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business A1 Central Transmission cover

A1 Central Transmission

1045 Central Ave
Kansas City, KS 66102

This business has been closed

Ph: 9133717171


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Customer Feedback

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Wes1964 (customer) on CitySearch
These guys are extremely shady, extremely disorganized. It recently changed ownership, and they may or may not be good mechanics. But they will definitely overcharge, they install used /rebuilt /remanufactured parts without telling the customers.
pucker357 (customer) on CitySearch
Central Auto Sales... Known as A1 Central Transmission- have been great to people. The owner is extremely nice and a great person. If there isn't a car there you want he can get it. Knowing the economy is lousy rite now he will shoot you a deal not found around town. Low down payments and reasonable prices are the number one for this business! You show with no car and he will put you in a car and you will be on your way down the road. This business is one great place to shop for a used car. Give them a call today if you are needing a car. Thanks Guys for my 2002 Chev Cavalier....runs great and has been greatly dependable for me.....TY!