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Restaurants Northport, NY

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Caffe' Portofino Northport
May 2002, 0 Review(s)
null, 0 Review(s)
Tropical Smoothie Cafe  East Northport
Jun 2006, 0 Review(s)
FADO Huntington
Aug 2010, 0 Review(s)
bella nonna Commack
Jul 2005, 1 Review(s)
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Top Rated Restaurants - Northport

"That is when the fun of having sometimes up to 15 friends sitting at the table enjoying some of the best sushi that i have ever eaten and a large Sapporo or two ... If the chefs are in the mood they even join the table in a traditional Sake BOMB!" ...
"I am from Brooklyn and had a hard time finding good pizza in northport until I found Nina's pizzeria it has the best tasting pizza on long island you have a skilled pizza man that has been making pizza for over 25 years." ...
"I have many but the California Burger, The Vegetarian, and the Fresh mozzarella, tomato and peppers." ..."It was fabulous, probably the best dish I've had in my 3 weeks of Long Island Sound dining." ...
"the sauce wasn't bad but the chicken was tough i told the waitress she seemed not to care." ..."crunchy crust ... flavorful sauce, good specialty slices." ...
"This lovely place is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner and offers a varied menu with such dishes as soft-shell crab, wonderful steaks, stuffed lobsters, duck in a sweet-sour sauce, and lamb chops." ...
"Fish is very fresh, steaks are superb, and the soups are great ( try the spinach )." ..."Here you will find the best seafood bisque and crabcakes on Long Island." ...
"Great Italian dishes along w / a lot of seafood and some Asian influenced dishes." ..."I thought almost all the dishes were excellent ( didn't care for 1 )!" ...
"I really like their breakfast ... great potatoes, great corned beef hash, and eggs done the way I ask for." ...
"Always a good meal. : I've never gotten a bad meal from here in all the years I've been coming." ..."I think their won-ton soup beats everyone elses as does their roast pork fried rice." ...
"Friendly service with an excellent choice of authentically prepared Italian menu." ...
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Northport, NY
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