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Acote Salon

132 Newbury St
Boston, MA 02116

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Ph: 6172625111


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boston732 (customer) on CitySearch
I moved to the Boston area a couple of years ago and have been trying out stylists at different salons. I finally found Donika at Acote and I'm so happy. My hair is not hard to cut, but everyone seemed to want to give me a big bowl head haircut no matter what I asked for- layers, geometric- I always walked out with a big round head. (And these were expensive salons!) Then I met Donika and she said, you need a more rectangular cut as your face is round!!! Eureka! I have had three haircuts and two color treatments and I can honestly say, this is just as cute as I can look. Thank you, Donika!
fruitytoons (customer) on CitySearch
I recently had my hair chemically straightened at Acote Salon. A section of my hair got broken off, so now I have a section of hair about the length and width of a finger that is half an inch high and sticking straight up unless I part the longer hair over it in a Donald Trump-esque combover routine. (The rest of my hair is fine, though it is falling out more than after past treatments -- I've had this done 3 times before, always in Asian salons with great results) I didn't realize that a section of hair got over-fried until it started growing in and stuck straight up. Now my coworker calls me 'cock-a-doodle-don't'! When I did notice the rooster-head, I called up and went back and got a complimentary scalp treatment (there is not much they could do to make my hair grow in faster), the promise of more scalp treatments as the hair grows in, a couple of nice free products, and, I think, an apology and contrition. I appreciated the gestures, and they handled it pretty well, although it would have been better to get gift certificates closer to the amount I had paid for the service (~$560). I don't anticipate trusting them again to straighten my hair. I also did not appreciate how the staff called me 'sweetie' -- I was too shy or annoyed to suggest that they either remember my name or not call me anything. Also, both times I was there much longer than they had initially told me: The initial straightening took 5 hours, longer than the 3-4 hours it has taken in the past, for instance. If you don't like an atmosphere of hanging around, spending more time than you had anticipated, and having several staff talk to you whether or not you are interested in a conversation, this is not the place for you. It is, however, a nice space, and a trendy ambience, to their credit.
daniellerosemarie (customer) on CitySearch
Alex is a lifesaver!!!! Going to get my hair done at Acote was a life changing experience. After having a long stressful week, i decided to treat myself to a new hair style and couldn't be more pleased with my results. Once you walk in the door, you feel like royalty. They take your coat, offer you a splendid cappaccino, and give you the best shampoo of your life. I went from having boring, frumpy hair, to life, body and fringe. The cut was amazing and the color was even more fabulous. I went from what alex calls a mousy brown to a nice rich chocolate with caramel highlights. YUM! Alex saved my week with his talent and charisma. Thank you So Much!
mdanillo (customer) on CitySearch
I just moved here from NYC and asked around at work for recommendations for a cool, stylish salon. A few people (with great hair) recommended Acote. I went in this week for a cut and full foil and was blown away. For the second you walk in, the treatment is nothing less than amazing. This isn't something you find in a quality salon in NY. The staff was very attentive, from the cappuccinos to the thorough consultation with my stylist, Alex. My haircut is the best I?ve ever had! You know when it just falls perfectly even if you blowdry it yourself at home? That?s a truly great cut! And the color is just beautiful. I get highlights regularly and the tone and dimension of the color is unlike any typical highlights I?m used to. I?m so happy to have found Acote, I am definitely a regular now! With all of the salons on Newbury, I had to share my experience!
juliasatar (customer) on CitySearch
I've never been compelled to write a review before, but I was just so impressed with the servise that I had to share. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. I've been in a few times now and have had an updo, a haircut and color (from blonde to brown). Each service was great. My recent color change looks so natural and I frequently get stopped by strangers asking where I get my hair cut! So i guess people are always looking for a great stylist. I highly recommend Alex at Acote. He's great and so is the entire staff!
babyax99 (customer) on CitySearch
Michael Caven works wonders. I have had my hair styled by the same man for 18 years. Michael was recommended by a co worker of mine, and I had to go because she said she got the best haircut of her life. As did I :) He is funny, creative, personable, and he gives the most amazing head massages. I will definitely be going to see Michael for as long as I live in boston!
medeiom1 (customer) on CitySearch
I travel but live in Boston and had difficulty finding a stylist that listens to my needs. I ask what I wanted and got it!! Great professional staff, no long waits, fashion attitude and beautiful people. Felt like home back in Europe, Thank you Gaston!!! I highly recommend this salon.
caroline723 (customer) on CitySearch
Acote is a very professional salon and I was impressed with it overall! Michael Craven is a genius with hair. He does wonderful cuts and beautiful colors! If you want to try a great stylist who will make your salon experience go to Acote and have Michael Craven work on your hair!!
seattle_wagamama (customer) on CitySearch
Acote can be a little busy during high traffic times, but you get great services and personal attention. I recommend coming in during the off-peak appts. Jana does amazing highlights - I don't usually go for the understated, but my caramel colored 'do complements my coloring so well! Jana does a quick, efficient haircut, following the same philosophy that less is more. Acote is friendly and a FANTASTIC value. My last appt corrected a terrible "highlight" job by another Newbury Salon, where I came out with pink (red + blonde highlights) hair for a whopping $150, excluding the trim (another $65). I was so pleased when Jana turned me around in the chair and viola! Is that Jackie O that I see, or me?! Plus, a lovely, free capuccino and only $105 for a partial foil and cut (using the citysearch offer for free cut with color service).
jcatalano (customer) on CitySearch
I got an awesome haircut at this salon - I was from out of town and in desperate need of a cut and color. I saw the free haircut with color process and decided to try it out, and I'm so glad I did. Not only did they fit me in that day, but Janida did a great job - she was professional, funny, and a perfectionist when it came to hair. She did a great job on the color and really listened to what I wanted when it came to the cut, which turned out even better than I expected - very hip and fun. And for Newbury St., the prices were pretty reasonable. This haircut made my trip to Boston. I'd definitely recommend this place to new customers -- ask for Janida!!
jhele0960 (customer) on CitySearch
I had a wonderful experiece at Acote salon. I am a guy and my haircut is pretty basic - short on the sides and the back - little longer on top ... my stylist that day was Amy and I was delightfully surprised how she skillfully cut my hair to look its very best. She was friendly, funny, charming, and attractive. I highly recommend her as a stylist... I left smiling. The prices are reasonable for such a high quality salon.
phillipdruce (customer) on CitySearch
I moved to Boston from NYC in Sept and had commuted back down to NYC to get haircuts through January but it was time to find someplace in beantown. after a bit of research i chose salon acote. I made an appointment and got a cut from Michael. As soon as Michael started cutting all of my aprehension went away, I knew I was in good hands. The guy was AMAZING, gave me the best haircut i've ever had. And, on top of quality stylists (which is reason enough to go), the entire staff was very friendly and even offered me an espresso as soon as i walked in. A good cut and quality crema is hard to find so don't pass this place up. and if you're looking for that NYC edge, look no further.
gsabean (customer) on CitySearch
I thought my wrongly-dyed, poorly-cut hair was doomed after a visit to the cheaper-type salon I typically went to. But the minute I walked into Acote, I was warmly greeted by Pascal and then talked on the couch with Donna about exactly what I wanted, and she listened intently. Later, I was sipping a yummy cappuccino, waiting for a conditioning shampoo to rid my hair of the muddy black color (tough to get out!) and my hair was back to its beautiful light brown in minutes... To top it all off, she gave me an INCREDIBLE cut and expert blowdry! This place is truly wonderful, HIGHLY recommended, and not too expensive. I even talked with Vincent Cox for a bit, and he was charming!
nozza (customer) on CitySearch
danielle has been cutting my hair for the last 2 yrs, my hair is really thick, frizzy and stubborn, despite this she makes me look like a hair model each time i step out of the salon.
kristen1212 (customer) on CitySearch
First time to Acote Salon and last. The atmosphere was nice, I was treated with respect. They gave me a glass of wine, thank God. That is about all the good I have to say. I went to this salon because I wanted to try something new. I have had the same haircut for a while and I just wanted to try something a little more stylish. My hair was a little longer than my shoulders and I asked her to cut it to just below my chin. It is sooo uneven! I was watching her face and she cut one peice to short and tried to hide it. She looked nervous which made me extremely nervous! A three inch section of my hair is a little shorter than the rest, and a straight cut. The rest of my hair is long layers which she really did not do a good job with. Now I have to go to another hairdresser to fix it, pay more money, and cut my hair shorter to even it out!Uggh. The only thing I can recommend if you plan on going to this salon is make sure you have someone very experienced do it. Other wise your wasting your money. I could have gotten this haircut at supercuts! They actually would have done a better job!
jewjew25 (customer) on CitySearch
Every time i go into acote, i come out feeling confident, and beautiful. I have seen many of the stylists there and even though i do not often write reviews, i just needed to say that this is the best hair salon i have ever been to. All the stylists are incredible. They have a passion for what they do, they understand many different techniques and they teach the client how to style their own hair. They showed me this flat iron that is also a curling iron (the ghd flat iron) was the best thing i ever purchased. You never feel pressured while your in there and the shampoo massage that they give you is superb. So when ever you are feeling down, take the time to make a hair appointment at acote, you will not be disappointed.
zoechloe (customer) on CitySearch
Recently, after receiving the worst hair style of my life, i decided to give newbury street one more chance and i am so glad i did. I chose acote after reading their reviews and looking at their modern website and decided i would try it out. Not only was the receptionist on the phone so sweet, when i entered the salon, they hung up my coat for my, made me feel comfortable and really took the time to consult with me to find out what i really wanted. The place was extremely clean and they do a fabulous job. the cut was perfect, just what i asked for and the lady that did my hair even showed me some tricks on how to style it. I was using the wrong products and now that i am home, i can finally recreate the look that she gave me. Thanks acote, you saved me.
amicci1976 (customer) on CitySearch
If anyone is ever in the need for a great go out look, you must see Danielle at Acote. I have seen her for many events, whether it is for a wedding updo or my birthday, she does it all and always makes me look fabulous. I am very fussy with my hair and she is the only hair dresser that i have found that understands me as well as my hair. Even with my stick straight hair, she manages to give me those soft bouncy ringlets like the movie stars and I feel like a celebrity when i walk into acote. that is how amazing the staff makes you feel. I appreciate them always squeezing me in, because i am not very good at planning and always making sure i have whatever i need while i am there. Plus, they throw the best parties in boston. I am so greatful for finding a place where i can relax and know that my hair is going to come out great. Danielle you are the greatest.
vivi3nna (customer) on CitySearch
first, it's a VERY crowded and noisy salon, the space is dirty, the floor was full of hair which kind of grossed me out . the atmosphere was bad, people are not too polite or nice. I asked to color my hair, and after sitting there for hours, it came out NOTHING LIKE WHAT I ASKED FOR. and i mean, NOTHING! it was TOTALLY different than what I wanted and I was shocked to see the result, I thought something went wrong. and as i expressed my concerns, all of the sudden, every stylist/assistant starts to convince me it's a better color for me (then why don't I like it?) / the color will change, wait for two weeks, it will be what you want (why can't I get the color i want NOW?)/ or oh it's because of the light/ oh it's because of your original hair color (yes, and it's like the stylist didn't see my ORIGINAL hair after we talked for 15 mins, before he color my hair right?)/ oh it's a better color (says who?)/ this is fashion, this is the trend, you don't want the color you asked for, we promised, (but I STILL WANT IT!) ... so in the end, they offered me half price to go there for the second try to color my hair AGAIN. .... I paid $315 tip+, and did I mention that the hair cut was HORRIBLE, basically he just cut some straight lines here and there, no technique was showed and the result was scary..... my hair is now short and heavy and dull....i really just CRIED right after I stepped out the door, on Newbury street, I can't believe I spent that much money for a worse look.... I'm still REALLY REALLY sad now, my hair is HORRIBLE, I've been upset for days, I don't know what to do.... I think it's really TOO BAD that I had to spent $315+ to look UGLY..... don't choose this place unless you're ready to look bad....... seriously....
stephanieeeee (customer) on CitySearch
Just moving to boston from New Hampshire, I felt like i didn't fit in yet. I needed a boston makeover. I had heard wonderful things about salon acote so i decided to give it a try. I little hesitant before i left, my fears were left at the door after entering this beautiful salon. The receptionist was so kind and inviting that my fears were at ease. She gave me some books to look through so i could get some ideas. I decided that i would leave it up to the stylist. the stylist said that my hair was way too long and that i needed to add some life back into it. She was so upbeat and perky i couldn't wait to get started. I told her anything is in fair game and that I just wanted a more up to date look. She said that this was going to be part of her spring collection and taht she was excited to do my hair. she got me excited. Needless to say, it was a perfect match. I have updated hair and she even gave me recommendations on get new affordable clothes. I felt like a princess when i left and i am so pleased i chose to go to acote. You guys are the best. Hello boston here i come.
stephigee (customer) on CitySearch
Just moving to boston from New Hampshire, I felt like i didn't fit in yet. I needed a boston makeover. I had heard wonderful things about salon acote so i decided to give it a try. I little hesitant before i left, my fears were left at the door after entering this beautiful salon. The receptionist was so kind and inviting that my fears were at ease. She gave me some books to look through so i could get some ideas. I decided that i would leave it up to the stylist. the stylist said that my hair was way too long and that i needed to add some life back into it. She was so upbeat and perky i couldn't wait to get started. I told her anything is in fair game and that I just wanted a more up to date look. She said that this was going to be part of her spring collection and taht she was excited to do my hair. she got me excited. Needless to say, it was a perfect match. I have updated hair and she even gave me recommendations on get new affordable clothes. I felt like a princess when i left and i am so pleased i chose to go to acote. You guys are the best. Hello boston here i come.
missbadhairday (customer) on CitySearch
Alright, first of all, to be fair, the reason I went to Acote was because(cringe)I tried to make my hair lighter with a CVS brand of hair dye and needed it to be fixed.Let me defend myself before you make any judgements:I've been living in Boston for going on seven years now, and not ONCE have I ever been satisfied with ANY Boston salon-done haircolor, so I decied to see if I could do it myself. I can't. Okay: I've tried multiple places, from cheap little Dellaria(where the cuts have always been great by the way) to finally Acote. Let me tell you, paying a higher price definitely does not get you a better result. I've had some great haircuts in the city, but Acote even got THAT wrong.They were rough with the comb and almost angry with the scissors(it was more like Jackson Pollack was cutting my hair when I would have preffered Sargent, or even Monet, and that guy's blind for cripes sake).Here's what I've always wanted: light ash blonde hair.I have light brown hair, so it really shouldn't be too hard to do,but Boston salons always make it a SLIGHTLY lighter yet MUCH redder shade of brown instead of anything even close to what I ask for. Acote's 'blonde' is the reddest I've had yet, and the most expensive(240 clams, which is before the tip).I see girls ALL OVER Boston with light blonde hair that's been dyed, perfect highlights, that lovely sunkissed summer look, and it isn't even CLOSE to red. WHERE ARE YOU BEAUTIFUL PROCESSED BLONDES GETTING YOUR HAIR DONE?I NEED TO KNOW.This is driving me NUTS.DON'T go to Acote.It's like the other person said who gave it a bad review:It was terribly crowded and loud.So crowded in fact, that I was taken upstairs where there were no other clients, stylest and NO speakers or music, just awkward silence as the stylist worked for FOUR HOURS(in at 10am, out at 2pm)for a dye, a partial foil, and a pretty unprofessional-bordering-on-violent haircut.Okay fine, the receptionist was a lovely,nice person.But that was the only good part.
trustyjusty (customer) on CitySearch
Guys need to rethink going to barbers. I had the best experience at Acote. My girlfriend dragged me to the salon, because she hates my long hair, i finally agreed to go and it was the best move i made. I thought a newbury salon would be very uptight and girly, but i love acote. Not only can you have a glass of wine and sit out on their beautiful porch but you also get a fantastic cut. No more buzzers for me. Going to acote is a fantastic experience. Alex was great. He knows sports, food, the city, etc. It was just like going to a barber but ten times better. Plus you get a fantastic head massage at the shampoo bowl. Don't worry alex, i will defitnatley be back and so will my girlfriend.
stilesbile (customer) on CitySearch
If you haven't tried it, you have to. Everyone must go to acote. The staff is wonderful. They are all sooooo nice. The salon is not snotty and the staff loves to have fun. you can tell everyone loves working there. They also are all good at what they do. Looking around, you see many wonderful hairstyles and color. They know what they are doing and that is more than i can say about most hair salons. Plus not everyone looked the same. Some salons only know how to do one kind of hair style and at salon acote, it is very versatile and diverse. There staff is as well. There are a lot of people that speak different languages and come from different countries. Salon Acote is great and I would recommend this salon to anyone that is looking for a great salon.
jsmihs1974 (customer) on CitySearch
Anyone looking for a salon should try out Acote. I went there years ago and then tried it again recently and I was so happy with the results. The salon has a great atmosphere and the staff is great! The owner was very friendly as well. They use great products and my color has stayed great! Glad I went back.
michelase (customer) on CitySearch
Look no further ladies. I have found the best salon in boston. There is no need to continue your search. Not only is it a salon at high end newbury street, but it is reasonably priced which is very hard to find. I have been coloring my hair for quite some time and for some reason my old hairdresser has just been making it darker and darker....it got to the point where my hair was jet black and it was no longer a look that i wanted to go for. I wanted to be a light brunette and have a softer look. I went on a recommendation to go to acote and was a little nervous. I had a consultation before i began and my nerves were at ease, Danielle really knows what she is doing. She gave me options and explained my options in words taht i could understand. She explained to me that it is extremely hard to lift my hair as it was so dark at the ends, she told me that it wouldn't be perfect this first time around but after we put a glaze on it, the shade of brown would be perfect and then my hair would look more natural. She understood exactly what i wanted and she gave me a fantastic blowdry. She took my harsh black hair and made me feel like pretty woman, I am so happy to have found salon acote and danielle.
stevewarshive (customer) on CitySearch
I have the worst head of hair in America. No one has been able to cut my hair. Not a barber, not a high end salon nobody has been able to give me a haircut that i wanted and looked good for my face shape. I have been disappointed numerous times and this time i was shockingly surprised. I was walking down newbury one day and I heard a song a liked coming from salon Acote. i was in desperate need of a haircut so i decided to see if they accepted walk ins. after all, i had a low expectations and they at least played good music. When I walked in, I was greeted nicely. I was asked what i wanted to drink, they hung up my coat and they told me that i would be taken right away and I actually was. I met my hairdresser, donika and we first talked. i told her what i wanted and then we headed back to the shampoo bowl where i got the best head massage of my life. Donika took her time, made me feel welcome and she gave me the haircut of a lifetime. I will never see anyone else. She is the first hairdresser in the world to give me what I wanted. She didn't make it too short of too long. My hair had texture and she even showed me some new products and that I should no longer use hairspray. I took her recommendation and my hair has never looked better. Thanks acote for making me a more confident person. My hair looks great and I will see you again in three weeks donika. You are the greatest.
davidbernam (customer) on CitySearch
not only do you get the best haircut of your life, but you get the best atmosphere as well. They are fashion forward, they throw parties and they know what they are doing. they all have talent and I enjoy talking to the whole staff at acote. I appreciate all that they have done for me and my hair. Thanks
gogoleegeorge (customer) on CitySearch
You have never been to another salon like this one. For one, they have a roof deck. In the nice weather you can go outside, have a glass a wine or a cappaccino, which they have both and just relax. you can hangout there. the staff is great, the receptionist is friendly. The music just sets the mood and tone of the salon and everyone cuts hair extremely well. I am very last minute, they always accomodate me and I love every person that i go to. they are extremely skillful and fun to talk to. I am so glad to have found a salon and a place in boston wehre i feel comfortable. thanks acote you are the greatest.
sandradeple (customer) on CitySearch
Getting Married is a hectic time anyway. After reading reviews and asking people for recommendations, I called acote, thinking that a newbury street salon would be way out of my price range but I was suprised. After speaking with the manager, Alex, he gave me the specs. calmed my nerves and made me feel welcome. He said that i was more than willing to come by and check out the salon and he would be happy to answer any of my questions in person. And i had a lot of them. To make a long story short. I was very happy with the service i got from acote and would recommend this salon to anyone having a bridal party as they are very accomodating, they do exquisite work and really know what they are doing. they can either go to the hotel or you can have it done in the salon. We chose to do it in the salon and they even had mamosas and breakfast for us when we got there in the morning. How sweet. I want to say a special thanks to those who did my wedding updos and blowdrys for my wedding party. Thank you Alex for setting it up and to Danielle, Donika Jana and liz for your beautiful work. We will all be back.
georgey256 (customer) on CitySearch
It was my first time going to acote and i enjoyed it very much so. They made me feel welcome and that i belonged there. some salons on Newbury Street make you feel like you are an inconveniance and that you are in the way, but not this one. They put money in your meter, offer you coffee and wine and they even have a deck for the clients' enjoyment. the haircut was the best i ever had as well. I love salon acote and Donika really knows what she is doing. thanks
andie30 (customer) on CitySearch
As a busy professional, I appreciate the fact that this salon works around my schedule. I have to book either very early, or very late appointments, and Acote is always accomodating. And my stylist, Susan, does a great job with anything I ask her for. I'm always made to feel special, and that my needs are the most important thing to them. I would recommend to anyone that they take the time to go to Acote. You won't be disappointed.
erikafrrrr (customer) on CitySearch
Not only was i excited about my new spring look, but I was even more excited taht I knew how to recreate it. They showed me what types of products I should be using, what type of brush and how to use the brush to create body. No one has ever taken the time to show me how to restyle my hair. I really appreciate them taking the time to show me and even how to create a poof in the front. Danielle really knows what she's doing and i highly recommend her. She is charismatic, fun to talk to and knows everything about the city. See you in six weeks.
hope76 (customer) on CitySearch
My friend has been going to Alex for years, and I finally went to him on her recommedation. Alex is very good at what he does, and was able to give my fine, limp, stick straight hair some life. I have (normally) the type of hair that you hear horror stories about. It has just never done anything. Just kinda hangs in my face. Alex managed to make it look fuller and healthier, and he also showed me how to get the same effect!!! And I've been able to reproduce it at home. THANK YOU ALEX!!!! I'll see you in 4 weeks. I would recommend anyone to go to Salon Acote, where they can make any hair look amazing.
chesterv (customer) on CitySearch
Everything about this place was well planned out. the name is cool, the location is great, the prices are affordable, they have a killer roof deck, everyone is sweet and their color and cuts are amazing. They were able to take my brown hair and make it look rich instead of flat. My hair has dimension and great layers. They also teach you the best ways to style it and what you should and shouldn't be doing with your hair. I am sooooo glad i discovered this place and have already told all of my friends to come here. Everyone is happy, the salon is neat and has a great environment. They have cappaccinos and espressos. They don't just give you a haircut, they give you self confidence. I hope all of you will go to Acote. Trust me it is definately worth it.
tracyev (customer) on CitySearch
If you have curly hair, this is the salon for you. Not only are all the stylists great at what they do, but the atmosphere is fun, everyone gets along and you feel like you are a part of the team. They really care about your hair. I was going out for my birthday on a saturday night and the hair dresser blowdried my hair perfectly. Alex, the stylist then said that he wanted to flat iron my hair, free of charge to make sure it last and to get that last kink out. I was not only greatful because it was complimentary but that he took his time and really got it pin straight. I have never had my hair that straight and it really made the night special. I looked great for my pictures and I owe it all to salon acote.
kathyrfig (customer) on CitySearch
This salon is different than anyone i have ever been to. For newbury street, the prices are fabulous. No where else, can you get a blowdry starting in the thirty range and a haircut in the fifty range. They are very accomidating, always open, whether it is late at night or most holidays and they no what they are doing. You always feel relaxed, your hair comes out beautiful and you feel like a celebrity as they accomidate to your every need. There is no need to go anywhere else. I have sent all of my friends and they feel the same way. Go to Acote, you wont regret it. My color has gone from blond to brown and back again. for most people their hair would be falling out but, mine is in great condition because my stylist knows what she is doing. I have had every color in the book, becuase i like change and every time my highlights come out great and my one processes rich. I am so very happy with the color that acote is able to provide and the fact that the salon sells kerastase is amazing. it is the only product line that I will use. It really makes the color last. thanks acote for the great haircuts but especially my always changing color. You truly are number one.
pattieking (customer) on CitySearch
Everyone must try salon acote. It is the best place I have ever been too. I don't always love getting my hair done, because I don't like to wait, sometimes the atmosphere is no good; however at salon acote, it is very lively and the people are great. My hair came out amazing and i didn't have to wait. they accept walkins they use the best products on their clients and all of the hairdressers are really passionate about what they do. I saw alex, who gave me the best color and cut I have ever gotten. He goes to hair dressing classes all the time to keep updated with the current looks and i think that is great because my hair will always look trendy. He knows everything from hair and fashion to shopping, cooking, etc. He is so easy to talk to about anything, plus i completely trust him to do my hair as well as all my friends. If you are looking for a new salon, this is the place to be.
paternest (customer) on CitySearch
I'm not used to writing reviews, but i had such a great experience at this salon that i couldn't resist. The people are fabulous, the hairdressers really know what they are doing. You feel like a million bucks from the first time you enter until you leave and even after your hair looks fabulous and you just want to be out so everyone can see your new do'. I have never been more pleased and I have been to a lot of places; however my loyalty now belongs to Susan at acote. She's fun and makes me look and feel great. Plus she knows a lot about the city. I really enjoyed my experience at acote and I hope that everyone gets a chance to try this salon. You will not be disappointed.
kim334 (customer) on CitySearch
salon acote is more than hair. it is an experience. the best part of acote besdies the hair dressers skill and ability to make everyone look beautiful, is that they have evening appointments. also if you go in the evening and you are the last one there, they do not make you feel bad about it like some salons do. they don't rush you. they make you feel like you are part of the acote family and that is a very nice feeling. everyone should go to acote. the staff is great, the salon is beautiful and everything is clean. it is a fun environment and great music. go to acote, i highly recommend it.
ryanstevelas (customer) on CitySearch
I hate to admit this, but I perfer to go to a hair salon rather than a barber. I feel that they stylists do a better job with a scissor and comb rather than a buzzer. I also hate to admit that I found this hair salon by attending one of their parties. By the way their parties are fantastic, which shows that they really care about their clientele. Anyway, this hair salon is soooo unique. From their music, to their diverse staff, you will receive any type of cut that you are looking for. I was so impressed that I will be coming here as long as I live in boston. and to those men out there that are still hung up on barbers, go to a nice hair salon. there is a big difference.
mmiss77 (customer) on CitySearch
Acote is a seemingly beautiful European styled oasis tucked in an upstairs loft on Newbury st. The look and feel are what got me hooked initially to this salon. My first experience was great. I had a stylist that gave me a great cut . After referring coutless people to this stylist, she started to get lax in her services. There would be a 30-40 minute wait each time I arrived for a service. often times delaying me way back in my schedule. There would never be an apology or an offer to say give me a complimentary service of low monetary value or some type of olive branch extended. The stylist would take me after a 40 minute wait and then appear frustrated and angry that they were still in the salon well after closing time, as if it were my fault. All in all, the emphasis at Acote as fas as this stylist goes is get the clients hooked initially and then after we refer countless of clients, start making us feel as if their time is the only time that is precious and adding insult to injury , having us leave with the worst possible cut, color we have ever received. Super cuts could have done what D did to my hair.
tabithatab (customer) on CitySearch
There is no need to try any other salon. Fabulous stylists, fabulous atmosphere. Great location, friendly. There is nothing else to say but you will end up looking great. Go To Acote. Make yourself look and feel even better.
laurensaches (customer) on CitySearch
Everyone needs to go to Acote. I have never had a better hair experience. First of all, if you are feeling down and need a pick me up, this is the place to go to. They make you feel welcome, beautiful and more importantly relaxed. I was put at ease from the moment i walked in to the moment i left. The front desk was thoughtful and asked to hang my sweater and get me something to drink. they offered me books to look at for hairstyles and I had a choice of sitting at the coffee bar, couch or even outside on their patio. I have never heard of a newbury street salon with a patio. It was gorgeous filled with flowers and modern furniture. I was amazed and didn't want to l eave. I was seen right away and I was givin the best head massage of my life. I didn't want to get up from the shampoo bowl. I was just there for a style because i was going to a wedding and they did everything i wanted and more. I have very curly hair and I just wanted it to be straight, but not stick straight as i don't like my hair flat. As the stylist spun me around and i looked at myself in the mirrior, i was thrilled, I had fabulous hair. I felt hot, which made me soooo happy. It was bouncy and playful and it was exactly what I always wish i could do to myself. I will defitnatly be back. Go to acote. you will not be disappointed and get a cappaccino
chintilsage3333 (customer) on CitySearch
Me and a couple of my girlfriends were going out for a ladies night and we wanted to start of the night right with fabulous hair. We were doing some shopping on Newbury and we stumbled by salon Acote. It was the best hidden treasure ever. We walked up the stairs to beautiful french music and we were so excited. We were greeted pleasantly. they took our coats, everyone was laughing and we felt right at home. we were taken right away, even though we didn't have an appointment and that there was three of us. While getting my hair done, i enjoyed myself thouroughly. I had a great head massage at the shampoo sink, i had a nice espresso and the best blowdry of my life. My hair is fine with not a lot of life to it. the girl told me that i need to swear by ghd fat hair lotion. I didn't beleive her until i saw my hair. It was full, it had movement. I felt beautiful. I felt like a victoria secret model. I was soooo excited to go out. I talk to my girlfriends and they had the same wonderful experience. Thank you Elizabeth, Danielle and Donika. It was truly a pleasure. It was such a nice treat, to find a salon where you belong, be well taken care of and you don't have to worry. I would defitnattely recomment this salon. We had a great ladies night.
satiangosienna (customer) on CitySearch
If you are getting married, or going to a wedding, ball, gala. This is the place you need to be. They are creative, accomodating and patient. They really listen to you. They can do funky to simple. For my wedding, they took care of twenty people. I could not find another salon that would accomodate this on a saturday. They were well organized. They have two floors and everyone looked fantastic. I had some bridesmaids that wanted traditional chignons and french twist but then others wanted elaborate updos with curls and flowers in their hair. I also had the mothers, we wanted elegant blowdrys and little flower curls that just wanted beautiful curls. Acote took care of everything and did more. I looked beautiful and I didn't need to stress over my family which was really nice for once. They had cakes, cookies, cheese and crackers they had wine, coffee, espresso, you name it. They were great and reasonably priced. they even do makeup. Thanks acote for making my wedding day a huge success.
akate311 (customer) on CitySearch
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lola4566ty (customer) on CitySearch
After living in the dreary cold weather. I needed something light and fun to cheer me up. Not being able to go away this year, I decided to get highlights instead. I needed a change from my dull hair. i have kept it the same way for years and realize that I am not getting any younger and that I need to have a little style. Some of the girls at work recommended that i go to acote. After hearing all of the wonderful things that they said, i decided to try it. My experiance was like being away. It was so light and cheerful in the salon. Not at all dull and boring like my hair. It was a fun atmosphere, with music, food, wine and some women were even dancing. Right off the bat, i knew i was going to like it here. Not only was the atmosphere great, but my hair came out tremendous. I have never seen myself look so good. It brought a smile to my face and i even wanted to go out that night. I cut my hair shoulder length, so i could said goodbye to my boring ponytail and hello to my trendy bob, with soft caramel highlights. My hair looks great and I feel great. This was the greatest experiance i have had in boston since i moved here.
jackiedollyd (customer) on CitySearch
If you want to get noticed before a night on the town, see acote. they are the masters of style. Before bartending on New Years Eve, I wanted it to be a prosperous 2008, so I got my hair done before work. i just wanted a style, didn't know what but I wanted perfect hair. After talking to my stylist, we agreed that a simple blowdry just wouldn't do, so we decided to go the other way with curls. I am not sure what she did, but when she spun me around, I looked amazing. I had Jessica Simpson ringlets and they even lasted all not. I just wanted to say thank you acote for my amazing hair and the amazing tips i received that night.
masters2010 (customer) on CitySearch
I found Acote Salon online and decided to make an appointment to check it out. Upon first impression, Acote was nice. The receptionist was friendly and the atmosphere was great. The problem I had with Acote was the actual experience of having my hair cut. The woman seemed like she had ZERO interest in cutting my hair or making it look good. I tried making conversation several times but to no avail. After at most 15 minutes of cutting, done. I didn't really have anything to say, it was the length I asked for yet as I said, she seemed as if she had no interest in whether or not I liked the haircut. She rinsed my hair off, dried it, then...left. She went to the back room to have a snack and I was left alone rummaging through the stuffed closet of coats to find the stuff I had left with her. It was a nice touch to wrap up the experience. Acote has gotten lots of great reviews so I don't doubt that they do a good job but I was thoroughly disappointed in my experience there. I won't be going back.
mimifrom (customer) on CitySearch
I've been to other salons on Newbury before, I have been to newer, more expensive salons, but I have never found a place as completely satisfying as Acote. Staff (Alex), service (everyone), extras (cappaccino) all make the experience memorable. I love the music, the parties, the atmosphere. Please open up an Acote in New York so I don't have to go so long between highlights. I can't wait to see Miami Safar.
jennyhally (customer) on CitySearch
Everyone needs to go to acote. Guys and girls, don't be scared of Newbury St. It is the best experience of your life and it is really not that pricey. I have seen more expensive hair salons in the suburbs. they have great deals for students and as a young professional I am hooked. the staff is great, everyones friendly and you leave looking and feeling fantastic. Allison even showed me how to acheieve this look at home. I am so greatful that I have finally learned to blowdry my hair on my own. I leave my house every day feeling like i just stepped out of the salon.
mmiran (customer) on CitySearch
I am not one to write reviews, but I felt I needed to as a way to thank them for all they did while I was there. After reading the other reviews, I was confident that this was going to be a good place to go and I can honestly say I was not disappointed. Coming in, this place was packed and I thought I was going to have to wait. After less than 10 minutes I was assigned a stylist and immediately he started working on my hair. Since I had no clue what I wanted, he went through the books and found a picture of Nicole Richie with short hair and thought that her haircut would look great on me. Of course, I was a bit scared since I had really long hair, but the results were amazing!! The color and cut were great..total transformation. Besides the great results he achieved, I have to say that the service was great. The receptionists are very welcoming, offering cappucino, cookies, or tea while you are there. Everyone works so well together and help each other out. Just like he said "we are family". The interesting part of this whole experience was that my stylist turned out to be the owner and I had no idea. Everyone seems to be very highly trained, professional, and very attentive. I've received so many compliments that without a doubt I will go back there. Highly recommended.
Dream410 (customer) on CitySearch
If you don't mind waiting, this is a great salon. The stylists are very talented, and the atmosphere is fun. However, I have yet to be seen at my appointment time and that's a little frustrating.Overall, I would recommend it.
ashleycool (customer) on CitySearch
this place is great for weddings or formal functions. My sister is getting married and I want her hair to look great so I asked my friends where to go and they recommended acote. I was not disappointed. We walked in, the place was light, bright and we were offered a ton of free amenities. They even have sangria. They have a beautiful porch and liviely music. they have plenty of seating in order to wait for my sister and I didn't feel any pressure when I was in there. My sister had no clue what she wanted and her stylist never gave up. She tried her hair up, down, half up, curls, straight, rollers. You name it, it was done. The stylist was upbeat and positive and I don't know how because my sister was getting on my nerves. However every style looked great and we took pictures. We still can't decide on a winner but we have narrowed it down to two. This place was so great that I have found my new stylist. i am so excited to get my color done.
mikecol (customer) on CitySearch
this place is amazing. everyone needs to come here. I have never met such nice, upbeat people in boston. everyone was stylish and trendy just minus the attitude. I met the owner who served me whine and made me laugh. My stylist new exactly what I wanted and even offered to show me how to get my best results. I will definately be back and will bring all my girlfriends. I had a great experience. thanks
sockerelf (customer) on CitySearch
THis was my first time getting my eyebrows waxed in Boston, as I'm from out of state but go to school here. I looked online for salons and spas and reviews and decided this place seemed like the best. THe girl on the phone was very nice while I was making my appointment and when I got there the place was attractive and clean, and the employees were quite welcoming, offering me tea, coffee, or water and giving me magazines to read while waiting. My stylist showed up about 15 minutes after my scheduled appointment but was friendly as she brought me upstairs into a neat and comfortable waxing room. The waxing itself was painless, which was surprising, and quick and I left quite happy. When I got home, however, I noticed my eyebrows didn't really have any shape and the area underneath my eyebrows was red, almost scarred, and stung badly. I put neosporin (+ pain relief) on the area, and on my upper lip which was the same way, but it only made it sting more. It's been 2 days now and the redness and pain hasn't gone away, and I've had to work very hard with makeup to cover it up each day. I got a better wax back home for $18 (lip and eyebrows combined) than I did here for $30. Although the staff was nice, I won't be going back here for waxing again.
mikedatonamand (customer) on CitySearch
I thouroughly enjoyed my experience at Acote. My girlfriend has been getting her haircut, color, waxing etc at this salon for years and has been trying to get me to go to. I am a guys guy and that it was girly to go to a salon. After receiving one of the worst haircuts of my life at a barbershop, i decided that i would listen to her and try it. I will never go back to a barbershop. Guys you do not know what you are missing. They have espresso, wine, a wonderful shampoo and a good haircut really does change your appearance. I have somewhat difficult hair as it is wavy/curly and my hairdresser knew how to cut it perfectly. He left it a little longer that my barber would have, but he said he took out the bulk, with special scissors. What ever he did. I look great, feel great and will be returning to Acote. I hate to admit this but my girlfriend was right. Guys you need to go to a salon. The service here was spectacular.
sarahhahhahahah (customer) on CitySearch
The best hairdressers in boston work at acote. Not only is this place not intimidating; they have reasonable prices for being on Newbury st. Not knowing what I wanted. My hairdresser gave me suggestions on what I should do for my face shape and lifestyle. She was brutally honest which i liked because some of the haircuts that I like may not look good for my type of hair or for being in college. As we flipped through pictures, she was very supportive and helped me decide a look that was perfect. Even when i kept changing my mind, she stayed patient and i was greatful for that. I love me hair, she showed me how to style it myself and I will definately be returning to acote. I love me new style
Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
I needed a haircut. Badly. I have one day a week when I do not work- Monday. Do you know how hard it is to find a nice salong open on Monday? Acote was the only one on Newbury, and I wasn't going to sacrifice my hair to Supercuts for the sake of convenience. I got an early afternoon appointment at Acote, got an ADORABLE, friendly, youthful, fun, and accomodating sylist named Janida, and now have a new head of curls. She gave me tips on how to make my hair absolutely gorgeous with what little money I have from my student retail job, and has gotten in touch with me since to again, plot out the fate of my tresses. PROS: Great atmosphere, wonderful hours! CONS: A bit of sales pressure
Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
I had my hair done 2 weeks ago at acote. I was visiting from the uk and the marriott hotel recommended them and made an appointment. I had been there before and it was ok, but I was desperate to get hair done and didn;t know anywhere else to go. Was greeted by Donatella who did a partial head start to finish, plus a haircut in 1 hour and 20 minutes. Charged me $189 and didn't even come over to see me when I complained at the desk. I am not happy, My hair is an absolute mess. I cannot even have the colour correscted as it is so bad. The cut is uneven, but seriously, the colour looks like a bottle of peroxide was dropped on my head. Poor customer service and really poor after care. Will make sure to pass on my bad experience.
Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
I had a wonderful experience with a new hairdresser here after winning a free haircut. I had some bad work done at a different salon, and my hairdresser was more than happy to fix it at Acote, all while offering me cappucino and fresh strawberries. I had a great time.
Citysearch User (customer) on CitySearch
I had an okay hair cut. For boy hair, I expect a pretty good cut for $40. Over the years I have had very nice hair cuts and very cheap hair cuts. The one I got here was equal to a $15 mall hair cut. Acote did have a kid decked out in designer gear sweeping the floor though. I guess that counts for something. I heard good things about this place, it just depends who you get. I wouldn't suggest walking in off the street. PROS: It's hip and I know there are good stylists there. CONS: Be picky. Don't take just anyone.
RebeccaK22 (customer) on CitySearch
I wish I had the same stylist that these other reviewers had. I dread getting my hair cut because I hate it every time. I have pretty long hair and I had no idea what i wanted to do with it. I called Acote because of all the great reviews and they said that because I was a first time client, they said when I arrived they would look at my hair and place me with the best fit stylist. When I got there the hostess told me to wait while she got the manager to come give me a consultation. I thought that was great. Much to my dismay there was no consultation - I was given a random stylst. I told the stylist that everytime I get my haircut I always think it is boring when I leave. So I told her that I simply did not want a boring haircut - pretty much anything! Everything she said I wasnt thrilled with and kinda nodded it off, reiterating that I did NOT want a boring cut. And what did I come away with? BORING! After being told 4 times that her next client was waiting, and feeling very uncomfortable in the chair, she was done. She said "how does it look" and all I could come up with was "healthy" because all the split ends were gone. Not to mention she tried to get me to schedule an appointment for highlights (I have never colored my hair, nor do I want to). She said she cut it 4 inches ... which was more like 6 or 7. I cannot do anything with this cut ... so I will wear my hair in a ponytail for the next 3 months, like I usually do after I get a haircut ...
mdiv (customer) on CitySearch
WOW! I am not the type to write reviews but I felt compelled to write something. I saw Alex Safar for a highlight and haircut, and he transformed me. I am so happy I went here, from the service, to the interior design, and not to mention the beautiful results. I will be back every 6 weeks, I have never been so happy to find a hair salon. You will not be dissapointed at Salon Acote.
kevgrev (customer) on CitySearch
You must go to Acote. there is a fun upbeat atmosphere. The most talented stylists and you feel like a million bucks when you leave the salon. After having a bad day, Acote knew how to cheer me up. When you walk in they hang up your coat, offer you espresso and show you where to be seated. this salon is great. Before you get a cut, you get a consultation and then the best shampoo of your life. This was my first time at acote and it was so worth it. Allison showed me how to style my hair. She told me what type of product would be good for my hair and what size brush would be needed. She wasn't pushy and really knew what she was talking about. She told me to keep my regimine simple. I love the way she cut my hair and now it looks like i came out of the salon on a daily basis. Thanks allison. I will defitnately be back. She also told me the pros and cons about bangs. I went for it and I love them. I love acote. Everyone was friendly and I was taken right away even though it was an evening appt. I would defitnately recommend this salon to anyone looking for great service.
mickeydani (customer) on CitySearch
Acote is AMAZING. SERVICE is two thumbs up. After being stressed out because of the holidays, this place really calmed my mood. I was going home to Kansas and wanted to look good as I would be seeing my ex. I wanted to do something radical, but never have the courage to do it. After consulting with my stylist, she suggested that we either radically change the cut or the color and not both, as it would be too extreme ending up not satisfied. She was right. I am so glad I listened. I was in a mood. I went from having goldem highlights to chocolate brown hair and I love it. I kept my haircut pretty similar except cleaned up my dead ends. At the end of my blowdry, my stylist suggested if I wanted a change in the look of my haircut that she could either make it pin straight or curl it and have some loose waves. I went for the loose waves because I love Blake Lively on gossip girl and she was right. The haircut looks completely different and now i am ready to go back home with confidence. Thanks acote. I love the salon, the people, the place and even though it was before the holdidays they were willing to take new clients. this place is great.
sarahsmith848 (customer) on CitySearch
Last Saturday I went to salon Acote and had my hair cut. It was my first time and was told on the phone that when I arrived I would be placed with a stylist that worked well with my hair type. I was given to a stylist called Mihal. He looked cool from the start. He and I decided what to do with my hair and I felt comfortable right away. Everyone in the salon was super friendly and offered me snacks and fancy coffee. The music was really fun and I felt like I was at a party. I loved the way my hair came out. He gave me these really awesome bangs that are kind of funky but still wearable. It was the first time I came out of the salon looking great and was able to recreate it at home. I also figured out tons of my friends go there too. So next time we are all going together. In the afternoon (they serve wine!!) So we can all hang out and get our hair done. So fun and not to expensive. Busy on saturday so expect a short wait but it doesn't matter because its a fun atmosphere.
deeds24 (customer) on CitySearch
My girlfriend recently talked me into seeing her stylist at Acote Christina. I had been going to a barber shop near my office downtown and she thought it would be a good idea to upgrade a little. I honestly wasn't that into it the guy that cuts my hair does just fine and It looks ok. My girlfriends hair is really nice so I decided to try it. I had a really good experience. I didn't realize how much better I could look with a little extra attention to detail instead of the usual 2 on the sides. Its a little longer then I usually wear it but it does look more professional. I really liked christina she was cool funny and down to earth. I also hate to admit it but I liked the really relaxing shampoo and head massage. They served expresso and I was in and out pretty quickly.. I will be going back its a lot cooler then where I was going and I heard they have killer parties.
nktw (customer) on CitySearch
Although I've been to this salon and had a good experience myself, I recently recommended it to a friend and she left with SECOND DEGREE BURNS ON HER SCALP, literally. Her stylist was overbooked and left her under the heat lamp for far too long. This was about a week ago and her hair is starting to fall out - the burn was that bad. For a salon in this price range one expects not only a quality haircut and color, but also to leave physically unharmed. I will never be returning to Acote and will make sure that none of my friends do either.
hariteitiasand (customer) on CitySearch
I come to Boston once every couple of months and I always come to Acote. I do not trust any other stylist. I can't get enough compliments about my hair. I have been coming here for six years and I have never been disappointed. Each time I come in I feel at home. I'm greeted by the friendly staff and offered numerous goodies. Since I have been going there for so long there are always familiar faces and everyone asks how i've been. It's nice to feel welcome. The place is exquisite, always clean and they even have a rooftop patio that you can't get enough of in the summer time. Alex always makes me laugh. My hair comes out perfect. Whether I want to go a little bit lighter or darker. He is always accomodating and makes me feel at ease if I am nervous about changing the cut. He makes sure to give a thorough consultation because cutting. I appreciate this. Sometimes I just come in for a blowdry and style if i have an event to go to and it is always done right. There have been numerous times, where danielle, susan and allison have styled my hair making me look chic and fabulous. Acote will always welcome you and they are consistantly fabulous with their services. I trust everyone at Acote with my hair. I would defitnately recommend this salon to all of my friends. Even my fiance get his haircut there now too.
STVGR (customer) on CitySearch
I have to tell you, I have had good haircuts before, and usually i just go to a barber shop or what ever is nearby my place, but recently I got my haircut at acote because I had a coupon and figured what the hell, why not treat myself to a fancy newbury street haircut. Well I got to say, there is a lot to be said about a fancy newbury street haircut. My hair has never looked this good. I am not sure if I just lucked out in who I got to cut my hair, his name was Richard, and after chatting a little bit, it was obivious he was no novice to the field or to that salon, but again I have to say that I look great. He asked me exactly what I wanted my hair to do and after examining my hair and me for that matter he was direct and honest about what could be achieved with my hair. Above and beyond the great hair cut, the staff was really cool and upbeat and setting was relaxed. I figured I would walk in a place with a bunch of pretentious snobs and that was not the case. Very refreshing. I will definately be back to see Richard soon.
smirthdao (customer) on CitySearch
I have always heard great things about acote but for some reason never tried it. I went with one of my friends the other day and I didn't want to leave. The friendly and helpful receptionist told me that when I called I would be placed with someone that is good with my type of hair. Right away I was excited, because I don't think i have easy hair to cut as it is curly but I only wear it curly half the time. When I got there I was greeted by Allison who seemed cool right from the start. Before we did anything we talked about my hair. Looking at her, she had straight hair, but she told me that she has extremely curly hair. I felt at ease right then. She really listened to what I wanted. She understood my problems, because she had similar hair. The shampoo was amazing and the haircut was even better. I told her that I was going to a birthday party that night and she asked if I wanted it styled a certain way besides just a blowdry to look great for the party. There is such great customer service at this salon and everyone seems to get along. There was great coffee, music and conversation. I think i had a better time at the salon than i did at the birthday party. However, my hair looked fab. I will defitnately be back.
areselyana (customer) on CitySearch
let me preface by saying that I am not easy to please. I have very simple hair however hairdressers seem to take too much off or not put enough layers. I didn't want a drastic change just to shape my hair. I got my hair done by the owner, Alex and was thrilled. He was charming, talented and I loved every minute of my experience. This salon does a lot for their clients. Alex was telling me that they put on fashion shows, have cut a thons for chairty and throw parties for the clients. I was amazed. I have never heard of this. I have also never seen a salon with a beautifully landscaped patio attached. It is breath taking. I am so happy i found this spot. If you want to feel relaxed and beautiful. Go see alex. The best part is that i can recreate the look he gave me on my own. I am so happy.
Contributor (customer) on CitySearch
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