Seeing the Human Spirit Leave the Body at Death

by Iya B of Seven Mystic Women Spirit Guided Psychics (13-Oct-2008)

 Being a nurse for 20 years and spending nearly all of those years in the geriatric setting I have seen more than my fair share of death, its impossible to avoid.  I have always been sensitive since I was a child but never really gave it much thought , it was normal to me.  I always would see lights flashing around the room, or know when something was going to happen but never really gave it too much thought, I thought everybody had these experiences.  As I got older I knew it was something not everyone experienced but also felt it was something not to be talked about with people outside of my family.  Even within my family it was not taken seriously in spite of the fact that both my sisters have had some similar experiences.
When I began my nursing career these experiences increased and it was something I could no longer ignore.   In the beginning when I would see the flashes of light coming down the hallway in the nursing home or the patient’s rooms, I realized it was spirit energy, sometimes I would get a sense of who it was but not always.   One day while sitting with a dying young woman; I felt the urge to tell her that her mother was at the foot of her bed (I had seen her light); but sadly I said nothing because I was afraid the hospice aide would think I was crazy, to this day I regret not saying anything.  I kept the information to myself because it was hard finding a way to explain how I knew what I knew, and for the longest time even where the information was coming from was a mystery to me.  I now know what I see is Sprit Energy and  and the information I get comes from my Spirit Guides.  Now I think nothing of letting others know about what I see and hear, with age comes wisdom and a big mouth (I don't worry anymore what other people might think of me).
Several years ago I was sitting on the bed patient of mine holding his hand as he was taking his last breaths I saw something that I will never forget.  I had known there was someone there to greet him because I had sensed a presence, and I praying for him let go.  As he sank down in his bed surrendering his last breath I saw a beautiful silvery and blue light come out of the middle of his forehead, if I had blinked I would have missed it.  It was amazing…. And I knew immediately what it was; it was his soul/ his spirit exiting his body. Everything he was in this life in that little ball of light no bigger than a walnut.  It gave me chills and a peaceful feeling of reassurance that there is so much more after this lifetime. I have seen the spirit leave the body many times since then and it takes my breath away every time.   If ever there is an opportunity to be with a loved one in their last hours do not shy away from it for fear the emotions will be too much to take in.  More often than not the family members say that the experience was something they never expected and they use the word “Beautiful” to describe it, and that it is a memory they will always treasure.
I wish more people could experience some of the things that I have so they would know for sure as I do that life truly does go on after this lifetime.  Death is very sad for those left behind but for those moving forward it is a new beginning, a rebirth…an evolution toward their higher self.   Be open to other worldly experiences and aware that we all have the same ability.  Learn to meditate in whatever way is comfortable for you and connect with your Spirit Guides and Angels, you will be glad you did

God Bless


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