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CE Restaurant Belmont
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Avenue Deli Lexington
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Top Rated Restaurants - Waltham

"Upbeat and friendly atmosphere, great service and serious food combine to make a terrific meal." ..."The service is decent, if a little distracted, but dishes arrive quickly and frequently." ...
"The service was friendly, but bad." ..."The service is also fast and nice." ..."Service was excellent!" ..."It's always colorfully decorated with lights and the service and people are great." ...
"Waiter and Somelier very helpful, very good wine at a very good price, actually went for it and had 3 courses on recent new year's eve and found veal and gnocchi dishes to be very well prepared and presented." ...
"The food is delicious, service was great." ..."Service is friendly and efficient." ..."Good but not perfect : I like pad thai, but despite the first reviewer's comments, I've stopped ordering pad thai from the green papaya." ...
"food was good as was service, but our wine came late after we had almost finished appetizer, and then our main course came immediately after we finished apetizer." ...
"The food was great, the service was great and a very good time was had by all." ..."Service was exceptional ; Sean was very knowledgable about the wine selections." ...
"Whether you want a standard steak sub, a great chicken sub, or an eclectic combination, this place is great at everything it makes!" ...
"My family and I go to this place all the time, this place is great for the kids and for the adults as well ( good service, great margaritas & fun outdoor dining )." ...
"nice italian, upscale for the burbs." ..."Warm, informal, romantic atmosphere, delicious food without the `` attitude'' experienced in some similar local restaurants." ...
"I highly recommend the nachos and chicken tender platter, the chicken tender platter was probably the best I've had in the Boston area!" ...
The popularity of the restaurants is computed based on number of Rahs and Boos and strength of sentiment expressed by the reviewers. E.g a restaurant that contains reviews such as "great ambiance and awesome service" would rank higher than another one that consists of reviews like "good food and decent service", though both of them are positive and rated a Rah.
Waltham, MA
(Rank out of 140 cities in Boston Metro)
Rank is computed based on # of restaurants thatrated better than 85% across all cities in the metro

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