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"Wither's Hardware Restaurant is one of those places that hopes to offer inventive food and an upscale atmosphere ; it even bills itself as Abingdon's `` 5-Star Restaurant . ''" ...
"The salads were very fresh and wonderful too." ..."The second night we ate at Withers Hardware and the chicken marsala was extremely tasty." ...
"My husband had crab cakes which were tasty but lacked any large pieces of crab." ..."My pasta dish was fresh and light and my buddy raved about his entre." ...
"It had a GREAT atmosphere and the food was the best i have ever had." ..."Good pizza, fun atmosphere." ...
"The pizza's are as good as anybody's, the pasta dishes are above average, portions are plenty." ..."It's your typical 2nd tier Italian resturant." ...
"The General Tso's was perfect with a light spicy flavor and bite sized delectable pieces of crispy chicken coated in a delicious sauce." ...
"I was so looking forward to a decent meal after a long day on the road." ..."My daughter thankfully had eaten a McDonald's Happy Meal earlier." ...
"I wish I could think of something positive to say about it, but I really can't other than that the staff was friendly." ...
The popularity of the restaurants is computed based on number of Rahs and Boos and strength of sentiment expressed by the reviewers. E.g a restaurant that contains reviews such as "great ambiance and awesome service" would rank higher than another one that consists of reviews like "good food and decent service", though both of them are positive and rated a Rah.

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