner and she knows nothing about this. SO the owner and her family came she said that her nephew "D" works for Apt Source. My BF spoke to "D" he said he knew who "SS" was that was his partner. That he worked with them and he has been MIA for 2 days. "D" said he would call us by Sunday at 12pm. Well, he never did even though 3 of us were calling him all day Sunday. What's suspicious to me according to Apt Source "TL" said that "SS" stole the keys while he was at an interview and they were in the process of hiring him. How did this guy that supposedly never worked there steal the keys, the alarm code, and knew what address this place was at, steal the Apt Source receipt pad and Application forms. Damn what kind of interview were they conducting? Monday I spoke to "TL" the Manager at Apt Source. Like I mentioned he said the guy never worked there and they are not obligated to give us the money but I told him that "D" said that the guy did work there. He said that "D" misspoke. "SS" has been texting and calling me for days now proclaiming his innocence. A friend of mine called "TL" called "TL" than said that he would write us a check as long as we had a police report and a copy of the receipt "SS" gave us. The police told him honestly I don't think you are going to get your money back. They even called "SM" the owner of the business and he said that he wasn't paying us the money back because it wasn't his responsibility and the guy doesn't work there. I spoke to the receptionist and ask why we weren't getting the check cut anymore.She said the police said do not cut you a check because we fired "SS". FIRED....I thought he NEVER worked for you guys.
KateYC (customer) on CitySearch
I think the only positive review was typed up by Todd Lawrence or his administrative assistant. I have lived in a TMG Management/The Apartment Source for only a few months now. The apartment looks nice, but the plumbing and wiring are shot. The first night there, a couple light bulbs exploded in the bedroom when I turned it on, and there is a horrible high-pitched whistling noise whenever any of the other tenants takes a shower or has a fauc et on. Also, I was lied to about parking being available (so they could get me to move into the apartment). Also, after living there for a month, the power went out in all the common areas, because TMG didn't pay the electric bill, and they had the audacity to tell the electric company that I was supposed to pay it! The electric didn't get turned back on for over a week, so we had to get around in the hallways and outside in the dark, and couldn't do laundry for ten days, even though I (and the other tenants) called them every day. Also, the washer and drier broke last week and it still hasn't been fixed. This is only after three months. Just giving you some sound advice - rent from anyone else!
rickrez (customer) on CitySearch
We rented through Apartment Source aka TMG management and a whole other slew of names, an apartment at 1953 W. Dickens in Bucktown. The apartment seemed really nice but after living it for a while I noticed some major problems, and the management company ignored all complaints did not send anyone to do anything and Todd (was extremely rude showing our apartment without giving notice) despite having ignored all our calls. The windows were not sealed properly so we almost froze all winter. We had to buy space heaters in addition to the regular heating, the electrical wiring was shot so we had power outages daily, as well as flickering lights. It was so bad that my computer got completely fried. Stay away from this company.
ctnuchitown (customer) on CitySearch
I challenge you to find any positive reviews of Apartment source/TMG management on any user generated site or with any previous tenants. They, and especially the manager Todd Lawrence, do a terrible job with what could be great apartments. They ignore calls, refuse to give information, and do not repair units in a timely fashion. This includes critical repairs that make the units livable. However, what makes the company truly reprehensible is the manner in which Todd Lawrence commits these acts of poor service. He is aggressive, rude, condescending, and disdainful. Without provocation, he treats tenants as a nuisance and takes the path of most resistance in every possible situation. My roommates and I have never had a positive interaction with him. Do yourself a favor and avoid the pain and stress of a relationship with TMG and Todd. It will never be worth it.
gocats26 (customer) on CitySearch
Todd Lawrence, the guy who manages all Apartment Source / TMG Management properties, is the reason renter's rights groups exist in this city. Not only does he never make repairs on his properties, he actually berates you on the phone for asking him to fix things like....leaking roofs, damaged decks, decaying windowsills, etc. So if you are thinking about renting from him, I would recommend looking elsewhere - no place is worth the agony of putting up with him. If you do chose to rent one of his places, read up on your rights and be ready to enforce them. Withhold rent and/or call the building inspector when he doesn't make repairs. Todd doesn't understand the concept of "customer service", which is a scary thing given that that the place is your home. Let natural selection work its magic....don't give this guy your business.
awanne (customer) on CitySearch
I livied in Chicago for 5 years,until last year when I relocated to Milwaukee for work. Now I am moving back home and I was dreading the thought of having to once again find an apartment in Chicago. I was referred to an agent through one of my friends and at first I was hesitant. I've been through most of the agencies in Chicago and every time I am treated the same...just another paycheck (and not a big one at that). But!!!...My agent was great!! I contacted her first through email. She was polite, asked all the right questions, and even cracked a few jokes to make me feel more at ease. I couldn't meet her until later during the week, but she made sure to keep in touch and keep me updated. My trip to Chicago was delayed by about 5 hours and even though she was working with other clients, she answered the phone for me every time (which was many) I called. It looked as though she wouldn't be able to make it when I arrived so she had another agent (who was just as great) contact me. When I finally arrived to Chicago it was 8:30PM and pouring rain. Even though she could not let me view the apartments (they were occupied and the tenants made a fuss), she still came out in the rain and met me, introduced herself, and drove me to the locations so that I could at least see the buildings and the outdoor space. She even brought pictures, and rescheduled the appointment so that I could actually view the ones I ended up being interested in. I have read all the comments written on this page, and it seems to me that they are just from a couple of angry people. With there only being 9 on this page, I would deeply encourage you to think about the vast number of people that rent from them and are happy. Its a shame that when people are angry they lash out and say unwarranted things, but when happy...they do nothing. I strongly recommend this place and their agents. Don't take my word (or anyone else's for that matter) go see for yourself!
listentomeplease (customer) on CitySearch
I don't know what else to do to put these people out of business or at least get the word out how horrible this company is. I hope before you rent, you have the opportunity to read this review to help make your decision. The person who wrote the only positive review for The Apartment Source is not only a liar, but probably working from the inside because there is no way any decent person would consider the apartment source a good company in any way. Anyone you talk to there is not only rude but just mean. The owner Todd is psychotic who will yell at you and scream if heaven forbid you ask him to fix a leak or a broken fridge. Our ceiling is leaking which is causing mold and his classic response, "what do you want me to do about it". And then proceeded to make fun of us for being girls and thats why we couldnt handle it... what?!!! are you serious buddy? This guy is not nice and threatened to evict us on our first day because we called him while moving in because our walls werent painted (as we were promised). We didnt want to move in all of our stuff just to have it moved back out again to paint, so when we called to get info, he threatened to kick us out and almost tore up our lease... excuse us! Tearing up a lease for calling you!?? Aren't landlords supposed to be accessible and accomodating?! Not this one. Try and get something fixed in his properities, you can forget it. He is lazy, mean, rude, incosistent, berading, ridiculous, selfish, and in the wrong profession. Don't fall for his selling act, "oh yeah we're awesome, we'll fix everything, call whenever" its bullsh*t. citysearch made me replace a few descriptive words I would've liked to use, but I hope you get the picture, save yourself a lot of headache and find someone that you can rely on and be comfortable with.
GetURshinebox (customer) on CitySearch
I used the Apartment Source to find my two bedroom apartment and the agent I had was great. He negotiated the price down with the landlord and followed up with us after we moved in to see how things were going in our new place (even though his job was done after we signed the lease). I went to two other well known locator companies but they weren't half as personable and they acted like they only cared about getting their comission check. As far as the management end of things, I think everyone on hear is talking about TMG Management (that's the name on the sign in front). I haven't rented one of their properties so I dont know anything about them but I had a good experience with The Apartment Source.
InternetProfessional (customer) on CitySearch
It's a simple fact that before I decided to rent from TMG Management/The Apartment Source that my experiences with the staff had been consistently underwhelming. All of whom (primarily 3 individuals who I interracted with) met me with attitude, disinterest and arrogance. Being blinded by the quality of the unit which I had managed to source through a third party agent, I passively ignored the signs. A lack of professionalism, delay in responding to solid queries and a real abrasive approach to customer service has proven to be the cornerstone of TMG's philosophy. In the end I can only blame myself for not noticing the signs when they made themselves air apparent from the get-go. I would highly advise against signing any contract/agreement with this agency...EVER! They DO NOT care for the general well being of their patrons. I could get more specific with my experience but you are able to trust that I am a courteous individual and a responsible tenant. I am someone who cares for his home and who pays his rent on time.
rorita (customer) on CitySearch
DON'T rent from them. There's enough negative feedback online, I cannot believe they're still in business. Todd Lawrence is extremely rude, the office manager, Adrianna is also rude but apparently scared of me, since she puts me on hold when I call now and then Todd picks up (even though Todd yelled at me for insisting I speak with him and no one else). My apartment flooded in July and I am STILL trying to get them to fix it. After MONTHS they finally said sure they'd fix it, but we need to vacate the apartment! Like we have time for that! I offered a compromise that they do half and then the other half. They said they'd get back to me on it, after a month they still hadn't despite my leaving messages so I called them AGAIN and they finally picked up (I was placed on hold for 6 minutes first), and, here we go again, Todd said he's now involving a lawyer because we won't get out so he can save his property. As though they actually WANTED to do the work! And when they actually DO come to do work they screw it up, leave it half finished and don't come back. Even if they actually did do what they said they were going to do and kept up with repairs, I would give them one star just for their lousy attitude. All Todd Lawrence does is threaten people with lawyers. I would love to see them in court. LOVE TO.
young504 (customer) on CitySearch
Is it possible for a second-floor bedroom to flood? Only in a TMG property. After the ice on the side of the building melted multiple times and subsequently soaked the carpet in my bedroom, I decided to reduce my rent by 25% for the month in question, as my room was unlivable for more than half of the month. One of their solutions was to blowtorch the rest of the ice off of the side of the building. I am no scientist, but I assume that would speed the process of the ice melting into my room. Another day they came out to "fix" it by placing a de-humidifier in my room...this warrants no expounding on the stupidity of this "solution". When discussing with Todd, the manager/landlord of TMG, he immediately offered no room for discussion, claiming that it was impossible for him to adjust the rent because we had a contract (the lease). Todd - if the two parties of a contract can come to agreement, the contract can be adjusted. So, staying true to form, he threatened legal action for (gasp) $200 that I refused to pay (mind you that we have lived there for 21 months and paid over $50k so far). Well, that was only the latest problem. We have a walk-out basement area which has flooded three times due to rain and a pour drainage system. My brother that lives down there has had to put up with significant problems getting TMG to remedy the situation in a timely fashion. Each instance has taken at least a week to get someone out to the house to dry the carpet and/or replace it. The dryer is extremely loud and shakes and emits a lot of heat. The solution from TMG was to clear the lent out of the vent, instead of actually fixing the dryer. Oh, and both of the doors to the washer/dryer area have fallen off. Bottom line: STAY AWAY FROM TMG!!!
mps4497 (customer) on CitySearch
I have lived in an apartment through TMG management for the past year. The place is decent in a good location and rent is fairly cheap. We didn't have many problems until one of the washing machines and our dishwasher broke. It took about 20 calls to get anything done and the dishwasher they replaced with doesn't work either. I have to say I agree with the rest of the review, Todd is a straight up a*s! He has no business being the manager of anything. I called him a week ago to tell him we were going to renew our lease and he said he would note our account and that someone would be dropping off papers sometime in the next week for renewing. Today I get another call from one of the Aparemtment Sources guys (Gregg), saying they are showing our place at 4 today. I called Gregg (also rude, but not near Todd's level) and he told me to call Todd. I figured they meant they were showing one of the other floors and mistakingly called me. To my suprise they are trying to show our place to rent at the end of May. I called Todd and he immediately started being an a*s (pretty sure he was born a natural a*shole). He even confirmed that he spoke to me a week earlier and that I said I was staying (i have two new roommates). He starts rambling on and on about how it takes 60 days to rent a place and he's had to many people back out after saying they were staying, and until he has the lease signed...blah, blah, blah, blah,.... I understand they want to get someone locked in and they will show it until we sign the lease but seriously, what kind of company doesn't let the current tenents that said they are staying know they are trying to rent the place out anyways??? At least have the respect of letting us know. Had I not returned the call, for all i know they could have shown the place today and the people could have applied for the place and signed the lease without us ever knowing- sounds unrealistic but this place is that bad. Another note- they tried charging us for our parking spots. We have the spots that you pull in but your front can't be over the sidewalk and the back is in the street. I got a ticket for parking there one day so I called the police and asked them to come explain why I got a ticket. It was then that the police informed me that anything from the sidewalk to the street is government property and they cannot charge you for this; they actually shouldn't be using them as parking spots at all. I called TMG about this and the ticket i got for parking in my "assigned spot" and he then rambles on again- "i've rented out those spots for 15 years, no one has ever...blah, blah, blah..." I was thinking to myself, maybe you should be taking $50 off my rent to cover this ticket but all i get was- "i'll talk with my attorneys about this and get back to you." What a load of cr*p, like i ever heard back... If you can put up with the sh**ty management, the places aren't that bad for the location and price (I'm about fed up, however I like the apartment and location so even after all the cr*p I will be renewing). If you don't want to continuously be at a battle with your management company take the advise of all of these reviews and don't rent from them.
ChristySoCal (customer) on CitySearch
I must speak up when it comes to TMG Management. I have lived with my 3 other roommates in a TMG unit on Greenview & Fullerton for the last three years and have had an opposite experience. Sure I have had things go wrong here (our dishwasher also broke) but it got fixed in a week. I have never really had any issues with Todd, and when I couldn't pay my rent on time for a few months I spoke with him and he helped me work out a payment plan, which most management companies would never do. After my second year of living in our apartment our garage door broke and they fixed it the very next day. We were trying to decide if we were going to renew last year or not. During this time leasing agents started showing our place, but when we decided to renew and turned in our papers we had no further issues with the apartment or with Todd, hence the reason I have lived in a TMG unit for 3 years. I read the stories below and just felt like I should say my part because I feel like people are giving mixed signals. One person below hates TMG so much but they have lived in a TMG unit for 21 months and the other person hates TMG so much that they decided to renew their lease with TMG. From my point of view, the issues that people have with Todd or TMG cant be that bad because they continue to live in TMG units, just like I have.
mrjjman (customer) on CitySearch
We moved in to the unit on August 1 of last year. The sales person with TMG promised that it would be cleaned and painted and the half-dozen problems we noted (missing outlet covers, broken light fixtures, broken plumbing fixtures, broken shelves in refrigerator, etc.) would be fixed before we moved in. It took three calls to finally get them to admit that they promised in writing to fix these things and I had to take photos of the damage before we moved in our stuff to prove it wasn't our movers who caused the damage. We were promised parking in the back, only to be told it was not for rent anymore because the previous tenants fought over who got to park there. The only time they responded quickly was when a pipe burst, but that was because it left 6 inches of water in the basement and was damaging their property. They promised the carpets would be cleaned to prevent mold...in January, it's now June. I've called every week and been promised someone would come out ASAP and no one ever does. Now, the foundation is cracked or leaking and there is a large (like 3-foot in diameter) mold patch on one of the walls and a foot round patch on the carpet. We'll see if they can rent this place when I point out the mold to every single person who comes through the unit. Tip to The Apartment Source: don't treat your tenants like dirt when they work from home and will be there every day you bring in a prospective renter.
Wakeboarder02 (customer) on CitySearch
I left a deposit with Apartment Source for 1/4 of the rent prior to my move in. I drove all the way from St. Louis with a moving van and a cashiers check made out to Apartment Source and prepared to sign the lease on the agreed move-in date. I wisely insisted on walking through the apartment earmarked for me before signing the lease (thank god for that, otherwise I would be living there right now). They promised it would be painted and the enormous black stains in the carpet would be cleaned or replaced. I get there and the place was filthy, I mean dishes in the sink, and a half-opened trash bag filled with garbage in the unit, with flies in the unit to boot. Me and my patient 3rd party agent called and asked what the deal was. I asked if the place would be cleaned and painted. Todd (the owner) said that he would have someone clean it and paint it "next week." That was a fair response, but I asked that he add a line in the lease that said that he would make the necessary repairs (always get it in writing, right?). I was met with rudeness and an overall challenging response. "I will not alter a Chicago lease." --I said "Todd, put it in writing and I can unload the van that I drove 6 hours here from St. Louis and give you the cashiers check." He proceeded to tell me that if I don't like the condition of the unit to just find another one. Here I am with no place to go and a fully loaded moving van that I was expected to return in 2 days, and this guy is completely uncompromising. I asked Todd to be reasonable and just put it in writing and he goes berserk and starts cursing at me, so I told him that he does not have any respect for people and is verbally abusive. DO NOT RENT FROM TMG MANAGEMENT OR USE THE APARTMENT SOURCE (located in Chicago).
amzc (customer) on CitySearch
The apartment source sucks! The last two months of renting my apartment relators consistently came over to show the house so many times that is actually disrupted my life. They give out the advertisement to about eight other realtor companies and they are all competing to sell the house. They will come over three times a day on some days, and at least once every day for weeks. I never get any privacy, they barge in as if they expect me not to be home and come early in the mornings on the weekend. The weekend is when i get to sleep in. Then they feel awkward for barging into my room while i'm sleeping. This has been the last straw for me, this whole month is hell cause strangers are constantly coming into my home!
chicago83 (customer) on CitySearch
Apartment source is not the problem, although they share a building with TMG management and are leasing agents for their units they are NOT the same company. The people at apartment source were very helpful and friendly. during the lease signing process they sat us down and suggested we read through our lease before signing (obviously something you should be doing before signing) they were also very kind in answering any questions we might have. TMG Management is like their polar opposite. the owner is so unbelievably rude. when moving into an apartment you expect certain things i.e. it should be cleaned, damages discussed during viewings to have been repaired, being able to pick up keys on time etc. however if you talk to the owner directly he will inform you otherwise. and if you dont like it, contrary to the tenant/lanlord guidelines set forth by the state of illinois, he will tell you to return your keys and not move it. which if youve made it this far that means youve already began the move process (signed a lease, paid, taken possession of keys) and must move somewhere that day. (also the application states that if you are approved there are no refunds of first months rent) so youre just f'ed. not to mention he acts like a complete retard, because he will definitely tell you that he himself would not expect those things to be in order before moving into an apartment. i cannot emphasize enough how unprofessional he is. i dont believe he has ever heard the saying "the customer is always right". its really hard to believe how much of a jackass he is until you actually have some sort of conversation with him. and for your own sake, no matter how great the apartment may be, seriously reconsider. there are tons of nice places in the city probably in the same area for the same price or even less. so save yourself the stress and worry and never lease from a TMG managed or owned building.
TMG management (customer) on CitySearch
I called TMG management to ask a simple question & I am shocked. I have never encountered such a rude person as the BOSS of the company. He was screaming on the phone and had an obnoxious tone of voice. PLease... go somewhere else. This person deserves nothing but failure in life, he has no idea how to speak to people and I hope his company seizes to exist asap.
RU KiddingME (customer) on CitySearch
Im the agent that dealt with the woman below and here is my response to her "story": I have rented several units in this building and I specifically told her that dogs are not allowed in this building. I have her application in hand and it clearly states that she has 1 cat and nowhere on the application does it state that she has/or was thinking about getting a dog. I looked over the lease that she signed with the management company and she does indeed sign where it states "Tenant agrees to not have dogs in this building ". What she claims was "small print" was actually in the middle of the first page of the lease, in 14 point font, in a boxed off section all by itself (I wish Citysearch let you upload documents for all to see). I have never posted on this site before but when I read her "story" I felt the need to tell what really occurred. This woman was obviously going to get a dog no matter what anyone told her. In the city of Chicago, if you illegally bring a dog into a building that does not allow dogs, you are obviously going to be evicted if you do not get rid of the dog. I think it's fine for people to voice their opinions on these sites but it is when people start lying about situations and scenarios that defeat the purpose and credibility of these sites. **Sorry I could not post this in the comments section underneath her posting. Citysearch only allows you to have 500 characters**
jmatel (customer) on CitySearch
I was looking for an affordable place this past summer. However, I know you get what you pay for so I was prepared to pay a little more than I wanted for newer construction and amenities. I recently go divorced and have not lived on my own for 8 years so I was also looking for safe and secure places where I could eventually adopt a dog. When the Apartment Source showed me the extremely tiny unit I ended up renting, I was relatively happy with it. It was small but that allowed for nicer amenities and I didn't really need too much space. I like that there were several units so people would be often coming and going and I wouldn't feel all alone. I specifically asked whether or not a dog was possible cuz that was a deciding factor for me. I was told no problem that I would just have to have my dog added to the lease like my cat already was. The day I picked up my keys there were several people waiting to move in to various units and I was rushed thru the paperwork as if I was taking up to much time. I wasn't over concerned as I had asked all my questions so I signed and got out of there. I moved in and realized right away that there were repairs to a window and missing lights that needed to be taken care of. These were not taken of for several days and only taken care of because I stalked the maintenance guy who thankfully lives in my building. Problems kept arising such as cable was hard to hook up as nothing is labeled correctly, I never was able to switch over my electric cuz my unit number didn't exist to ComEd and so forth. However, I was relatively ok with things. It wasn't perfect but I could handle the way things were. Then I adopted my puppy Luigi! I was immediately contacted that I was not allowed to bring the animal to the apartment I rented. I was threatened with Animal Control and eviction which had me seriously distraught. I went straight to work figuring out what went wrong and discovered that I had in fact initialed that I would not have a dog. Which brought back the rush with the paperwork! I had specifically said on my application that I would be getting a dog. They didn't want me to see the small print and rushed me or I would never have signed the lease. However, this was my mistake and I am not a rule breaker so I admitted to being in the wrong and asked to be moved to a unit that would allow dogs for whatever cost and was told I couldn't have that until April. This was mid november. Right before the holidays. Most perplexing was many of the residents in my building have dogs. As I continued to try to work this out, I was threatened repeatedly with lawyers, yelled at and berated by Todd and just generally stressed. I then told them I would like to be released from my lease and I would vacate. I wrote a note and gave them my rent less the deposit. I heard nothing back and they cashed my check which my lease clearly states means they accepted my terms. Luckily I have friends who own a condo that I moved into during the holidays. Now they are theartening lawyers again but I'm so over them!! Try to avoid this company!!
19th Hole (customer) on CitySearch
I came across all of these postings on Citysearch and I just need to clarify something. I used to work for The Apartment Source for 2 years and I loved working there. The Apartment Source has nothing to do with TMG Management. The Apartment Source shares an office space with TMG Management and helps rent out some of their properties, but The Apartment Source represents about 30 different management companies around the city. The Apartment Source is owned and separately operated by a different manager than TMG Management. The Apartment Source is a broker and does not own or manage any property. It makes me upset that The Apartment Source is getting false negative reviews for a management company that is in the same office as they are. I do not know why Citysearch has not set up a separate review page for TMG Management yet. I loved working at The Apartment Source and they have been around for for over 20 years and have made so many people happy and get so many referrals its ridiculous. Almost 95% of the reviews on here have nothing to do with The Apartment Source and now I hope people realize this. I have worked for several different brokers around the city and by far, I enjoyed The Apartment Source the most.
Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
It's a simple fact that before I decided to rent from TMG Management/The Apartment Source that my experiences with the staff had been consis...
Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
I wish I could give NO stars. Todd Lawrence is totally rude and his default setting is to threaten you with his team of attourneys. To get...
Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
March 28th I gave Stamatios Shinas a realtor at Apartment Source $3000 cash for 1 month's rent 1 month security and pet deposit. I wanted to...
Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
Horrible experience, I can speak for everyone here. Repeatedly lies over the phone and face to face. They owe us $400 for not supplying ...
Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
I had the best experience with the apartment source--I was new to town and they were soooooo patient and gave me the red carpet treatment--H...
Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
...would I rent from them again. We moved in to the unit on August 1 of last year. The sales person with TMG promised that it would be clea...