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Restaurants Kirkland, WA

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Café Harlequin Kirkland
Oct 2008, 1 Review(s)
Oct 1999, 0 Review(s)
Nov 2010, 0 Review(s)
India King Bellevue
Jul 2010, 0 Review(s)
Barrio Bellevue
Sep 2009, 0 Review(s)
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Top Rated Restaurants - Kirkland

"The food has always bee from great to perfect, the wine list is very fairly priced ( and I know the wholesale prices ), ambiance is always warm and cozy, and service has always been very good to great." ...
"Quality sushi at reasonable prices, Rikki Rikki has one of the best sushi chef on the eastside." ..."Not the best sushi restaurant, but good for its location." ...
"The wine selection and number of flights is very good." ..."Great selection of small/large plates and unique wine" ..."Decent food & good wine!" ...
"If you want a good place to eat, with a fabulous view and you don't want to drive to Seattle from the Eastside, there are several places to go." ...
"Good service, great great crowds, decent food, excellent pricing, and very convenient for Kirkland residence." ..."On the postive side - the service is great, some of the best service in a restaurant I've every received." ...
"The service was great all night and the food was truly amazing and yes in worth every penny ( seriously I'm not exaggerating )." ...
"The food is always great, and the service is always fantastic." ..."Great food, great service, great people." ...
"A sushi cheif by the name Toshimi Ishibashi was entertaining, charismatic, and prepaired the most beautiful sushi that i have ever seen." ...
"With friendly, frenzied service and the background of loud, cheerful chatter, diners will often find themselves shouting over the din." ...
"For a casual place to go with good food, welcoming and professional staff, and resaonable prices, you can't beat it!" ..."Our wait staff was excellent, the new look inside is top notch." ...
The popularity of the restaurants is computed based on number of Rahs and Boos and strength of sentiment expressed by the reviewers. E.g a restaurant that contains reviews such as "great ambiance and awesome service" would rank higher than another one that consists of reviews like "good food and decent service", though both of them are positive and rated a Rah.
Kirkland, WA
(Rank out of 95 cities in Seattle Metro)
Rank is computed based on # of restaurants thatrated better than 85% across all cities in the metro

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