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Adam's Personal Training

7739 Northcross Dr
Austin, TX 78757

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Ph: 5123749088


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cmyck2037 (customer) on CitySearch
Adam's one on one personal training sessions are great. He is a highly experienced trainer. He mixes up the sessions so I am never bored and am always learning something new. I have been very pleased with my experience so far.
emf (customer) on CitySearch
I really look forward to my training sessions with Adam because he has become someone who motivates me and yet jokes around with me to make me feel more comfortable. He is a great trainer as well as a great person. All around 2 thumbs up.
jhov (customer) on CitySearch
I have been working out with Adam for four years. When I first began,I felt that since I had been commited to my own fitness for more than thirty years, there was not alot new that anyone could teach me. I was wrong. Adam has introduced new workout routines on a regular basis, from kettle bells, to slow twitch muscle training, to calisthentics, to martial art routines. I have never been bored and am constantly learning new approaches to fitness. Jim Hoover
noswadj (customer) on CitySearch
If Adam can help *me* get results, he can help you, too! I have asthma, thyroid problems, and a lifetime track record of being sedentary. He patiently works around my bonking during workouts, trains around my occasional pains and injuries (I have never gotten injured working with Adam, though), and varies the workouts and keeps them exciting enough that I keep coming back. If you want things that are more fun than just traditional gym workouts, try Adam's kettlebell workouts, boxing practice, and orienteering classes. When you have minor injuries, he has a vast knowledge of stretching exercises that have always helped me out. Adam is great; try him!
roblellis (customer) on CitySearch
Adams workouts incorporate an array of cross training drills mixed with basic weight lifting techniques that keep the sessions motivating, challenging, and effective.
eclaire78028 (customer) on CitySearch
Adam is a great motivator. He is always available if you have questions or problems with the program that he sets forth for you.
kjsm (customer) on CitySearch
I've been training with Adam for about 5 months, and my fitness and strength have increased dramatically. Adam is an outstanding trainer, coach, and mentor. His training methods are very effective, because he incorporates proper posture and alignment work, strength training, and cardiovascular conditioning. The workouts are always different and always challenging, and incorporate anything from body weight exercises, kettlebells, traditional free weights, olympic lifts, pilates, Egoscue, or yoga. What's really cool is that every person at every fitness level learns to do these things, and Adam shows people that they can do things that they didn't believe they could do. Adam is very knowledgeable, approachable, and encouraging. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to get in shape, is in shape and wants to get to the next level, or who wants to reach specific goals.
kelsner (customer) on CitySearch
I've been designing my own workouts all my life and had always gotten satisfactory results. A couple of years ago, I seemed to run up against a wall and became increasingly frustrated with the mediocre results I was getting from my exercise and nutrition regimen. After meeting with Adam a year ago, I decided I'd try once last time to get in shape on my own. Now I wish I hadn't wasted that last year! After only two months working out with Adam, I am seeing and feeling the outstanding results that I have been looking for. My days following the morning workouts with Adam are filled with boundless energy and enthusiam. These are the hardest workouts I've undertaken since my days preparing for the Baja 500 and 1000 motorcycle races, but the afterglow is fantastic! My recommendation is to get started as soon as possible; there is nothing better of its kind in Austin.
Contributor (customer) on CitySearch
Nationally-certified personal trainer specializes in weight loss, strength training and sport-specific conditioning for people of all fitness levels.